Dark Souls 3 BEST Bleed Weapons [400 Hours Experience]

I have spent 6+ months playing Dark Souls 3 and I am happy to share the best Bleed Weapons I found in the game!

dark souls 3 best bleed weapons
dark souls 3 best bleed weapons

There are three auxiliary effects in Dark Souls 3: Poison, Bleed, and Frostbite – certain weapons tailored towards maximizing even any of these effects can make them a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP.

While diving into all three auxiliary effects would be too much for the scope of one guide, I will go over the Best Bleed Weapons in Dark Souls 3 and the factors surrounding them.

Key Takeaways

Our Picks For Best DS3 Bleed Weapons:

  1. Carthus Curved Greatsword can achieve up to 99 bleed after reinforcement by titanite, infusion by blood gem, and 40 Luck. Its weapon art is Spin Slash. It is dropped by Graven Warden Skeletons in the Catacombs of Carthus.
  2. Onikiri and Ubadachi belong to the Katana category and inflict an insane bleed with similar alterations as in the Carthus Curved Greatsword. It can be dual-wielded and has an excellent weapon art, the Onislayer. It is dropped by Black Hand Kaumi on the top floor of the Grand Archives.
  3. Warden Twinblades, after going on the same upgrade path, gives 77 Bleed auxiliary points. It should be Dex-focused and dual-wielded to use its full potential.
About The Author

Farrukh Jafri has invested 400+ hours in Dark Souls 3. He has gone through extensive research playing the game, so you can easily trust the information he shares!

Bleed Weapons Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Bleed Weapons in Dark Souls 3 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponBest forAttack TypeFP costWeightDurabilityPhysical AttackCriticalStabilityStrengthDexterity
1Carthus Curved GreatswordBest Bleed Weapon for Dexterity Build.Slash910.5851221004018 (req)22 (req)
2Onikiri and UbadachiBest Weapons for Bleed Builds.Slash208.5351041003013 (req)25 (req)
3Warden TwinbladesBest Dual-Wielding Bleed Weapon.Slash76.570931003010 (req)18 (req)

Comparison table for all the Bleed Weapons.

Dark Souls 3 Pontiff Knight
A Pontiff Knight…. in the flesh?

1. Carthus Curved Greatsword

Best Bleed Weapon for Dexterity Build.
Attack TypeSlash
FP Cost9
Weight 10.5
Physical Attack122

Carthus Curved Greatsword Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose the Carthus Curved Greatsword?

The Carthus Curved Greatsword not only deals the highest bleed damage in a few hits but it can also be reinforced and infused with Titanite and a Blood gem to make it more lethal.

The Carthus Curved Greatsword is considered one of the best bleed weapons. If you don’t want to delve into the statistics and want a bleed weapon that won’t disappoint, try this bad boy out! The upgrade path for this weapon is quite apparent: reinforce it up to +10 with Titanite and carry out blood infusion with a Blood gem.

This, along with 40 luck, gives the Carthus Curved Greatsword 99 bleed, meaning that you can easily inflict bleeding within just 3-4 hits! Having 99 bleed is insane since very few weapons can achieve this feat with such stats and eviscerate enemies susceptible to bleed.

Its hyper armor or poise is particularly useful for its Weapon Art which is Spin slash. Spin Slash is a very deadly Weapon art that deals immense damage as your character unleashes a large spinning slash followed by a strong attack.

Dark Souls 3 Carthus Curved Greatsword
The Carthus Curved Greatsword in all its glory!

As far as PvP combos are concerned, I would recommend going for the ones where multiple hits connect on top of the first one. This is because your focus is not to deal the most damage but to inflict as many hits as possible since Bleed will do the rest of the job for you.

A combo you should heavily rely on is the right light attack followed by the right heavy attack. Another potent combo for trading blows would be the right light attack into its Weapon art – if you’re ever able to land this one in, the outcome is virtually decided at that point.

Location: Dropped by Grave Warden Skeletons in the Catacombs of Carthus.

  • Inflicts bleeding within 3-4 hits once infused with a Blood gem.
  • Has an impressive range.
  • Comes with hyper armor.

  • Has a D scaling in Strength.

2. Onikiri & Ubadachi

Best Weapons for Bleed Builds.
Attack TypeSlash
FP Cost20
Weight 8.5
Physical Attack104

Onikir & Ubadachi Stats Table.

Why Did I Choose the Onikiri and Ubadachi?

The Onikiri and Ubadachi can do wonderfully with both a Hollow and Bleed build, and its Weapon Art is one of the best among the other weapons. 

The Onikiri and Ubadachi, a katana, used to be one the meta weapons in discussions regarding Bleed builds and, despite the nerfs, has not entirely lost their charm.

It is ranked as one of the best Bleed weapons, most notably because of its Weapon Art. The upgrade path for this weapon is, of course, +10 reinforcement with titanite.

