Top 8 Best Dark Souls 2 Katanas

Dark Souls 2 Katanas

Dark Souls 2, much like the other two entries in Miyazaki’s unforgiving Dark Fantasy series Dark Souls, consists of a perilous world full of dangers. One primary method through which the player is supposed to work their way through this world is with weapons. While the game offers its players a lot of flexibility with weapons, from Maces to staves to heavy ultra greatswords, most Dark Souls players tend to stick with a sword base weapon for their playthroughs.

Katanas are a kind of weapon in Dark Souls and a very viable one at that. Here, we will rank all Best Dark Souls 2 Katanas. We hope you find this article useful, for more Dark Souls 2, consider checking out Best Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Dark Souls 2 Boss Souls Weapons.

Best Katanas In Dark Souls 2

There are a total of 8 Katanas in Dark Souls 2, each bringing with it something unique to the table. Katanas are a dexterity-based weapon that often come equipped with cool weapon arts and hit relatively quickly. Katanas usually have the coolest movesets among all sword-based weapons in Dark Souls 3 and on top of all this, they are lightweight too. Due to Katanas being a Dexterity weapon, they are excellent options for dexterity builds but can be very viable for Quality builds and hybrid builds that have a high enough Dexterity level.

Berserker Blade

Dark Souls 2 Best Katanas
Berserker Blade (credits: Nexus Mods)

While the Berserker blade is a good enough weapon that can be very viable, it ranks lowest in our list purely because of its mediocrity. The sheer amount of better alternatives make the Berserker blade, especially given how tough it is to acquire, a very underwhelming weapon not worth the trouble. Nothing about the Berserker blade makes it stand out against the rest of the Katanas.

Like most Katanas, the Berserker Blade has a moveset consisting of slash and thrust attacks. It can be enchanted and requires a strength and dexterity level of at least 18, with a dexterity rating of B and a strength rating of D, making it a decent option for Dexterity builds. We recommend a dexterity level of at least 50 to fully maximise the damage this weapon can deal.

The  Berserker blade can be upgraded to +5 using Twinkling Titanite. You can acquire it as a drop from the Prowlers in the Brume tower in the Crown Of The Old Iron King DLC. It is also the shortest among all Katanas in Dark Souls 2. Its lack of length and lack of uniqueness make it a poor option when put against its competitors.

All in all, while in no ways a bad weapon, there is not much good to say about the Berserker blade either. Its downfall is its averageness. While it is a fine weapon for both PVP and PVE encounters, a simple Uchigatana will fare much better than the Berserker Blade.

Bewitched Alonne Sword

Bewitched Alonne Sword

When it comes to Dark Souls 2 Katanas, the Bewitched Alone Sword is far from being a contender for the best Katana in Dark Souls 2. Being a perfect example of the age-old phrase, looks can be deceiving, this Katana is arguably as disappointing as it is visually appealing. This Katana is similar to the Rakuyo from Bloodborne, for it has a special ability that makes the player hurt themselves causing loss of health over time which translates into bleed damage buildup.

The Bewitched Alonne Sword has a moveset similar to that of the Berserker blade, consisting of thrusts and slash attacks. Its special causes as an increase in damage caused by additional bleed damage last for 30 seconds. When not buffed, this Katana is the weakest amongst all Dark Souls 2 Katanas. It can be buffed and enchanted, however, any buff that is not its special ability will not stack with the weapons ability.

The Bewitched Alonne Sword can be upgraded to +5 using petrified dragon bone. The Bewitched Alonne Sword requires a strength level of 22 and a dexterity level of at least 30, making it one of the highest dex requiring weapons in the game and a decent option for Dex and Quality builds. We require a Dexterity level of at least 45 to 50 for this weapon has an S dexterity scaling.

You can acquire this Dark Souls 2 Katana by killing Sir Alonne, and then transposing his soul through weaponsmith Ornifex for 18,000 souls. Due to its average moveset and extremely low base damage, the Bewtitched Alonne Sword is another udnerwheling Dark Souls 2 Katana. While it will get the job done in both PvE and PvP, it is average at best and has far better alternatives. The special ability is good but not worth the loss in health and given how this weapon requires you to beat a really tough boss in order to acquire it, it just is’nt worth it. While the quick attacks make it good for PvP encounters, other Katanas do the same job, but better.

