Crisis Core Reunion: All Trophies & How To Unlock

Trophies are one of the achivements you are rewarded with, and if you go on a Trophy collection journey, here is a detailed list of all the trophies in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Trophies
A definitive guide of all the trophies in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Many players like challenging themselves to collect all the trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and make their way up to the Platinum. If you are one of those, stick around because we have a detailed guide below on all 51 trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 51 trophies, each belonging to one of the four types; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  • There is one Platinum, three Gold, five Silver, and 42 Bronze trophies.
  • Players must play for 30-40 hours to obtain every single trophy.
  • Each trophy is unlocked as an achievement for completing a mission or a task.
  • Most trophies are missable and can not be revisited after a specific time.
  • There is one Difficulty trophy in the entire game. Players will have to switch on Hard Mode to achieve it.
  • Some trophies are extremely hard to collect and require a lot of hard work.

Total Trophies In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion 

Total Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Total Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Throughout the 30-40 hours of gameplay in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, players get a chance to push themselves further and collect multiple trophies. There are 51 Trophies players can collect in the game, most of which are missable, so going through our list would be helpful in your journey toward the Platinum trophy. 

The 51 Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion are divided into four categories of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze,  they are:

  • Platinum: 1 Trophy
  • Gold: 3 Trophies
  • Silver: 5 Trophies
  • Bronze: 42 Trophies

Many trophies are Missable, Hard to achieve, or achievable on a different Difficulty level only. Therefore, keeping up with each of them is better during the game progression, or else you won’t obtain the final Platinum trophy in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 

All Trophies List

To make it easier for players to keep up with each Trophy in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, here is a breakdown list of individual Trophies under their respective categories ready to be fetched. 


Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy

Out of 51 Trophies, there is only one of them to hold the honors of being a Platinum. 

My Living Legacy

  • Acquired all trophies.

To collect the last trophy in the entire game, players need to achieve the other 50 Trophies first. The trophy is called “My Living Legacy” and if you plan on collecting it, get prepared for some grinding as you need to unlock all trophies, missable or not, beforehand. 

It takes approximately 40-45 Hours to achieve the final Trophy, “My Living Legacy” if played with no breaks. The trophy is not online and can be earned during offline gameplay.


Gold Trophies
Gold Trophies

Only 3 Gold Trophies are available to collect from the entire storyline but don’t underestimate these trophies. Each Gold trophy comes with an extraordinary amount of hard work and holds the title of being very rare. Following are the available three Gold Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion:

Mission Completionist

  • Completed 100% of all missions.

The main storyline is entirely based on completing Missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The thing is, these missions are a lot and take up most of a player’s time. There are 300 missions to complete, including all the missable ones. Worry not; most of them are pretty simple and barely take any effort. 

Upon completing all missions accessible in the game, players make an achievement and finally gain the trophy “Mission Completionist.” The journey might be challenging, but getting your hands on this rare trophy is worth the tough grind.

Divine Rule Broken

In Mission 9-6-6, the Reigning Duty, players have to fight off the Super Boss “Minerva.” Taking the Boss down is not a piece of cake, so make sure you are prepared beforehand with high stats Accessories and Materia. 

After defeating Minerva, the super boss, players are rewarded with a Gold Trophy, “Divine Rule Broken” and a Divine Slayer accessory. 

SOLDIER of Legend

  • Cleared the game in Hard Mode.

If you avoid additional challenges, you must be playing the game with Normal Difficulty. However, if you want the “SOLDIER of Legends” Gold Trophy, you must beat the game with Hard Mode difficulty. You can restart the game in New Game+ on Hard Mode difficulty and complete the playthrough again. 

If you want to avoid replaying the whole game, which we agree is quite time-consuming, worry not. There is a glitch currently that you can benefit from. Simply switch to Hard Mode from Normal Mode by going to settings before you fight the End boss. After the story ends by defeating End Boss, you will be rewarded the SOLDIER of Legends gold trophy.

If you are unlucky and the Glitch disappears by the time you reach this stage, you can restart the game. It should be tolerable because all the quests are already completed, and you can reach the end by quickly skipping all cutscenes.


Silver Trophies
Silver Trophies

There are 5 Silver Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion you will encounter if you complete some required tasks.

