Crisis Core Reunion: Best Accessories [Top 12]

This Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories guide will inform you of all the excellent accessories you can use to destroy your enemies.

Crisis Core Reunion: Best Accessories [Top 12]
Crisis Core Reunion: Best Accessories [Top 12]

Crisis Core Reunion is the remastered version of the original crisis core that went live in 2007. After years of waiting, the game has returned with multiple changes, including new explorative areas, missions, collectibles, and accessories. Given the number of accessories in the game, it can become hard to know which one to choose. Hence we provide you with this Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessories are essential to your kit and boost you to newer heights.
  • They increase your resistance and stats significantly.
  • Initially, you only have two accessory slots; however, they are increased to four later on.
  • Genji’s equipment is one of the most potent sets and has impressive stats.
  • However, Heike Soul is the best accessory you can wear in Crisis Core Reunion.

Best Accessories Compared

By the use of our comparison table, you can look at each attribute and category of the Best Accessories. Ultimately, you’ll easily decide which one is the best for you:

1Power Suit1001−50%−50%100−50−50-ATK+1 per 10
2Brutal--------ATK+1 per 10
3Super Ribbon----------
4Zieldrich100---100100100-HP+10% per 10
5Soul Of Thamasa--------MP+10% per 10
6Adaman Bangle--------HP+10% per 10
7Divine Slayer5011150505050--

In any game, accessories are a significant part of your kit and boost your stat to the max. Such is the case in Crisis Core Reunion, so don’t miss out.

Power Suit

EffectIncreases Attack, and Vitality by 100 while Magic and Spirit are decreased by 50. Max HP is increased by 100% while MP and AP are decreased by 50%.
Fusion EffectATK+1 per 1
Sell Price0

The Power Suit, as the name suggests, significantly boosts your stats, providing an advantage over your opponents. It raises your attack damage and Vitality by 100. However, it comes at the cost of reducing your Magic and Spirit by 50. Additionally, it doubles your Max HP while cutting your MP and AP in half.

This trade-off is favorable for players who prefer close combat and don’t heavily rely on spells. It makes you bulkier and enhances your damage output. You can obtain this accessory by completing the Second Son in the Wasteland Mission.


EffectSets max damage dealt to an enemy to 99999
Fusion EffectATK+1 per 1
Sell Price0

Brutal is another powerful accessory that allows you to overwhelm your opponents with sheer force. It provides you with an increase in range regarding your damage. With this accessory, the maximum damage you can deal gets raised to 99999.

Crisis Core Reunion Brutal Accessory
Brutal Effects

Such an increase is tremendous and is worth getting. During the game’s later stages, this comes in handy when you have excellent attack scaling. There are various ways to get this item. You can complete the breakthrough mission or clear all the Hojo’s Monsters. Moreover, you can even find it in the Weapons Gone Haywire mission chest.

Super Ribbon

EffectImmune to all status effects.
ObtainedReward: "M9-6-2: The Lowest Tier"
Steal: Great Malboro
AbilitiesPrevents all statuses and Instant Death

Next up is the Super Ribbon, that provides invaluable protection:

  • Super Ribbon: This accessory has a remarkable ability to neutralize all status ailments. It ensures you are immune to any debuffs and can attack without worry. Notably, it counters the Death Ailment, which can instantly defeat Zach. With the Super Ribbon equipped, you can fight without constantly monitoring your MP for status ailment cures. It’s a must-have in your arsenal.

You can obtain the Super Ribbon by completing the Second Contact mission or opening the chest in the Wutai’s Best mission.


EffectAttack, Vitality, Magic, and Spirit are increased by 100. Reduces all elemental attacks received by half.
Fusion EffectHP+10% per 1
Sell Price0
Crisis Core Reunion Zieldrich Accessory Stats

Zieldrich Stats

Another powerful accessory on the Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories list is Zieldrich, known for its exceptional stats and unique effect:

  • Zieldrich: Equipping Zieldrich significantly boosts Attack damage, Vitality, Magic, and Spirit, all by 100. This makes it a favored choice among players due to the substantial stat increases.

