Crisis Core Reunion DMW: Definitive Guide

Crisis Core Reunion uses a special game mechanic called DMW. This mechanic can often confuse players due to its complexity. In this guide, we explain the DMW feature in detail.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion DMW Guide.
Read on to find out all about the DMW feature.

The Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is a confusing mechanic in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Yet, through this in-game feature, you can acquire significant buffs, break limits, and upgrade your Materia.

So how does it work? The DMW is featured as three spinning reels at the top-left of the screen. Depending on the combination you get, you may receive temporary buffs or special attacks. Additionally, you may get level-ups and even Materia upgrades.

In this guide, we go over the basics of the DMW mechanic as well as the various effects it grants you.

Key Takeaways

  • The DMW feature appears as three rotating wheels at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • These wheels have character portraits as well as numbers on them.
  • If the portraits on the left and right heels line up, the DMW enters the Modulating Phase.
  • Modulating Phase has 4 modes: Normal, Summon, Chocobo, and Genesis. There is also the chance of seeing a memory of a character.
  • Each of the 4 modes features Limit Breaks, which are powerful attacks.
  • Watching the memories of all the characters will grant you the Genji Armor.
  • You can improve your chances of a particular Limit Break triggering by equipping DMW Materia.

The DMW Mechanic Explained

Crisis Core Reunion DMW reels lined up on Hellfire.
The DMW mechanic has 3 spinning reels with character portraits and numbers.

You may have heard of the Crisis Core Reunion DMW. But what is it? DMW stands for “Digital Mind Wave“. This is a mechanic that appears as three spinning reels at the very upper-left corner of your screen. The reels spin consistently, much like a slot machine at any arcade corner.

Drawn on the reels are portraits of characters along with numbers. However, these reels don’t work like normal reels. The spin cycle works differently, which we will discuss in detail in a bit.

The Spin Cycle

  1. If Zack has at least 10 Soldier Points (SP) before each spin and is not affected by Curse, spin the left, right, center, and number reels.
  2. First, the left reel will stop spinning randomly.
  3. Then, the right reel will stop. The numbers and center reel won’t stop.
  4. If the characters on the left and right reels match up, then the DMW will enter what is known as the “Modulating Phase” or “Limit Verge“. We’ll talk more about this later on.
  5. However, in the case that the left and right reels don’t line up, the numbers and center reels will stop randomly. Now, you will receive temporary status buffs according to the number combination you got.
  6. After that, the reels start spinning normally again in a cycle, given the initial condition is fulfilled.

Progression And Other Modes

Character portraits for the reels can be acquired by progressing through the game. This will allow you to unlock more abilities and effects. However, the combinations that you get are completely random, much like with actual slot machines. But you can still change your odds of receiving specific combinations through several methods.

As you progress further into the game, you will be able to unlock Summons as well as Chocobo Mode characters. These appear just like the regular character portraits on the reels and give you different buffs.

There is also the Genesis Mode, which is a special mode that gets activated last. In this, Genesis’s portrait will appear on the reel and you will get separate buffs and attacks.

DMW Status Buffs In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

If the spinning DMW reels do not enter the Modulating Phase, then the center reel and numbers will stop spinning normally. Depending on what combinations you get, here are the respective status buffs:

  • 7-X-7: Gives you 15 seconds of invincibility to physical damage.
  • 7-X-X: Makes your AP consumption zero for the next 12 seconds.
  • X-X-7: Grants you 20 seconds of the Endure battle status.
  • 7-7-X: Grants zero consumption of MP for the next 15 seconds.
  • X-7-7: Prevents you from taking magical damage. The effect wears off after 15 seconds.
  • X-7-X: Reduces your MP usage to zero for the next 12 seconds.
  • 1-1-1: Gives you 15 seconds of invincibility to all types of damage.
  • 2-2-2: Makes it so that nothing costs any amount of MP for the duration of one battle.
  • 3-3-3: Prevents you from taking any magical damage for the next 15 seconds.
  • 4-4-4: This makes it so that you don’t have to spend any amount of AP during the whole battle.
  • 5-5-5: Prevents you from taking physical damage for the next 15 seconds.
  • 6-6-6: Every attack you make is critical (deals twice the damage by default) for the next 20 seconds.
  • 7-7-7: Makes you invincible to all types of damage for exactly 15 seconds.

