Crisis Core: Mover [SP Farming Guide]

Learn how to farm on Crisis Core Mover to receive the best rewards of SP and item drops.

Crisis Core Mover
Crisis Core Mover

While most players focus the combat on boss fights, Mover in Crisis Core is a highly underrated enemy for Zack, making up for a good amount of resistance and fighting. These small enemies feature high Vitality and Spirits, thus easily ranking above the most challenging foes you can encounter in the latest Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. At the same time, defeating these mobs can reward players with hefty amounts of SP or Solider Points, further increasing their importance in the campaign. 

Granted that earning SP in Crisis Core is not an easy feat. However, these essential stats for your character paves the way to upgrade your combat abilities. Mainly since you will be heavily relying on Materia Fusion and DMW during the later stages of the campaign, SP is the primary stat that players can utilize to their advantage during combat. 

If you are also one of those players seeking a definitive guide to farm SP from enemies like Mover, then you are at the right place. Our guide explains all the Mover enemies, their stats, and the payouts you will receive after resolving the conflict. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

The Rundown

  • Movers are one of the most underrated enemies in Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion, yet they pose a prominent challenge and unique rewards for players in the long run. 
  • Especially players seeking to accumulate SP or Soldier Points can consider Mover enemies for farming strategy. 
  • On the other side, Mover features three more variants or close relatives that come with their own sets of unique stats, drops, stealable items, and the SP rewards for players. 
  • It gives players complete freedom to pursue and encounter any close relative of the Mover family to earn hefty rewards of SP in both the early and later stages of the campaign in Crisis Core Reunion
  • Movers, at a glance, are bouncing orange balls that might look easy to tackle. Still, in reality, these small enemies possess potent abilities of Graviga, and Delta Attacks, enriched with VIT and SPR stats to deal devastating damages to Zack. Players only seeking original Mover can encounter them during M8-5-2 – Treasure info 2 and the game’s final dungeon, Banora Underground
  • Players can also discover a unique variant of Mover known as Mover RE during M2-3-3 – Aerial Monsters, M6-4-1 – Monsters in the Caverns, and M8-6-1 – Notice. Meanwhile, you can follow the same strategy as the original Mover with this variant. However, it will drop double SP as compared to the original Mover. 
  • Moreover, those looking for quick rewards of SP can consider farming on Mover EX or Three Stars, which are other relatives of Mover but pays 8,000 and 20,000 SP, respectively. Players can encounter Mover EX during M2-5-2 – New Species Found, M6-5-5 – Arms Development Dept., and M7-6-5 – The Frustrated Recruiter. Meanwhile, Three Stars are easily discoverable in M9-5-2 – Further Below and M9-5-3 – Unusually Strong Monsters.

Crisis Core Mover

Movers are sweet orange balls that, at a glance, might look cute bouncing around. However, your character is in serious trouble once these balls start attacking with one of the highest stats from regular enemies. 

The Three Mischief Movers
The Three Mischief Movers

Moreover, players can encounter three variants of the Mover enemies throughout the Crisis Core Reunion campaign. Each variant features unique stats, locations, drops, and SP rewards during the campaign. For that instance, discussing them individually and what you can expect during the specific portion of the campaign is best.  

Mover (Original Enemy)

Despite being the original enemy, players will be able to encounter it during the Final Dungeon of Crisis Core Reunion. For that instance, you will have to progress the storyline to the final dungeon known as Banora Underground during Cage of Binding. Players will also be able to conflict with Movers during M8-5-2 – Treasure info 2

Crisis Core Mover
Mover Encounter in Banora Underground

All you need to do is sweep clear the dungeon, and Zack can quickly initiate combat with the bouncing Movers. Moreover, some players will find these enemies pesky because of the surprising stats of HP. In the end, the reward of defeating these enemies is definitely worth the conflict. Below are the stats for Mover in Crisis Core. 

  • Level: 41
  • HP: 5,870 & 21,540(Hard Mode)
  • MP: 889
  • VIT: 233
  • SPR: 250
  • SP: 2,000

As for the dropped items, Mover can reward players with Silver Armlet. Meanwhile, you may also be able to steal Circlet as a common and Hypno Crown as a rare steal. It is highly advised to obtain these items as they help players to upgrade their stats for better combat performance

Additionally, Movers will feature Delta Attack as one of the top abilities during combat. In essence, this attack involves all three Mover enemies counterattacking Zack and dealing substantial Critical Damage. On the other side, you may also want to look out for Graviga magic casting that deals Area of Effect on your character and drains 50% of Zack’s HP on impact. 

Although, Mover enemies are lucky to be immune to Elemental Affinities. However, players can still exploit the enemy’s HP with unique Materia like Blast Wave or the Goddess Materia in Crisis Core Reunion. Considering you are planning to encounter the original Mover in the endgame, you may be able to get your hands on these Materia to 

You can also learn more about them in our extensive Crisis Core Reunion best Materia guide. 

