Crisis Core Reunion Missions Guide [Walkthrough]

Knowing which side quests to complete in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is important if you don't want to complete all of them. Hence, here are all of the missions you should complete in Crisis Core Reunion.

A guide to all the important missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
Here are all of the missions worth completing in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

When you open the menu, you will see several missions listed in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. What are these missions? Are they optional? And which missions are worth completing? Find out all this and more in our Crisis Core Reunion mission guide.

To answer that first question, missions are completely optional in the game. However, you still need to complete them if you want to get your hands on powerful Materia, Summons, Accessories, and much more.

Hence, here are all of the missions that are worth completing in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 300 missions in Crisis Core Reunion that are optional. However, some of them should be completed if you want powerful rewards.
  • You should complete M8-1-1, M8-1-4, M8-1-6 if you want to get the Ifrit, Bahamut, and Odin Summons.
  • Complete M10-2-3, M8-4-1, M3-1-3 to get the Tonberry, Chocobo, and Cactuar Summons.
  • Finish M9-6-4 and M7-6-6 to get the Genji Glove and Shield.
  • Complete all 300 missions to get the Heike Soul Accessory.

Crisis Core Reunion Missions Explained

Several Crisis Core Reunion missions listed in the menu.
You can view all of the missions you have unlocked from the menu.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion brings the player several side quests that they can complete alongside the main story. These side quests are referred to as “Missions” and are completely optional.

However, “optional” doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get to the endgame without completing them. The truth is that several of these missions grant you rewards that will make the endgame a whole lot easier. This means that you should complete some side quests to get a better chance at winning in the later stages of the game.

There are 300 missions in total. These missions are divided into 10 categories which are further divided into subcategories. You will see the missions in the menu like this: M(Category)-(Subcategory)-(Mission Number): (Mission Name).

For instance, the first mission in the fourth subcategory of the third category will appear as “M3-4-1: Regain Shinra’s Materia”.

So how does it work? Well, you will be assigned a few missions in the earlier parts of the game. Then, as you progress through Crisis Core Reunion, you will receive more missions.

If you stop at a save point, you will be able to see all of the missions you need to complete in the menu. These missions require you to fulfill specific requirements to unlock them. However, it’s almost a guarantee that you will unlock all of them once you get to Chapter 10.

Which Side Quests Should You Do?

As mentioned before, every Crisis Core Reunion mission is optional. However, there are several missions or side quests that are recommended to complete. This is because of the rewards that they provide that will help you progress further in the game.

Here are all of the missions that we recommend completing if you don’t want to complete the other missions:

Chapter 1 – Embrace Your Dreams

Embrace Your Dreams has several missions that are worth completing. These missions grant you rewards in the form of Materia as well as the Ifrit and Tonberry Summons. Additionally, you will find Tonberry’s Knife when completing this chapter.

Here are the submissions worth completing in this Chapter.


Mission M4-1-5 features a chest with the Barrier Materia. You must complete other M4-1 missions preceding this one to unlock this mission first, though. Additionally, you’ll need to complete M4-1-6 to unlock the M4-2 missions, which we’ll get to in a bit.

The Barrier Materia cuts down all physical damage made against Zack by half. It’s a protective Materia for keeping Zack safe.


Crisis Core Reunion mission "Rematch with Ifrit".
8-1-1 has you rematching Ifrit.

The second mission you should complete has you doing a rematch against the enemy Ifrit. You must complete all of Chapter 1 to unlock this mission. Eventually, you will receive the Ifrit Materia as well as the Ifrit Summon.

Ifrit is a strong Summon that has the Hellfire Limit Break. This Limit Break attacks all the targets present in the battle area with magic damage. Additionally, this move ignores all Spirit, which is the magical defense.

M8-2 Missions Till M8-2-5

The next mission worth completing is M8-2-5, “ATK Mako Stone”. This side quest can be unlocked after you enter the Materia Room and speak with the researcher. After that, you must complete the other M8-2 missions to unlock M8-2-5.

