6 BEST Catalysts In Dark Souls 3 [2023]

I have spent 6+ months playing Dark Souls 3 and I am happy to share the best catalysts I found in the game!

Dark souls 3 Catalysts
Dark souls 3 Catalysts Guide!
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Farrukh Jafri has invested 400+ hours in Dark Souls 3. He has gone through extensive research playing the game, so you can easily trust the information he shares!

What Are Catalysts In Dark Souls 3?

Catalysts are a highly specialized class of weapons in Dark Souls used to cast spells equipped in one’s Attunement Slots (which can be increased by leveling up the Attunement stat or providing specific rings obtained in the game). While their viability only extends as far as spell casting is concerned, there are a few exceptional ‘Melee Combat Catalysts’ that bilaterally behave as both Catalysts and viable Melee weapons.

Now this begs the question: What the Best Catalysts in Dark Souls 3? The question, as you may have guessed, does not have a straightforward answer, and depends on what kind of build you’re going for: Sorcery, Pyromancy, Miracle or Melee-hybrid (mainly relevant to PvP).

Key Takeaways

  • Catalysts are specialized weapons for casting spells in Attunement Slots.
  • The best catalyst depends on your build: Sorcery, Pyromancy, Miracle, or Melee-hybrid.
  • Acquire catalysts through drops, soul transposition, or purchase from merchants.
  • Notable catalysts include Heysel Pick (melee and sorcery), Demon’s Scar (pyromancy and melee), Rose of Ariandel (melee and miracle), Court Sorcerer Staff (powerful sorcery catalyst), Pyromancer’s Parting Flame (pyromancy), and Yorshka’s Chime (miracle).

Best Catalysts Compared

Here is a comparison table for the Best Catalysts in Dark Souls 3. The table can be sorted for the highest and lowest values:

No.CatylystsPhysical AttackPhysicalGuardMagic GuardStabilityDurabilityWeightFP CostPurchasing ValueSoul Value
1Heysel Pick93503035704.59(-/-)-1500
2Demon’s Scar0253530700.57(-/20)100001500
3Rose of Ariandel79251510504.525(-/-)30001000
4Court Sorcerer Staff6025251045215(-/-)-800
5Pyromancer’s Parting Flame000-654.525(-/-)-500
6Yorshka’s Chime54251510600.513(-/-)-100

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
Different types of magic can be told apart by their color.; sorcery, for example, is signified by the color blue.

Heysel Pick (Melee + Sorcery)

SkillSteady Chat
Weapon CategoryHammer
Wgt. 4.5
Attack typeThrust
FP Cost9(-/-)
Purchasing Value-
Soul Value1500

The Heysel Pick reigns amongst the meta weapons and is considered one of the Best Catalysts in Dark Souls 3. It requires 12 strength, 10 dexterity, and 19 intelligence to use – once usable; it performs feats that no other catalyst can come close to doing.

On the magic side of things, it can be combo’d with potent sorceries such as Farron Flashsword, Great Farron Dart, Great Soul Arrow (even Soul Greatsword or Old Moonlight if the player has a fast enough cast speed). On the other hand, as a melee weapon, it deals chip damage (damage through shields), has the flexibility to perform jump attacks, and possesses counter damage capability as it is technically a Thrust-type weapon.

While it can not be infused, Heysel Pick, as is the case with most catalysts, has Steady Chant as the weapon art – this increases both the damage of the spells cast by it and the melee damage of the weapon itself.

Putting these two aspects of the weapon together, we get its True Combo in PvP: First, attack from the weapon in your main hand, then perform a light attack from Heysel Pick in your off-hand and then cap it off with a Soul Greatsword (which will roll-catch even if the enemy tries to roll away).

Location: Drops from Yellowfinger Heysel, an invading dark spirit encountered in the Road of Sacrifices.

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
Encountering Yellowfinger Heysel in the Road of Sacrifices.