  • Elemental Damage Reduction: Zieldrich also reduces elemental damage received by 50%, enhancing its defensive capabilities. It’s a well-rounded accessory with both offensive and defensive benefits.

You can obtain the Zieldrich by opening the chest in the Even Deeper mission.

Soul Of Thamasa

EffectMP costs are nullified
Fusion EffectMP+10% per 1
Sell Price0

The Soul of Thamasa is the next accessory on the Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories list, offering a unique and valuable effect:

  • Soul of Thamasa: This accessory is a game-changer, particularly for spellcasting characters. While overpowering enemies is satisfying, it’s not always the best strategy. Sometimes, it’s crucial to study your enemy’s weaknesses and maintain distance. Spells allow you to deal significant damage from afar but can quickly drain your MP.

  • MP Cost Reduction: The Soul of Thamasa eliminates this issue by reducing all MP costs to zero. This means you can continuously cast spells and deal massive damage without worrying about MP consumption. It’s especially beneficial for players who rely heavily on spellcasting.

You can obtain the Soul of Thamasa by opening the mission chest of Machines Gone Haywire.

Adaman Bangle

EffectSets max HP limit to 99999
Fusion EffectHP+10% per 1
Sell Price0
Obtained Reward: "M7-3-6: P's Precognition Lv. 6"
Find: "M9-2-4: A New Path Discovered", "M9-5-4: Abnormal
Steal: Grandpanzer

The Adaman Bangle differs from the Brutal accessory in the stat it boosts. While Brutal removes the damage cap for greater offensive power, the Adaman Bangle eliminates the health cap, making you significantly more durable.

Choosing the Adaman Bangle doesn’t compromise your damage output, which is why high-damage players often opt for it. It allows you to deal substantial damage while maintaining your survivability. To acquire this accessory, complete the Precognition Lv. 6 mission.

Divine Slayer

EffectSets max damage and HP limits to 99999. Activates Libra effect.

The Divine Slayer claims a spot in the top three, offering a potent combination of effects:

  • Divine Slayer: This accessory provides the best of both worlds by combining the effects of Brutal and Adaman’s Bangle. It increases your health and damage cap, raising it to the maximum value of 99999.

  • Versatile Use: This item is crucial for players who aim to deal massive damage while also withstanding a significant amount of damage in the game’s later stages. It offers no drawbacks and proves highly effective against opponents.

  • Solid Stats: Additionally, the Divine Slayer enhances your character’s stats, making it an all-around powerful accessory.

  • HP: +100%
  • MP: +100%
  • LUCK: +50
  • VITALITY: +50
  • ATTACK: +50
  • MAGIC: +50
  • SPIRIT: +50
  • AP: +100

All these powerful stats, combined with the special effects, make this item exceptional. You would be a fool if you didn’t take this. However, obtaining this item can be a little difficult as you have to face off against a monster called Minerva in The Reigning Deity mission, which will gnaw at you at every chance. If you are struggling to defeat her, make sure you check out our Crisis Core Reunion Defeating Minerva guide.

Genji’s Equipment

Moving on, we have Genji’s Equipm Genji’sr list. Now, you might be wondering that no item exists as Genji Equipment but only as his helm and such, yet we have mentioned it as his equipment. Well, we have put equipment in our guide because all the pieces of his equipment are compelling and must to have.

Genji’s Armor

ObtainedComplete all Digital Mind Waves to 100%
AbilitiesSets HP limit to 99,999. Keeps Endure and Regen effects active.

Genji’s e equipment consists of his Armor, Helm, Shield, and glove. All of them have perks, so let s talk about them individually. Genji’s Armor provides him with excellent defensive capability. It takes the effect of the Adaman Bangle and adds to it. Genji’s Armor equipment increases your max health limit to 99999, but it keeps the endure and regen effects active. This means that any amount of damage you take is lessened and healed back. To get Genji’s armor, you have to complete the DMW gallery.

