Sons Of The Forest: What Does The Cross Do

Learn all about Cross item and what does it do in Sons of the Forest.

What does the cross do in Sons of the Forest
What does the cross do in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is full of surprises and unique gameplay elements, and one such aspect also includes a Christian Cross. Many players have stumbled upon this unique item in their playthrough of the game, and they always ask what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest. Meanwhile, it might look like a unique collectible, but the true potential of the Cross is in the endgame of Sons of the Forest. 

Once you realize the true potential of the Crucifix, every player would want to get their hands on the item to pursue the endgame smoothly. Cross, as the name implies, is the Christian Crucifix obtained from a cave in the open world of Sons of the Forest.

If you are also one of those players wondering what they can do with the Cross in Sons of the Forest, you are at the right place. Let’s look at how to find the Cross and utilize it properly in your game playthrough. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Function: The Crucifix Cross can burn Demon enemies in the game.
  • Effective Against Demons: It works specifically against Demon enemies and may not affect other foes.
  • Strategic Use: It’s advisable to use the Cross in locations with Demon enemies, mainly found in endgame areas, to advance in the campaign.
  • Locations:
    • Late Game: Visit the opposite side of the map, unlock a bunker with three keycards, and find a Cross in a luxurious room.
    • Early Game: In the Western region of the map, find a bunker (same as Rope Gun and Zipline rope location) with a chopped rotten hand holding a Cross that can be looted.

What Does Cross Do 

In Sons of the Forest, the role of the Cross might not be immediately clear to many players, but it’s a crucial tool with unique functionality.

Unlike most items found in crates, the Cross can transform into a formidable weapon against a specific type of enemy in the game, the Demon-type foes. To harness its power, all you have to do is point the Cross directly at the face of these Demons, and you can set them ablaze. It might require getting up close and personal with these bloodthirsty creatures and may take a few attempts, but the results are well worth the effort.

It’s important to note that the Cross only affects Demon enemies and does not impact other adversaries. So, use this weapon strategically in locations where you encounter Demons or where it becomes necessary.

Unfortunately, Demons are primarily found in the endgame regions of the game, meaning the Cross is limited to the endgame campaign. However, it plays a pivotal role in advancing the game’s storyline.

Using Cross on a Demon
Using Cross on a Demon – Image Credits: ChapoGoated

Where To Find Cross 

To find the Cross in Sons of the Forest, follow these steps:

Cross Location #01
Cross Location #01 – Image Credits: MillGaming
  1. Get a Keycard: The Cross is located in a secret bunker that requires a Keycard to access. If you haven’t obtained a Keycard yet, you must complete the requirements mentioned in the Sons of the Forest Keycard guide.
  2. Travel to the Bunker: Head to the secret bunker location once you have the Keycard. It is on the extreme left side of the map. Make sure you are well-equipped for any potential threats on the island.
  3. Identify the Bunker: Look for a bunker entrance surrounded by green ferns and herbs, which should match the image in the location guide.
  4. Use the Keycard: Approach the bunker entrance and use your Keycard to gain access.
  5. Navigate the Bunker: Explore the various rooms and facilities inside the bunker. You’ll need to progress through several rooms to reach the Cross.
  6. Locate the Cross: Eventually, you will come across a room with a Cross placed on a table. Interact with it to claim the Cross.

There is also another Cross location on the island, which doesn’t require a Keycard:

Cross Location #02
Cross Location #02
  1. Visit the Western Bunker: This bunker is located in the western region of the map and contains the Rope Gun and Zipline rope.
  2. Access the Bunker: Enter the bunker, but be prepared for heavy mutant resistance inside.
  3. Find the Cross: Explore the bunker, and you will eventually come across a rotten hand holding onto a Cross. Pick up the Cross to claim it.

Final Words

Apart from all the weapons available in the games, using a Cross is a good change developers added in Sons of the Forest. At the same time, you now also know what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest and where to utilize it for a full gameplay experience. 

That is about it for my guide explaining what does the Cross do in Sons of the Forest. Did you find this guide helpful for using Cross in your game playthrough? What are your thoughts on using the item? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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