Crisis Core Wutai Spies: All 6 Locations

You can initiate the quest to find all six wutai spies in Midgar by engaging with a Shinra Soldier in Sector 8 - Loveless Avenue!

Crisis Core Wutai Spies

If you have a thing for collecting trophies and exciting rewards in Crisis Core Reunion, you’ll be pleased to find out you can earn two trophies by finding all six Crisis Core Wutai Spies!

The trophies, in particular, are “Wutai’s Nemesis” and “Midgar Full of Flowers.” You’ll earn the first trophy by finding all six Wutai Spies. As for the second trophy, you’ll need to build a Flower Wagon for Aerith after acquiring a Walnut Wood.

Walnut Wood is a special item a player can use to build the wagon, and it can be earned after finding the spies.

As Zack continues his journey to become a hero, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow his skills and complete side quests, missions, and more! You’ll have a hard time finding all six of these spies alone, which is why I have taken the courtesy of marking each of their locations for your ease!

Additionally, you’ll come across this mission after you’ve cleared Chapter four and proceeded to Chapter five.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six locations for each spy, and you’ll first need to interact with them to learn that they are spies!
  • You can proceed with the mission along the lines of Chapter five.
  • The quest, in particular, needs to be cleared before progressing toward Chapter seven; otherwise, it will be locked, and you won’t get another opportunity!
  • To make things easier for you, you’ll need to keep an eye out for four male spies, one kid, and one woman spy, which makes a total of six spies.
  • You’ll have better luck finding a majority of these spies in the Shinra Building, Sector eight.
  • A spy will blow their cover if you talk to them three times in a row!

Crisis Core Wutai Spies

Shinra Soldier
Accept his request to find the Wutai Spies!

Six different spies are hiding in Midgar. You can start your quest to find them by talking to a Shinra Soldier. You’ll find him on Loveless Avenue in Sector 8. That’s when you’ll know about the hidden spies. 

Upon talking to him, you’ll also come across the location of the first spy, which will be your first lead. Further disclosing the details, you’ll then have the option to thank or offer your help to the soldier. Of course, you’ll take him up on his offer otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this guide!

However, players need to keep in mind that they can only access the quest before Chapter 7. Ensure you clear the way before proceeding to Chapter 7. If, for any reason, you choose to clear Chapter 7, the quest to find the hidden spies will be locked, and you won’t have access.

To dive deep into this logic, do not talk to Kunsel during chapter 7; otherwise, you know what it’ll cost you!

Before we disclose the location of each spy, ensure you follow the numerical order before moving forward. What I mean by that is, you can’t jump toward the fourth spy when you haven’t found the second spy yet, so the order you find them is crucial!

First Spy – Loveless Avenue

First Spy
Do you see that vehicle at the back? That will indicate that you’re closer to the first spy!

Head over to Loveless Avenue after taking a right turn from where the fountain is situated. Initiate a conversation with the Soldier and accept his offer to find all Wutai Spies. 

Head over to the far-east corner of Loveless Avenue, and you’ll find an old blue-colored pick-up truck. Approach the man wearing a gray shirt underneath the half-sleeve buttoned shirt.

Talk to him three times to rattle him into blowing his cover. A cutscene will appear where you and the Soldier will catch the spy.

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Second Spy – Slums Market

Second Spy
Yeah, that’s the guy impersonating a Soldier!

After the previous cut scene is finished, you’ll have to find the second spy in the Slums Market wearing a Shinra infantry uniform. He’ll be the only person wearing a uniform, so he won’t be hard to locate.

Leave Sector 8-Fountain and enter Loveless Avenue. You have to take the stairs on the left side of the fountain and head over to Sector 1 Station – Platform. From there, you’ll only have to walk straight to reach Sector 5 Slums – Market.

Once you’ve arrived, go straight and immediately take a right turn, and you’ll find the second spy disguised in a Shinra infantry Uniform. Talk to the Trooper, and he’ll be shocked to see you. He’ll inform you that he’s only a Shinra Trooper on patrol, but you wouldn’t believe him, would you? That’s what I thought!

