Crisis Core Reunion DMW: The Most Complete Guide

Crisis Core Reunion uses a special game mechanic called DMW. This mechanic can often confuse players due to its complexity. In this guide, we explain the DMW feature in detail.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion DMW Guide.
Read on to find out all about the DMW feature.

The Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is a confusing mechanic in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Yet, through this in-game feature, you can acquire significant buffs, break limits, and upgrade your Materia.

So how does it work? The DMW is featured as three spinning reels at the top-left of the screen. Depending on the combination you get, you may receive temporary buffs or special attacks. Additionally, you may get level-ups and even Materia upgrades.

In this guide, we go over the basics of the DMW mechanic as well as the various effects it grants you.

Key Takeaways

  • The DMW feature appears as three rotating wheels at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • These wheels have character portraits as well as numbers on them.
  • If the portraits on the left and right heels line up, the DMW enters the Modulating Phase.
  • Modulating Phase has 4 modes: Normal, Summon, Chocobo, and Genesis. There is also the chance of seeing a memory of a character.
  • Each of the 4 modes features Limit Breaks, which are powerful attacks.
  • Watching the memories of all the characters will grant you the Genji Armor.
  • You can improve your chances of a particular Limit Break triggering by equipping DMW Materia.

The DMW Mechanic Explained

Crisis Core Reunion DMW reels lined up on Hellfire.
The DMW mechanic has 3 spinning reels with character portraits and numbers.

The DMW mechanic consists of three spinning reels with character portraits and numbers. Here’s how it works:

  1. DMW Meaning: DMW stands for “Digital Mind Wave” and appears as spinning reels in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. Spin Cycle:

    • Zack needs a minimum of 10 Soldier Points (SP) and must not be affected by Curse to start spinning.
    • Reels spin left, right, center, and numbers simultaneously.
    • Left reel stops first, followed by the right reel.
    • If left and right character portraits match, it triggers “Modulating Phase” or “Limit Verge.”
    • If no match, numbers and center reel stop randomly, granting temporary status buffs.
  3. Progression and Modes:

    • Character portraits are unlocked as you progress, affecting abilities and effects.
    • Combinations are random but can be influenced for better odds.
    • Summons and Chocobo Mode characters provide different buffs.
    • Genesis Mode, activated last, features Genesis’s portrait with unique buffs and attacks.

DMW Status Buffs In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

If the spinning DMW reels do not enter the Modulating Phase, then the center reel and numbers will stop spinning normally. Depending on what combinations you get, here are the respective status buffs:

  • 7-X-7: 15 seconds of invincibility to physical damage.
  • 7-X-X: Zero AP consumption for 12 seconds.
  • X-X-7: 20 seconds of the Endure battle status.
  • 7-7-X: Zero MP consumption for 15 seconds.
  • X-7-7: Protection from magical damage for 15 seconds.
  • X-7-X: Zero MP usage for 12 seconds.
  • 1-1-1: 15 seconds of invincibility to all damage types.
  • 2-2-2: No MP cost for any actions during the battle.
  • 3-3-3: Immunity to magical damage for 15 seconds.
  • 4-4-4: No AP cost for all actions during the battle.
  • 5-5-5: Immunity to physical damage for 15 seconds.
  • 6-6-6: Critical hits (double damage) for all attacks for 20 seconds.
  • 7-7-7: 15 seconds of invincibility to all damage types.

Note: You can have multiple status buffs active at one time.

Modulating Phase Or Limit Verge

When both left and right reels halt on the same portrait, the DMW enters the “Modulating Phase” or “Limit Verge.” Reels expand, center and number reels spin, and one of four events may occur:

  1. A flashback cutscene of the character appears.
  2. Still shots from previous cutscenes are shown.
  3. Summon or Chocobo Mode is activated.
  4. The Crisis Core Reunion DMW enters Genesis Mode.

If none of these occur, the DMW defaults to Normal Mode.

In Normal Mode:

  • 7-7-7: Zack levels up by 1.
  • Two matching numbers (e.g., 6-3-3): Corresponding Materia levels up by 1.
  • Three matching numbers (e.g., 3-3-3): Corresponding Materia levels up by 2.

Regardless of alignment:

  • Zack gains MP, AP, and HP based on Feather Cap level and equipment.
  • Zack gains substantial SP.
  • Zack can perform a Limit Break.

    Limit Breaks

    Crisis Core Reunion DMW Chain Slash.
    Chain Slash is Zack’s signature Limit Break.

    Limit Breaks are special moves related to the portraits on the Crisis Core Reunion DMW. These attacks are called Limit Breaks as, often, they are not bound by standard in-game limits.

