Dark Deception Is The Best Pac Man Style Arcade Horror Of The Decade

Delve into the Pac Man style horror maze with Dark Deception.

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Dark Deception is one of the best arcade horror games of the decade, and it was developed by Glowstick Games LLC. It has several parts, with its first one being released in 2018, and features maze-style horror gameplay.

It has a great storyline and fast-paced mechanics. The first maze that you will get to complete is called Monkey Business, where you will be chased down the hallways of a twisting hotel by the evil versions of monkeys. The game became very popular due to its similarity with Pac-Man.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Deception is an epic horror arcade game with a Pac-Man-style mechanic.
  • There are four chapters released so far, with its base game being free to play.
  • Dark Deception redefines the genre of horror arcade games with its epic gameplay and amazing graphics and storyline.

Pacman Style Gameplay

As I mentioned before, Pacman heavily inspired the gameplay style and mechanics of Dark Deception. The only difference is that you will be playing it in first person as you make your way through the dark and creepy hallways, running away from several monkeys out there to get you.

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Now you must be thinking, how will you be able to escape monkeys if you don’t know where they’re coming from? This is where the tablet comes into play. Your goal is to collect 289 purple gems called soul shards, much like the dots you collect in Pacman. Your tablet will be your best friend and will guide you as you collect these shards. 

Dealing With The Monkeys

When I first played Monkey Business, I found these monkeys more frustrating than scary. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about this nostalgic Pac-Man-style game, but not knowing where these monkeys are gonna come from puts me on edge every time. Even in easy mode, I found it to be tough.

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Luckily, you will eventually come across red shards that will reveal the location of these monkeys for a period of time. Despite that, however, it took me a solid 16 tries to complete this chapter. Yes, I know it sounds a lot, but if you are like me and love a good challenge, then Dark Deception is the game for you.

New Monsters And DLCS

Dark Deception itself comes with a free base game. However, if you want to unlock other chapters, you will have to spend money. Now, if you ask me, I actually prefer the DLCS over the base game.

In the second chapter, you face off against Agatha and the Gold Watchers. The first map you go through is the school, while the second map is a garden maze. Personally, I really enjoyed the garden maze as it was much more elaborate and fun to go through.

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The monsters of this game can certainly give you a tough time, but every chapter basically works on the same principle, which is to collect the shards and run away from monsters.

Chapter 3 features Dread Duckies and Gremclowns, while Chapter 4 has the Reaper Nurses, The Joy Joy Gang, and Mama Bear And Her Trigger Teddies. As you can probably guess, you will get to face a ton of different enemies, each with different tactics out there on a hunt to kill you.

Elaborate Maps And Mazes

One of the things I like the most about our Deception is definitely its elaborate maps and misses, along with a variety of characters. The graphics are great, and even if you run them on low settings, the gameplay is as fun as ever.

There is no doubt that some mechanics need improvement. The repetitive levels and the difficulty of Dark Deception can be frustrating at times. But I guess the difficulty it gives is what makes players come back to it again and again.

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Another great thing about Dark Deception is its attention to detail. There are a lot of Easter eggs hidden throughout the mazes. There are secret notes in every chapter, and you can even open some rooms in the hotel that will reveal murder monkeys. Easter eggs are scattered throughout the chapters, revealing extra characters and pieces of storyline.

Storyline And Overall Gameplay

The storyline of Dark Deception itself is not very concrete, and the only clear information is that you’re trapped in this nightmarish maze, and your goal is to find a way to escape.

There are a lot of theories going around the Internet, with fans claiming that the protagonist is actually trying to redeem himself so he can enter heaven. It is clear that Dark Deception mostly focuses on the gameplay and not the storyline.

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However, placing the pieces of the puzzle together until you conclude Dark Deception’s story is pretty fun. As I mentioned before, you will come across a lot of secrets and interactions that will give you an idea of what is actually happening.

I suggest that the players just enjoy the gameplay, and if they are curious, keep an eye out for the secret notes and messages hidden throughout the messages. Dark Deception is definitely a fresh breath of wind in the recent era of arcade games.

Its Chapter 5 is set to release in 2024, with a lot of fans anticipating its release. If you ask me, I will definitely recommend checking out Dark Deception, even if you don’t feel like getting the DLCs. Furthermore, it has a good score on Metacritic with it being rated as usually favorable.

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