Crisis Core Reunion: All Seven Wonders With Rewards

Are you looking for Crisis Core Reunion Seven Wonders in Nibelheim? This guide will lead you to the Crisis Core Reunion All Seven Wonders.

Crisis Core Reunion Seven Wonders
Crisis Core Reunion Seven Wonders of Nibelheim

Crisis Core Reunion All Seven Wonders is a side quest in Nibelheim. Moreover, you can access the wonders when you go to Nibelheim along with Sephiroth. However, you will only be able to talk to him if you complete the six wonders of Nibelheim. Moving on, looking for the storyline, the seven wonders of the Nibelheim cannot be achieved in a single chapter of Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Takeaways

In Crisis Core, you can explore the Seven Wonders, each with its own mystery:

  1. First Wonder: Investigating a Water Tank.
  2. Second Wonder: Revealing the Truth about the Vanishing Girl.
  3. Third Wonder: Obtaining Faceless Bomb Supplies.
  4. Fourth Wonder: Uncovering the Secret of the Laughing Safe.
  5. Fifth Wonder: Exploring the Underground Cave.
  6. Sixth Wonder: Discovering Treasure Hidden within the Flames.
  7. Seventh Wonder: Acquiring the Wall Materia in Nibelheim.

How to Begin the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim?

crisis core starting wonders
Begining of Crisis Core Renion Seven Wonders of Nibelheim

When visiting Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim with Sephiroth, you’ll encounter a little boy marked with an orange indicator. He’ll introduce you to the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim and ask for your help in solving them to earn rewards.

It’s advisable to avoid going to the Mako Reactor with Sephiroth initially, as it can create obstacles. Instead, focus on completing the first two Nibelheim wonders first. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to interact with Sephiroth until you’ve resolved the first six wonders of Nibelheim in the Crisis Core Reunion.

Phoenix Materia: The First Wonder of Nibelheim

First wonder of crisis coreCrisis Core Reunion First Wonder of Nibelheim

To solve the first wonder in Nibelheim in Crisis Core, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to the little boy who introduces the wonder.
  2. He suggests that red water might be due to blood in the water tank.
  3. Investigate the town’s water tank.
  4. Climb to the top of the water tower in Nibelheim.
  5. Discover red Materia in the water tank (Phoenix Materia).
  6. Collect the Phoenix (Red) Materia.
  7. Report back to the little boy to complete the First Wonder of Nibelheim.
  8. The boy will then share information about the Second Wonder of Nibelheim as part of the Crisis Core Reunion.

The reward for the First Wonder

reward for first wonderCrisis Core Reunion Reward for First Wonder

In addition, this red Materia is the Phoenix Materia. Also, you can use this Phoenix Materia for summoning. Notably, it means that you can recall yourself when your HP is below a certain level, and the Phoenix Materia will give you some rebirth ability. Now, you can collect the Phoenix Materia from the water tank.

Firstly, by collecting the Phoenix Materia, the problem of the red water will be solved. Moreover, the Phoenix Materia will be added to your Digital Mind Wave (DMW). Secondly, the Phoenix Materia is a requirement to get the Genji Armor Accessories, as it wants you to max out all your DMWs.

The Vanishing Girl: The Second Wonder of Nibelheim

second wonder crisisi coreCrisis Core Reunion Second wonder of Nibelheim

After reporting the boy, the boy will tell you about the second wonder of Nibelheim, which is about The Vanishing Girl. Notably, this is one of the exciting wonders of Nibelheim. In short, the little boy will tell you there is a painting of a girl on the inn’s second floor.

