Crisis Core Reunion: Mail Completionist Guide

Learn all about the Mail Completionist trophy and earn it efficiently.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Mail Completionist
Learn how to earn the trophy "Mail Completionist" in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, there are 42 Bronze Trophies, and one of them is Mail Completionist. This trophy is missable and requires extra effort to obtain. To get it, you must receive mail from all available senders in the game, totaling 18 senders (excluding tutorials). There are a total of 102 mail pieces in the game, but you only need to collect one mail from each sender.

Most of the mail is acquired automatically as part of the story, but some require specific actions during missable missions. Once you’ve collected all the mail pieces from both story-related and missable missions, a pop-up in the top right corner will confirm that you’ve earned the “Mail Completionist” trophy.

Key Takeaways

  • Mail Completionist is a missable Bronze Trophy players can earn from receiving Mail.
  • There are 102 emails in the entire game; however, only one Mail from each sender is needed to earn the trophy.
  • There are 18 mail senders players need to receive one Mail from. 
  • Some of these emails are story-related and automatically pops up following the playthrough. Whereas some emails are Missable, and players should receive them before the emails are permanently skipped.
  • Each Mail has its own folder that players can access, so it is easy to keep up with each one.
  • Once all the emails are received, a pop-up appears and announces the “Mail Completionist” trophy being earned.

Mail Completionist in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Mail Completionist in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Story-Related Mail

Receiving Story-Related Mails Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Receiving Story-Related Mails

Throughout the entire playthrough, you receive many Story-Related missions, trophies, and Mail by simply following the story. The Mail you get with zero effort is:

SOLDIER folder 

  • Kunsel 

“Congrats on your first mail.” 

In Chapter 1, players will receive their first Mail from Kunsel. After performing a Story-Related task of collecting Bronze Bangle supplies from the Supply Pod, you will interact with Kunsel, who will introduce you to the Mail concept and send you one during the process. 

  • Luxiere

Another Soldier mail you receive is from Luxiere, who you will encounter in Chapter 5. When going to Aerith’s Church, you get Luxiere’s Mail before you meet Aerith again. It will be automatic, so just head to Aerith’s Church when instructed and receive the Mail on your way there. 

Shinra News Folder

  • Shinra News

“Midgar Construction Project.”

In Chapter 1, you receive a Mail from Shinra News when you complete your Training mission before you meet Kunsel. You will obtain the Mail automatically with no extra effort; just complete the first Training mission.

Lazard Folder

  • SOLDIER Director Lazard

“SOLDIER Responsibilities.”

Early in the game, players will partake in the Wutai mission and receive a mail from Lazard as a part of the story. When you reach the Save Point on the mountain path, the Mail is automatically received from Lazard.

Friends Folder

  • Cissnei

“I’ll give you a hint.”

In Chapter 6, an attack on Junon occurs. When you are there, you are told to head to Junon Airport. There, take the elevator and make your way to the Upper Junon. Here you will have a Story-Related conversation with Cissnei. After the end of the cutscene, leave the airport, and you will receive a Mail from Cissnei. 

Despite being mentioned in Story-Related Mail, Cissnei’s Mail is Missable in Chapter 6. However, you will automatically obtain a Cissnei’s Mail later in Chapter 7, covering the damage done previously.

  • Cloud Strife 

“I wanted to tell you.”

In Chapter 8, right upon entering the Nibelheim Inn, you receive your first Mail from Cloud. Since the Mail is Story-Related, you need no additional effort. The Mail will be added to the “friends folder” once you obtain it.

  • Tifa Lockhart

“Is he alright?”

In Chapter 8, after you receive the first Mail from Cloud, simply perform the other tasks till you have to visit the Inn. When the given work is completed and you leave the Inn, a pop-up showing Tifa’s first Mail comes up. The Mail is Story-Related; therefore, it is unlikely to skip it accidentally.

Spam Folder 

  • Treasure Princess


In Chapter 3, when in Mako Reactor 5, players need to interact with a Ladder with an exclamation mark. The ladder is available after the Mako Reactor 5 cutscene. Once you visit the ladder, you receive the Treasure Princess mail. Check the Mail in your “Spam Folder” if needed.

