Dark Souls 3 Best Burial Gift: Tips And Guide

I know the ins and outs of Dark Souls 3 having played for more than 100+ hours. I have shared here, the best burial gift along with a few tips to help you get started!

Dark Souls 3 Best Burial Gift
Dark Souls 3 Best Burial Gift: Tips And Guide

When you first start Dark Souls 3, you’re allowed to select a burial gift as part of the character creation process. You have an option to select nothing at all, but why would you pass up free loot? Today’s guide will be all about the Best Burial Gift.

Key Takeaways

  • Players have nine burial gift options, allowing you to customize their experience based on their playstyle and preferences.
  • While there’s no one-size-fits-all choice like in previous games, the “Life Ring” and “Black Firebombs” stand out as valuable options for an early health boost and assistance against the first boss, Gundyr.
  • Certain gifts like “Divine Blessing,” “Hidden Blessing,” “Fire Gem,” “Sovereignless Soul,” and “Rusted Coin” are less favored due to limited long-term benefits or late-game abundance.
  • The “best” burial gift varies based on individual playstyle and preferences. While some options like the “Sovereignless Soul” and “Black Firebombs” provide distinct advantages, the ideal choice depends on your specific in-game goals and strategies.

About The Author

Hasaan has covered 100+ hours in Dark Souls games, so you can easily trust the information he provides for the best-starting gifts in the game. 

You are given nine options to choose from, and much like previous installments of Dark Souls, there are some standout options. Much like various builds and weapons, you can try out these gifts to find the ideal one for your playstyle.

Dark Souls 3 best burial gift
All nine Burial Gifts

In Dark Souls 1, the best burial gift was the master key, and in Dark Souls 2, it was Petrified Something. While there is a burial gift, which I recommend, there isn’t an obvious choice like the previous entries.

1. Life Ring

Best Burial Gift for Survival.

Why did I Choose Life Ring?

I chose the Life Ring for the increased survivability it offers, making it an excellent choice for new players and providing a lasting benefit throughout the game.

dark souls 3 best burial gift
Life Ring Burial Gift

The Life Ring boosts your maximum health by 7% when equipped with a mere 0.3 weight. Keep it equipped for the passive effect.

It’s an excellent starting gift, remaining useful throughout the game, especially with higher Vigor. Ideal for new players, multiple rings are available, and you can buy one from Shrine Handmaid. I strongly recommend prioritizing this for an early-game health boost.

  • Useful throughout the game, especially for new players.
  • Boosts maximum health by 7% with minimal weight.
  • Multiple rings are available in the game.

  • Doesn’t provide a direct offensive advantage.

2. Divine Blessing

Best Burial Gift for Healing.

Why did I Choose Divine Blessing?

I chose the Divine Blessing for its emergency healing, as the immediate full healing can be a lifesaver in tough situations.

dark souls 3 best burial gift
Divine Blessing description

Divine Blessing, a one-time consumable, fully heals and cures ailments. Despite their utility, single-use items aren’t my top choice unless they offer long-term benefits.

It’s less useful for the early game due to the absence of ailments like bleed or poison. Consider gifts with enduring effects for greater in-game advantages.

  • Immediate full healing can be crucial in challenging situations.
  • Provides a cure for ailments, adding utility.

  • Limited to a single use, making it less appealing for long-term benefits.

3. Hidden Blessing

Best Burial Gift for Mana Restoration.

Why did I Choose Hidden Blessing?

I chose the Hidden Blessing for mana restoration, making it suitable for builds heavily reliant on FP. 

dark souls 3 best burial gift
Description for the Hidden Blessing

Hidden Blessing fully replenishes your FP, yet it’s another one-time-use item, which I advise against. Like Divine Blessing, it’s less valuable early on. While it suits mana-based builds like faith, better options exist for later stages of the game. 

  • Useful for mana-based builds, particularly those focusing on faith.
  • Fully replenishes FP  as a one-time-use item.

  • Limited to a single use, making it less advantageous for prolonged use.

4. Black Firebomb

Best Burial Gift for Early Offense.

Why did I Choose Black Firebomb?

I chose the Black Firebomb for its early offense, as the Black Firebombs can significantly aid in defeating the initial boss, Gundyr, and can provide you with an offensive advantage in the early game.

Black Firebomb is useful for the first boss

The sole offensive burial gift in Dark Souls 3, these projectiles are equipped on your utility belt for throwing.

They inflict substantial damage, particularly to fire-weak foes. Unlike most temporary items, Black Firebombs are an exception. They shine against Gundyr, the initial boss, making the fight smoother. Five bombs come with this gift, all likely used on Gundyr.

Veterans can pass it up, as these bombs are abundant in the game. I will say choose it only if you’re stuck on that initial battle.

  • Effective against the initial boss, Gundyr, making the fight smoother.
  • Provides five Black Firebombs.
  • Useful for dealing substantial damage.

