Crisis Core Reunion Sea Hulk [Boss Fight Guide]

In this sea hulk guide, we will be covering all that you need to know about it, from what it is to how to defeat it.

Crisis Core Reunion Sea Hulk

The Crisis Core Reunion Sea Hulk is an enemy in the game that you will come across in the six-star mission 10-4-3 “Is It a Vacation Yet.” What makes the fight with the sea hulk so difficult is the fact that even though it is a six-star mission, it might feel harder than some of the seven-star missions in the game because of the jump in difficulty.

As far as the looks are concerned, the sea hulk is similar to the Behemoth, the first boss you face in the game. However, do not think that the sea hulk is just a fish on steroids because it is probably one of the most formidable enemies in the game.

It has a lot of moves in the store for you, is fast, and will deal a lot of damage to you with its rapid attacks. In addition to that, it also has the ability to self-heal. Therefore, you will need to put in a lot of effort and be on your toes if you want to defeat it.

So, without any further ado, let us jump right into it.

Key Takeaways

The Sea Hulk is an enemy in the Crisis Core Reunion that you will come across in the six-star mission 10-4-3 “Is It a Vacation Yet.”

    • Encounter: Six-star mission 10-4-3 “Is It a Vacation Yet” in Crisis Core Reunion
    • Characteristics: Resembles the Behemoth, agile, rapid attacks, self-healing
    • Stats: Level 36, HP: 52,800, MP: 187, ATK: 44, MAG: 31, VIT: 22, SPR: 23, LCK: 33, EXP: 1,052, SP: 220, Gil: 78
  • Moves:

    • Double Claw Swipe
    • Double Tail Swipe
    • Gyro Tail
    • Heave
    • Meteorite
  • To access mission 10-4-3, complete the missions preceding it.

  • Strategy:

    • Focus on both defense and attack.
    • Dodge its moves while using your best attacks.
    • Be prepared for a challenging fight.
  • Drops:

    • Genji Armor
    • Water Ring

The fight against the Sea Hulk is difficult, but with enough preparation & careful attention, you can emerge victorious.

The image shows the Crisis Core Reunion sea hulk.
The Sea Hulk


We have listed the stats of sea hulk down below:

  • Level: 36
  • HP: 52800
  • MP: 187
  • ATK: 44
  • MAG: 31
  • VIT: 22
  • SPR: 23
  • LCK: 33
  • EXP: 1052
  • SP: 220
  • Gil: 78

How To Access Mission 10-4-3

The mission 10-4-3, “Is It a Vacation Yet,” is the one in which you will be facing the sea hulk. This mission will take place on the beach at Costa Del Sol. Anyways, once you have completed the missions before it, you can easily access the said mission by following the simple steps laid down below:

  • Open the Missions Menu and go to M10: Mysteries of the World
  • Then select M10-4: More Fun in the Sun
  • Once you have done that, choose M10-4-3 “Is It a Vacation Yet?”

That was pretty simple, right? However, to ensure that M10-4-3 is unlocked, you need to complete the missions before it.

Sea Hulk Moves

Apart from having the ability to deal a lot of damage and being swift, the sea hulk also has a wide variety of moves. Therefore, before we talk about how to defeat the seal hulk, it is very important to be aware of the moves that it will be using against you in the battle.

That being said, let us take a closer look at each of the sea hulk’s moves in the game:

Double Claw Swipe

Sea Hulk has several moves, including the double claw swipe, which is a simple attack with lower damage. To defend against it, sidestep to dodge.

One of its potent moves involves its tail, which includes the “double tail swipe” and the “gyro tail,” both capable of dealing substantial damage.

Double Tail Swipe

Double tail swipe is pretty similar to the double claw swipe, but rather than its claws, the sea hulk will be using its tail this time. A major difference between the two moves is that the double tail swipe has a much greater range of the two.

Gyro Tail

The gyro tail move is much more damaging than the moves mentioned before it. Therefore, make sure to defend against it by quickly rolling out of the way and maintaining your distance from the sea hulk to minimize the chances of you getting hit by it.

In this move, the sea hulk will sort of jump and spin in a 360 circle, ensuring to destroy anyone in its path with its tail.


Heave, as the word explains, is a move of the sea hulk that lifts you in the air and can inflict a lot of damage on you. Therefore, you should make sure to dodge it by rolling away.