However, as far as its infusion is concerned, the Onikiri and Ubadachi do pretty well in both Hollow and Bleed build – but for the sake of consistency in this guide, I will be expanding upon a Blood-infused Onikiri and Ubadachi.

A Blood Onikiri and Ubadachi +10, along with high luck, similar to other weapons on this list, grants amazing auxiliary Bleed, which can be processed quite quickly thanks to the Weapon Art, which, one could say, was designed for this purpose.

Dark Souls 3 Onikiri and Ubadachi
Dual-wielding katanas have to be the coolest thing ever…

The Onikiri and Ubadachi should be integrated into a dex build as they come with a C scaling in Dexterity and a D scaling in Strength. The weapon itself, moreover, is very viable as it comes with a decent range, fast attack speed, and of course, dual-wielding capability.

While it does supplement an aggressive playstyle, it does fall short on the defensive side of things – you cannot hold a shield or equip a catalyst for spell-casting in your off-hand, so only take up this weapon if you’re looking for high-risk, high reward.

Do not underestimate the lethality of this Weapon Art as it deals with insane bleed buildup and has so much hyper armor that it poises through any light attack. With that said, you don’t need to rely on unique combos for this weapon, as spamming its Weapon Art at crucial points in time will be more than enough.

Location: Dropped by Black Hand Kamui at the top floor of the Grand Archives.

  • Can be easily upgraded with +10 Titanite reinforcement.
  • Work well with both Hollow and Bleed infusions.
  • Deals with a high bleed buildup and has hyper armor.

  • Has a D scaling in Strength.

3. Warden Twinblades

Best Dual-Wielding Bleed Weapon.
Attack TypeSlash
FP Cost7
Weight 6.5
Physical Attack93

Why Did I Choose the Warden Twinblades?

The Warren Twinblades inflict bleed damage much quicker and harder than other bleed weapons in my list. Moreover, its reinforcement and blood infusion path is quite easy to follow.

Another way of inflicting blood loss as fast as possible is using weapons that hit fast and hard. This is where the Warden Twinblades shine and earn a spot in my list of the bleed weapons. The upgrade path for this lethal pair of swords is similar to that of the Carthus Curved Greatsword: reinforce it up to +10 with titanite and carry out blood infusion with a Blood gem.

This, along with 40 luck, gives a bleed of 77 auxiliary points, which, while not as much as the Blood Carthus Curved Greatsword +10, is still quite frightening given its faster attack speed.

On the other hand, the Warden Twinblades have a D scaling in Strength and a D scaling in Dexterity – while equally viable on both builds, I would recommend centering a dex build around it is arguably a more dexterity-centric weapon. This is complemented by the fact that the weapon is highly spammable and somewhat rewards “R1 spamming”.

Dark Souls 3 Warden Twinblades
The Warden Twinblades have one of the best weapon designs!

PvP combos are not as noteworthy in the case of the Warden Twinblades because, in comparison to the Carthus Curved Greatsword, you do not need to rely on combos to connect several hits successfully.

The Warden Twinblades are fast, and their attack speed should not be underestimated. One quite powerful combo with them is easily the right light attack into the weapon art, which will proc bleed quickly.

Location: Dropped by Cathedral Grave Wardens, outside the Cathedral of the Deep and Untended Graves.

  • Deals a bleed of 77 auxiliary points.
  • Has a faster attack speed.
  • Works wonderfully with blood infusion.

  • Has a D scaling in Strength and Dexterity.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

Here’s a list of worthy bleed weapons from Dark Souls 3 that didn’t make the cut, in my opinion:

  • Bandit’s Knife: It is ineffective while trying to attempt thrust attacks.
  • Barbed Straight Sword: It doesn’t have very impressive attributes.
  • Morion Blade: It can be quite difficult to obtain.
  • Flamberge: Decent attributes, but has minimal bleed.
  • Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword: Impressive Dexterity scaling but poor range.
  • Washing Pole: Has a higher stamina cost for attacks.
  • Frayed Blade: Has the highest Dexterity requirement and low durability.
  • Chaos Blade: Damages you with each strike you make.
  • Great Scythe: Has a weak moveset, other than its running and strong attack.

What is My Recommendation?

As I said at the beginning of the guide, the discussion of viability around weapons in Dark Souls 3 isn’t just centered around stats like attack speed, damage values, or stamina consumption – things go much deeper than that! I believe I have demonstrated that point by opening a new chapter in that discourse regarding Auxiliary effects being arguably the best among them.

If you want to go for a bleed build, you must select a weapon that innately causes bleeding as opposed to relying on bleed-giving buffs like Carthus Rouge. Amongst such bleed weapons, some of the best are the Carthus Curved Greatsword, the Onikiri and Ubadachi, and the Warden Twinblades. Give them a shot if you’re feeling adventurous, lest they face another Nerf shortly!

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