Furthermore, the young boy will explain to you about the painting. Indeed, he will tell you that the girl in the image vanishes sometimes. Moreover, the girl roams in the areas of Nibelheim during the night. Now, Zack must verify whether it is true or not. So, to solve the mystery of the Vanishing Girl, you can follow these simple steps:

To solve the second wonder in Crisis Core Reunion:

  1. Start by visiting the young boy marked with an orange color marker.
  2. Enter the inn.
  3. Go upstairs to the second floor of the inn.
  4. Locate the magical painting of the Vanishing Girl.
  5. Interact with the painting of the girl and then go downstairs.
  6. Leave the inn and meet the boy.
  7. Re-enter the inn and interact with the painting again.
  8. You will notice that the girl in the painting has disappeared.
  9. Leave the inn and go downstairs again.
  10. Head upstairs once more and then go back downstairs without interacting with the painting.
  11. Look for the NPC and wait for him to head upstairs.
  12. Chase the NPC to solve the second wonder.

Now, you must be careful about the methods. Because you often make mistakes in following the procedure, you should follow these steps carefully. When you interact with the painting and go downstairs, the innkeeper will change the painting side. So, when you go downstairs without interacting with the image and then go upstairs, only then will you be able to solve the second wonder.

The reward for the Second Wonder

second wonder completed
Crisis Core Reunion Second wonder of Nibelheim Completed

The critical fact about the painting is that it has two sides: one side shows the girl, and the other side is empty. The truth behind the Vanishing Girl is intriguing.

Regarding the truth, there is no girl roaming in Nibelheim. Instead, the innkeeper reverses the direction of the painting every time you interact with it. The innkeeper is seated behind the table.

Why does the innkeeper do this? He wants to conceal nest eggs from his wife. As a reward for keeping his secret, he will give you 2000 Gil.

Faceless Bomb: The Third Wonder of Nibelheim

third wonder crisis core
Crisis Core Reunion Third wonder of Nibelheim

To explore the third wonder in Crisis Core, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Nibelheim Outskirts, heading south.
  2. Reach Mt. Nibelheim via the Reactor or directly.
  3. Face Bomb Monsters, including the Faceless Bomb.
  4. Defeat the Faceless Bomb for valuable items.
  5. Proceed to the mountaintop for more battles.
  6. Encounter a group of monsters.
  7. Defeat them, and three boys will appear.
  8. Talk to the boy in the green shirt for guidance.
  9. Defeat three famous bomb monsters: Gray Bomb, Touchy Bomb, and Remedy Bomb.
  10. Be careful, as they self-destruct; defeat them before they explode for a reward.
Three child on MT crisis core wonder
Three children appear on Mt. Nibelheim Crisis Core Reunion Third wonder

The reward for the Third Wonder

Once you have defeated all the bomb monsters, the bomb monster will drop some worthy items. Finally, the main bomb monster will drop the Gold Shard, which is precious to the boy in Nibelheim. So, you must pick the Gold Shard and give it back to the little boy. The third wonder of the Crisis Core Reunion will be solved by providing the Gold Shard to the young boy.

As a reward, the little boy will give you a Safety Bit. Moreover, this safety bit is crucial to surviving in Crisis Core Reunion. Thus, the safety bit is a worthy reward for the third wonder of Nibelheim.

The Laughing Safe: The Fourth Wonder

fourth wonder crisis coreThe fourth wonder of Crisis Core Reunion Starting

To tackle the fourth wonder in Nibelheim, the laughing safe in Shinra Manor, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the western area of the map inside Shinra Manor.
  2. Go to the second floor, specifically on the northwest side of the bed.
  3. Locate the laughing safe.
  4. The safe’s code changes every time and is unique for each player.
  5. Search for a piece of paper on the right side of the safe, on the floor.
  6. Interact with the paper to obtain clues for the code.
  7. The 4-digit pin code is scattered across Shinra Manor.
  8. Collect clues and solve puzzles to decipher the code.
  9. If you need further guidance on obtaining the code, feel free to ask.
fourth wonder map crisis core reunion
Fourth Wonder Crisis Core Reunion Map of Shinra Manor for Laughing Safe

Digit 1: Overflowing of Knowledge

You can interact with the paper lying on the floor; the article will give you some excellent clues to solve the riddle. Now, the report will indicate the overflowing of Knowledge for the First Digit. Notably, this is a clear hint about the Books.