Thanks to You, Zack

  • Cleared Chapter 10.

Chapter 10 in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the final one, known as “Heroes.” When players manage to complete the storyline of Chapter 10, they unlock the Silver Trophy “Thanks to You, Zack.”

You must obtain the Thanks to You, Zack trophy as it is Story-related and automatically rewarded upon completing the entire Chapter 10 story.


  • Dealt 99,999 damage to an enemy.

It doesn’t matter which enemy or Boss you deal 99,999 damage to; you will get the Silver Trophy “Overpowered” upon defeating them with that damage

Make sure to make yourself stronger with equipped Accessories and Materia.  You can equip the “Brutal” Accessory and use it on the final End Boss. It can help you with collecting Overpowered with other correct equipment

DMW Master

  • Achieved 100% progress for all DMW.

If you have yet to play the original Crisis Core, then DMW (Digital Mind Wave) will definitely be a confusing concept. Throughout the gameplay, players can unlock multiple DMWs, which act as a core mechanic of a battlefield. These DMW summonses provide special buffs and healing during combat. 

To achieve the DMW Master silver trophy, players need to make 100% achievements by seeing memories/limit breaks of each DMW image they unlock throughout the game. You will also gain Genji armor along with the trophy for completing this challenge. 

Genji Equipment

  • Collected all Genji equipment.

There are Four Genji pieces of equipment (also known as accessories) in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. These include Shield, Armor, Helm, and Glove. We highly encourage finding each of these Genji accessories as they are considered the most vital equipment in-game. 

Find all the Genji accessories to quickly clear many side quests and fight off the bosses like a pro. They provide additional Damage, HP, Endure, and MP. 

Once you unlock all four pieces of Genji equipment, you will get a reward trophy, “Genji Equipment.”

Midgar Full of Flowers

To receive the “Midgar Full of Flowers” silver trophy, players need to construct 3 Flower Wagon types to help Aerith. For construction, 12 parts of the wagon are provided in the game. 

Collect each Wagon part by doing tasks and communicating with NPCs in Midgar. Once gathered, take the wagon parts to Aerith to help build the Flower Wagon. Make sure to take advantage of all wagon parts as all parts are Missable (unless you keep manual saving), and you will lose access to them once you proceed to Chapter 9 by leaving for Nibelheim.


Bronze Trophies
Bronze Trophies

Compared to other trophies, almost all Bronze trophies are common or uncommon and exceed in numbers compared to Platinum, Gold, and Silver. You will run across 42 Bronze Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 

Embrace Your Dreams

  • Cleared the Prologue.

“Embrace Your Dreams” is probably the easiest trophy to obtain. Players gain their first Bronze trophy once the game starts and showcases the narrative story. Simply get past the Prologue and gain the trophy. A pop-up will appear on your top-left screen’s corner, confirming the award received.

Don’t worry about missing the Trophy; it is a Story-related unmissable trophy and automatically unlocks for every player who starts the game.

He Wouldn’t Betray Us

  • Cleared Chapter 1.

Another Story-Related Trophy, “He Wouldn’t Betray Us” is given as a reward upon completing the first Chapter of the game. The trophy is effortless, and every player following the storyline will run across it without ease. The “He Wouldn’t Betray Us” trophy is common, with most game players holding it.

We’re Not Monsters

  • Cleared Chapter 2.

If you completed the Prologue and made your way through Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, you gain the “We’re Not Monsters” bronze trophy. There are no particular tasks or requirements. Players simply need to finish the whole Chapter’s story. The trophy is common and can not be missed due to being Story-Related. 

Angels Dream Of One Thing

  • Cleared Chapter 3

The iconic line of Angeal’s “Angels dream of one thing” has its own chapter to its name. Once you complete Chapter 3, you will unlock the Bronze Trophy. The trophy is unmissable due to being Story-Related. So, no need to worry about skipping it accidentally. “Angels Dream Of One Thing” is a common bronze trophy you will obtain early in the game.

Where Did Everyone Go?

  • Cleared Chapter 4.

You will receive a trophy called “Where Did Everyone Go?” after completing Chapter 4 of the game. No need to make an effort because the trophy is Story-Related, and players get rewarded automatically upon clearing chapter 4.

