Crisis Core Reunion: Cage Of Binding [Unlock Guide]

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Cage of Binding!

Cage of Binding Featured
Zack Standing in the Depths of Judgement

The game has a lot of buildings and locations that are to be explored and discovered by Zack. The cage of binding is one of those locations. It is a prison in the game and the location where all the Genesis Clones were created.

What you will find in there:

  • This prison aims to give the players more background information on how the Genesis clones were made.
  • Many monsters are swarming throughout the prison. Keep an eye out for treasure chests as you move around the prison since many of these contain a range of important materias.
  • After completing this dungeon, you will return to where you initially read the LOVELESS Act II slab.
  • Once you go back here, you must have the Iron Bar Keys in your hands. allowing you to take on the formidable King Behemoth and win a Flare Materia.

Almost every Crisis Core Series fan has now played Crisis Core Reunion. There are a lot of trophies that the producers of the game brought back in this remaster. Many players like pushing themselves to earn the Platinum trophy by obtaining all of the game’s trophies.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cage of Binding is a prison in Crisis Core. It is where all the Genesis Clones are being created.
  • Keep an eye out for treasure chests as you move around the prison.
  • There are 4 stone slabs in the area, “Depths of Judgement,” and each has verses from the Loveless Prologue.
  • Find and read all of the Loveless Slabs.
  • Reach the Lake of Oblivion and remove the formidable ‘Judecca’ enemies.
  • Defeating the enemies will unlock the Cage of Binding and the trophy “The Cage Opener.”

Requirements To Unlock The Cage Of Binding

Unlocking the Cage of Binding is a process that requires you to collect a series of Materia in chests and explore areas in the game.

Below, I will write the requirements:

  • Complete the game’s main storyline until Chapter 10 to reach the “Depths of Judgement.”
  • Secondly, the area has four stone slabs, each with verses from the Loveless Prologue. Please read them.
  • Thirdly, reach the Lake of Oblivion and take down the formidable ‘Judecca’ enemies.
  • Finally, you have now reached the Cage of Binding.

Here is what I recommend you do before you continue:

  • Save the game at the Depths of Judgement.
  • Collect all the materia in there, as it will be needed afterward.
Zack opening chests to find materia before opening the cage of binding
Zack opening chests to find material

Unlocking The Cage Of Binding

I have noted everything you need to do to reach the Cage of Binding. But it can get quite confusing. Finding all the Loveless slabs and going through the lake of oblivion is explained below!

The Loveless Act Locations

Loveless prologue (Cage of Binding)
Loveless prologue
  • Prologue Loveless: Reach the save point in the Depths of Judgement. Now, you should be right next to the first slab. Before moving on to the others, examine them to read the text.
Loveless ACT I (Cage of Binding)
First Loveless Act 
  • Loveless Act I: Discover this slab in the south tunnel leading to the Lake of Oblivion. The fact that this slab is outside of where you need to go suggests that it is the last one. But there are more left.
Loveless ACT II
Second loveless act
  • Loveless Act II: Found at the end of the walkway before you. There is a barred gate that leads to the Behemoth King. You shouldn’t have too much trouble beating him.
  • Head east from the Depths of Judgement to Howling Fang. There are many cells in Howling Fang.
  • You can grab anything within the cells by using the valves to unlock the cells, then go on to the slab at the end of the area.
Loveless ACT III
Third loveless act
  • Final Loveless Act III: The final slab can be found by leaving the Depths of Judgement to the west. After that, reach the Portal of Severance area. Inside, you’ll find the Act III tablet right before you.

Lake Of Oblivion

lake of oblivion Location on the map
lake of Oblivion location

After reviewing the slabs, you can move on to the Lake of Oblivion. The entrance to the Cage of Binding in the Lake of Oblivion lies to the south. Additionally, there are three other exits from this location (on top of the one you came in by).

Don’t forget to collect the chests you will find here, as they have key items you need later in the binding cage.

Zack getting ready to defeat the enemy.
Zack getting ready to defeat the enemy

You will see glowing spots on the water once you reach the lake. Five of these spots have crystals above them. A ‘Judecca’ enemy will descend when you engage with these.

The Cage Opener Trophy

Reminder: This will also unlock the Cage Opener Trophy/Achievement!

Additionally, there should be a cutscene when a Mako bridge appears to lead to the next section. You must engage with all five spots and defeat the enemies to unlock the Cage of Binding.

Once you have eliminated all the enemies, the Trophy will appear when you have finished.

The path to the Cage of Binding
The path to the Cage of Binding

Tip to defeat the enemies: Allow them to avoid your attacks, then pursue them to capture them while losing their invincibility. This needs to be done, as they are pretty dodgy!

My Experience With Unlocking The Cage Of Binding

After completing this prison, you will return to the location where you originally read the LOVELESS Act II slab. Overall, the experience was tricky, but I am sure this will not happen with you. Ensure you incorporate all the tips and tricks I have shared above to defeat the enemies as this is the only crucial portion of overall strategy. 

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