Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get The Magic Pot [Step-By-Step]

It gets quite tricky when it comes to unlocking the Magic Pot summon in the game. Don't worry, read here to find out where to find Magic Pot:

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The Magic Pot and the Gremlin

Want to add another spellbinding item to your inventory? We can help you with that! After reading this article you’ll know how to summon the Magic Pot in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion!

All the Final Fantasy VII fans are super-excited right now as the game they loved playing as a child, just got remastered. The remaster has definitely notched up the graphics by a lot. But that needed to be done considering it was quite an old game.

Crisis core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has been out for a couple of days and is being talked about a lot in the gaming community. Do keep in mind that this is a visual update to the old 2007 game. There are no changes whatsoever when it comes to the plot.

You can collect many items in the game and add them to your inventory just like in Final Fantasy VII. For instance, the magic pot has also made a vicious return from the original series. New players are finding it hard to get it. Let us tell you how to do it!

Key Takeaways

  • The described summon has made a comeback in Crises Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
  • You can unlock summons in the game by doing side quests and finding loot chests.
  • The required item requires some missions to be completed.
  • To summon the pot you need to acquire some material
  • The gremlin will run away and the magic pot will be added to your DMV

Ways To Unlock The Magic Pot

Firstly, You should already know that you can unlock summons in the game. You can do that by Completing all the side missions apart from the story mode. Furthermore, you can find a lot of the summons in different loot chests scattered around the locations.

Interestingly, it gets quite tricky when it comes to unlocking the Magic Pot summon in the game. There is a gremlin in that pot that you want to get your hands on!

Likewise, you literally have to encounter the magic pot in a certain location and defeat it to get access to it in the DMV. But the game doesn’t let you get access to it just randomly. You have to be very precise on your completed missions to reach the pot.

Magic Pot in the DMV list (cropped)
Magic Pot in the DMV list (cropped)

Required Mission Sets To Unlock The Magic Pot

The Magic Pot summon randomly appears in the mission: 10-2-3. Here is a list of required missions that will guide you to get to the Magic Pot:

  • Completion of 6-1-1
  • Completion of 6-1-4
  • Defeat the boss in 6-1-5
  • Completion of 10-2-1
  • Completion of 10-2-2

(Completing 6-1-5 will unlock 10-2-1)

Subsequently, we can get access to the Magic Pot as soon as we reach Chapter 2. Furthermore, all these required missions have certain ‘Materias‘ that you need to get to acquire this summon. Let’s talk about that!

List of Required Materias

Matreria is/are physical actions that can be performed in the game. They consume your AP but provide you with a skillset against enemies. Let’s have a look at the list of ‘materias‘ that you’ll find in the missions discussed above. Here is the detailed list:

Required materia to satisfy the magic pot
Required materia to satisfy the magic pot
  • Jump Materia
    • Jump Attacks/Aerial attacks
    • The completion of 6-1-2 and 6-1-3 will reward you with the Jump Materia.
  • Gravity Materia
    • Reduces HP and it may hit multiple targets.
    • The reward of the Master Mako Stone Miner achievement in Chapter 2
  • Fira Materia
    • Shoots 2 fireballs at enemies.
    • Completion of 6-1-5 will reward you with Fira
  • Assault Materia
    • Two-hit spinning physical attack.
    • You don’t need to do anything for this one as it is already acquired at the start of the game

Encountering The Magic Pot

Magic pot with the gremlin inside of it
Magic pot with the gremlin inside of it

Finally, after going through the list of missions we talked about before you have reached 10-2-3. This is where you will encounter the Magic Pot.

Don’t get scared! You already have all the required materia that is going to defeat it. We don’t even need to damage it or actually defeat it to acquire the pot. It’ll run away before you can defeat it.

Lastly, Just performing what the pot requires will satisfy it. Perform Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assualt Twist. Perform the materias which we discussed above and you will unlock a new limit break: Magic Pot!

Magic Pot has been added to the DMW
Magic Pot has been added to the DMW

Congratulations! Your DMV has the Magic pot and now you will be able to summon it. You just have to get lucky!

You can view a short video that will give you an idea of the location and what to do with the gremlin by clicking here!

Ending Point

Yay! you have followed the guide and got access to the item quite early in the game. Hope you followed the guide properly and didn’t miss anything. Be sure to follow us to never miss an article. Also, share us with your friends!

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