The trophy is from the Bronze category and is uncommon, unlike the previous ones. 

Protect Your SOLDIER Honor

  • Cleared Chapter 5.

The Bronze Trophy “Protect your SOLDIER Honor” unlocks for players after clearing Chapter 5. The whole chapter is based on combat and ends with Zack telling Soldiers to protect their Honor.

The Trophy is uncommon but Story-Related, meaning no extra efforts to collect it are required.

Did Genesis Really Die?

  • Cleared Chapter 6.

After the conversation between Zack and Sephiroth, where Sephiroth confirms there are sightings of Genesis copies, Chapter 6 comes to an end. Players will earn the “Did Genesis Really Die?” Trophy after clearing Chapter 6 thoroughly. 

The trophy is Story-Related; therefore, it can not be missed, and players will earn it automatically. The trophy also comes under the uncommon trophies category.

I May Abandon Shinra

  • Cleared Chapter 7. 

To earn another Story-Related trophy, “I May Abandon Shinra”, clear Chapter 7. Once Sephiroth announces the trip to Nibelheim, the chapter ends. The trophy will be automatically earned without being missed. 

“I May Abandon Shinra” is a bronze category trophy and happens to be Uncommon. 

I’ll Come Visit

  • Cleared Chapter 8.

After defeating Sephiroth, Zack and Cloud conclude Chapter 8 with a dramatic ending. The players gain the trophy right after it. The trophy is Story-Related and unlocks automatically with no effort.

“I’ll Come Visit” is a bronze trophy with an “uncommon” title. Make sure to complete Chapter 8 to get your hands on it.

We’ll All Be Heroes

  • Cleared Chapter 9.

The 9th Chapter is the second last Chapter in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Zack ends the chapter with some dialogue and “We’ll All Be Heroes.” After the Chapter ended, the Bronze Trophy “We’ll All Be Heroes” is earned. 

The Trophy is Story-Related which will be automatically unlocked. Also, unlike the other Chapter Trophies, “We’ll All Be Heroes” is a rare trophy type.

Come and Get It

  • Won a battle for the first time.

Players will encounter the first set of enemies right after the narrative story of the game ends. Defeating these enemies is a piece of cake, so get past this stage immediately. 

Upon defeating the first enemy group you encounter, you will earn the Bronze Trophy “Come and Get It.” The trophy is Story-Related and can not be missed.

Prove Your Honor to Me

  • Performed a limit break for the first time.

During combat, players can use DMW, a battle’s core mechanic. The DMW allows players to perform limit breaks, a special attack, or heal skill. The first-ever limit break you perform is in the early matches, which rewards you with a “Prove Your Honor to Me” bronze trophy.

And since the trophy is Story-Related and can not be missed, players are required to use a limit break automatically. The trophy is also extremely common as it’s some of the first trophies players gain.

Got Materia Fusion Down

  • Performed materia fusion for the first time.

Reach Chapter 3 first to obtain the “Got Materia Fusion Down” bronze trophy. At the start of Chapter 3, Zack meets up with a Shinra researcher in the Director’s Office. The researcher introduces him to the Materia concept. These Materia are gems that provide additional buffs to the player. 

Players can fuse two Materia into a brand new Materia or strengthen an already existing one.  For example:

Fira + Thunder = Blizzara

Players will automatically perform Materia Fusion for the first time because the trophy is Story-Related. Once you perform Materia Fusion, the trophy “Got Materia Fusion Down” is all yours. 

Limit Break Collector

  • Obtained all DMW images. 

The DMW combat mechanic is based on multiple DMW images. Players can collect these images, each with its own unique power, by completing missions or following the storyline.

There are 18 DWM images in the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The 7 of these images are Characters, whereas the other 11 are Summons. Once you register them all, a Bronze Trophy “Limit Break Collector” gets unlocked along with a Fury Ring. 

Missions Completed: 25%

  • Completed 25% of all missions.

The entire game is majorly based on 300 missions. Each mission proposes a task that we have to complete. When 25% of all missions available are done and dusted, a bronze trophy, “Mission Completed: 25%” unlocks. The trophy is uncommon and requires some level of hard work to obtain. 