Missable Mail

Receiving Missable Mail by talking to NPC in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Receiving Missable Mail by talking to NPC

Now that we have talked about the easy ones, let’s find out about all the tough-to-receive Mail. Most emails are Missable in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, meaning that an extra effort is a must to earn the Missable Mail. These emails are inaccessible if you fail to collect them on time. Following here are the Missable Mail and their senders:

Friends Folder

  • Wonder Hunter

“The Last Wonder”

In Chapter 9, a quest of Seven Wonders of Nibelheim comes across. Players can only receive the “Wonder Hunter” mail if they complete that quest first. There is also a trophy achievement, “Seven Wonders Expert,” upon completing the Seven Wonders quest. 

The Mail is Missable, so make sure your Seven Wonders quest is done, or else you will skip the Wonder Hunter mail.

Spam Folder 

  • Anonymous

“Just between you and me.”

In Chapter 3, Complete Mission 8-4-6, and only then the Mail from “Anonymous” will appear. The Mail will go into your “Spam Folder.”

  • Yuffie


To receive the Spam Mail from Yuffie, complete mission 8-5-6 in Chapter 3. You can find it in your “Spam” folder. 

Shinra Truths Folder

  • Reporter

“The truth about SOLDIER”

In Chapter 5, you can interact with a reporter in Sector 8 who stands upstairs near a Fountain area while in Midgar city. Go to him for interaction. You will get some options as responses; choose “Let him go.” That is all; now, wait for his interesting Mail throughout the gameplay.

Shop News Folder

  • Shop News

“The Best Shop In The World”

In Chapter 5, visit the City Planning Executive at Shinra Building. He is the guy talking to a girl at the Shinra Building Entrance. Once you interact with him, you unlock mission 6-2-1. Complete the unlocked mission to receive the first Mail from Shop News. The Mail is missable and only available from the duration of Chapter 5 to Chapter 7.

Keepers Folder

  • Keepers of Honor

“Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 311”

In Chapter 2, visit Fountain Square when you are in Midgar’s Sector 8. A group of women from different fan clubs is standing. Talk to the Angeal fan standing among them to join the Angeal Fan Club. The Mail from the club will appear right after joining the club, which will complete your mail-receiving objective.

Just like the other Fan Club Mails, Keepers Of Honor is missable. Therefore, make sure to visit Angeal’s fan in Chapter 2.

Genesis Girls Folder

  • Red Leather

“Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 666”

In Chapter 2, one of the Fans standing near Fountain Square is a Genesis Fan in a suit. After you interact with Angeal Fan, talk to the Genesis one. You will join her Fan Club too, which will result in receiving your first Red Leather newsletter. Just like Keepers of Honor, Red Leather is a missable mail.

  • Study Group

“An Invitation to LOVELESS”

In Chapter 2, visit LOVELESS Avenue, located in Midgar City. You will encounter a Genesis Fan from Study Group. Interact with her and join the LOVELESS Study Group. You receive the Study Group mail after joining the Group. The Mail is missable, so if you forget to interact with this NPC in Chapter 2, you will skip the Mail.

Hero News Folder

  • Silver Elite

“The scents of silver winds”

In Chapter 5, visit the area of Park located in Sector 5 Slums. Here, a Sephiroth fan with short white hair is standing. Approach her and answer her three questions about Sephiroth correctly. Once you join the Silver Elite, you receive a mail right away. 

  • Zack Fan Club

“Now accepting applications.”

In Chapter 6, when you defend Junon, take the elevator and meet Cissnei at Upper Junon. She will send you a mail after you leave Junon. The Mail mentions visiting the Headquarters. Keep in mind the Mail you receive from Junon is not a part of Zack Fan Club.

In Chapter 7, visit the Shinra Headquarters and interact with the receptionist. You will receive the Mail from “Zack Fan Club” right after.

Final Remarks

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion is a brand new remastered addition to the previous Final Fantasy VII with just as much hype. The game revolves around the main character Zack Fair, a young warrior with big ambitions. Explore the world, defeat many bosses, and complete the missions while enjoying a goofy boy’s story.

Zack can also earn achievements which include various trophies. One of the trophies, “Mail Completionist,” takes up quite a lot of time and effort but worry not; we have discussed all the required emails for that trophy and which Chapter each of them is available in. Follow the guide and claim “Mail Completionist” in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, Good Luck!

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