Crisis Core Reunion: Gil Farming [Definitive Guide]

All you need to know about how to farm Gil in Crisis Core Reunion by following simple methods.

Crisis Core Reunion Gil Farming Cover Photo
Crisis Core Reunion: How to farm Gil

It would help if you had a lot of Gil to buy rare items like the Genji Armor Set in Crisis Core Reunion. However, farming for high amounts of Gil requires you to spend extra hours in this game, but we suggest methods to rescue you from it.

Crisis Core Reunion has unique farming methods that you can use to get excessive Gil in less time. Keep reading till the end, as every process is equally important, and you will need each to help you get all the rare items in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • In the Holy Tonberry farm, you will use Electrocute and Dualcast to finish the opponent quickly and rob Gold Rolling Pins to sell for a lot of Gils.
  • In the next farm, you constantly roam around the perimeter and simultaneously kill Scissor Chittins and Garnet Moles.
  • Adding to it, Crystal Gloves will be sold for 7500 Gil, and collecting 20 or more will give you a lot of Gils.

Before diving into it, we should mention that the old Minerva Technique is no longer an option to farm Gil, as it has been patched in the Reunion version of crisis core. The method worked because you could keep all the items after quitting a mission.

We will visit different in-game missions repeatedly used for getting high amounts of Gil. Let’s look at all of them one by one.

The Lowest Tier

Zack vs The Holy Tonberry
Zack in combat with The Holy Tonberry


Gold Rolling Pins are one of the most expensive items you can sell to get a lot of Gils. They do not have a specific use in Crisis Core as they are only collected and sold when you need Gil. A single Gold Rolling Pin goes for a significant amount of 50,000 Gil.

Item Mugger giving 5 Gold Rolling Pins
Getting Gold Rolling Pins by using Item Mugger

At the end of mission M9-6-2, you will fight against a Holy Tonberry, which will drop 4 Gold Rolling Pins. Selling all 4 of them will reward you with 200,000 Gil. It becomes easy if you keep repeating this fight as it will give you easy money.

By doing some Math, a single fight takes about a minute or two if you don’t die and are good at the game. So, getting 200,000 Gil in two minutes goes on to get a whopping 6,000,000 Gil in an hour.

And that’s not it; by equipping the suggested Materia and Accessories, you can also extend this amount, which we will discuss during the farming methods.

item list to be equipped when you farm
Materia and Accessories for farming Gold Rolling Pins


Starting with the Materia items, Mug should be your number 1 Materia pick, as when you farm, you will be stealing. You can get Mug from spending Gils or by fusing Electrocute and Steal.

Mug will damage the Holy Tonberry in 9-6-2 and also deal some damage, creating a win-win situation. Furthermore, keeping in mind the rate at which we are farming Gil should be very fast, we need Materia that can increase speed.

Using Dualcast will surely do this for us. You can find it by opening chests from mission M9-4-1 or stealing from an enemy in mission M9-5-1. With Dualcast, you can combine two spells in a single move, doubling the rate at which you finish Holy Tonberry.

Moving towards the most important Materia selection, Electrocute. To end Holy Tonberry with constant attacks, electrocute will get it done as we will be equipping the damaged Materia.

Using electrocute on the holy tonberry to kill it
Damaging the Holy Tonberry by using Electrocute

It is common, and you can find it in multiple ways. For instance, you can get it as a reward from missions M3-4-1 and M8-6-3.

Costly Punch is a very obvious alternative to Electrocute, and many players would use it as it is easier, but it is a single attack Materia. Whereas the electric shocks given by Electrocute give considerable damage. Therefore, they are more effective.

The last two Materia slots are open to you as we have already chosen the essential items for farming. If you are still mastering killing monsters without getting any damage, keep the HP UP++ Materia to give you some extra health points in case Holy Tonberry attacks you.


To farm at a quicker rate, you need extra accessory slots. They can be unlocked after you reach Chapter 4, which significantly helps. Get started; we will equip Genji Glove in our accessory slot. This is a crucial accessory as it will break Zack’s damage limit by setting it to 99,999. Compulsory for dealing severe damage to Holy Tonberry.

Genji Glove can be unlocked from Mission M9-6-3. A powerful alternative to a Genji Glove is Brutal, which also breaks the damage limit, so they are similar in some ways. Next up on the list is Mog’s Amulet.

The Holy Tonberry, upon getting damaged, drops rare items only, so we need an accessory that can loot those rare items. Mog’s Amulet gets the job done. Any rare item dropped is grabbed by Mog’s Amulet quickly that can be sold for Gil in the Item Shop.

The last accessory item on the list is Zeidrich. As you should know, staying alive is very important against Holy Tonberry, or you will lose Gil. So, make your defense strong by equipping Zeidrich and taking the additional 100 Magic given by it along with different attacks.

The three mentioned items are what you need for Farming. 1 Accessory slot is still left, which we keep open for you to choose any accessory item you want based on your other requirements.

We recommend keeping the Precious Watch as it will give you extra Gil upon defeating the Holy Tonberry. Usually, defeating the monster gives you 20,000 Gil but keeping Precious Watch in your slots will provide you with an additional 20 grand making a total of 40,000 Gils.



To reach the Holy Tonberry very quickly, dodge the other monsters by running close to the right wall and facing it. If you keep running close to the walls, you will reach the Holy Tonberry without initiating a fight with any other monsters.        

run like this to get toward the holy tonberry in the quickest way
Keep running close to walls like this to avoid activating unnecessary combats.