Missions Completed: 50%

  • Completed 50% of all missions. 

Once players complete around 150 missions, 50% of all, they earn a trophy, “Mission Completed: 50%”. The trophy is rare, unlike the previous one.

Missions Completed: 75%

  • Completed 75% of all missions.

When you complete 75% of all available missions in the game, you earn a bronze trophy, “Missions Completed: 75%”. The trophy is rare and takes a lot of time to obtain.

Shop Completionist

  • Unlocked all shops.

Throughout the gameplay, players will run across 15 Shops. However, some of them are Missable or a part of side quests.

Make sure to complete all Side Quests and keep an eye out for Missable shops. Once you unlock all 15 shops present in the game, the bronze trophy “Shop Completionist” is yours. 

The trophy “Shop Completionist” is very rare despite being under the bronze category. 

Mail Completionist

  • Received mail from all senders.

Mails are collectibles you will frequently run across in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. There are 102 emails, but not all are required to get the trophy “Mail Completionist.”

Many sources send Mails to Zack, such as different Clubs. If you happen to get one mail from each sender, you earn the rare Bronze Trophy “Mail Completionist” right away.

A lot of mail is sadly Missable and needs to be collected after the Chapter ends. You need to make sure no Mail sender is left behind. However, the majority of mail is received automatically from the playthrough itself. 

Fan Club Aficionado

  • Joined every fan club.

There are only 5 Fan Clubs in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion that Zack can join and benefit from. These Fan Clubs are Red Leather, Keepers of Honor, LOVELESS Study Group, The Silver Elite, and the last one, Zack Fan Club

Once you join each mentioned fan club, you will unlock and earn the Bronze Trophy “Fan Club Aficionado.”The trophy is uncommon and also missable. Joining all Fan Clubs is optional, so if you skip that, you will fail to earn the “Fan Club Aficionado” Trophy.

Hero of the Wutai War?

  • Received highest evaluation from Lazard for Assault on Fort Tamblin.

In Chapter 1, you enter Fort Tamblin to defeat the Tamblin troop lurking around inside. Once the challenge starts, a force remaining bar pops up in the top-left corner. The bar first shows 11 forces, and once you get done with them, the additional five forces join too. Make sure to slice all 16 troops up. After the troops beat additional enemies up, you will obtain the common trophy “Hero of the Wutai War?” afterward.  

Master Mako Stone Miner

  • Prevented the Materia Room from being shut down.

In Chapter 2, players need to unlock and complete a mission in order to unlock the achievement “Master Mako Stone Miner.” To start, go to Kunsel and communicate with him. Kunsel will lead you out of the Building, so reenter the Shinra Building. Go to the second floor and look for a door with a yellow frame. A pop-up will appear; choose “SOLDIER Floor” from there. 

Here, you need to talk to Kunsel again. After the cutscene, look for a door that says “Materia Room” and enter. Talk to the researcher inside to finally unlock the Mission. From mission 8-2-1: SPR Mako Stone to mission 8-2-6, collect the 6 Mako stones required. Once you have collected the stones, go back to the Researcher and exchange the Mako Stones for 6 Materia.

You will obtain the “Master Mako Stone Miner” bronze trophy. The trophy is missable; however, players can return to complete this mission up to Chapter 7. 

Banora Treasures

  • Collected all items and arrived at Angeal’s house before the Banora airstrike 

Players run across another Missable trophy in Chapter 2 called “Banora Treasures”. For trophy achievement, there are five items in Banora village (three in the village, two on the hill/cliff) players need to interact with and pick up later.

Note: Interact with these five items before starting another mission, Slicin’ SOLDIER. If you do not, you won’t be able to pick these items up later on (after the Slicin’ SOLDIER mission). Interacting with each item beforehand in Banora village is extremely important for this mission. 

After you are done with Slicin’ SOLDIER, visit Angeal’s mother and pick up the items you interacted with earlier. A countdown will be going on, so be quick. Once collected, rush towards Angeal’s house, and you will achieve the trophy “Banora Treasures” along with Ether, Soma, X-Potion, a Phoenix Down, and Elixir. 

Everyone’s Hero

  • Saved everyone calling for help during the assault on the Shinra Building in Chapter 3.