    Some of the Limit Breaks are acquired right from the very beginning of the game. Others, however, will be acquired as you progress later on. Additionally, each Limit Break has 5 Levels. The Power of the Limit Break scales with the level, as does the duration of any status effects.

    Chain Slash

    Zack’s default Limit Break. Attacks a single target physically.

    • Level 1: 48 Power
    • Level 2: 54 Power
    • Level 3: 60 Power
    • Level 4: 66 Power
    • Level 5: 76 Power


    Sephiroth‘s Limit Break. Attacks a single target physically eight times.

    • Level 1: 9 Power
    • Level 2: 11 Power
    • Level 3: 15 Power
    • Level 4: 18 Power
    • Level 5: 22 Power

    Air Strike

    Attacks all targets physically. Tseng’s Limit Break.

    • Level 1: 40 Power
    • Level 2: 44 Power
    • Level 3: 48 Power
    • Level 4: 64 Power
    • Level 5: 72 Power

    Rush Assault

    Attacks a target physically seven times in two sequences. This is followed by one finishing blow, which causes Stun and may give you the Endure buff. The two sequences and the final attack have different Powers and won’t necessarily hit the same target.

    This attack is not affected by Vitality. Upon executing a Level 5 attack, there is an increase in the Emotion Gauge of 1. This is Angeal’s signature Limit Break.

    • Level 1, Sequence 1: 6 Power
    • Level 2, Sequence 1: 7 Power
    • Level 3, Sequence 1: 8 Power
    • Level 4, Sequence 1: 9 Power
    • Level 5, Sequence 1: 10 Power
    • Level 1, Sequence 2: 7 Power
    • Level 2, Sequence 2: 8 Power
    • Level 3, Sequence 2: 9 Power
    • Level 4, Sequence 2: 10 Power
    • Level 5, Sequence 2: 11 Power
    • Level 1, Sequence 3: 12 Power
    • Level 2, Sequence 3: 18 Power
    • Level 3, Sequence 3: 20 Power
    • Level 4, Sequence 3: 24 Power
    • Level 5, Sequence 3: 32 Power

    Healing Wave

    Heals all MP, HP, and AP completely. This power breaks limits and heals all status effects. Additionally, it temporarily makes you immune to all damage. Leveling up this Limit Break will increase the duration that the effect lasts. This is Aerith’s ability.

    • Level 1: 3 seconds
    • Level 2: 5 seconds
    • Level 3: 8 seconds
    • Level 4: 10 seconds
    • Level 5: 20 seconds

    Lucky Stars

    Level 5 Lucky Stars about to initiate.
    Lucky Stars makes your attacks critical for some time.

    Cissnei’s signature Limit Break. All attacks for a certain period remain critical. Level 5 attacks will increase your Emotion Gauge. Leveling up this Limit Break changes the duration that it lasts.

    • Level 1: 10 seconds
    • Level 2: 15 seconds
    • Level 3: 20 seconds
    • Level 4: 40 seconds
    • Level 5: 80 seconds

    Meteor Shots

    Attacks all targets magically. Cloud Strife’s signature ability.

    • Level 1: 44 Power
    • Level 2: 48 Power
    • Level 3: 64 Power
    • Level 4: 72 Power
    • Level 5: 80 Power

    Summon Mode

    Hellfire wreaking havoc on the enemies.
    Hellfire is one of the many Summons you can make.

    Summon Mode allows you to summon monsters to aid you in battle. Here’s how it works:

    1. Activation:

      • If you have at least one Summon, a blue star may appear when the center wheel is spinning.
      • Summon Mode activates randomly, with an initial chance of 12.5%.
      • Equipping Summon DMW Materia increases the activation rate.
    2. Summon Chance:

      • Chance of an actual Summon depends on the Emotion Gauge level:
        • Low Emotion Gauge: 50% chance
        • Normal Emotion Gauge: 70.3% chance
        • High Emotion Gauge: Chance drops to 56.9%
        • Sky High Emotion Gauge: 93.8% chance
        • Heavenly Emotion Gauge: Summon guaranteed if DMW enters Summon Mode.
    3. Summons:

      • Five monsters can be summoned, acquired after clearing missions.
      • Each summon has abilities and levels.