Once you complete the side quest, you will be rewarded with the Gravity Materia. However, you must pick this up from the scientist. You will also get the Poison Materia, which will gradually reduce your enemy’s HP over a certain period.

M10-1 Missions

After that, consider completing missions M10-1-1 to M10-1-3. This is because M10-1-3 grants you the Safety Bit. To be more specific, the Safety Bit can be found in a chest when you’re progressing through the mission.

The Safety Bit Accessory makes you immune to Death. Additionally, it grants a +30 Spirit buff. You’ll also need to unlock M10-1-3 by completing all the M10-1 missions before it.

M10-2 Missions

Murderous Thrust cutscene.
The M10-2-3 mission grants you the Tonberry Summon.

The last Crisis Core Reunion mission you should complete is M10-2-3, “Master Tonberry”. Initially, you’ll need to look for Tonberry when completing M6-1-5 to unlock this quest. Additionally, you’ll need to complete the M10-2 missions before this one to get to this side mission.

Tonberry is a Chocobo Character Summon that has the Murderous Thrust Limit Break. This special attack hits just one enemy physically and ignores all Vitality, which is the physical defense.

Chapter 2 – Betrayal?

The second chapter, titled “Betrayal?” has several side quests worth completing as well. To be more specific, Chapter 2 missions will reward with several Materia as well as a few Summons.

If you want to make the most of Chapter 2 without wasting any time, then complete these missions:

M8-1 Missions

Bahamat Crisis Core Reunion mission.
M8-1-4 rewards you with the Bahamut Summon.

The first set of missions worth completing in this Chapter is the M8-1 set. The only missions worth completing here are M8-1-1, M8-1-4, and M8-1-6. However, you will need to complete all the M8-1 missions to access these.

You will get the HP Up Materia as a reward for completing the M8-1-1 mission. This Materia grants a slight raise in your max HP.

After M8-1-1, you should complete M8-1-4, if you don’t want to waste time completing the others. The extra effort you need to put in is worth it as you will get the Bahamut Summon.

Bahamut has the Megaflare attack, which deals magic damage to all the enemies in an area and looks over Spirit. Additionally, it grants you a +1 Emotion level if this limit break is at Level 5.

Finally, you should complete the M8-1-6 mission if you want to gain the Odin Summon. However, you must complete every M8-1 mission before this one.

Odin’s Summon has the Zantetsuken Limit Break, which grants Instant Death to all the targets within an area.

Chapter 3 – Monster

Chapter 3 also has its own set of missions that produce a worthwhile benefit for completing them. These missions mainly provide you with Chocobo character unlocks. However, they are not the easiest to complete.

Here are the best missions to complete from this Chapter:


The first mission you should complete is M8-1-3. This mission must be unlocked by unlocking Chapter 3. Hence, it doesn’t require any extra grinding to unlock.

M8-1-3 rewards you with the HP Up Materia when you complete it. HP Up is an Independent Materia that boosts your maximum HP slightly.

M9-5 Missions

M9-5 Missions also have a fruitful reward at the end: the Ziedrich. You will get this reward in a treasure chest while completing M9-5-6. However, to unlock that side quest, you must complete all the other M9-5 missions before it.

Ziedrich is an Accessory that boosts your Attack and Magic stats by 100 as well as your Spirit and Vitality stats. Additionally, it cuts down any elemental damage you take by 50%. If you want more information on Ziedrich, then head on over to our Ziedrich guide.

Aside from that, you should also complete the M9-5-5 mission. After you complete it, you will get the Hellfire Materia. This Materia improves your chances of activating the Hellfire Limit Break during a DMW spin.

Besides that, there is the M9-5-4 mission that grants you the Laurel Crown. This Crown removes all AP costs, allowing unlimited Command Materia usage.

M8-4 Missions Till M8-4-4

Chocobo Stomp cutscene.
Completing M8-4-1 gives you the Chocobo Summon.

The next mission you should complete from this set is the “Suspicious Mail 1” (M8-4-1) quest. This quest requires you to enter Mako Reactor 5 as a prerequisite. Hence, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to unlock it.

