Crisis Core Steal List [Definitive Materia Guide]

Do you want to know about all the Crisis Core Steal List. Well, look no further since we have the most complete list for you.


So you want to know about all the Materia you can steal off of enemies in Crisis Core? Well, you came to the right place since, in this guide, we will elaborate on the different types of Materia while also letting you know the entire crisis core steal list.

So buckle up; this is going to be a long journey. Considering there are quite a few Materia in this game.

Key Takeaways

  • There are four different types of Materia.
  • Support Materia acts as an enhancement to your pre-existing abilities.
  • Command Materia acts as a new ability that can provide versatility in gameplay.
  • Magic Materia acts as new spells, like Command Materia, but for the magical side of the combat spectrum that gets stronger the more you use it.
  • Independent Materia is solo buffs that act alone and require no either Materia to be activated/required.
  • You obtain Steal Materia from Mission 8-3-6: Hell in the Caverns from a chest.
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Different Types Of Materia

Different types of Materia can be used for different uses, and each of them provides a specific buff explained below.

Support Materia

Support materia is a type of materia that can be paired with other types of materia to grant additional abilities or enhance existing ones. Examples of support materia include Libra, Element Strike, SP Turbo Magic, etc.

Command Materia

Command materia is a type of materia that grant characters new abilities and commands that can be used in battle. Examples of command materia include Steal, Death Blade, Death Twister, etc. Command materia is essential to use in battle. They give more versatility and options to the player while fighting.

Magic Materia

Magic materia is a type of materia that allow characters to cast spells and use magical abilities in battle. Examples of magic materia include Fire, Curaga, Death, etc. Magic materia also levels up as it’s used, and the more it levels up, the more influential the spell becomes.

Independent Materia

Independent materia is a type of materia that grant characters special abilities and bonuses without the need to be paired with other types of materia. Examples of independent materia include HP Up, Dash, Item Mugger, etc. Independent materia don’t level up, but some have multiple levels and effects.

How To Obtain Steal Materia

The best way to obtain “Steal” is by going into Mission 8-3-6: Hell in the Caverns. To get there, you must first clear Mission 8-1 to Mission 8-3. Once you have done this, you can get into the required mission.

After starting the mission, you can find the “Steal” in a chest. The location for this chest is in the image below.

Steal Materia Chest Location

List Of Stealable Materia

Many different items can be stolen using the Steal Materia. Here we will give you the entire crisis core steal list. The Steal Materia is a command materia with increasing rates that scale based on AP and gains +10% till Level 5.

Some Materia is better than others since not all Materia are created equal. In the table below, we will mark some unique Materia with a star at the start of their name.

Name Type Enemies
Fire Magic Foulander
Balo Balo
Blizzard Magic A-Sahagin
Thunder Magic Raijincho
Needle Kiss
Fira Magic Bajang
Firaga Magic Grenade
Thundaga Magic Thunderbird
Cure Magic Bat Eye
Cura Magic Mandragora
Evil Eye
Curaga Magic Razor Weed
Angra Mainyu
Full Cure Magic Goliath
Magic Pot
Esuna Magic Green Grass
Barrier Magic Chive
MBarrier Magic Chive
Wall Magic Chive
Drain Magic G Smasher
Drainra Magic G Blader
Experiment No. 119
Drainga Magic G Slayer
G Baldor
G Paladin
Experiment No. 119
Osmose Magic G Blader
G Slayer
Osmoga Magic G Blader
Silence Magic Nightmare
Experiment No. 118
Death Magic Pumpkin
Quake Magic Grand Horn
Tri-Thundaga Magic Three Stars
Tri-Fire Magic Three Stars
Electrocute Magic Garuda
Flare Magic Mover EX
Energy Magic Explosive
Ultima Magic Tycoon
Darkness Command Land Malboro
Jump Command Sahagin Chief
Assault Twister+ Command G Dominator
Power Attack Command Vajradhara Indra
General’s Tank
Vital Slash Command Vajradhara Karura
Exploder Blade Command Hippogriff
Martial Tank
Blast Wave Command Martial Tank
Poison Blade Command Scissor Claw
Silence Blade Command Scissor Claw
Iron Claw
Stop Blade Command Scissor Devil
Dispel Blade Command Crescent Unit Nomen
Fire Blade Command Crescent Unit Novus
Blizzard Blade Command Crescent Unit Plenum
Thunder Blade Command Crescent Unit Aqua
Fira Blade Command Crescent Unit Primus
Crescent Unit Secundus
Blizzara Blade Command Crescent Unit Autumnus
Crescent Unit Tertius
Thundara Balde Command Crescent Unit Quartus
Crescent Unit Auintus
Firaga Blade Command Crescent Unit Argentum
Crescent Unit Phantasma
Blizzaga Blade Command Crescent Unit Aurum
Crescent Unit Circulus
Thundaga Balde Command Crescent Unit Ventus
Crescent Unit Celsus
Steal Command Gremlin
Mug Command Lesser Demon
Gil Toss Command Scissor Devil
Goblin Punch Command Vajradhara Kumbhira
Iron Fist Command G General
Magical Punch Command G General
Hammer Punch Command Vajradhara Kinnara
Costly Punch Command Mako Ifrit
SP Turbo Magic Support Belial
SP Turbo Attack Support Guardian Eyes
SP Turbo Support Emperor Sahagin
SP Barrier Support Scarlet Pick
Black Widow
SP Master Support Abyss Worm
AP Up Independent A-Hound
AP Up+ Independent Guard Fang
AP Up++ Independent Hunting Hound
Dark Nation
ATK Up Independent Death Claw
Ifrit (Mission)
ATK Up+ Independent Experiment No. 116
Experiment No. 113
ATK Up++ Independent Scissor Chitin
Experiment No. 113
VIT Up Independent Vajradhara Cala
Vajradhara Rakshasa
MAG Up+ Independent Demon
MAG Up++ Independent G Legion
SPR Up Independent G Attacker
SPR Up+ Independent G Trooper
SPR Up++ Independent Malboro
Dualcast Independent Makonoid
Smart Consumer Independent Most Hungry

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