So, it would be best if you did something with the books to get the first digit. Moreover, you can follow these simple steps to get Digit 1:

  1. Firstly, go to the second floor of the Shinra Manor.
  2. Look through the hole in the top right corner of the room.
  3. Now, count the books that are not on the shelves.
  4. Moreover, you can count the books on the floor.
  5. Count the books on the table.
  6. Count the books on the Chairs.
  7. Finally, by summing up the numbers, you can have the Digit 1.

Digit 2: Unwelcome Faces

Now, there is a hint of Unwelcome faces for the second digit. Indeed, it points to the monsters that appear in the Shinra Manor. To solve the second-digit puzzle, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the ground floor of Shinra Manor.
  2. Get inside the fitting room on the floor.
  3. There will be a glimpse of monsters in the room.
  4. Notably, the monsters are busy with activities like dancing and magic.
  5. So, you must efficiently count the number of monsters in the room.
  6. The total count is the answer to the second Digit.
safe code crisis core wonder
Crisis Core Reunion The safe laughing code for the fourth wonder

Digit 3: Tasty Reminders of Home

Delving into the laughing-safe mystery, the clue for the third digit is the tasty reminders of Home. Notably, it is a clear hint about the caring packages of Shinra Manor. Now, you can follow these simple steps to get the third digit:

  • Go upstairs to the building of Shinra Manor.
  • Get inside the left room.
  • Now, look for the purple color apples spread in the room.
  • Be careful about the perfume bottles present on the tables.
  • Because the perfumes are also purple.
  • So, count the number of apples in the room wisely.
  • Finally, you can get the third digit for the code.

Digit 4: Resting on All Four Feet

In addition, the hint to the fourth digit is the resting on All Four Feet. Now, it is clearly understood that the chairs have four feet. So, you must count the number of chairs in the room. For that reason, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go downstairs to the ground floor of Shinra Manor.
  • Get inside the left room.
  • Plenty of chairs will be present there.
  • Count the number of chairs wisely.
  • Similarly, it will give you the fourth digit.

Unlocking the laughing Safe:

Once you’ve gathered all the digits for the code, you can open the laughing safe. For my example, the code is 4432, but your code may differ. Ensure you count the items correctly.

If you don’t get the correct code, you can try again without any penalty. If you encounter a problem with a single digit, repeat the steps to obtain that digit accurately.

After entering the correct code, the safe will open, revealing the Vital Slash Materia. Collect the Materia and report back to the boy to complete the fourth wonder of Nibelheim.

Unlocking safe in Crisis Core
Unlocking the laughing safe in Crisis Core Reunion Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim

The Underground Cave: The Fifth Wonder

fifth wonderGuide about the fifth wonder of Crisis core reunion fifth wonder

To complete the fifth wonder in Crisis Core Reunion, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the little boy who guides you.
  2. Go to the inn’s second floor.
  3. Talk to Sephiroth behind a door.
  4. Get the keys from Sephiroth for the secret passage.
  5. Face tough enemies in the passage, defeat Sahagin.
  6. Sahagin drops coffin keys to unlock red doors.
  7. Enter the red doors, be ready for enemies.
  8. Find a snoring man in one of the doors.
  9. Enter and exit quietly to finish this part.
  10. Report to the little boy in Nibelheim to complete the fifth wonder.

fifth wonderCrisis Core Reunion Fifth Wonder of Nibelheim

Attention about Storyline

Now, you must be careful about completing the fifth wonder. Because once you enter the underground cave, the pointer will start pointing toward the main objective of the storyline. So, please keep this thing in mind and do not worry about the following information because it will restrict you from completing the wonder.

Coffins in Crisis Core
Coffins in Crisis Core Reunion Fifth Wonder of Nibelheim

Moreover, if you follow the pointer, the fifth wonder will stop, and the main storyline objective will contiplease make the directions carefully to complete the fifth wonder since it is tricky?