After you have unlocked the Materia Fusion in Chapter 3, an assault on the Shinra Building takes place. Take an elevator instantly and choose the “Get off and look around” option when the elevator gets stuck. 

Five people require your help during this time period. Out of 5, three people will be on the SOLDIER floor, and the other two will be on LOVELESS Avenue (Sector 8). 

Save people from Genesis Clones and get the title “Everyone’s Hero” and its trophy. The trophy is Missable, so make sure you get the job done when you can. 

First-Rate SOLDIER

  • Defeated all virtual data in the Training Room.

In Chapter 3, you can start your first Missable mission by visiting Dr. Hojo in the Training Room of the Shinra Building. He will talk about how he needs assistance with his experiments. Help him collect information and defeat some of his virtual data. 

The last virtual data, “Experiment No. 88” is a tough nut to crack. Stay out of his sight and hit him from the side, or else he will deal impressive damage to you.

Once you end the 4th combat, you gain the “First-Rate SOLDIER” bronze trophy. The trophy is common and requires little hard work.

Precise Restoration

  • Achieved 100% recovery with the Mako Recovery Unit.

In the Fusion Chamber, you can find a machine right next to Professor Hojo. Interact with that machine to start a challenging mini-game.

Once the machine is activated and the countdown starts, players need to press X to deactivate the machine strictly at 5 seconds. However, the countdown meter will stop midway through due to malfunction. Keep an eye on the numbers on the screen and stop at the 5th second. But, we suggest you press X RIGHT before 6 seconds rather than precisely at 5. 

You will only complete the challenge if you get 100% Mako delivery; try again if you have to. After you clear the mini-game, you earn the “Precise Restoration” trophy. 

Of Significant Worth

  • Judged by Hojo to be a “SOLDIER member of significant worth” in the Fusion Chamber.

In Chapter 4, when you visit the weird scientist Hojo, interact with the Blue Pod/Fusion Chamber across the bridge. Hojo will lock you in it. Answer the three questions thrown at you by Hojo. Following are the correct answers to each question:

  1. A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth.
  2. State-of-the-art Science and Technology.
  3. A person unafraid to challenge Shinra.

After successfully answering each question, Zack will earn the Bronze trophy “Of Significant Worth” as an achievement. Try to be correct in your little quiz on the first try, as you won’t get any reattempts. 

Cell Raider

  • Checked all cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra Building.

Another Trophy gain opportunity at the Fusion Chamber in Chapter 4. Next to Hojo, there is a switch. You can spot it from the orange mark upon reaching close to it. Press the switch button to start the mission. 

After the Cutscene with Hojo, take the elevator and collect the cell keys from Monsters. Make sure to equip “Steal” Materia before starting the challenge. After collecting all the keys, go to each cell by unlocking it. Open all available chests in each cell and return to Hojo. The trophy “Cell Raider” officially unlocks

Wutai’s Nemesis

  • Caught all the Wutai spies that had infiltrated Midgar. 

In Chapter 5, start one of the many quests by interacting with a SOLDIER (2nd Class) in Sector 8 – LOVELESS Avenue. The SOLDIER will inform you about the six Wutai spies roaming in Midgar. The quest starts from this point, and you need to find each Wutai spy and interact with them to catch them up. There is an order you need to follow to catch these six spies.

You can find the order of these Wutai Spies in our detailed guide.

Fan Club Savior

  • Helped every fan club continue their activities.

You previously joined all 5 Fan Clubs in the game, now is the time to unite them. Unity is Strength indeed, and uniting these Fan Clubs will save them from closing down. Once you manage to help them, you will earn a rare “Fan Club Savior” bronze trophy

In Chapter 7, you have the chance to Unite all fan clubs. Here is how:

  1. Go to a Genesis Fan in Sector 8 – Fountain to suggest her merging with another richer club.
  2. Visit LOVELESS Avenue now and interact with another Genesis fan there in an alley.
  3. Head back to the first Genesis Fan in Sector 8 – Fountain to officially merge the two Clubs.
  4. Find a child in Sector 8 – Fountain who has lost his mother. 
  5. Go to Sector 1 – Train Station to find the child’s lost mother and interact with her.
  6. The mother is from Angeal Fan Club; select the dialogue “A mother without Honor is nothing but a monster.” 
  7. Return to the boy and interact with his mother again. 

