Crisis Core Reunion: All Missable Missions

This Crisis Core Reunion Missable Missions guide will inform you of all the missions that you can skip and head to finishing the game.

Crisis Core Reunion: All Missable Missions

Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the crisis core franchise. It brings back the action-adventure genre and portrays it in a new light. The game features a lot of new missions, collectibles, and trophies that have made the fans mesmerized with it. However, some players aren’t the type to take in the scenery but are more focused on totally completing the game. Hence, we provide you with this Crisis Core Reunion Missable Missions guide so you can get that completion sooner.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 5 missable missions that you can skip over as of now.
  • All these missions have good rewards, so make sure you have a look before you decide to skip them.
  • These missions come throughout the seven chapters, so keep a lookout

Chapters 1 to 7 offer numerous missions, some requiring travel to Nibelheim after Chapter 7. You don’t have to complete all missions, especially if you want to speedrun or find it tedious.

M1-2-X: Peacekeeping Troops

Wutai Spy in Shinra Trooper Costume- Crisis Core Missable Mission
Wutai Spy in Shinra Trooper Costume

Starting off our Crisis Core Reunion Missable Missions guide list, we have the Peacekeeping Troops’ mission. This is a side mission of the wutai spy, so let’s take a close look.

To start the Wutai spy side mission, talk to the Shinra trooper at the beginning of Loveless Avenue. Additional tasks become available after completing these. The locations of the spies are listed in our Crisis Core Wutai Spy guide.

After you speak to the Shinra Trooper in the Loveless Avenue alley, he will issue you a set of assignments that will give you a crafting reward when all six are finished. For different objectives, speak with the man at the top of the steps behind the fountain.

Approach the man who is circumnavigating Loveless Avenue. He will give you another set of tasks; he works for Shinra.


  • Corporal,
  • Red Saucer,
  • Storm Trooper

Objective Party

  • Red Saucer,
  • Corporal (x2)

How to start

During Chapter 2, go to Loveless Avenue and talk to the Shinra Security Captain.


  • Shinra Alpha
  • Silence
  • Four Slots
  • Force Bracelet
  • Ice Armlet
  • Fat Chocobo Feather


I took a U-turn and headed in the opposite direction, then sprinted down the trail. There I found an Elixir. After grabbing it, I retraced my steps back to the trail’s beginning.

When I reached a fork where I could go left or right, I chose to go left and ignored the path to the right. Moving forward, I found a Hi-Potion.

Continuing on, I encountered the objective party, which consisted of two Corporals and two Red Saucers. I maneuvered right and left while holding my ground, handling them without much difficulty.

M2-1-X: Monsters in Midgar

In M2 missions, there are two easy-to-miss mission groupings. We’ve highlighted them and provided tutorial links. Missions start easy but get tougher, so be ready.

Note: Complete “Monsters in Midgar” (M2-1-X) before Chapter 8.

Unlocking is trickier than the missions themselves. Tasks are straightforward. You’ll face similar enemies in the first four missions. In the last two, encounter bomb family enemies that explode if not defeated quickly—use a fire spell to trigger it.

How to start

During Chapter 3, speak with the person who is up the stairs in Sector 8.


  • Poison
  • Fire Armlet
  • Phoenix Down
  • Fire Ring
  • SPR UP
  • Ice Ring

M2-2-X: Monster Reports

Additionally, Monster Reports (M2-2-X missions) are entirely missable. “This conflict is with creatures who regard the lower Midgar slums as their territory. They aren’t all that strong, but maybe you can use them to practice your monster-fighting strategies on them.”


You’ll be better equipped than necessary to face these adversaries by the time this assignment unlocks itself. Furthermore, the region appears large but is relatively small. This should be a concise project as a result. Proceed in that direction, obtaining a Star Pendant from the chest on your left as you go. The opposing group is already clearly visible.

Two Hedgehog Pies and two Worms make comprise the enemy party, and both are quickly defeated. The Worms frequently employ their string attack.

How to start

It becomes accessible at the beginning of Chapter 5 but disappears in Chapter 8.


