Crisis Core Reunion Jeweled Ring: The Definitive Guide

Crisis Core Jeweled Ring is an accessory item, used to enhance/increase the chances of items dropped by the enemies!

Crisis Core Jeweled Ring

A game that features various methods to enhance the overall experience of its main character deserves attention. One of the features we’ll be discussing in our guide is the Crisis Core Jeweled Ring, which is an accessory item that players can use to increase their luck by 20 and increase the number of items dropped by their enemies by two. 

There is a lot to learn from Crisis Core before any player takes on the role of our Hero Zack. For instance, gathering high-tech equipment for your character, such as accessories will have a tremendous effect on Zack’s stats and abilities.

Accessories such as the Jeweled Ring, Power Suit, Dark Agent, and Divine Slayer, can be purchased from shops, side quests, and more! The whole journey invokes the chance to find and equip special items that enhance the overall experience of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessories increase stats for Zack in battle and can be purchased at different locations.
  • Players can purchase special accessories from shops.
  • Accessories pave way for difficult battles that Zack has to face in the storyline.
  • Jeweled Ring is also an Accessory, and players can purchase it from Network Shop Shade.
  • Players can also upgrade accessories through the combination of specific Materia.
  • The Jeweled Ring can be purchased for 10,000 Gil and sold for 5,000 Gil.
  • You can also acquire it from Network Shop Shade at the Network Shop Duo.
  • Magic Pot can also drop the Jeweled Ring in mission 2-5-6.

Crisis Core Jeweled Ring

Accessory Slot
You can increase your accessory slots to equip more than one accessory item!

The Ring is a part of many special items called accessories in Crisis Core. Equipping them to Zack will allow for special effects and immunity from certain ailments.

If a player wants to increase his Luck for critical hits and more, you can equip the Jeweled Ring and have it increased by 20. Moreover, the item helps Zack to increase the number of items dropped by enemies by two. This means if an enemy dropped two items after defeat, the Jeweled Ring if equipped, will double the items!

Players should always keep a close eye on the accessories they equip to Zack to ensure he is properly prepared for whatever challenge lies ahead.

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How and Where to Acquire the Jeweled Ring

Players have to travel toward the Network Shop Duo and purchase the ring from the Network Shop Shade for 10,000 Gil. If by any means, a player is not satisfied with the Ring, they can always sell it for 5,000 Gil, which in this case, seems to be sold for half the price. However, it is better than nothing!

Similarly, you can purchase Brigand’s Gloves from a shop at Sector 7 – Shop. The Accessory will allow Zack to successfully steal from an enemy. There might be a possibility for Zack to steal moves such as the Costly Punch!

Now that you know where you can purchase the Ring, be sure to equip Zack with effective Accessories that will aid him in battle without the cost of losing. Because of how important they are, Accessories can provide Zack with a variety of bonuses, such as increased HP, MP, Attack, and Defense, as well as immunity to certain status ailments.

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