    Here are some example Summons:

    • Hellfire (Ifrit’s):

      • Level 1: 52 Power
      • Level 5: 77 Power
      • Hits all targets with magic damage and looks over Spirit.
    • Exa Flare (Bahamut Fury’s):

      • Level 1: 70 Power
      • Level 5: 96 Power
      • Hits all targets with magic damage, increases Emotion by 1 at level 5.
    • Zantetsuken (Odin’s):

      • Gives all targets Instant Death.
    • Megaflare (Bahamut’s):

      • Level 1: 58 Power
      • Level 5: 84 Power
      • Hits all targets with magic damage, increases Emotion by 1 at level 5.
    • Rebirth Flame (Phoenix’s):

      • Level 1: 48 Power
      • Level 5: 78 Power
      • Hits all targets with magic damage, inflicts Raise status on Zack.

      Chocobo Mode

      Crisis Core Reunion DMW Murderous Thrust Level 4.
      Murderous Thrust ignores all Vitality.

      In Crisis Core Reunion, Chocobo Mode can be activated if you have at least one Chocobo character unlocked. The initial chance of activation is 9.4%, but you can increase this chance by acquiring specific Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia. Here is all you need to know:

      1. Activation:

        • Chocobo Mode activates randomly if you have at least one Chocobo character unlocked.
        • Initial activation chance is 9.4%, but it can be increased with specific DMW Materia.
        • Left and right reels change to Chocobo characters, and center and number wheels spin.
      2. Summon Chance:

        • Activation chances vary based on Emotion Gauge level:
          • Low Emotion: 31.3%
          • Normal Emotion: 50%
          • High Emotion: 70.3%
          • Sky High Emotion: 85.9%
          • Heavenly Emotion: 93.8% (maximum)
      3. Chocobo Character Summons:

        • There are 6 Chocobo characters, each with unique abilities.
        • Dud: Hits Zack with varying power and Stuns him.
        • Other characters have attacks with levels, each with different powers and effects.

      Here are some examples of Chocobo character summons and their abilities:

      • Chocobo Stomp (Chocobo’s):

        • Hits all targets physically, ignoring Vitality.
        • Power ranges from 48 to 72 depending on level.
      • Moogle Power (Moogle’s):

        • Regenerates Zack’s HP for a duration, level up all equipped Materia.
        • Duration ranges from 40 seconds to whole battle at level 5.
      • Murderous Thrust (Tonberry’s):

        • Hits a single enemy physically, ignoring Vitality.
        • Power ranges from 52 to 78 depending on level.
      • Courage Boost! (Cait Sith’s):

        • Cures Zack of status effects and grants bonuses.
        • Buffs duration and effects increase with level.
      • 1000 Needles (Cactuar’s):

        • Hits a single target eighteen times.
        • Power ranges from 300 to 2000 depending on level.
      • Item Mugger (Magic Pot’s):

        • Grants Zack a random item based on the level.
        • Items range from Graviga to Ribbon depending on level.

        If you want to know about how to unlock the Magic Pot and access it as a Summon, then head on over to our Magic Pot guide. We go into great detail about how to unlock the Summon and use it.

        Genesis Mode

        Zack casting Apocalypse on the enemies.
        Apocalypse is the only Limit Break in this mode.

        In Crisis Core Reunion, there’s also a mode called Genesis Mode, which is triggered if neither Chocobo nor Summon Modes activate. Initially, there’s a 12.5% chance for the DMW to enter Genesis Mode, and if it doesn’t, it defaults to Normal Mode.

        However, even if Genesis Mode activates, it doesn’t guarantee that the sole attack in this mode, Apocalypse, will activate. There’s a percentage chance for Apocalypse to activate. When it does activate, the Genesis portrait remains in the DMW wheels until the wheel is reset.

        The chance of activating Genesis Mode can be modified by Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia.


        Hits all targets with magic damage. Only Genesis’s portrait will trigger this ability.

        • Level 1: 66 Power
        • Level 2: 76 Power
        • Level 3: 86 Power
        • Level 4: 96 Power
        • Level 5: 120 Power

        All DMW Portrait Locations

        We’ve already established that some DMW portraits can be acquired at the very beginning of the game while others must be discovered. Here’s a list of all the portraits and where to find them in the game:

        Normal Mode

        • Sephiroth: Beginning of the game
        • Angeal: Beginning of the game
        • Tseng: Beginning of Chapter 3
        • Cissnei: During Chapter 4
        • Aerith: Beginning of Chapter 5
        • Cloud: During Chapter 6

        Summon Mode

        • Ifrit: After finishing Mission 8-1-1
        • Bahamut: After finishing Mission 8-1-4
        • Odin: After finishing Mission 8-1-6
        • Bahamut Fury: After finishing Mission 8-5-6
        • Phoenix: After finishing the first mystery in Nibelheim during Chapter 9

        Chocobo Mode

        • Chocobo: In a treasure chest during Mission 8-4-1
        • Cactuar: After completing the mission 10-1-3
        • Tonberry: After completing mission 10-2-3
        • Cait Sith: Found in a chest while completing Mission 8-4-3
        • Moogle: Found in a treasure chest during Mission 8-4-4
        • Magic Pot: On select missions, find the Magic Pot and appease it

        Genesis Mode

        • Genesis: During the sixth chapter, after beating Genesis

        How The Emotion Gauge Affects The DMW

        The Emotion Gauge on High under the DMW reels.
        The Emotion Gauge is located underneath the DMW reels.