Black Steel Katana

Dark Souls 2 Best Katanas
Black Steel Katana (Credits: Nexus Mods)

If nothing else, the special attack of the Blacksteel Katana alone makes it worth it. Reminiscent of weapons from the Ninja Gaiden series, the Blacksteel katana is a weapon that has a lot of Lore implications and comes with a very quick and powerful moveset.

The Blacksteel katana requires a strength level of at least 14 and a dexterity level of at least 25. It has an S rating in Dexterity making it a fine option for Dexterity builds. This Best Dark Souls 2 Katana has a moveset consisting of Slash and Thrusts and a special attack, quickdraw that gives it the coolest moveset amongst all Dark Souls 2 Katanas.

Quickdraw makes the weapon unless a very quick attack that does tons of damage, this attack alone makes this katana an excellent weapon to be dual-wielded. Aside from quickdraw, the Blacksteel katana also has a very quick moveset which means it outputs tons of damage in a relatively short amount of time.

The Blacksteel katana can be upgraded to +10 using Titanite and you can acquire it as a drop from Alonne Knights. It can be buffed and enchanted. Due to its simplicity, quick moveset, and quickdraw, the Blacksteel Katana is an excellent PvP weapon. It is also a very viable PvE weapon, especially when dual-wielded with a more PvE-focused sword. All in all, the Blacksteel Katana is a decent Katana that does everything it is supposed to.



The Manslayer is a very popular Katana in Dark Souls 2 which is often referred to as Poison Uchigatana. This Dark Souls 2 Katana has a moveset that is identical to that of the Uchigatan but does tons of Bleed damage.

To acuire the Manslayer, make sure you are hollow and have talked with Milfanito. From the Rise of the dead bonfire, climb up the set of stairs and walk past the door. Go through the shrine room and the following stairs, go out and walk to the left, there the Manslayer will be lying in a chest.

The manslayer requires a strength level of 11 and a dexterity level of at least 18 with a B and A scaling respectively, making it an excellent dexterity and quality Dark Souls 2 Katana. It can be upgraded to +5 using Twinkling Titanite.

Due to its effective moveset and high damage counting its poison damage, the Manslayer is a great option for both PvE and PvP. The Poison damage makes it very viable in PvP, certain to cause an annoyance to your foes. All in all, the manslayer is a very respectable Dark Souls 2 Katana, a great option for anyone considering a Katana.


Dark Souls 2 Best Katanas
Uchigatana (credits: Nexus Mods)

A legend among the Dark Souls community, the Uchigatana was bound to appear high up on this list. According to many, the Uchigatana is the finest Dark Souls 2 Katana. Due to its high counter damage, moveset, the Uchigatana is a great weapon in all Dark Souls games. (check out our Dark Souls 3 BEST PvP Weapons guide)

One reason why the Uchigatana has garnered so much love in the community is due to how accessible and beginner-friendly it is. It is one of the easiest to acquire among all Katanas in Dark Souls 2 and is arguably the most balanced, making it a contender for being the best katana in Dark Souls 2.

The Uchigatana can be buffed and infused. The Washing pole requires a strength level of at least 10 and a dexterity level of at least 16. It can be upgraded to +10 with Titanite. You can acquire it from Steady hand Mcduff for 5000 souls after giving him the Dull Ember. This is also one of the best Dark Souls 2 Katanas when it comes to Dual-wielding. Dual-wielding this Dark Souls 2 Katana with the Blacksteel Katana makes for an extremely devastating combo.

All in all, the Uchigatana is an excellent Dark Souls 2 Katana. Due to its varied moveset, its balancing, ease of use and simplicity, and high damage, the Uchigatana is one of the best Katanas in Dark Souls 2. It is very viable in PvP and PvE. Buffing it makes it for insane damage outputs in PvP and dual wielding it makes for a combo that will shred through any encounter in PvE.

Washing Pole

Another fan favorite and my personal favorite Katana amongst all Dark Souls games, the Washing Pole. Do not let its name deceive you, the Washing pole is an extremely devastating Dark Souls 2 Katana that is perfect for every encounter in the game. It is also one of the longest weapons in the game and the longest Dark Souls 2 Katana.

Due to its length, the Washing pole is an extremely viable weapon. It is as long as ultra greatswords but as fast as other Katanas, this makes for a very devastating combo. While the Washing pole does have a slight learning curve, especially when dual-wielded, it is definitely worth it.