Make sure you are a part of each Fan Club before you start the quest. You will earn the trophy “Fan Club Savior” after talking to the mother.

Seven Wonders Expert

  • Learned about all of Nibelheim’s Seven Wonders.

As evident, there are 7 Wonders of Nibelheim. When players enter Nibelheim, they can interact with a kid who will tell them all about the seven wonders and ask them to look for them. You can find the first 6 Wonders in Chapter 8 and collect the 7th and final Wonder in Chapter 9. Following are Nibelheim’s Seven Wonders: 

Once you complete each Wonder and inform the boy, you finally earn the much-deserved “Seven Wonders Expert” bronze trophy.

Cage Opener

In Chapter 10, there is an area called Depth Of Judgement. Players need to explore the area and interact with 4 Tombstones with the LOVELESS Act written on them. 

Once you have interacted with each Tombstone in different places in that area, you have to beat five enemies now. First, unlock them by finding crystals hanging above the lake with Mako flowing from them. Interact with the Crystal, and an enemy will spawn.

Beat 5 enemies in total, which will open the path to the Cage of Binding. The Bronze Trophy “Cage Opener” should appear in the top corner. 


  • Cut down every incoming shell.

In Chapter 2, a fun yet tough-to-beat challenge awaits you once you reach the Factory after following the usual storyline. Keep following the automatic events till Tseng calls you and informs you to defeat the upcoming shells.

Two hints Tseng will give to defeat these cannon shells are Fuse Sound and Color effectively. The moment these enemy cannon shells start flying toward you, keep your ears and eyes open to strike them at the correct time. Hit the shells once they turn Red and make a Fuse Sound.

There will be 10 Cannon Shells in total. The 10th one appears from a different direction; therefore, be aware of that. Once you successfully strike each shell and end the mini-game, you receive the call again and achieve the trophy “Slicin’ SOLDIER.”

Master Blender

  • Blended a perfume with a perfect amount of Oil.

In Chapter 4, after you catch the kid who stole your wallet, you get to engage in another optional challenge in return for a Bronze Trophy. Find a shop named “Shopping Paradise” in Sector Five Slums in the Market area. Interact with the Shop Attendant there and partake in the mini-game.

Blend the perfect perfume according to the amount of the given drop. Once the perfectly blended perfume is ready, gift it to Aerith, and the trophy “Master Blender” will unlock as an achievement. 

Learn further about the Master Blender Mini Game.  


  • Guessed the exact number in the number-guessing game. 

You can partake in another mini-game at the Sector Five Slums market. After retrieving your wallet, go to a boy standing in front of the boxes in the area. You can interact with him by going to him. The boy will invite you to play a mini-game in exchange for 70 Gils. 

You need to guess how many kids passed by without looking. If you make the right guess, you earn the achievement “Bingo!” bronze trophy. Here is a tip, ask both Aerith and the boy to give you options. Choose the option both Aerith and Boy suggested. For example, if both mention 2, pick two, and you will clear the minigame.


  • Rated to have “godlike speed” in collecting materia. 

You can play a minigame in the Sector Five Slums Market area after retrieving your wallet from a kid. To participate in it, visit a store named “Item World”. In the minigame, players must pick up 20 Materia lying around in the area in under 14 seconds. Start sprinting once the timer starts and collect all 20 Materia. 

The Bronze Trophy “Godlike” will be yours if you successfully clear the challenge for having a godlike speed.

Shinra’s Squats Champions

  • Achieved victory against the SOLDIER 2nd Class in the physical fitness test.

 In Chapter 5, when you visit the Training Room, interact with the man there. You will have to perform Squats and beat the four opponents one-by-one by doing more squats than them in the given timeframe.

We suggest pressing the button when Zack’s hands nearly touch the floor. Also, the controller will vibrate when the player is supposed to press the button to squat. After successfully beating all four opponents in the physical fitness test, you obtain the bronze trophy, “Shinra’s Squats Champions.”

Master Infiltrator

  • Infiltrated the Mako excavation facility without being discovered once.