Note: You can have multiple status buffs active at one time.

Modulating Phase Or Limit Verge

If the left and right reels start spinning and then stop on the same portrait, the DMW will begin what is called the “Modulating Phase“. This is also known as the “Limit Verge“.

The reels will expand to cover the whole screen and the center and number reels will start spinning and stop. After that, one of four things will happen randomly:

  • A cutscene will play showing a flashback of the character the left and right reels stopped on.
  • A few still shots from the game’s previous cutscenes will be shown.
  • The DMW will enter Summon or Chocobo Mode.
  • The Crisis Core Reunion DMW will enter Genesis Mode.

If none of these special modes mentioned above are initiated, then by default the DMW will enter Normal Mode.

Normal Mode

If the DMW enters Normal Mode, the center and number reels will spin normally. In this case, we look at two parameters: the numbers and the characters.

Here are the different effects that the number combinations will have:

  • If the number combination is 7-7-7, Zack will level up by 1 level.
  • If only two numbers that are not 7 line up, the Materia at the slot corresponding to that number will level up once. Hence, if you get 6-3-3-, the Materia at slot 3 will level up once.
  • If three numbers that are not 7 line up, the Materia at the slot corresponding to that number will level up twice. Hence, if you get 3-3-3, the Materia at slot 3 will level up twice.

Keep in mind that these operations are executed regardless of whether the characters line up. If the characters do line up, however, the following will also happen:

  1. Zack will acquire MP, AP, and HP, depending on the level of a Feather Cap as well as the equipment. How much MP, AP, and HP Zack gains, however, can break in-game limits.
  2. Zack will then acquire large amounts of SP.
  3. Lastly, Zack will be able to execute what is known as a Limit Break.

Limit Breaks

Crisis Core Reunion DMW Chain Slash.
Chain Slash is Zack’s signature Limit Break.

Limit Breaks are special moves related to the portraits on the Crisis Core Reunion DMW. These attacks are called Limit Breaks as, often, they are not bound by standard in-game limits.

Some of the Limit Breaks are acquired right from the very beginning of the game. Others, however, will be acquired as you progress later on. Additionally, each Limit Break has 5 Levels. The Power of the Limit Break scales with the level, as does the duration of any status effects.

Chain Slash

Zack’s default Limit Break. Attacks a single target physically.

  • Level 1: 48 Power
  • Level 2: 54 Power
  • Level 3: 60 Power
  • Level 4: 66 Power
  • Level 5: 76 Power


Sephiroth‘s Limit Break. Attacks a single target physically eight times.

  • Level 1: 9 Power
  • Level 2: 11 Power
  • Level 3: 15 Power
  • Level 4: 18 Power
  • Level 5: 22 Power

Air Strike

Attacks all targets physically. Tseng’s Limit Break.

  • Level 1: 40 Power
  • Level 2: 44 Power
  • Level 3: 48 Power
  • Level 4: 64 Power
  • Level 5: 72 Power

Rush Assault

Attacks a target physically seven times in two sequences. This is followed by one finishing blow, which causes Stun and may give you the Endure buff. The two sequences and the final attack have different Powers and won’t necessarily hit the same target.

This attack is not affected by Vitality. Upon executing a Level 5 attack, there is an increase in the Emotion Gauge of 1. This is Angeal’s signature Limit Break.