Engage in a conversation with him twice more, and he’ll blow his cover like a rat stuck in a can! Another cutscene will appear, and the soldier will intercept the spy as he’s running away from you!

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Third Spy – Shinra Building

Third Spy
Fancy suit? No, you’re a Wutai SPY!

The 2nd Class Soldier will give you details for the third spy who managed to infiltrate the Soldier floor and take classified Shinra information. The third spy will be impersonating an employee or associate. 

For the next step, you have to enter Sector 1 Station – Platform and head back to Sector 8 – Fountain. Once you’ve arrived, take the stairs leading down and go straight toward the entrance to Shinra Building.

Take the fancy bluish-black stairs on the left side and walk toward the two elevators. Wait for the first employee that walks out of the elevator on the right and talk to him. After talking to him three times by making him nervous, he’ll scream, “What?! I’ve been Blown!?” 

Another cutscene will appear, and the third spy will try to make a run for it! However, he will be intercepted by the Soldier and caught!

Fourth Spy – Sector 8

Fourth Spy
The spy is the one talking to the bearded man!

The Soldier will, yet again, give you information that will lead to the location of the fourth spy. The details will indicate the fourth spy is impersonating a woman in Sector 8.

Directions To Fourth Spy
You need to climb these stairs!

You will have to leave Shinra Building and take the stairs in front of the fountain. Upon reaching the upper level, you will come across a woman talking to a man in a beard. Talk to the woman three times, and she’ll surrender by saying, “Damn, I’m Blown!” in a calm manner.

She will, however, try to escape by going down the stairs and will eventually be caught by the Soldier. 

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Fifth Spy – Exhibition Room

Fifth Spy
A tall figure staring at a rocket ship turns out to be the fifth spy!

The Soldier will thank you for your excellent work in capturing five Crisis Core Wutai Spies and continue to give you details on the location of the fifth spy. Details indicate that he’s linked to their space development program.

You have to enter Shinra Building and take the fancy stairs on your left that leads to the upper levels of the building. Go to the place where you found the third wutai spy next to the elevators and select “Exhibit Room.” The elevator will take you to the Exhibition Room. Look to your right, and you’ll find a bald man in a suit staring at the huge rocketship.

Talk to him three times, and he’ll be forced to believe that his cover has been blown. He will be your fifth Wutai Spy! Now, you only need to find the sixth and final Wutai Spy.

Sixth Spy – Slums Park

Sixth Spy
The boy facing the back of Zack is the sixth spy. Unbelievable, right?!

You will be given details about the whereabouts of the last wutai spy. The information you receive will indicate him having a grudge against a Soldier Operative who fought in wutai.

Much to our surprise, the sixth wutai spy has a grudge against ZACK! Take the same elevator you took to reach the Exhibition room and exit the building. Take the stairs in front of the fountain and enter Sector 1 Station – Platform.

Walk in a straight line, and you’ll be prompted to enter Sector 5 Slums – Market. From here, you only have to move forward a little and take the entrance to your right and enter Sector 5 Slums – Street. 

Take a right turn and move straight ahead to enter Slums Park i.e., Sector 6. The kid will be behind you in a white shirt and blue jeans. Talk to him, and he’ll say that he’s a proud Wutai soldier who eats SOLDIER and Shinra Troops for breakfast. Funny, a kid is saying that!

Talk to him three times, and he’ll blow his cover, revealing his true motives and identity!

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Rewards For all Six Wutai Spies

Did you think you wouldn’t get any rewards for finding the spies? Here’s where you are wrong, my friend! When you find the last and final spy, you will be given a special item; Walnut Wood.

I mentioned earlier that players can also get trophies from completing this quest, I wasn’t bluffing! You can use Walnut Wood to obtain the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy!

Secondly, the Wutai’s Nemesis trophy will automatically be available to you the moment you find all six spies. You may have noticed that with each spy you identified and captured, you were given access to a bunch of missions. These missions are M4-3 and M4-3-6 specifically.

I believe any player can find the location of all six wutai spies in Crisis Core with ease. However, if you couldn’t, this guide has hopefully helped you to quite some extent! Other than that, please feel free to check out our related guides on Crisis Core Reunion, such as the Costly Punch guide!

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