It can be acquired from a chest in Dragon Shrine, the chest is a mimic. The Washing pole requires a strength level of at least 10 and a dexterity level of at least 18. It has an A rating for dexterity. We recommend a Dxeterity level of at least 50 when using the washing pole to maximize its damage output. It can be buffed and enchanted.

Due to its insane length, the washing pole makes for an excellent weapon for almost every encounter. A buffed washing pole will get you through any kind of PvE encounter, from bosses to hordes of ads. In PvE, it is much of the same, its length coupled with its high hitting speed means that you will be getting ample distance from your opponents, which will be essential for PvP encounters. On top of this, dual-wielding the Washing pole with something like the Blacksteel katana and/or the Uchigatana makes for crushing combos.


Darkdrift is arguably the strongest katana in Dark Souls. To this day, this Katana is considered to be broken by many due to how powerful it is. A buffed Darkdrift is one of the strongest PvP weapons in Dark Souls 2.

The Darkdrift is the lightest Dark Souls 2 Katana, giving it a quick moveset. It is also one of the coolest weapons in Dark Souls 2, with a transparent blade that is barely ever visible but for a slight glimmer. The Darkdrift has very high damage output and has a shield piercing special attack that comes in handy more than one might think.

The Darkdrift can be upgraded to +10 using Titanite. you can acquire it from Grave Warden Agdayne by talking to him after you have obtained the King’s ring. It requires a strength level of at least 12 and dexterity level of at least 28, making it the highest Dexterity requiring Dark Souls 2 Katana. It has an A dexterity scaling. We recommend a dexterity level of at least 40-50 to maximize Darkdrift’s effort.

Overall, the Darkdrift is a phenomenal Dark Souls 2 Katana, Its lightweight and versatility make it a great all-rounder, viable in all sorts of encounters. Its high damage output, coupled with its high hitting speed and ability to be buffed and pierce shields make it an excellent weapon.

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Chaos Blade

Chaos Blade (credit: Peatix)

Considered to be the greatest weapon in Dark Souls 2, the Chaos blade is a very powerful weapon worthy of all the respect it gets from Dark Souls 2 fans. Due to its insane counter damage and highest base damage amongst all dark Souls 2 katanas, the Chaos Blade takes the crown for being the best Dark Souls 2 katana.

The Chaos blade outputs insane amounts of damage and has very high counter damage which makes it a devastating PvP weapon. You can easily trade-in PvP without much thought. The Chaos blade inflicts 50 damage on the player per hit but the trade-off is worth it because this Dark Souls 2 Katana deals insane amounts of damage on your foe, crushing everything, from the Fume Knight to PvP players. The self-damage can be countered by things such as the ring of restoration.

The Chaos blade requires a strength rating of 12 and a dexterity rating of 25, with an S scaling in Dexterity. With 50 dexterity, the Chaos blade is one of the hardest-hitting weapons in Dark Souls 2. You can acquire the Chaos blade by trading the soul of Old Witch through weaponsmith Ornifex for 10,000 Souls. It can be upgraded to +5 using Petrified Dragon bone.

All in all, the Chaos blade is almost overpowered. Its insane damage output, insane counter damage, sick moveset, and ease of use make it the perfect Katana. It will crush every enemy in PvE and is so powerful in PvP that people consider it broken to this day. There is nothing the Chaos blade does not excel at. Throw what you may, this Dark Souls 2 Katana will gladly accept.


Are Katanas beginner-friendly?

While not the easiest of weapons, especially for beginners, most beginners will do just fine with a Katana. Unless you go for one of the more complicated Katanas, such as the Bewitched Alonne Katana, you should be okay. Getting good at PvP with Katanas will take some getting used to, however.

What is the best Katana in Dark Souls 2?

This comes down to personal preference, while many believe the Chaos blade is the greatest Katana in all of Dark Souls 2, I know people who think the Berserker Blade is the best. In the end, it comes down the weapon you have the most fun with.

What is the best PvE Katana in Dark Souls 2?

While this is again subjective, I believe the washing pole is the best PvE Katana. Due to its insane length, the washing pole allows for some of the most fun in the game. You can also maintain distance and handle hordes with ease, which helps with maintaining difficulty.

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