  • Level 1, Sequence 1: 6 Power
  • Level 2, Sequence 1: 7 Power
  • Level 3, Sequence 1: 8 Power
  • Level 4, Sequence 1: 9 Power
  • Level 5, Sequence 1: 10 Power
  • Level 1, Sequence 2: 7 Power
  • Level 2, Sequence 2: 8 Power
  • Level 3, Sequence 2: 9 Power
  • Level 4, Sequence 2: 10 Power
  • Level 5, Sequence 2: 11 Power
  • Level 1, Sequence 3: 12 Power
  • Level 2, Sequence 3: 18 Power
  • Level 3, Sequence 3: 20 Power
  • Level 4, Sequence 3: 24 Power
  • Level 5, Sequence 3: 32 Power

Healing Wave

Heals all MP, HP, and AP completely. This power breaks limits and heals all status effects. Additionally, it temporarily makes you immune to all damage. Leveling up this Limit Break will increase the duration that the effect lasts. This is Aerith’s ability.

  • Level 1: 3 seconds
  • Level 2: 5 seconds
  • Level 3: 8 seconds
  • Level 4: 10 seconds
  • Level 5: 20 seconds

Lucky Stars

Level 5 Lucky Stars about to initiate.
Lucky Stars makes your attacks critical for some time.

Cissnei’s signature Limit Break. All attacks for a certain period remain critical. Level 5 attacks will increase your Emotion Gauge. Leveling up this Limit Break changes the duration that it lasts.

  • Level 1: 10 seconds
  • Level 2: 15 seconds
  • Level 3: 20 seconds
  • Level 4: 40 seconds
  • Level 5: 80 seconds

Meteor Shots

Attacks all targets magically. Cloud Strife’s signature ability.

  • Level 1: 44 Power
  • Level 2: 48 Power
  • Level 3: 64 Power
  • Level 4: 72 Power
  • Level 5: 80 Power

Summon Mode

Hellfire wreaking havoc on the enemies.
Hellfire is one of the many Summons you can make.

If you have at least one Summon and are lucky enough, a blue star will appear when the center wheel is spinning. Summon Mode is a special mode of the Modulating Phase that allows you to summon monsters and creatures to help you out in battle.

However, when this mode gets activated is completely random. Initially, the chance that Summon Mode gets activated is 12.5%. However, you can increase this rate by equipping several Summon DMW Materia.

Also to note is that, even if the Crisis Core Reunion DMW enters Summon Mode, the chances of an actual Summon happening are even lower. The percentage depends on the level of your Emotion Gauge. Here’s how your Emotion Gauge affects the chance of a Summon occurring:

  • At a Low Emotion Gauge, you have a 50% chance of activating a Summon.
  • Once your Emotion Gauge rises to Normal, your Summon chance increases to 70.3%.
  • However, when the Emotion Gauge reaches the High level, the chances actually drop, from 70.3% to 56.9%.
  • This has a great payoff as when your Emotion Gauge reaches the Sky High level, the Summon chance increases to 93.8%.
  • Finally, when the Emotion Gauge goes to Heavenly, a Summon is guaranteed, provided the DMW enters Summon Mode.


You can summon 5 monsters to aid you in battle. These can be acquired after clearing some missions. And much like the Limit Breaks, they have abilities as well as levels.


Hits all targets with magic damage and looks over Spirit. Ifrit’s signature move.

  • Level 1: 52 Power
  • Level 2: 56 Power
  • Level 3: 60 Power
  • Level 4: 64 Power
  • Level 5: 77 Power

Exa Flare

Bahamat Fury has this signature attack. Hits all targets with magic damage and looks over Spirit. If you use the level 5 version of this attack, your Emotion increases by 1 level.

  • Level 1: 70 Power
  • Level 2: 74 Power
  • Level 3: 78 Power
  • Level 4: 82 Power
  • Level 5: 96 Power


Gives all targets Instant Death. Does not have any Power or attribute growth with level. Odin’s portrait triggers this move.


Bahamut’s portrait triggers this attack. Hits all targets with magic damage and looks over Spirit. Increases the level of your Emotion by 1 when you use the level 5 version of this attack.