Once you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with the Chocobo Summon. Chocobo has the Chocobo Stomp Limit Break. This performs a physical attack on all of the enemies, completely ignoring Vitality.

The next side quest you should complete is the “Suspicious Mail 3” mission. However, to complete it, you will need to pass M8-4-1 and M8-4-2. Hence, it will only take a bit of grinding to unlock.

After you complete the side quest, you will get Cait Sith’s Megaphone. This essentially adds Caith Sith as a Summon option when spinning the DMW reels. Caith Sith has the “Courage Boost!” Limit Break, which grants some status cures. Additionally, it grants Zack three sets of bonuses that last for three different intervals.

Moreover, right after completing M8-4-3, you can unlock M8-4-4. This mission rewards you with Moogle’s Amulet, which adds Moogle to your Summon pool. This unlocks the Moogle Power Limit Break that regenerates Zack’s HP. This also boosts all of your Materia by a level that corresponds to the level of the Limit Break.

M9-6 Missions

The last set of missions you should complete in Chapter 3 is the M9-6 subcategory. There are a few missions here of importance: M9-6-1, M9-6-3, M9-6-4, and M9-6-6.

When you complete M9-6-1, you get the Zantetsuken Materia. This improves your chances of activating Odin’s Limit Break during a DMW spin. Additionally, completing M9-6-3 grants you the Rebirth Flame Materia, which has the same effect but for Phoenix’s Limit Break.

The mission M9-6-4 grants you the Genji Glove, which you can find through a treasure chest when completing the mission. However, you must complete all preceding missions up until M9-6-4 to actually access the mission.

But the reward you get more than makes up for the extra hard work you put into it. You get a Genji Glove which raises your damage cap to 99,999. Additionally, it keeps the Critical status effect always on.

As for the M9-6-6 mission, this is the mission in which you fight with Minerva. Minerva is a secret boss in Crisis Core Reunion that can only be fought through this side quest. If you want to know the best strategy for defeating Minerva, check out our Minerva guide.

Completing this mission grants you the Divine Slayer Accessory. This Accessory increases your HP and damage caps to 99,999. Additionally, it turns on the Libra effect.

Chapter 4 – An Angel’s Dream

The next Chapter that has a worthwhile Crisis Core Reunion mission to complete is Chapter 4. This Chapter features several side quests that you should complete if you want to get extra buffs and equipment.

Listed below are the best missions to complete in Chapter 4:

M7-4 Missions

You should complete the M7-4 missions up until the M7-4-6 mission. The first M7-4 mission requires you to complete M7-3-6. Hence, start this mission after you have completed the previous side quest.

Then, progress through the missions until you get to M7-4-2. This mission rewards you with Brigand’s Gloves. These gloves guarantee that you will successfully pick up some loot from the enemy. Additionally, this item adds a 10% boost to AP during fusions.

Then, complete M7-4-6. You will get the Brutal Accessory that sets your damage cap to 99,999. It’s best for going all-out when dealing with tough bosses.

M7-5 Missions Till M7-5-5

Bone Village Outlet Shop.
You can unlock the Bone Village Outlet by completing M7-5-3.

After completing M7-4-6 (“Breakthrough”), you should aim for the M7-5 missions up until M7-5-5. Here, the first mission of interest is M7-5-3. It rewards you with the Bone Village Commerce Shopping Address.

But the real reward you’re looking for is the Power Suit you get for completing M7-5-4.

Power Suit buffs your Vitality as well as your physical Attack by 100. Additionally, it buffs your HP by 100%. However, Spirit and Magic are reduced by 50 points and AP and MP are reduced to half their levels.

Once you’ve completed M7-5-4, move on to M7-5-5, which will grant you the Energy Suit upon completion. This suit has the opposite effects of the Power Suit. It adds 100 points to your Spirit and Magic while taking away 50 points from your Vitality and Attack.

Moreover, the Energy Suit reduces your AP and HP by half but adds 100% to your max MP.