Mover EX

Being the close relative of the original Mover, Mover EX is not much different in some stats. However, Mover EX can be encountered pretty early in the game and will also dish out some of the best payouts of SP with up to 8,000. 

Unfortunately, Mover EX is more strenuous than the original relative and will require more effort to drain the massive pool of HP. Since you will be able to encounter it early in the game, defeating Mover EX will be a significant challenge for most players. 

As for the location, players may be able to encounter Mover EX in several missions throughout the campaign in Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. These missions include the right from the start M2-5-2 – New Species Found, M6-5-5 – Arms Development Dept., and M7-6-5 – The Frustrated Recruiter. We might not detail the objectives for these missions for the sake of spoilers. However, you will be able to quickly discover the Mover EX to defeat them and earn the hefty payout of SP. 

Mover EX Encounter
Mover EX Encounter

Let’s look at the stats of Mover EX that you can encounter in the missions stated above. 

  • Level: 72
  • HP: 34,860 & 52,500(Hardmode)
  • MP: 6,723
  • VIT: 238
  • SPR: 254
  • SP: 8,000

From the stats, Mover EX has slightly higher VIT and SPR for dealing with attacks on Zack. However, it does not mean you can not defeat the formidable foe. You can follow the same strategy as Original Mover to defeat this enemy variant. 

Apart from that, it is worth noting that this variant also features a new combat ability known as Ultima. It is one of the ultimate spells of most enemies in Crisis Core Reunion that may prove fatal for your character. However, the 8,000 SP from a single Mover EX group can be worth the trouble. 

Unlike Mover, this variant of the orange enemies will drop Rune Armlet. Meanwhile, if you consider the character’s sleight-of-hand abilities to steal, you will receive 2 Mythrils as common and Flare as a rare steal from Mover EX. 

Mover RE

Things start to get really tricky with every consecutive variant of the Mover enemies, and that brings us to the Mover RE. Although less powerful than the Mover EX, this variant makes up for SPR, VIT and ATK in the enemy stats. Moreover, the Mover RE variant also hands out a good reward of SP after defeating. 

Like the close relatives mentioned above, Mover RE is also easily accessible during the game’s early, mid, and endgame missions. These are M2-3-3 – Aerial Monsters, M6-4-1 – Monsters in the Caverns, and M8-6-1 – Notice. With that out, let’s look at the stats, so you are well-prepared to encounter the Mover RE. 

  • Level: 60
  • HP: 14,860 & 31,450(Hard Mode)
  • MP: 3,333
  • ATK: 88
  • SPR: 251
  • VIT: 234
  • SP: 4,000

While the Mover RE possesses similar abilities as its close relatives, you will still need to equip hefty upgrades and Materia to dodge the attacks of Delta and Graviga. Once taken down, you will receive a Gold Armlet and common and rare stealable of Hypno Crown and Lunar Harp, respectively. 

Three Stars

Last but not least, Three Stars are the most powerful variant of the Mover, with intense destructive power coming from VIT, SPR, and ATK. While featuring the same abilities as Graviga, Delta Attack, and Ultima, Three Stars utilize the stats to increase the trouble for Zack. Thanks to the game-balancing mechanics, you can farm on Three Stars in both the early and end portions of the campaign, so you never miss out on earning those sweet SP rewards by defeating the enemy. 

Being high-level enemies, Three Stars pose a significant threat to your character with some of the highest stats values. 

  • Level: 80
  • HP: 67,850 & 101,101(Hard Mode)
  • MP: 9,999
  • VIT: 242
  • SPR: 255
  • ATK: 135
  • SP: 20,000

A single run with Three Stars will grant players over 20K SP. Considering this much value from a reward, Three Stars are easily the best and most challenging variant of Mover in Crisis Core Reunion. 

Players can discover Three Stars in missions M9-5-2 – Further Below and M9-5-3 – Unusually Strong Monsters. So, keep track of these missions to prepare for your ultimate encounter with SP dishing Movers in Crisis Core Reunion. 

This overpowered variant of Mover will drop Mythril Armlet for players to receive the stats boosts for their character. Meanwhile, you will also get a chance to steal Tri-Fire as common or Tri-Thundaga as a rare steal from Three Stars. You can learn more about these steals in our definitive Tri-Thundaga in Crisis Core Reunion guide. 

Closing Words

Movers and their variants are easily the best options for players to farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion. These enemies are undoubtedly challenging to tackle for some players, but the payout of SP, along with multiple and easy encounters during missions, are definitely worth the trouble. 

These enemies also allow players to earn more SP than the already mentioned payout in the stats for each Mover. This works under the concept of defeating Mover enemies consecutively without taking any hits from these enemies. For that instance, all you need to do is to avoid receiving a strike from the Mover during combat, and you will be all set to earn more SP

This is about it for our guide on Mover in Crisis Core Reunion. Do you find this guide helpful for farming SP by defeating Mover and its variants in the game? What is your perfect approach to beat Movers and maximize the earnings in Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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