  • Level 1: 58 Power
  • Level 2: 62 Power
  • Level 3: 66 Power
  • Level 4: 70 Power
  • Level 5: 84 Power

Rebirth Flame

Hits all targets with magic damage and looks over Spirit. Also, it inflicts the Raise status on Zack. Phoenix’s signature move.

  • Level 1: 48 Power
  • Level 2: 52 Power
  • Level 3: 56 Power
  • Level 4: 60 Power
  • Level 5: 78 Power

Chocobo Mode

Crisis Core Reunion DMW Murderous Thrust Level 4.
Murderous Thrust ignores all Vitality.

Aside from the Summon and Normal Modes, there is the Chocobo Mode. The only condition for this mode to get activated is that you must have at least one Chocobo character unlocked.

Chocobo Mode has some chance of getting triggered, which is 9.4% initially. Eventually, you can enhance this chance by acquiring the relevant Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia.

If it does get triggered, though, then the left and right portraits change to those of a single Chocobo character. Then, the center and number wheels start rolling and stop. If all three portraits line up, then you will summon a Chocobo character. Additionally, the effect that the numbers have is the same as with Normal Mode.

There are some battles in which Chocobo Mode is blocked from activating, such as the fight against the final boss.

Much like with the Summon Mode, activating the Chocobo Mode doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll summon a Chocobo character. The chances change with the Emotion Guage’s level. Here are the chances of summoning a Chocobo character given your Emotion Gauge level:

  • If your Emotion level is Low, then your chances of summoning a Chocobo character are 31.3%.
  • When you raise your Emotion level to Normal, the summon chance rises to 50%.
  • Then, once you get to Emotion level High, you have a 70.3% chance of summoning a Chocobo character.
  • After that, if you reach the Sky High level, the summon chance will increase to 85.9%.
  • Lastly, when your Emotion level reaches Heavenly, the summon chance maxes out at 93.8%. It’s worth noting that the summon chance never goes to 100%.

Chocobo Character Summons

Just like with the regular Summon Mode, the Chocobo Mode lets you summon 6 Chocobo characters along with one Dud. The characters each must be unlocked first by finding them throughout your missions.

Additionally, these characters have attacks that have 5 levels. The Power of the attacks rises with each level, though not always. Additionally, leveling up increases the duration of effects that some attacks inflict.


Hits Zack with Power corresponding to the level of the attack and Stuns him. The Stun duration is 1-6 seconds, according to the level.

  • Level 1: 1 Power
  • Level 2: 1 Power
  • Level 3: 10 Power
  • Level 4: 100 Power
  • Level 5: 1000 Power

Chocobo Stomp

Chocobo’s portrait appears during this attack. Hits all targets physically while ignoring all Vitality.

  • Level 1: 48 Power
  • Level 2: 54 Power
  • Level 3: 58 Power
  • Level 4: 64 Power
  • Level 5: 72 Power

Moogle Power

Moogle’s portrait triggers this effect. Regenerates some of Zack’s HP for a duration that scales with the attack’s level. Lasts for the whole battle at level 5. Also levels up all the Materia that are equipped onto Zack depending on the level.

  • Level 1: 40 seconds
  • Level 2: 60 seconds
  • Level 3: 80 seconds
  • Level 4: 100 seconds
  • Level 5: Whole battle

Murderous Thrust

Tonberry’s special attack. Hits a single enemy physically while ignoring all Vitality.

  • Level 1: 52 Power
  • Level 2: 60 Power
  • Level 3: 64 Power
  • Level 4: 68 Power
  • Level 5: 78 Power

Courage Boost!

Zack gets cured of Stop, Silence, Stun, and Poison effects. Additionally, this effect gives Zack three sets of bonuses that each last for three different periods. The bonus sets include:

  • MBarrier, Endure, and Barrier
  • AP and MP Cost 0
  • Physical and Magic Null

Once this effect is leveled up to level 5, all the buffs last for the entire battle, with the exception of Magic and Physical Null. Cait Sith’s portrait grants this effect.