MeteoriteThe image shows the meteorite move of the Crisis Core Reunion sea hulk.


The next move that we will be talking about is the sea hulk’s special move called the meteorite.

This move is typically used by the sea hulk when its health is low, indicating it’s close to defeat. To deal with it, ensure you heal yourself before the attack lands for a better chance of survival.

Ten Million Volts

The last move of the sea hulk that we will be talking about is called “Ten Million Volts.” It is pretty similar to “meteorite,” except rather than summoning meteors, the sea hulk will summon lighting strikes on the battlefield.

They can deal a good amount of damage to you if you get hit with them, and you can also end up getting stunned. Therefore, you should try it protect yourself from them by being out of their range.

Now that you are well acquainted with all of the basics of the sea hulk let us talk about how you can defeat it.

How To Defeat The Sea Hulk

In this section of our guide, we will be talking about the strategy that you will need to use in order to defeat the sea hulk. As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the sea hulk has the ability to self-heal.

Therefore, the general strategy that you should keep in your mind while fighting with the sea hulk is to make sure that you are dealing damage to it at a faster rate than its ability to self-heal.

The Defense

Wall Materia

acing the Sea Hulk in this stage of the game is a significant challenge, requiring top-notch gameplay:

  1. Prioritize Defense: The Sea Hulk’s powerful attacks deal substantial damage. Focus on staying vigilant to anticipate its attacks, allowing you to guard and dodge effectively.

  2. Wall Materia: Using Wall Materia is recommended. It reduces both physical and magic damage by half for 60 seconds. Utilize it strategically to gain an advantage. To craft Wall Materia, fuse Barrier with any DMW Materia, like the Octaslash Materia.

  3. Status Ailments: Beware of the Sea Hulk’s ability to stun, silence, and poison you. These status effects can tilt the battle in its favor. Equip various accessories to mitigate the impact of these status conditions.

By implementing these strategies, you can better handle the Sea Hulk’s formidable attacks and increase your chances of success in the battle.

The Attack

A balanced offensive strategy is crucial to outpace its self-healing ability:

  1. Hell Thundaga Magic Materia: Use the Hell Thundaga Magic Materia, as it is both powerful and accessible at this point in the game. Hell Thundaga is a quick and potent attack that can help you surpass the Sea Hulk’s self-healing rate. Its range allows you to maintain distance and defend against the Sea Hulk’s fierce assaults effectively.

  2. Buster Sword: Equip the Buster Sword for a balanced approach that combines defense and offense. This sword enables you to block incoming attacks and counter-attack efficiently, making it a valuable asset in the battle against the Sea Hulk.

The image shows the buster sword in Crisis Core Reunion
Buster Sword

Once you have defeated the sea hulk, you will receive Adamantite as a reward.

The image shows that you get admantite as a reward for defeating the Crisis Core Reunion sea hulk.


The drops from the sea hulk in Crisis Core Reunion can be divided into two categories. The first one is, well, the basic drops that you will get for sure once you have defeated the sea hulk, and the other ones are the stealable items.

The drops include:

  • Hi-Potion: Hi-Potion is a consumable item that will allow you to heal a moderate amount of health.
  • Iron Bangle: Iron Bangle is an accessory in the game that increases Zack’s maximum HP by 20 percent.

The stealable items are acquired by using the “Steal” or “Mug” move. However, there is only a 50 percent of getting them. Therefore, we suggest that you should use these moves multiple times during the fight to maximize your chances of getting them.

That being said, the stealable items include:

  • Iron Bangle: Iron Bangle is an accessory in the game that increases Zack’s maximum HP by 20 percent.
  • Titanium Bangle: Titanium Bangle is an accessory in the game that increases Zack’s maximum HP by 30 percent.

Final Words

Before we conclude our guide, something that you can do to make your battle against the sea hulk comparatively easier is simply going away and coming back once you have leveled up Zack around the level 40 mark. That, coupled with the tactics laid down in this guide, will make your fight with the sea hulk a piece of cake.

With that, we reach the conclusion of our guide on the Crisis Core Reunion sea hulk. We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide. If you found it to be helpful, consider reading our other guides on Crisis Core Reunion, such as goddess materia locations, dresser key location, how to beat Minerva, feather cap, and much more.

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