Crisis Core Reunion Ziedrich Location & Guide

Players should help Zack strengthen by equipping Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion and increase his defense and offense both.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Ziedrich
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Ziedrich

If you plan on making Zack stronger and more powerful, you need a perfect set of accessories equipped. Accessories provide buffs and special abilities. Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion is one of those accessories which any player should look for the moment they can. Keep reading to find out how to unlock Ziedrich and what its benefits are.

Key Takeaways 

  • Ziedrich is one of the many accessories in the game, which comes under the sub-category “Special.”
  • Players can obtain Ziedrich from a Treasure Chest in mission 9-5-6 “Even Deeper.”
  • In the Even Deeper mission, players need to explore a cave filled with seven chests, one of them carrying Ziedrich. 
  • This is the only way of obtaining Ziedrich. Players can not buy it from stores or gain it from an enemy drop. Only one chest in the entire game carries Ziedrich.
  • Ziedrich enhances multiple stats such as ATK, VIT, MAG, and SPR by 100.
  • Ziedrich comes with both offensive and defensive effects, making players stronger.
  • There is one drawback of equipping Ziedrich, and that is the -5 reduction in LCK stat.

What Is Ziedrich 

Ziedrich In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Ziedrich In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

There are multiple accessories players can equip to boost Zack’s abilities and stats, along with providing a special effect. Some of the best accessories to equip include the item Ziedrich too. Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion is a special type of accessory and, once found, provides amazing buffs such as additional Attack, Vitality, HP, Magic, and Spirit. It also gives assistance to Zack on his entire journey, which is filled with fighting off enemies and clearing different missions.

Upon equipping Ziedrich Accessory, players won’t have to pay a lot of cost (decrease in another stat), which most of the accessories come with. Therefore, finding Ziedrich is highly recommended as it won’t come with many drawbacks compared to other pieces of equipment. 

Ziedrich Location

There is only one way to get your hands on Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. The way includes going through a mission 9-5-6: Even Deeper. While exploring the cave Even Deeper, players will run across multiple enemies but also find a total of 7 chests. One of those Chests contains a “Ziedrich” accessory

Other than this Chest in mission 9-5-6, there is no other place to waste your time looking for Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. You can not buy it from a store or get it as a dropped item from enemies.

Ziedrich might be hard to find in the Cave in Even Deeper mission, but worry not, follow the detailed instructions given below and find the treasure chest protecting Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion.

When you begin mission 9-5-6, you will be standing outside a Cave. Start off by walking straight on the only path available. You will encounter combat which you can simply escape because there are no good benefits from fighting those enemies. Now keep following the path till it splits in two. Go to the Left path and start going in the single path available. You will run across multiple Treasure Chests; keep opening them along the way. The path will split again, go to the Right one this time. If you haven’t yet found that Chest, you surely will be on the Right path to the Cave.

If you still have trouble finding the Treasure chest holding Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, we have marked the area on the map below, simply follow the directions in the map and make your way to the marked area and find the chest. 

Ziedrich Location On Map

Ziedrich Effects

As mentioned earlier, Ziedrich is one of the best accessories to equip in the game. Ziedrich, a Special Accessory, not only provides additional stats but also provides some defense, making itself a defensive accessory too. Following are the effects and abilities Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion comes with.


Ziedrich Stats

Stats are status effects a character has due to equipment or accessories such as shields, armor, etc. Some are base stats too that a specific character comes with by default. Players can boost their stats further by equipping more pieces of equipment.

Following are the increased stat points once you equip a Ziedrich Accessory:

  • ATK: +100

The stat “Attack” is increased by 100 once the item Ziedrich is equipped.

  • VIT: +100

Vitality, a stat that shows the character’s defense, goes up by 100 when you equip Ziedrich.

  • MAG: +100

MAG, also known as Magic, increases by 100, along with the other stats.

  • SPR: +100

SPR is the Spirit stat of a character, and Ziedrich increases it by 100.

Just like any other equipment in the game, Ziedrich also has a negative impact on another existing stat, although it is not as bad compared to other equipment drawbacks. Following is the stat that is negatively affected upon wearing a Ziedrich Accessory:

  • LCK: (-5) 

With all the amazing benefits, Ziedrich also comes with a minor drawback. Luck stat is dropped by 5 upon equipping Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion.

Special Effects 

In-game Description: Halves all elemental attacks received.

Ziedrich provides excellent offense; however, it is not limited to dealing damage only. Players should equip Ziedrich to gain some defense against strong bosses or enemies because it reduces all elemental attacks being received by 50%. If enemies use Fire, Ice, or Thunder elemental attacks, worry not if you have Ziedrich as your equipment. Special Effect also includes Fusion Effect, which increases by 1 per 10% HP.


Ziedrich Abilities

Unlike stats, abilities are not associated with a character. They will only gain the benefit of abilities if they equip special items. Ziedrich also comes with some abilities of its own. Some built-in abilities of Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion includes:

  • Auto Guard

As we said, Ziedrich is one of the best defensive gears. Auto Guard is another defense quality Ziedrich carries. With the help of Auto Guard, players can avoid dealing with the leftover 50% elemental damage. Auto Guard also acts as a shield and provides a barrier against negative statuses. 

  • Break HP Limit+

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, the HP limit is 9,999 HP. However, there is a way to break this limit, and it is essential because facing big enemies with 9,999 HP is surely not going to be helpful. 

The ability “Break HP Limit+” is going to be of huge assistance because it will make your character tanky from the boost in the Health bar.

  • Break Damage Limit

Not just HP, players can also break the Damage Limit in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. To increase the damage limit from 9,999 up to 99,999, Ziedrich is the best accessory. The accessory not only focuses on Defense but also provides tons of offense in its abilities too.

  • Half Elemental Damage

As already mentioned in Special Effects, Half elemental damage is the main ability that Ziedrich acquires. It halves the elemental damage received from the enemies.

All available abilities of Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion are discussed above so make sure to learn about the accessory better before you put it into use.

Final Remarks

Zack can not beat any enemies or clear any mission without proper gear, and Ziedrich is just what Zack needs to provide him with a perfect balance between offense and defense. Therefore, we have covered everything related to Ziedrich in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion regarding how to locate it and what effects it provides. Good luck on your journey to find Ziedrich and use it to its full potential. Happy Gaming!

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