  • Level 1, Set 1: 30 seconds
  • Level 2, Set 1: 40 seconds
  • Level 3, Set 1: 50 seconds
  • Level 4, Set 1: 100 seconds
  • Level 5, Set 1: Whole battle
  • Level 1, Set 2: 20 seconds
  • Level 2, Set 2: 30 seconds
  • Level 3, Set 2: 60 seconds
  • Level 4, Set 2: 120 seconds
  • Level 5, Set 2: Whole battle
  • Level 1, Set 3: 5 seconds
  • Level 2, Set 3: 8 seconds
  • Level 3, Set 3: 10 seconds
  • Level 4, Set 3: 15 seconds
  • Level 5, Set 3: 30 seconds

1000 Needles

Hits a single target eighteen times. Cactuar’s special ability.

  • Level 1: 300 Power
  • Level 2: 500 Power
  • Level 3: 1000 Power
  • Level 4: 1500 Power
  • Level 5: 2000 Power

Item Mugger

Magic Pot triggers this effect. Gives Zack a random item according to the level of this effect.

  • Level 1: Graviga, Curaga, Libra, Drain
  • Level 2: Platinum Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Iron Bangle, Carbon Bangle
  • Level 3: Royal Crown, Shinra Beta+, Crystal Orb, Kaiser Knuckles
  • Level 4: 3 Phoenix Downs, 10 Elixirs, 1 Phoenix Down, 5 Elixirs
  • Level 5: 1 Gold Rolling Pins, 5 Gold Rolling Pins, 3 Gold Rolling Pins, Ribbon.

If you want to know about how to unlock the Magic Pot and access it as a Summon, then head on over to our Magic Pot guide. We go into great detail about how to unlock the Summon and use it.

Genesis Mode

Zack casting Apocalypse on the enemies.
Apocalypse is the only Limit Break in this mode.

Along with the Summon and Chocobo Modes, there is the Genesis Mode. In this mode, the reel gets an addition of Genesis’s character portrait. After checking to see if the game will enter Chocobo or Summon Modes, the game lastly checks for Genesis Mode.

There is a 12.5% chance (initially) that the DMW will enter Genesis Mode if it fails to enter the other two modes. If it doesn’t enter Genesis Mode either, then it will enter Normal Mode.

However, even if Genesis Mode activates, it doesn’t guarantee that the only attack in this mode, Apocalypse, will activate. Instead, there is only a percentage chance that Apocalypse will activate.

When it does activate, however, the Genesis portrait will remain in the DMW wheels until the wheel is reset. Additionally, the chance of activating Genesis Mode can be modified by Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia.


Hits all targets with magic damage. Only Genesis’s portrait will trigger this ability.

  • Level 1: 66 Power
  • Level 2: 76 Power
  • Level 3: 86 Power
  • Level 4: 96 Power
  • Level 5: 120 Power

All DMW Portrait Locations

We’ve already established that some DMW portraits can be acquired at the very beginning of the game while others must be discovered. Here’s a list of all the portraits and where to find them in the game:

Normal Mode

  • Sephiroth: Beginning of the game
  • Angeal: Beginning of the game
  • Tseng: Beginning of Chapter 3
  • Cissnei: During Chapter 4
  • Aerith: Beginning of Chapter 5
  • Cloud: During Chapter 6

Summon Mode

  • Ifrit: After finishing Mission 8-1-1
  • Bahamut: After finishing Mission 8-1-4
  • Odin: After finishing Mission 8-1-6
  • Bahamut Fury: After finishing Mission 8-5-6
  • Phoenix: After finishing the first mystery in Nibelheim during Chapter 9

Chocobo Mode

  • Chocobo: In a treasure chest during Mission 8-4-1
  • Cactuar: After completing the mission 10-1-3
  • Tonberry: After completing mission 10-2-3
  • Cait Sith: Found in a chest while completing Mission 8-4-3
  • Moogle: Found in a treasure chest during Mission 8-4-4
  • Magic Pot: On select missions, find the Magic Pot and appease it

Genesis Mode

  • Genesis: During the sixth chapter, after beating Genesis

How The Emotion Gauge Affects The DMW

The Emotion Gauge on High under the DMW reels.
The Emotion Gauge is located underneath the DMW reels.