You can also head straight into the encounter from one side and skip from the other, but that takes up much time, which we can’t afford. After reaching the Holy Tonberry, the battle will start. Make sure you are dodging its knife, as it can kill you.

Combine your items as suggested in the list above and use them against the frog-looking monster. Keep in mind that it can also vanish and become visible again at any random location around you, so stay aware.

As already mentioned, we need to rob the gold rolling pins, all 4 of them, to get maximum Gil. This will be done by Mug Materia or Steal, depending on your choice or availability.

Note that during your battle, if you get your Item Mugger Materia to level 5, always use it. Item Mugger increases the chances of getting a Magic Pot which gives you extra 5 Gold Rolling Pins. This is the point where you hit the jackpot.

Now, counting all of them, you collected 9 Gold Rolling Pins just from a single attack, and if you sell all of them in the Item Shop, you will get 450,000 Gil. Imagine doing this for an hour, and you will leave with 13,500,000 Gils!

how to sell gold rolling pins for Gil
Selling the Gold Rolling Pins in the market in exchange for Gil

Killing the Holy Tonberry for Gold Rolling Pins is the best technique to earn a high amount of money in a brief period. Ensure you are doing it right so you can leave the arena with every penny in your wallet.

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You must hit mission number 8-6-4 and follow some repetitive steps for this specific farm method. We will equip Crystal Gloves, which will be sold later on, giving us an adequate amount of Gil during the crucial parts of the crisis core.

At the start of the mission, you will face multiple Garnet Moles. They will be wiped out in one blow then we will move on to fight some Scissor Chitins. Repeatedly fighting and killing them will give us enough Crystal Gloves that go for 7500 Gil a piece.

Let’s see how we do all this by equipping the right Materia and accessories.

materia items and accessories for farming
What you need to equip in your Materia and Accessory items


We will only need a couple of Materia slots that we will use. The remaining spaces can be filled with the Materia choices that you need at that time. We will start our list by selecting Blast Wave.

To unlock Blast Wave, you must be part of Mission M3-3-6. This Materia will be used against the Scissor Chitins to explode them out of the battle area. Furthermore, it will help you in the early phases of crisis core, but enemies get stronger toward the end, so we will not use it over there.

Although electrocute won’t be a priority in this mission, you can still keep it equipped if you want to speed up the farm and eliminate multiple enemies in less time using the lightning attacks. The second essential item that you will need is Quake.

You can collect the Quake Materia for 18,000 Gils from the Wutai Secret Shop. Moreover, you can also get it which getting rewards from Mission M5-4-5. This Materia delivers a powerful shock to close by area, and the monsters standing on it immediately die. That is why it is handy for causing multiple casualties.

If you fear that you might not survive the farm with maximum health, we suggest you keep Hp UP+ as it will increase your health points by 180 %. We are leaving two slots behind that can be filled as per your best opinion because they are not to be used in the following process.


The most crucial accessory for farming is the Mog’s Amulet. It was also used in the Holy Tonberry Farm because when it is equipped, every item dropped by the enemy is rare. You can get it from the Sector 7 Shop for 10,000 Gils if you don’t have it.

Up Next, we will use Crystal Gloves. These will be our primary source of getting high amounts of Gils. As mentioned already, you can sell one Crystal Glove for 7,500 Gils, and if you are getting 18 to 20 of them in about 2 minutes, then the Gil amount in your inventory gets up to 150,000 Gils!

A very powerful accessory you will find is the Wizard Bracelet. Its ability to absorb all the HP from ice, fire, and lightning attacks makes it an obvious choice and further boosts MP. To equip it, you must first unlock it as a reward from Mission M2-5-3 or M7-5-6.


We will break down the farm in simple steps, making it easier to follow through. For starters, head to the Mission list and select Mission M8-6-4 named SOS? and start it. Upon initiating it, you will find yourself in a desert area.

Stay close to the right wall of your path to avoid getting into battles. Then, when you reach the left turn, walk in the middle to activate combat with multiple Garnet Moles.

Zack vs Garnet Moles
Zack against some Garnet Moles

Always use Quake Materia against them, as it will kill them in a single blow.

Killing garnet moles with quake
Hitting the Garnet Moles with Quake Materia

After taking the left turn, move forward and backward on the straight path until more of them spawn. If you accidentally get in a battle against a Hippogriff, leave it immediately.

This combat is not to be continued
Do not fight the Hipogriff

To exit, run in the opposite direction until the small circle in the middle of your screen completes a revolution. Now that we have seen the technique against Garnet Moles; if the Scissor Chitins spawn on the path, you can use the Blast Materia to take couple of Chitins out with a single swing of your Buster Sword.

Zack vs couple of Scissor Chittins
In a combat against Scissor Chittins

This farm is all about repeating these two attacks against the side monsters over and over again. Keep selling Crystal Gloves after some intervals to keep getting Gils in high amounts.

selling crystal gloves in the market
One Crystal Glove sells for 7500 Gil

Summing It Up

This is all for the farming techniques in Crisis Core Reunion. Getting yourself involved in the side missions and performing the same steps over and over again will get you a lot of Gil when you need it.

Since you made it to the end of this guide, check other helpful Crisis Core guides on our website to help you reach the late-game chapters easily and eventually finish the game.

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