Crisis Core Reunion Cursed Ring Guide

In this Crisis Core Reunion Cursed Ring guide, we will cover all that you need to know about it, from what it is to how to get it.

Crisis Core Reunion Cursed Ring

Crisis Core Reunion introduces various accessories that Zack can equip to alter his stats and abilities. Accessories, like the cursed ring, can be obtained through side quests, shops, and other means.

Key Takeaways

  • The Crisis Core Reunion cursed ring is one of the many accessories in the game.
  • It increases all your stats.
  • You will lose the effects of the DMW system during battle while equipped with it.
  • You can get the cursed ring in the Shinra HQ and during some missions.

What Is the Cursed Ring

The cursed ring in Crisis Core Reunion is one of the many accessories in the game. It boosts your stats, including max HP, MP, and AP by 10 percent, and other stats by 10. However, it disables the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system during battles.

The DMW system, represented by slots on the upper left of the screen, provides various bonuses, including limit breaks and buffs. Accumulating more experience increases your chances of a ‘777’ combination, granting a 15-second “invincibility” buff. Removing the cursed ring (Unequip) increases your ‘777’ chances.

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How To Get The Crisis Core Reunion Cursed Ring

To obtain the Crisis Core Reunion Cursed Ring, there are three methods. The first is through supply pods in Shinra HQ, which Kunsel mentioned, providing useful items sporadically. If you’ve missed this, restarting the game is the only way to acquire the ring using this method.

After interacting with the supply pods, you’ll initially receive an item other than the cursed ring. Don’t give up; keep interacting with the supply pods repeatedly. Eventually, Kunsel will caution you, saying, “Hey, hey, don’t get greedy. There’s a limit to the free stuff you get; the company isn’t that generous.”

Once you have interacted with the supply pods about 20 times, Kunsel will say, “Fine, fine, if you want more, I’ll give you what I got today.”

The image shows Kunsel's dialogue before you get the crisis core reunion cursed ring.
Kunsel’s Dialogue

Afterward, you will get the cursed ring that you are looking for.

The Cursed Ring

You can also get the cursed ring in chests during the ‘excavation survey site’ mission and the ‘kactuar?’ mission.

Final Words

Before I conclude my Crisis Core Reunion cursed ring guide, I must say that the cursed ring is an accessory that you can use to raise the difficulty of the game. Therefore, if you are one of those players who find the game too easy, this is the perfect accessory for you.

With that, we reach the end of our guide on the Crisis Core Reunion cursed ring. I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide. If you found this guide to be helpful and informative, consider reading our other guides on Crisis Core Reunion, such as how to get the magic pot, buster sword proficiency, unlocking the genji set, number guessing game, and more.

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