Demon’s Scar (Melee + Pyromancy)

SkillSpin Slash
Weapon CategoryHammer
Wgt. 0.5
Attack typeSlash
FP Cost7(-/20)
Ppurchasing Value10000

The Demon’s Scar is one of the most common weapons used in Pyromancy Builds (see our guide on Pyromancy Builds to learn more), making it to the list of Best Catalysts. It requires 16 dexterity, 17 intelligence, and 17 faith to use – it is the lightest Curved Sword in Dark Souls 3.

As a pyromancy catalyst, it can cast powerful pyromancies such as Chaos Bed Vestiges, Great Combustion, Black Flame, etc. It can also combo with Black Flame and Great Combustion, provided that one has a high enough casting speed (commonly achieved by equipping Sage Ring +2). As a melee weapon, it is fast, capable of performing jump attacks, and arguably outdoes every other Curved Sword in terms of critical damage.

Unlike the Heysel Pick, it has the ‘Spin Slash’ skill as its weapon art, whose description goes as follows: “Spin to stoke a fierce chaos flame and use momentum to transition into a strong spinning attack, creating a short-lived lava pool.” The proper combo for Demon’s Scar is unanimously agreed to be a light attack (R1) into Black Flame – a bonus tip with this combo is that it usually compels opponents to panic roll, which, if you’re good at roll-catching, can send them down into a hellish sequence of relentless being roll-caught.

Location: Acquired by Soul Transposition of the Soul of the Demon Prince at Ludleth of Courtland in Firelink Shrine.

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
The Demon’s Scar in all its glory!

Rose of Ariandel (Melee + Miracle)

Weapon CategoryWhip
Wgt. 4.5
Attack typeStandard
FP Cost25(-/-)
Purchasing Value3000
Soul Value1000

The Rose of Ariandel is an underrated weapon in Dark Souls 3, often recognized as one of the best catalysts. It requires 10 strength, 12 dexterity, and 17 faith to use effectively. Understanding its unique characteristics is crucial for optimal use:

  1. Miracle Catalyst: As a miracle catalyst, it pairs exceptionally well with the Lightning Arrow miracle. Lightning Arrow is versatile with fast casting and homing arrows, making it effective for punishing opponents attempting to heal with Estus Flasks. Its weapon art, ‘Awakening,’ boosts miracle damage by an impressive 25% for the next 2 minutes.
  2. Weapon Characteristics: The Rose of Ariandel is both a whip and a club, combining a club-like moveset with whip mechanics. It cannot be parried but also cannot be used for backstabs or ripostes.
  3. True Combo: The weapon’s true combo involves pairing it with the Force miracle. Force doesn’t deal damage but knocks enemies down, creating opportunities for follow-up attacks. Be creative with how you use this combination in various situations.

Overall, the Rose of Ariandel’s versatility and unique characteristics make it a formidable choice for players who understand its capabilities.

Location: Acquired by Soul Transposition of the Soul of Sister Friede at Ludleth of Courtland in Firelink Shrine.

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
“A flail used by the bulbous Father of the Painted World to shred his own skin, producing blood to appease the flame. Both a weapon and a miracle catalyst.”

Court Sorcerer Staff (Sorcery)

SkillSteady Chant
Weapon CategoryStaff
Wgt. 2.0
Attack typeStrike
FP Cost15(-/-)
Purchasing Value-
Soul Value800

The Court Sorcerer Staff is community-ranked as the most powerful catalyst in Dark Souls 3 for sorcerers that do not use dark spells. It falls under the category of a Stave, catalysts that are used to cast sorceries (see our Top 4 Staves guide to learn more about Staves). Remember when we talked about builds that eviscerate even endgame bosses? Well, the Court Sorcerer Staff is often centered around those builds. Hence, it easily counts as one of the Best Catalysts.