Ever noticed that graph above the DMW reels? That’s called the Emotion Gauge. We’ve talked about the Emotion Gauge before. But here, we go into detail about what this mechanic is.

The Emotion gauge is a measurement of Zack’s mood and temperament. The graph on the gauge changes with Zack’s emotions. The Emotion Gauge has 5 levels, each of which has different effects. Additionally, each level has a certain chance that the Modulating Phase will activate when the DMW reels spin.

There are several events and mechanics that affect the level of the Emotion gauge. These include interactions with certain characters. When this happens, you’ll see a message indicating heightened emotions. When this happens, the chances of the character’s portrait matching up on the DMW reels increase.

Besides that, there are also some Independent Materia that increase the chances of portraits matching up on the reels. You can see these boosts to the right of the gauge. They will show up as a multiplier next to the character’s portrait.

However, keep in mind that these boosts only affect how likely Modulating Phase is to occur. They don’t affect how often Limit Breaks get activated.

Here are the different Emotion gauge levels and the effects they have:


The Low Emotion Gauge level has a 2.3% chance that modulating Phase will get activated. This level also has reduced chances that you will get beneficial results.

When you use some specific Limit breaks at their 5th level, this Emotion Gauge level is considered as a negative status. Additionally, Lucky Stars also considers this as a negative status and remedies it.

The Emotion Gauge level can be set to low when Zack is hit by some types of attacks.


The Normal Emotion Gauge level is the default level that doesn’t have any specific special effects. During this level, there is a 4.7% chance that the Crisis Core Reunion DMW will enter Modulating Phase.


When your Emotion Gauge level reaches High, you have a 6.3% likelihood that the DMW will enter the Modulating Phase. Additionally, it adds a higher likelihood that the DMW will grant you better results.

Moreover, the High level adds to your attack power, though only a little bit.

Sky High:

As soon as your Emotion Gauge reaches the Sky High level, it improves your chances of entering the Modulating Phase. Specifically, this level grants you a 7.8% chance that the DMW will enter the Modulating Phase.

Additionally, the Sky High Emotion Gauge level grants you a higher chance that you will get useful results. Lastly, it improves your attack power by a great amount.


The last Emotion Gauge level, Heavenly, grants you the highest likelihood that the DMW will enter Modulating Phase: 18.8%. This level also grants you higher attack power, perfect for smoothly taking down multiple enemies.

And that’s not all. You also get a higher likelihood that you will get better results from the reel spins.

DMW Materia Explained

Several DMW Materia available for sale in Junon Souvenirs.
You can buy DMW Materia from various shops, including Junon Souvenirs.

Now that the basics are covered, let’s get down to the real stuff. You may have seen some Materia that have the same titles as the Limit Breaks used by characters and summons. These are the Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia.

DMW Materia are specific Materia that boost the chances of their namesake Limit Breaks occurring. For instance, the Meteor Shots Materia improves the chances of the Meteor Shots Limit Break getting activated.

However, keep in mind that DMW Materia for all characters in Normal Mode do not increase the chances of Normal Mode activating. They only increase the chances of the Limit Break occurring when Normal Mode has already been activated.

Only the Summon and Chocobo DMW Materia modify the chances of their respective modes activating. For the best effect, you can pair DMW Materia with some of the best Materia in Crisis Core Reunion.

Even then, Crisis Core Reunion DMW Materia do not increase the chances of Modulating Phase activating. Hence, whether you’ll even enter the Modulating Phase is still a gamble, even with a DMW Materia.

