Sons Of The Forest: What Does The Cross Do

Learn all about Cross item and what does it do in Sons of the Forest.

What does the cross do in Sons of the Forest
What does the cross do in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is full of surprises and unique gameplay elements, and one such aspect also includes a Christian Cross. Many players have stumbled upon this unique item in their playthrough of the game, and they always ask what does the cross do in Sons of the Forest. Meanwhile, it might look like a unique collectible, but the true potential of the Cross is in the endgame of Sons of the Forest. 

Once you realize the true potential of the Crucifix, every player would want to get their hands on the item to pursue the endgame smoothly. Cross, as the name implies, is the Christian Crucifix obtained from a cave in the open world of Sons of the Forest.

If you are also one of those players wondering what they can do with the Cross in Sons of the Forest, you are at the right place. Let’s look at how to find the Cross and utilize it properly in your game playthrough. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Among the various engaging aspects in the Sons of the Forest, players can also pick up and use a Crucifix Cross during their playthrough. 
  • Although the Cross might not look interesting for gameplay, many are wondering what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest
  • Players who have obtained their Cross can point it toward Demon enemies to burn them to hell. However, the Cross might not work on the rest of the enemies in Sons of the Forest
  • For that instance, using this weapon in particular locations where you can find Demon enemies is highly advised. These primarily include endgame locations, thus making Cross the viable option for progressing the campaign. 
  • As for the Cross, there are two guaranteed locations to get your hands on this unique item.
  • Players can visit the opposite side of the map and find a bunker locked behind a particular Keycard. Players must obtain all three required keycards before visiting the location
  • Once unlocked using a Keycard, you will have to visit a luxurious room where you can find a Cross lying on the table for your character
  • The second and the early game locations for Cross in Sons of the Forest involve visiting a bunker in the Western region of the map. It is the same bunker where you can find a Rope Gun and Zipline rope. Here you will be looking for a chopped rotten hand holding a Cross that you can loot for your character. 

What Does Cross Do 

The Cross’s role in Sons of the Forest is well explained in the gameplay. However, many players are still unfamiliar with its functionality and how it works.

The Cross is unlike most items you pick up from crates in the latest Sons of the Forest. In fact, the Cross can transition into a deadly weapon for some enemies, thus paving your way to progress in the game. For that instance, you can use Cross to wreak hell on the Demon-type enemies in the Sons of the Forest. 

All you need to do is to point the Cross right in the face of the Demons, and you can set them ablaze. It might involve going up close and personal with blood-thirsty Demons and multiple tries. But in the end, it is definitely worth a try. 

Using Cross on a Demon
Using Cross on a Demon – Image Credits: ChapoGoated

It is worth noting that the Cross will only work on Demon enemies and has no damaging effect on the rest. Make sure to utilize this weapon in particular locations where you can find Demon or becomes necessary.

Unfortunately, players will be able to find Demon in the endgame regions of the game. It means the Cross is limited to the endgame campaign only. Moreover, it is also essential to progress the campaign of the game.

Where To Find Cross 

Finding the Cross comes with a major requirement that you need to complete. You will be visiting a location locked with a “Keycard.” However, do not fret; we have explained it clearly in our extensive Sons of the Forest Keycard guide.

Once you have your Keycard, all you need to do is to visit a secret bunker marked in the location image. It is on the extreme left side of the map for more straightforward navigation and requires significant travel. Ensure you are well-equipped with resources to fend off any hostile activities on the island. 

Cross Location #01
Cross Location #01 – Image Credits: MillGaming

Also, the bunker is surrounded by green fern and herbs, giving a better idea of what kind of bunker you are after to get your Cross in the Sons of the Forest. Now all you need to do is to use your Keycard to gain access inside the bunker.

After that, players must navigate through the cave and gain access to a luxury room of sorts. But before that, you must get through several rooms and facilities inside the cave. Once you reach the room, you can find the Cross on a table

Players can find another Cross in a bunker on the island, which does not require the above keycard. For this particular Cross location, you must visit a bunker in the western region of the map, where you will also find the Rope Gun and Zipline rope

Cross Location #02
Cross Location #02

Surprisingly, this is one of the early game locations available, thus giving players access to the Cross early in the Sons of the Forest.

Unfortunately, this location is heavily guarded by mutants and will require significant effort to gain access. After entering the cave, players must find a rotten hand holding onto a Cross. Players can pick up the Cross and claim it for themselves.

Final Words

Apart from all the weapons available in the games, using a Cross is a good change developers added in Sons of the Forest. At the same time, you now also know what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest and where to utilize it for a full gameplay experience

That is about it for our guide explaining what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest. Did you find this guide helpful for using Cross in your game playthrough? What are your thoughts on using the item? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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