Treasure Within the Flames: The Sixth Wonder

To complete the sixth wonder in Crisis Core Reunion, the “Treasure within the Flames,” follow these steps:

  1. Visit the boy in Nibelheim for guidance on the sixth wonder.
  2. Progress through the storyline until you can leave the inn.
  3. Find the young boy standing in front of a burning house.
  4. He will ask for your help to save his mother trapped inside.
  5. The objective is to rescue the young boy’s mother.
  6. Enter the flames and locate her, but be cautious as there’s no clear path, and visibility is limited.
  7. You must act quickly as there’s a time limit, likely around one minute, to save her life.
  8. Navigate carefully and complete the mission within the specified time.
sixth wonder in Crisis Core
Sixth Wonder in Crisis Core Reunion

Guide to Step in the Flames

As we discussed, there is no proper guideline to make the way to the young boy’s mother. Thence, there is a short keyway to get to his mother. So, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go upstairs to the house.
  2. Went to the right side of the building.
  3. Again, the up-movement button.
  4. Now press the right movement button.
  5. Now, the up button, then the left button.
  6. Repeat the same once.
  7. Press the down button, then right.
  8. Finally, press the down to reach the boy’s mother.

Take the boy’s mother and make your way outside the burning flames.

crisis core reunion sixth wonder
Crisis Core Reunion Sixth wonder of Nibelheim Pathway

Guide to Step out of the Flames

Moreover, you can follow these movement guides to find the exit:

  1. Press the up button, then press the left key.
  2. Now press the up button, then the right key.
  3. Press the down button, then press the right movement button.
  4. Now press the down button and the left movement button.
  5. Repeat the same once.
  6. Finally, press the down key to make an exit safe.

Consequently, you will save the boy’s mother’s life within the mentioned time.

The reward for the Sixth Wonder

Once you make your way to the exit, the boy will be thrilled and express gratitude for you. He will reward you ATK Up++, which is highly beneficial in Crisis Core Reunion. Finally, the sixth wonder of the Nibelheim will be completed now.

sixth wonder
Sixth Wonder of Crisis Core Reunion Completed

Wall Materia: The Seventh Wonder

To obtain the Wall Materia and complete the seventh wonder in Crisis Core Reunion’s Nibelheim, follow these steps:

  1. Progress in the storyline until you reach Chapter 9.
  2. Advance through the storyline with Cloud until you can escape to the inn.
  3. After reaching this point, you can collect the final reward for completing the seven wonders of Nibelheim.
  4. Go to the eastern side of Nibelheim and find the houses.
  5. Look for a fenced area behind the bar in one of the houses.
  6. Inside this fenced area, you’ll find the Wall Materia.
  7. Collect the Wall Materia to complete the seventh wonder of Nibelheim.
  8. With this wonder completed, you can continue with the main storyline.

The reward for the Seventh Wonder

After you escape the Shinra Manor along with the Cloud, you will see some houses on the Nibelheim Outskirts. Now, there will be a shiny box behind the fence. Moreover, inside the box, there is a Wall Materia. Notably, you can collect this wall Materia as a final reward from the boy. Furthermore, by collecting the Wall Materia, the seventh and the absolute wonder of Nibelheim is completed.

Seventh wonder crisis core
Crisis Core Reunion seventh wonder of Nibelheim, completed

Seven Wonders Expert Trophy

Finally, when you complete the Crisis Core Reunion All Seven Wonders of Nibelheim, you will get the “Seven Wonders Expert” trophy as an ultimate reward for completing the seven wonders of Nibelheim.


This summarizes the Crisis Core Reunion All Seven Wonders of Nibelheim. Moreover, we have explained each wonder its ultimate reward. In addition, we have also guided you on how to solve these wonders efficiently. In short, this guide covers everything you want about the seven wonders of Nibelheim. By following this guide, you can solve the seven wonders quickly.

However, suppose you crave Crisis Core Reunion. In that case, you can also visit our detailed guides on Crisis Core Reunion Best Materia, Costly Punch, Buster Sword, and Reunion the Reporter outcomes.

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