Genji’s Helm

Obtained Net Shop Shade
Value1,000,000 gil
AbilitiesZero MP and AP costs. Adds Libra effect.

Next up, we have Genji’s Helm. Genji’s helm is a compelling item that reduces all MP and AP costs on your spells and attacks. It is an upgrade on the Soul of Thamasa, as it also keeps the Libra effect intact on whoever wears it. This makes helm another well-rounded item that enables players to showcase their skills without hesitation or drawbacks. Moreover, to get this, you will have to buy it from Network Shop Shade shop.

Genji’s Shield

ObtainedMagic Pot ("M7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter")
AbilitiesKeeps Barrier and MBarrier effects active; unaffected by Dispel. Absorbs all elemental attacks. Prevents all status effects.

Furthermore, we have Genji’s Shield. Genji’s shield is another powerful defensive item. It keeps the Magic Barrier and the Normal Barrier active to provide cover against enemy attacks. Moreover, it makes Zach immune to any and all stats ailments along with the elemental spells. You can think of this as a blend of super ribbon and Zieldrich and gauge how useful it will be in your arsenal.

To get Genji’s Shield, you’ll have to get the magic pot which can only be gotten as a drop.

Genji’s Glove

ObtainedTreasure chest in "M9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats"
AbilitiesDamage limit becomes 99999. Keeps Critical status active.

Genji’slove is the last addition to the Genji equipment. The glove is robust in its own right and provides you with explosive burst damage. It increases the max damage cap to 99999 to ensure you get those lethal attacks. Moreover, it keeps the critical strike effect active allowing you to deal massive damage. You can get the glove from a chest in the Biochemical threat mission.

Heike Soul

EffectBreaks HP, MP, AP, and Damage limits. Immune to all element attacks. Doubles Gil and items from enemies. Activates Brigand's Gloves and Doc's Code Effects. Activates all "Shock" accessory effects. Grants Smart Consumer and MP Master material effects. Grants Dualcast material effect. Activates Libra Effect. The wearer is always cursed.

Moving on, we have the final piece of accessory that reigns supreme. The Heike Soul is the most potent accessory that you can get in Crisis Core Reunion. Heike Soul replicates the effect of 15 accessories and makes you a tremendous force. It makes it so that you are playing on an easy difficulty even when facing the strongest monsters.

Heike Soul Stats

Heike Soul effects are as follows:

  • Increased caps:

    • Damage cap: 99,999
    • HP cap: 99,999
    • AP limit: 9,999
    • MP cap: 9,999
  • Status ailments:

    • Zack’s attacks cause Death, Poison, Silence, Stop, and Stun, making them lethal but freezing the DMW.
  • Low health:

    • When Zack’s health drops below 25%, HP potions are automatically consumed.
  • Spells:

    • Spells are cast twice in a row at no additional cost.
  • Item bonuses:

    • Item drop rate is doubled.
    • Stolen and dropped items are always rare.
    • Gil, items, and Materia dropped by enemies are twice as high.
    • Recovery potions and ethers have twice the effectiveness.
  • SP usage:

    • Allows the user to increase Attack and Defense by spending SP.
  • Elemental effects:

    • Elemental effects like Fire, Ice, and Lightning increase your HP.
  • Stealing:

    • You have a 100% success rate of stealing items

All these effects are so strong that it makes the whole game feel like child’s play. Given how broken this item is, it was only fitting to ensure it was hard to get. To get this item, you have to complete all 300 missions of the game. It might seem like a tall task, but it is only suitable for an item of this caliber.


These are our picks for the Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories. Make sure you pick the accessories that cover up the weaknesses of your kit. If you are an offensive player, make sure you take items that give burst damage, such as Zeldrich and Brutal. If you are a defensive player, super ribbon might be for you.

With that, we conclude our Crisis Core Reunion Best Accessories guide. Let us know down below which accessory is your favorite!

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