M7-2 Missions Till M7-2-5

Start by completing M7-2-1. This mission is very easy to unlock as it only requires you to begin Chapter 4. After you complete the mission, you will get the Item Fusion Tome.

This piece of equipment lets you utilize the Items present in Materia Fusion for generating higher-stat Materia.

After that, complete M7-2-2. After completing the mission, you will get the Keychain. The Keychain is an essential item, especially for the later stages of the game. It lets you equip three accessories at once.

You should then complete the mission “Operation: Mako Reactor III”. However, to unlock this mission, you must complete the M7-2 quests that come before this one.

Once you complete the side quest, you will be rewarded with a Backpack. This will further increase your capacity to carry accessories from three to four.

M7-3 Missions

The M7-3 missions have several rewards, including M7-3-1, which rewards you with the Black Cowl. The Black Cowl caps your AP to 9,999. This lets you use powerful Command Materia more often, such as Jump and Assault Twister.

Besides that, if you want to get the Adaman Bangle, then you should complete M7-3-6. This mission can be unlocked after you have completed all the preceding M7-3 missions.

The Adaman Bangle helps you surpass all limits and sets your HP cap to 99,999.

M7-6 Missions

Zack facing two enemies during M7-6-6.
If you want to get the Genji Shield, complete M7-6-6.

The M7-6 Missions are a must for all the players that want the Genji Shield. To be exact, only the Crisis Core Reunion mission M7-6-6 rewards you with the Genji Shield. However, to unlock that mission, you need to complete all of the side-quests preceding it.

To get the Genji Shield you’ll need to fulfill all of the Magic Pot’s requests when you’re in the cave system.

The Genji Shield retains all Barrier and MBarrier status effects. Hence, it makes you invincible against any magic and physical hits. Additionally, you take no damage from elemental attacks. Lastly, the Genji Shield prevents your status effects from getting debuffed.

Another mission that grants good rewards includes M7-6-2. This rewards you with the Faerie Ring, which keeps all Regen effects active and also boosts your magic defense by 20.

Other missions worth completing include M7-6-3 and M7-6-4. These reward you with the Protect Ring and Mog’s Amulet respectively. The Protect Ring boosts your Spirit by 20 and keeps all MBarrier and Barrier effects on. Mog’s Amulet ensures that any loot from enemies is always rare and you get +5 Luck.

M10-1 Missions

If you want to get the Cactuar Summon, then completing this mission subset is a must. For this mission, you will need to first find Cactuar during M3-1-3. After that, you will need to complete M10-1-1 and M10-1-2.

After completing these missions, move on to M10-1-3. This mission will grant you the Cactus Thorn, instrumental for unlocking the Cactuar Summon. This grants you the 1,000 Needles Limit break that attacks a single target 18 times in a row. You can find out more about the Cactuar Summon through our official Cactuar Summon guide.

M6-2 Missions

Sector 8 Materia Shop.
Completing M6-2-1 will unlock the Sector 8 Materia Shop.

For unlocking the Sec.8 Materia Shop, you will need to complete M6-2-1. This Crisis Core Reunion mission doesn’t have a lot of prerequisites. Simply put, it requires you to speak to the chief City Planning Director. You will find the Director somewhere at the entrance of the Shinra Building.

However, you must be careful as this is a missable mission, meaning you cannot complete this after you’re done with Chapter 7.

Upon completion of this side quest, you will have unlocked the Sec8 Materia Shop. This Shop has the HP Up, Drain, AP Up, Osmose, and MP Up Materia.

After you have completed M6-2-1, you should move on to M6-2-2 and then finally M6-2-3. This mission will grant you the Sec.5 Materia Shop. The shop contains various Materia, including the Poison and Silence Materia.

Once that’s done, progress through M6-2 missions up until M6-2-5. After completing this mission, you get the Doc’s Code Accessory. The Accessory lets you automatically use a Potion upon low HP.

Then, complete M6-2-6. This mission grants you the Sec.6 Accessory Shop. Needless to say, it has several new Accessories that you will require for fusing any two Materia.


