Crisis Core Reunion: Aerith’s Affection Guide

All you need to know about Aerith's Affection and its use in Crisis Core Reunion

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Aerith's Affection

Are you looking to increase Aerith’s Affection to get the Good Match for Aerith Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Or do you want more assistance in mini-games you will get involved in? Worry not because this article is here to save you.

Aerith’s Affection contains hidden information in Crisis Core that you can increase by participating in multiple mini-games during the 4th chapter. Read till the end to get all the information you need to maximize Aerith’s Affection and bring the Trophy to your collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Aerith’s Affection is statistical information that lets you know how satisfied Aerith is with her relationship with Zack.
  • More Affection means she is happy with Zack.
  • The affection indicator is hidden, so the game will not display it.
  • You can increase Aerith’s Affection through multiple activities in Sector 5 Slums – Market.

What Is Aerith’s Affection?

Affection is a hidden indicator that notes how satisfied Aerith is with her relationship with Zack. More Affection will show that their relationship is strong. You can’t see this counter from any in-game settings, but you can guess it from different in-game events.

The affection level can be boosted in the Sector 5 Slums region during Chapter 4. You will participate in mini-games like the Number Guessing Game and the Perfume Blending. More Aerith’s affection will guide you in these mini-games so you can win without much effort.

Higher Aerith’s Affection can help you during the Number Guessing mini-game you play while getting the bronze trophy. Higher Affection will allow Aerith to make fewer guesses so Zack can make a more precise guess.

How To Increase Aerith’s Affection

It starts in Chapter 4 after a boy named Bruno steals your wallet, and you begin searching for it in the market of Sector 5 Slums.

Zack after getting robbed
Cut scene after Zack’s wallet is gone

To find him, you interact with the people inside the Market, which will give you Affection points. You can increase Aerith’s Affection by involving yourself in multiple activities around the market of Sector 5 Slums. Note that this will be correlated with unlocking the Bronze Trophy so play along.

Good Match for Aerith Trophy

Demands For Unlocking The Trophy

You will need 75 Affection points to unlock the Good Match for Aerith Trophy. The key to unlocking the trophy is to make Bruno compliment Aerith and Zack on their relationship; in that cut scene, you will successfully unlock the trophy.

As mentioned before, no display counter will let you keep track of the Affection points to participate in everything we are about to say to unlock the trophy.

How To Unlock

Searching around the market, you will see three shop stalls. Talking with them will get you 10 Affection points each. Firstly, you will visit the Accessory shop owner.

first shop
Interacting with the Accessory Shop Owner

Then, find your way to the Materia Shop Owner.

Second shop
Interacting with the Materia Shop Owner

Finally, go visit the item shop owner.

Third shop
Interacting with the Item shop owner

After all that, search for a teenage girl in a blue dress and talk with her.

Talking with the girl
Interacting with the girl in a Blue Dress

You must choose an option multiple times to get the 10 Affection points. Wait after the girl and keep selecting Wait a Little Longer until you have done that ten times.

keep spamming "wait a little longer"
Spam the button 10 times for 10 Affection Points

After that, roam around the market again, and on the one corner around the boxes, you will see a blonde boy.

finding out about zack's wallet from the boy
Interacting with the Blonde Boy

Zack will suspect he took his wallet. The boy will demand that you trade potions with him after trading information; trading a single potion will get you 2 Affection points. So, keep trading until you score 10 points.

trading potions with the blonde boy
Trade potions in exchange for Affection Points

After that, Zack will find Aerith and have a conversation with her.

Aerith in the market
Finding Aerith

At this point, you will finally find the boy Bruno who stole your wallet. Skip the cut scene and buy Medicine from him to get rewarded with 10 Affection points.

interacting with bruno
Buying Medicine from Bruno to get rewarded by Affection Points

Further to the grind, take part in a couple of mini-games that are:

  • Materia Pickup (5 Affection points)
  • Perfume Blending (15 Affection points)

After participating in all the mentioned activities, proceed further in the story as it leads you. When ready to leave the Shinra Building, Zack interacts with Bruno, and he compliments him and Aerith on being a good couple. That is when you unlock your Trophy.

zack and bruno talking about aerith
Cutscene at the exit of Shinra Building

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Precautions During The Journey

Make sure you unlock this Trophy before ending Chapter 4, as you will only be allowed to do some things after you end Chapter 4 and leave the Shinra Building. If you progress to the next stage, you will have to complete the game without the Good Match for Aerith Trophy.

When playing the Perfume Blending mini-game, you will be required to make the perfect blend, as creating the worst blend will deduct the points, and you won’t be able to get all 75 of them, so unlocking the trophy will not be an option anymore.

During the Materia Pickup mini-game, you must pick the 20 Materia pieces in under 20 seconds or less to score all 5 Affection points. Note that this is necessary as these 5 points help you get over 75. You also receive 100 Gil upon completion.

If you take care of these things, your points will be above 75, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore; get through the monsters at Sector 5 and Slums and be ready to leave the Headquarters.

Ending it all

That is all for this article. You will now have all the information about Aerith’s Affection and where it matters. Ensure you follow the steps correctly to get this Trophy and continue your journey to get all the trophies in Crisis Core Reunion FF7.

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