        The Emotion Gauge in Crisis Core Reunion is a measurement of Zack’s mood and temperament. Here’s how:

        Here are the different Emotion gauge levels and the effects they have:

        1. Low Emotion:

          • Chance of Modulating Phase activation: 2.3%.
          • Reduced chances of beneficial results.
          • Some Limit Breaks and Lucky Stars treat this as negative status.
          • Triggered by specific attacks.
        2. Normal Emotion:

          • Default level with no special effects.
          • Modulating Phase chance: 4.7%.
        3. High Emotion:

          • Modulating Phase chance: 6.3%.
          • Increased likelihood of better results.
          • Slight boost to attack power.
        4. Sky High Emotion:

          • Modulating Phase chance: 7.8%.
          • Higher chance of beneficial results.
          • Significant boost to attack power.
        5. Heavenly Emotion:

          • Modulating Phase chance: 18.8%.
          • Highest chance of beneficial results.
          • Significant boost to attack power.

        Additionally, Independent Materia can boost Modulating Phase chances. Emotion Gauge levels reflect Zack’s mood and temperament, influenced by events and interactions. Higher levels not only increase chances of Modulating Phase but also enhance attack power, aiding in battles.

        DMW Materia Explained

        Several DMW Materia available for sale in Junon Souvenirs.
        You can buy DMW Materia from various shops, including Junon Souvenirs.

        In Crisis Core Reunion, DMW Materia are specific Materia that boost the chances of their associated Limit Breaks occurring. For example, Meteor Shots Materia increases the chances of the Meteor Shots Limit Break activating. Here’s a breakdown of DMW Materia and where to find them:

        1. DMW Materia Basics:

          • Boost chances of associated Limit Breaks.
          • Do not affect Normal Mode activation.
          • Summon and Chocobo DMW Materia can affect mode activation.
          • Pairing with other Materia enhances effectiveness.
          • Do not influence Modulating Phase activation.
        2. DMW Materia Locations:

          • Online Shop Shade:

            • Unlocked after completing Chapter 3.
            • Complete Mission 9-5-4 to unlock.
            • Offers Apocalypse Materia.
          • Bone Village Outlet:

            • Unlocked after starting Chapter 4.
            • Complete Mission 7-2-1 to unlock subsequent missions.
            • Complete Mission 7-5-3 to access the shop.
            • Offers Megaflare, Zantetsuken, Rebirth Flame, Hellfire, and Exaflare Materia.
          • Research Dept. QMC+:

            • Unlocked during Chapter 4 progression.
            • Offers Rush Assault, Meteor Shots, Healing Wave, Octaslash, Air Strike, and Lucky Stars Materia.
          • Junon Souvenirs:

            • Unlocked after completing Chapter 10.
            • Complete Missions 2-2-5 through 2-4-1 to access.
            • Offers Courage Boost!, Murderous Thrust, 1000 Needles, Chocobo Stomp, Item Mugger, and Moogle Power Materia.

          Limit Break Boost During Some Events

          Aside from the DMW Materia, some events can also trigger Boost Modifiers. Here’s a list of all the events and what Limit Breaks they boost the chances of occurring:

          1. Lucky Stars:

            • When you first meet Cissnei.
            • When you escape Nibelheim and meet Cissnei.
          2. Healing Wave:

            • When you enter Street 0 Highway.
            • With Aerith, selling flowers.
            • Before battling Bahamut Fury.
            • After Aerith calls you for the first time in Nibelheim.
          3. Rush Assault:

            • When you first enter Fort Tamblin.
            • During the flashback at Mako Reactor 5 involving Sephiroth.
            • Upon arriving at Gongaga Village and encountering Angeal.
            • After escaping from Shinra Mansion.
          4. Octaslash:

            • When you exit Fort Tamblin.
            • Before battling Sephiroth.
          5. Air Strike:

            • Meeting Cloud and Tseng at the Modeoheim bathhouse.
          6. Meteor Shots:

            • When you first meet Cloud.
            • Meeting Cloud and Tseng at the Modeoheim bathhouse.