The 6th Wutai Spy disguised as a kid.
Bust the 6th Wutai Spy who is disguised as a kid to unlock M4-3-6.

After completing the M6-2 missions, you should go back to the M4-3-6 mission. You will unlock this mission only after you have completed the side quest that involves the 6th Wutai Spy. To find all 6 of the Wutai Spies, check out our Wutai Spies guide.

However, be mindful of the fact that this is a missable mission. This means that it cannot be completed after you complete Chapter 7. Hence, it’s best to complete it as early as possible.

Completion of this mission will grant you the Happy Turtle Shop. Items that can be bought here include some Materia such as the Dash and Regen Materia.

M4-4 Missions Till M4-4-3

You should then complete M4-4-3. But to unlock this, you’ll need to complete all of the M4-4 missions before this one. However, to unlock the first M4-4 mission, you need to complete M4-3-6.

You can find the Sector 7 Shop Address in a treasure chest when completing the M4-4-3 mission. The Shop contains important items like the Fire, Ice, and Lightning Rings along with useful Bracelets and Armlets.

M4-2 Missions

The next mission to complete is M4-2-6. However, this mission won’t be easy to complete as you will need to complete all M6-1 and M6-2 missions that come before this mission.

After you do complete them, however, you will unlock the Wutai Shop Secret Address. This address unlocks the extra Materia that you can find in the shop.

Chapter 10 – Heroes

Chapter 10 has several missions that are worth completing. This is because all of these missions can only be completed near the end of the game. And hence, they have better rewards that will help you a lot during the endgame.

Here is every Crisis Core Reunion mission worth completing in Chapter 10:


Gongaga Trading Shop.
M2-3-1 allows you to unlock Gongaga Trading.

You should complete the M2-3-1 mission first. It rewards you with the Gongaga Trading Address. The shop contains several useful Materia such as Blizzaga, Thundaga, Rush Assault, Meteor Shots, and Healing Wave.

You can also find the Firaga, Air Strike, Octaslash, and Lucky Stars Materia. This shop also contains the Hi-Potion item.


The M2-4 missions have several rewards that you will want to unlock. The first of these is the reward at the end of the Crisis Core Reunion mission M2-4-1. This mission grants you the Junon Souvenirs Shop Address. At Junon Souvenirs, you can find several Materia for Chocobo Character Summons.

After M2-4-1, you should move on to M2-4-5. However, to unlock this mission, you need to complete all of the previous M2-4 missions.

Once you complete this mission, you get the Mythril Mine Traders Shop Address. This shop sells important Accessories that grant you Regen, Barrier, and Endure, along with other buffs.

Additionally, you can find the Fat Chocobo Feather in a chest during this quest. This feather can be used for Materia Fusion. You can also find the Crystal Orb, which will add a +80 buff to your Spirit.

You should also complete M2-4-6 as you’ll need it to unlock the M2-5 missions.

M2-5 Missions

All of the M2-1 missions have useful rewards that will help you succeed in the late game. The first mission of interest here is M2-5-1. You’ll need to complete M2-4-6 to unlock this mission.

M2-5-1 grants you the Assault Twister Materia that causes damage in a specific radius. Additionally, you’ll find the Element Blade, which grants the Ice, Fire, and Lightning effects to your melee hits.

After that, you should move toward the M2-5-3 mission. It rewards you with the Wizard Bracelet. It absorbs the damage from all Ice, Fire, and Lightning hits made against you.

Once that’s done, move on to M2-5-5. This mission rewards you with the Faerie Ring. It keeps all Regen status effects on and adds a +20 Spirit buff.

Then, you should complete M2-5-6. This mission rewards you with the Ribbon. It removes all Status ailments from Zack save for Death. Moreover, you’ll find the Sniper Eye, a piece of equipment that makes all your hits critical.

M3-2-6, M3-3, M3-4, And M3-5 Missions Till M3-5-4

The only mission of interest from this group is M3-5-4. However, to get there, you’ll need to first unlock Chapter 10 to unlock M3-2-6. Then, complete every subsequent mission until you get to M3-5-4.