  • Readily available later in the game, making the gift less essential for veterans.

5. Fire Gem

Best Burial Gift for Beginners.

Why did I Choose Fire Gem?

I chose the Fire Gem for its early weapon upgrade potential, especially for low-scaling weapons that benefit from the added fire damage.

This gift can boost your fire damage

A popular initial choice, the Fire Gem is beloved for its early-game upgrade potential. It adds fire damage to a melee weapon but eliminates its scaling effect. Ideal for low-scaling weapons.

A small catch: you’ll need to gather Coal and entrust it to a blacksmith to complete the infusion. Obtain this gem after defeating the fire demon in Undead Settlement.

  • Adds fire damage to a melee weapon.
  • Popular choice for early-game upgrade potential.
  • Ideal for low-scaling weapons seeking elemental damage.

  • Requires getting Coal and entrusting it to a blacksmith for complete infusion.

6. Sovereignless Soul

Best Burial Gift for Early-Level Boost.

Why did I Choose Sovereignless Soul?

I chose the Sovereignless Soul for the early-level boost it provides, providing you with a slight advantage in leveling at the beginning of the game.

dark souls 3 best burial gift
This grants you, souls, once used

This consumable adds 2000 souls to your pool upon use, so choose it only when necessary, as it’s always safeguarded in your inventory. Particularly beneficial for early-game leveling.

Keep it until you can access leveling to avoid squandering it. Farming souls is straightforward for skilled players, making this gift’s head start relatively minor and often not worth the effort.

  • Grants 2000 souls upon use.
  • Safeguarded in the inventory until needed.
  • Facilitates early-game leveling, giving an initial boost.

  • The head start is relatively minor for skilled players who can efficiently farm souls.

7. Rusted Gold Coin

Best Burial Gift for Increased Item Discovery.

Why did I Choose the Rusted Gold Coin?

I chose the Rusted Gold Coin for increased item discovery, understanding that it can be really useful later on, but realizing that it might not make a big difference for players.

Burial Gift – Rusted Gold Coin

Many players consider Rusted Coin the least favorable starting choice, even worse than choosing nothing. It’s a 60-second consumable that boosts the item discovery rate, hardly a substantial benefit in terms of time.

Early use is unlikely. On the upside, you receive 7 Rusted Coins, granting you 420 seconds of increased item discovery.

If you opt for this gift, remember it’s more valuable in the late game. You can uncover hidden treasures in challenging-to-spot areas with these coins. The Gold Coin is available at Firelink Shrine, making this option less appealing.

  • Boosts item discovery rate for 60 seconds.
  • Can be valuable in the late game for uncovering hidden treasures.

  • The 60-second duration may limit its immediate impact.

8. Cracked Red Eye Orb

Best Burial Gift for Early PvP Opportunity.

Why did I Choose Cracked Red Eye Orb?

I chose the Cracked Red Eye Orb for the early PvP opportunity it provides, catering to players interested in engaging in multiplayer activities from the start.

Used to invade players in PVP

Dark Souls 3 multiplayer enthusiasts may appreciate this gift, offering a single chance to invade another player. However, early-game invasions are likely not your priority.

Other selections provide more immediate value than the Cracked Red Eye Orb. You start with 4 orbs, and they’re readily available later on, even as gifts in Firelink Shrine. Engaging in PVP at this stage isn’t advisable, so consider alternative options.

  • Appeals to multiplayer enthusiasts interested in early-game PvP.

  • Early-game invasions may not be a priority for all players.

9. Young White Branch

Best Burial Gift for Camouflage and Stealth.

Why did I Choose Young White Branch?

I chose the Young White Branch for its camouflage and stealth capabilities, acknowledging its situational usefulness, particularly for specific interactions in the game.

dark souls 3 best burial gift
The branch can help you blend in with your surroundings

The Young White Branch, a single-use consumable, camouflages you as an object matching your surroundings, akin to a chameleon effect. While enjoyable, it lacks overall value.

You can locate this item near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. It’s essential if you wish to befriend the giant in the area to halt its projectiles. You obtain one White Branch as a burial gift but can gather up to three from the bridge.

  • Camouflages the player as an object matching the surroundings, providing stealth.
  • Useful for specific situations, such as befriending the giant near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.

  • Limited overall value compared to other options.

What Would I Recommend?

Based on my extensive experience with Dark Souls 3, I would recommend the Sovereignless Soul or Black Firebombs as the optimal burial gifts. The “Sovereignless Soul” provides a valuable early-level boost, allowing players to have an extra edge in leveling up at the beginning of the game. This can be particularly advantageous for new players or those looking to streamline their early-game progression.

On the other hand, the “Black Firebombs” offer a unique offensive advantage, proving especially effective against the initial boss, Gundyr, and providing a smoother experience for players navigating the early challenges.

Both gifts cater to different playstyles and preferences, ensuring a more tailored and rewarding experience for players.

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