The Court Sorcerer Staff requires 6 strength and 14 intelligence to use. It has an A scaling with intelligence, meaning it gets stronger the more you invest into your intelligence stat – at 60 intelligence with +10 reinforcement, it has a frightening spellbuff of 238, which where the real ‘magic’ begins (pun intended). That is, however, the spellbuff calculated without taking Steady Chant into account! Although, bear in mind that the cost of Steady Chant is double in the case of this catalyst, so use it with the mentality of “high risk, high reward”.

Location: Drops from a mimic encountered in the toxic swamp area in the Profaned Capital.

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
“Catalyst used by the court sorcerers of the Profaned Capital. Very powerful when wielded by an exceptionally intelligent sorcerer.”

Pyromancer’s Parting Flame (Pyromancy)

SkillParting Flame
Weapon CategoryPyromancy Flame
Wgt. 4.5
Attack typeStrike
FP Cost25(-/-)
Ppurchasing Value-
Soul Value500

The Heysel Pick is considered one of the best catalysts in Dark Souls 3. It requires 12 strength, 10 dexterity, and 19 intelligence to use. This versatile weapon offers unique advantages:

  1. Magic Compatibility: It can be used with potent sorceries like Farron Flashsword, Great Farron Dart, Great Soul Arrow, Soul Greatsword, or Old Moonlight if the player has fast cast speed.
  2. Melee Capabilities: It deals chip damage through shields, allows for jump attacks, and possesses counter damage due to being a Thrust-type weapon.
  3. Weapon Art: While it can’t be infused, it features Steady Chant as its weapon art. This increases both spell and melee damage.

In PvP, the Heysel Pick’s True Combo involves starting with a main-hand weapon attack, following with a light attack from the Heysel Pick in the off-hand, and finishing with a Soul Greatsword. This combo is effective for roll-catching opponents trying to evade your attacks.

Location: Found on a corpse in the area where the Livid Pyromancer Dunnel, a dark invading spirit is encountered in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
Full details behind Pyromancer’s Parting Flame. It’s not as complicated as it looks!

Yorshka’s Chime (Miracle)

SkillGentle Prayer
Weapon CategorySacred Chime
Wgt. 0.5
Attack typeStrike
FP Cost13(-/-)
Ppurchasing Value-
Soul Value100

Yorshka’s Chime marks the last entry in our list of Best Catalysts. A bonus that this catalyst comes with is the skill ‘Gentle Prayer’ that is found with most Sacred Chimes. This casts a shade of healing over the player, slowly recovering HP for a duration of time – it must be noted that the ‘Gentle Prayer’ only stays in effect for as long as Yorshka’s Chime is equipped; unequipping it will nullify the effect.

It requires 3 strength and 30 faith to use and has an A scaling with faith. One of the main reasons Yorshka’s Chime is considered to be one of the best catalysts in the game, and arguably the best in its category of Sacred Chimes is its spellbuff, which caps at 60 Faith at 247. Achieving the highest Spell Buff possible for any miracle catalyst, it is objectively the most effective in its league and any player should consider centering their pure faith build around it.

Location: Drops from Company Captain Yorshka, Covenant Leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon when killed. She is located in Anor Londo across the invisible bridge (can be found using prism stones).

Dark Souls 3 Best Catalysts
The beautiful Covenant Leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon, Company Captain Yorshka


In conclusion, if you are more of a PvP-oriented Dark Souls 3 player, then you should consider going for ‘Melee-combat catalysts’ as using pure pyromancy/miracle/sorcery builds can backfire and be heavily punished in situations where you can not use your spells (such as FP running out or low stamina) – opponents will be quick to close the gap if you slip up.

Amongst the ‘Melee-combat catalysts’, we rank Heysel Pick, Demon’s Scar and Rose of Ariandel as one of the best – each caters to a category of magic so you can surely find one that fits your build! On the other hand, as far as PvE is concerned, pure magic catalysts stand out In Dark Souls 3 due to the variety of situational spells available whose damage output can be maximized with the right catalysts. Amongst these, we rank Court Sorcerer’s Staff, Pyromancer’s Parting Flame and Yorshka’s Chime to be one of the best catalysts available.

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