  • Assault Twister
  • Venom Shock
  • AP UP+
  • Elemental Ward
  • SPR UP+
  • Quake
Mission Name Difficulty Level Rewards How to Unlock
Slums of Midgar 3 1. Treasure Chest: Star Pendant Clear
2. Assault Twister material
Reach Chapter 6: Protect Your Honor
Modeoheim 4 1. Treasure Chest: None
2. Venom Shock
Reach Chapter 7: The End of Genesis?
Nibelheim 5 1. Treasure Chest: ATK Up+ material
2. AP Up+ material
Reach Chapter 9: See You Soon
Nibelheim II 5 1. Treasure Chest: Hi-Potion, MAG up material
2. Elemental Ward material
Reach Chapter 10: Heroes
Gongaga 5 1. Treasure Chest: Iron Bangle
2. SPR Up+ material
Reach Chapter 10: Heroes
World of Monsters 6 1. Treasure Chest: None
2. Quake material
Clear Mission 2-2-5

The Crescent Unit Chests (M4-3-X)

The “The Crescent Unit Chests” section of Crisis Core contains a list of all the Chests’ locations in the M4-3 series of missions.

 Scout Units – Chest 1

X-Potion is located in Chest 1 after defeating the Scout Units.

Keep an eye out on the right-hand wall to find this chest. You may see this chest on your right when you pass through a small choke point (with a corroded pipe overhead in Reunion).

Defeat the Scout Units – Chest 2

It consists of Winner’s Belt. Depending on the version you’re playing, the second chest is located in different places. This chest is located on the right-hand wall in Reunion. A Crescent Unit Wutai will be visible to the right of the destination target.

The chest is located behind the Destination goal on PSP. You must hug the right-hand wall to avoid this encounter and obtain the chest.

Obliterate Advance Elements – Chest 1

Contains: Remedy

The eastern wall of the third corner you turn around in this mission is where you’ll find Chest 1.

Obliterate Advance Elements – Chest 2

Contains: Feather Cap

Crisis Core Reunion mission reward Feather Cap
Crisis Core Feather Cap

Chest 2 in Crisis Core has different locations based on your game version:

  1. In one version, it’s in Reunion, on the Western wall before the upward curving path to your goal.
  2. In the PSP version, find it near the Western exit of the Northern intersection’s dead end. Hug the left wall to reach the objective Destination in this area.
Missions Name Completion Rewards Difficulty Level Chest Items
Defeat the Scout Units Poison Twister 2 X-Potion
Champion Belt
Obliterate Advanced Elements System Shock 3 Remedy
Feather cap
Foes in the Wutai Base Power Wrist 3 Ether
Elixir Thunder
Mobile Units Diamond Bracelet 4 No Chests
The Enemy’s Stronghold Death 4 Phoenix Down
Stop the Assailants Mountain Chocobo Armlet 4 Mountain Chocobo Armlet

Midgar City Development Department (M6-2-x)

The locations of each chest in the M6-2 series of missions, “Midgar City Development,” are listed in this section of the Crisis Core Reunion Missable Missions guide. You can completely leave them out of your gameplay if you deem so, as they do not coincide with the main story.

In Chapter 5, find the City Planning Director in the foyer of the Shinra Building.

Slum Development Plan 1 – Chest 1

Contains: Hi-Potion

When Zack begins the Mission, Chest 1 is covertly hidden to his right.

Slum Development Plan 1 – Chest 2

Contains: Ether

As you round the first bend and turn toward the crossroads, you will come upon the second chest. Just before the corners itself, look to the right-hand wall (i.e., the eastern wall) to find the chest.

Slum Development Plan 1 – Chest 2

Contains: White Cape

The final chest’s location varies depending on your game version:

  1. In Reunion, just before the goal destination, check the northern wall.
  2. On the PSP, find it on the eastern wall in the northeast corner, at the route’s end.
  3. On the PSP, the goal is at the main junction; hug the wall to avoid the mission-ending encounter.
Mission Name Completion Rewards Difficulty Level Rewards
Slum Development Plan 1 1. Fat Chocobo Feather
2. Sector 8 Materia Shop
2 Ether
White Cape
Slum Development 2 Hero Drink 3 X-Potion
Silence Adamantite
Mako Excavation Site 1. Lunar Harp
2. Sector 5 Materia Shop
3 HP UP+Elixir
Ingredient for Soma Elixir 4 Fira
Making Phoenix Down Doc’s Code 4 Doc’s Code
Underground City 1. Lunar Harp
2. Sector 6 Accessory Shop
4 Power
WristMP UP+Titanium Bangle


These are all the missable missions that you can choose to skip over and progress towards finishing the game. However, to fully enjoy the game and experience it in its true essence, we recommend revisiting these missions whenever you have the time, as they can be a lot of fun. Additionally, by completing them, you can see the rewards they offer and decide whether they are worth your effort.

With that, we wrap up our guide on missable missions in Crisis Core’s Reunion. Feel free to share your progress in the game with us below!

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