You can see what is known as a “Boost Modifier” that shows underneath each Limit Break in the DMW menu. This shows the boost applied to that Limit Break that may either be the result of a DMW Materia or a specific event (more on that later).

DMW Materia Locations

Luckily, you don’t need to grind very hard to get DMW Materia. They can all be found in specific shops. The only condition is that you must complete some missions to allow them to show up in the shops.

Online Shop Shade

This shop can be found right after you complete Chapter 3. It requires you to complete Mission 9-5-4 to unlock the shop.

The only DMW Materia you can find here is the Apocalypse Materia.

Bone Village Outlet

The Bone Village Outlet can be acquired right after you begin Chapter 4. You’ll need to complete Mission 7-2-1 to unlock a sequence of several other missions. Eventually, you’ll have to complete the 7-5-3 Mission, which will let you buy from this shop.

You can buy the following DMW from the Bone Village Outlet:

  • Megaflare
  • Zantetsuken
  • Rebirth Flame
  • Hellfire
  • Exaflare

Research Dept. QMC+

This is the easiest to unlock. Research Dept. QMC+ gets unlocked while you’re completing Chapter 4.

The DMW Materia you can buy here include:

  • Rush Assault
  • Meteor Shots
  • Healing Wave
  • Octaslash
  • Air Strike
  • Lucky Stars

Junon Souvenirs

Junon Souvenirs can be unlocked after you complete Chapter 10. You’ll need to complete Missions 2-2-5 through 2-4-1. Then, you can access this shop.

The DMW Materia you can find here include:

  • Courage Boost!
  • Murderous Thrust
  • 1000 Needles
  • Chocobo Stomp
  • Item Mugger
  • Moogle Power

Limit Break Boost During Some Events

Aside from the DMW Materia, some events can also trigger Boost Modifiers. Here’s a list of all the events and what Limit Breaks they boost the chances of occurring:

Lucky Stars

  • When you first meet Cissnei.
  • When you escape Nibelheim and meet Cissnei.

Healing Wave

  • When you enter Street 0 Highway.
  • This boost gets triggered when you’re with Aerith and selling flowers.
  • Before you battle Bahamut Fury.
  • Right after Aerith calls you for the first time in Nibelheim.

Rush Assault

  • When you first go into Fort Tamblin.
  • During the flashback at Mako Reactor 5 involving Sephiroth.
  • When you go to Gongaga Village and see Angeal.
  • You will get a Rush Assault boost after you escape from Shinra Mansion.


  • When you go out of Fort Tamblin.
  • Before your battle with Sephiroth.

Air Strike

  • Meeting Cloud along with Tseng at the Modeoheim bathhouse.

Meteor Shots

  • When you first meet Cloud.
  • Meeting Cloud along with Tseng at the Modeoheim bathhouse.

How To Get DMW To 100% Completion

Sephiroth's memory.
You must watch all of the flashbacks to get 100% DMW completion.

You may have seen a percentage written underneath a specific character, most commonly 10% if you’re just starting out. This number represents the level of completion for that specific character.

But what does this mean? DMW completion is a measure of how many memories of that specific character you have seen during the Modulating Phase. Recall that, when the DMW enters the Modulating Phase, it also has a chance of showing a flashback of the character.

All characters start out with 10% completion. The remaining 90% must be acquired by watching all the memories. Each character available in Normal Mode has 6 scenes in total. Four scenes add 10% completion each whereas two scenes add 25% completion each.

In Genesis Mode, however, the only character, Genesis, has two scenes that grant 45% completion each. But Genesis is still the hardest to complete as you need to activate Genesis Mode first.

Summon and Chocobo Mode characters only require you to trigger one scene to get to 100% completion.

So, how do you watch all of these memories? Well, you actually unlock the memories through normal progression in the game. Hence, if you’re partway through the game and wondering why you can’t see more memories, it’s because you need to actually unlock them.