You can perform a mission in Chapter 5 that unlocks the bronze trophy “Master Infiltrator.” When you are in Modeo Ravine, you need to infiltrate a Mako excavation facility. Make sure to save your game at the nearby save point because the mission can be tough to complete without being caught on the first few tries.

Start by crouching and sneaking behind the guards. Make sure you take the steps further when the guards are looking away. Once you cover the entire distance, you gain the trophy “Master Infiltrator” in Chapter 5.

Immovable Object

  • Defeated all enemies in Defense of the Junon Perimeter.

In Chapter 6, while following the normal playthrough, you run across a mission where you have to save the Citizens of Junon. Stop 30 enemies from reaching Junon’s Gate and causing harm to Junon’s residents by fighting them off.

After you successfully destroy each of the enemies and defend the Gate fully, the trophy “Immovable Object” is all yours.

Zack The Snipe 

  • Did not allow a single gun bull head to escape while sniping.

In Chapter 9, on the hills, you are tasked to take down all the Robots before they spot you and run away. Pick up the Sniper Rifle from the ground and secure some kills. Make sure to aim for the head, as it will be easier to take the Robots down. If even a single Robot escapes, you won’t obtain the trophy “Zack The Sniper”; therefore, ensure you are well prepared. You can enhance your rifle if you want to deal more significant damage. 

After sniping down each Robot successfully, you will unlock the Bronze Trophy achievement “Zack The Sniper.”

Waterfall Chaser

  • Collected ten chests coming down the waterfall in the hills of Gongaga.

In Chapter 9, you unlock a minigame when you win the seven battles in the Gongaga Hills area. After winning the battles, try leaving the area to start the minigame. A chest will flow down the Waterfall that you will be required to collect. 

Following that chest, enemies will flow down too. Avoid getting stunned by them, or else the chances of missing the chest are almost confirmed. Collect all ten chests without skipping a single one of them, or else you will have to restart from before the seven battles. Once you have all ten chests, a trophy bar pops up and shows the achievement “Waterfall Chaser” bronze trophy.

Good Match For Aerith

  • Told by Bruno that you and Aerith “make a good couple.”

In Chapter 4, most of Zack’s journey includes Aerith, especially in the Sector Five Slums market area. There are multiple minigames players can partake in to increase Affection Points of Aerith for Zack. 

If each of the minigames is done ideally, resulting in the highest Affection Points, Bruno will meet up with Zack and say that Zack and Aerith make a good couple (only if you collect 75 Affection Points). To interact with Bruno, leave the market and continue traveling. Once Bruno says that dialogue, the trophy “Good Match For Aerith” is yours.

Are There Difficulty Trophy

There is only one Difficulty Trophy in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The trophy is SOLDIER of Legend from the Gold category. Players need to clear the entire game at Hard Mode to earn the trophy. You can do it by going to New Game+ after clearing the first playthrough.

However, there is a glitch going around currently, which might save you time and effort. Right before you have combat with the EndBoss of the game, switch to Hard difficulty from settings. Once you successfully beat him and end the game, the trophy will unlock.

Are There Missable Trophies

Yes, most of the trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion are sadly missable. Make sure you constantly save the game and always collect each trophy immediately instead of leaving it for later. You won’t be able to collect a missable trophy if you skip it.

Hardest Trophy To Obtain

Many trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion can be difficult to obtain. However, some of them definitely take the cake of being the toughest. The top 3 hardest trophies would be:

My Living Legacy: No doubt, earning My Living Legacy is the hardest as it requires all other trophies first. The trophy takes the most time to unlock and holds the title of being the only Platinum.

Divine Rule Broken: Defeating the Boss “Minerva” is extremely hard compared to the other bosses. A well-equipped player with Genji Accessories can take it down with proper strategies. 

Mission Completionist: There are 300 Missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Players can only earn the trophy “Mission Completionist” if they complete each one of those missions first. Therefore, the intense hard work required during the process makes this trophy the hardest to obtain. 

Final Remarks

The excitement to reach the Platinum trophy keeps some players stuck in the game. We have provided a definitive guide on Trophies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and made sure you find all your answers here if you are playing to get that unique Platinum. Good luck on your journey!

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