          How To Get DMW To 100% Completion

          Sephiroth's memory.
          You must watch all of the flashbacks to get 100% DMW completion.

          You may have seen a percentage written underneath a specific character, most commonly 10% if you’re just starting out. This number represents the level of completion for that specific character.

          Here’s how to accomplish this:

          1. Understand DMW Completion:

            • Each character starts with 10% completion.
            • Memories are unlocked during normal game progression.
            • Flashbacks during the Modulating Phase contribute to completion.
            • Skipping flashbacks still counts towards completion.
          2. Unlocking Memories:

            • Memories are unlocked as you progress through the game.
            • Triggering specific events or reaching certain points in the story may unlock memories.
            • Keep playing and exploring the game world to unlock all memories.
          3. Completing Memories:

            • Each character has a total of 6 scenes.
            • Four scenes add 10% completion each.
            • Two scenes add 25% completion each.
            • In Genesis Mode, there are two scenes granting 45% completion each.
          4. Special Characters:

            • Summon and Chocobo Mode characters require triggering only one scene to reach 100% completion.
          5. Genesis Mode:

            • Genesis Mode has two scenes, each granting 45% completion.
            • Activate Genesis Mode to access these scenes.

          DMW Completion And Emotion Gauge Levels

          DMW completion is strongly linked to Emotion Gauge levels. The higher the level of the Emotion Gauge, the more the chances of a certain flashback appearing.

          Here’s a summary of scene appearance chances based on Emotion levels:

          Low Emotion Level:

          • 10% scenes: 5.6% chance.
          • 25% scenes: 3.9% chance.
          • 45% scenes (for Genesis): 7.8% chance.

          Normal Emotion Level:

          • 10% scenes: 11% chance.
          • 25% scenes: 5.9% chance.
          • 45% scenes (for Genesis): 11.7% chance.

          High Emotion Level:

          • 10% scenes: 20.7% chance.
          • 25% scenes: 11.7% chance.
          • 45% scenes (for Genesis): 17.6% chance.

          Sky High Emotion Level:

          • 10% scenes: 38.3% chance.
          • 25% scenes: 23.4% chance.
          • 45% scenes (for Genesis): 27.3% chance.

          Heavenly Emotion Level:

          • 10% scenes: 25% chance.
          • 25% scenes: 50% chance.
          • 45% scenes (for Genesis): 50% chance.

          Quickest Way To Get DMW To 100% Completion

          To quickly achieve 100% completion of the DMW, follow these steps:

          1. Unlock all flashbacks by playing through the game.

          2. Equip the Faerie Ring for permanent Regen effect, ensuring automatic healing.

          3. Complete Missions 7-6-2 and 2-5-5 to obtain the Faerie Ring, or purchase it for 20,000 Gil from the Mythril Mine Traders shop if necessary.

          4. Return to Mission 1-1-1 and defeat all but one weak Shinra soldier.

          5. With only one enemy remaining, the Crisis Core Reunion DMW reels will start rolling.

          6. Thanks to the Faerie Ring, survival is ensured, allowing all flashback scenes to eventually play out.

          7. Leave the game running overnight or for an extended period to cycle through the reels.

          8. Afterward, complete the mission without choosing to die or surrender to avoid resetting DMW progress.

          9. Repeat the process as needed to unlock more scenes.

          Reward For 100% DMW Completion

          A message congratulating the player on completing the DMW and obtaining Genji Armor.
          When you get 100% DMW completion, you’re rewarded with Genji Armor.

          Reaching 100% completion in your DMW offers several rewards:

          1. Limit Break Collector Trophy: You’ll earn this trophy by unlocking all DMW portraits, including Summon, Chocobo, and Genesis.

          2. Fury Ring: This accessory allows you to counterattack enemy hits, making it effective against enemies with high power or attack speed.

          3. DMW Master Trophy: Achieving 100% completion unlocks this trophy.

          4. Genji Armor: The Genji Armor is the most significant reward. It increases your HP limit to 99,999, restores HP during battle, and grants Auto-Endure, allowing you to attack without interruptions.

          To complete the Genji set, you’ll also need the Genji Shield, Glove, and Helm, which are easier to obtain compared to the Genji Armor.

          The Crisis Core Reunion DMW mechanic can be quite bewildering when you try to understand it. However, with the right knowledge, you can take the right advantage of this feature and gain powerful buffs throughout the game.

          To conclude, the DMW feature grants you temporary buffs, special attacks, level-ups, and Materia upgrades. And you can increase your chances of activating the Modulating Phase.

          Now that you know how the DMW mechanic works, you should take the most advantage of this feature.

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