Note: The flashbacks still add to the completion of the DMW even if you choose to skip them.

DMW Completion And Emotion Gauge Levels

DMW completion is strongly linked to Emotion Gauge levels. The higher the level of the Emotion Gauge, the more the chances of a certain flashback appearing.

  • At a Low Emotion level, 10% scenes have a 5.6% chance of appearing. Similarly, 25% scenes have a 3.9% chance of appearing. Finally, 45% scenes for Genesis have a 7.8% chance of appearing.
  • However, at a Normal Emotion Level, 10% and 25% scenes have an 11% and 5.9% chance of appearing, respectively. Similarly, 45% scenes for Genesis have an 11.7% chance of showing up.
  • Likewise, if you raise your Emotion level to High, 10% and 25% scenes have 20.7% and 11.7% chances of appearing. And 45% scenes have a 17.6% chance of showing up.
  • At a Sky High Emotion level, 10% and 25% scenes have 38.3% and 23.4% chances whereas 45% scenes have 27.3% chances.
  • Finally, at the Heavenly Emotion level, 10% scenes have a 25% chance of showing up. Similarly, 25% and 45% scenes will both show up 50% of the time.

Quickest Way To Get DMW To 100% Completion

If you want to complete all the DMW 100%, then there’s an easy method that calls for AFK farming.

  1. First, make sure you’ve unlocked all the flashbacks. Preferably, wait till you have finished the game and perform DMW completion post-game.
  2. Then, equip the Faerie Ring that will grant you a permanent Regen. Essentially, this means that you will automatically heal. You can get this ring after completing Missions 7-6-2 as well as 2-5-5. If you didn’t get the ring, you can always buy it for 20,000 Gil from the Mythril Mine Traders shop.
  3. Next, go back to Mission 1-1-1. Here, you will fight weak Shinra soldiers. Keep fighting all of them (which should be pretty easy) until there’s only one left.
  4. Now, the Crisis Core Reunion DMW reels will start rolling. Since you have the Faerie Ring, you won’t die easily. And you will have eventually seen all of the flashback scenes.
  5. You can leave the game running overnight or for a few hours. Then, finish the mission. This is crucial. if you choose to die or surrender, your DMW progress will be lost.
  6. You can repeat the process multiple times.

Reward For 100% DMW Completion

A message congratulating the player on completing the DMW and obtaining Genji Armor.
When you get 100% DMW completion, you’re rewarded with Genji Armor.

What happens when you get your DMW to 100% completion? Well, there are only a few real rewards you get.

First, if you unlock all the DMW portraits you get the Limit Break Collector trophy. This includes the Summon, Chocobo, and Genesis portraits. Additionally, you will also receive a Fury Ring.

The Fury Ring is an accessory that counterattacks enemy hits. Hence, it’s the best for dealing damage to enemies that have higher Power or attack speed.

If you get all the DMW to 100% completion, then you will unlock the DMW Master trophy. But the biggest reward is the Genji Armor, which is often the only reason players try to get their DMW to 100% completion.

Genji Armor is a powerful piece of equipment. Firstly, it increases your HP limit to 99,999, which makes you more resilient in battle. Secondly, it allows Zack to automatically restore HP throughout the battle.

Thirdly, it grants you Auto-Endure. This means that the enemy’s attacks won’t interfere with your attacks.

However, this is only the core Genji Armor and just one-fourth of a set of powerful equipment. You will also need the Genji Shield, Glove, and Helm, which, fortunately, are easier to get than the Genji Armor.

Final Thoughts

The Crisis Core Reunion DMW mechanic can be quite bewildering when you try to understand it. However, with the right knowledge, you can take the right advantage of this feature and gain powerful buffs throughout the game.

To conclude, the DMW feature grants you temporary buffs, special attacks, level-ups, and Materia upgrades. And you can increase your chances of activating the Modulating Phase.

Now that you know how the DMW mechanic works, you should take the most advantage of this feature.

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