M3-5-4 grants you the Ultima Materia as a reward for completing the mission. This Materia costs 99 MP and hits all the targets in an area with non-elemental damage.

All Missable Missions In Crisis Core Reunion

If you decide not to complete any Crisis Core Reunion mission in the Chapter that it first appears in, you can always go back and complete it later. However, some missions are “missable“, meaning you cannot complete them after a certain point in the game.

To be more specific, you will spend the first seven Chapters of the game in Midgar. Here, you can talk to several NPCs who will have exclamation marks when you see them on the map. These NPCs will assign you some specific side quests that you cannot complete once you finish Chapter 7.

Hence, to ensure that you don’t miss any mission, here is a list of all the missable missions in Crisis Core Reunion:

  • M1-2-1: Challenge from Security
  • M7-1-1: Freight Recall
  • M2-1-2: Approaching the Outskirts
  • M2-1-4: Defend the Slums
  • M2-1-6: Truth in the Wasteland
  • M4-3-1: Defeat the Scout Units
  • M4-3-3: Foes in the Wutai Base
  • M4-3-5: The Enemy’s Stronghold
  • M8-2-1: SPR Mako Stone
  • M2-1-1: Beginnings
  • M2-1-3: Sightings in Sector 5
  • M2-1-5: Highway Closed
  • M6-2-1: Slum Development Plan 1
  • M4-3-2: Obliterate Advanced Elements
  • M4-3-4: Mobile Unitsc
  • M4-3-6: Stop the Assailants

Mission Progression Rewards

Aside from the rewards you get through missions, you also get some rewards for mission progression.

50% Mission Completion (150 Missions)

Upon completing 50% of all missions, you get the Wall Materia. This Materia costs about 42 MP and reduces the physical and magic damage dealt against you by half. This effect only lasts for 60 seconds but is enough to sustain you throughout tougher battles.

100% Mission Completion (300 Missions)

Once you complete every Crisis Core Reunion mission, you will get the Heike Soul Accessory. This Accessory has several benefits. Firstly, it removes any HP, AP, Damage, and MP caps. Additionally, it makes you practically invincible against elemental attacks.

Moreover, this Accessory activates the effects of Doc’s Code and Brigand’s Glove. You also get the Dualcast Materia effect along with the MP MAster and Smart Consumer Materia effects.

And that’s not all. Heike Soul activates the Libra Effect. All Shock accessory effects are also activated immediately. Lastly, you gain double the Gil from enemies along with twice as many items.

However, all of this does come with a drawback: Zack will become Cursed. Hence, you will not be able to use the DMW wheel for as long as you have Heike Soul equipped.

Additionally, you get the Mission Completionist trophy after completing all 300 missions. If you choose to defeat Minerva during M9-6-6, then you will also get the “Divine Rule Broken” trophy.

Other Progression Rewards

Here are all the rewards you can get and the progression levels you get them at:

  • Thunder Blade: 5% progress
  • Titanium Bangle: 15% progress
  • ATK MAko Stone: 15% progress
  • Dark Blizzara: 20% progress
  • Crystal Bracelet: 25% progress
  • Rush Assault: 30% progress
  • Magic Stone: 35% progress
  • Firaga: 40% progress
  • Precious Watch: 45% progress
  • Wall: 50% progress
  • Goblin Punch: 55% progress
  • Graviga: 60% progress
  • Fat Chocobo Feather: 65% progress
  • Moogle Power: 70% progress
  • Assault Target: 75% progress
  • Full Cure: 80% progress
  • Force of Nature: 90% progress
  • Heike Soul: 100% progress

Final Thoughts

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has 300 optional missions that you must complete if you want to get some good end-game equipment. But completing every Crisis Core Reunion mission alongside the main storyline is not an easy task.

Hence, we listed down all of the missions that are worth completing. Most of these are the missions that unlock Summons, Materia, Shops, and special Accessories and armor. However, this is in no way an exhaustive list and you should feel free to explore other rewards that the missions have to offer.

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