Top 19 BEST Dark Souls 3 Best Rings

With over 600+ hours invested in Dark Souls 3, I bring you a hands-on experience related to the best rings in Dark Souls 3!

Dark Souls 3 best rings
Dark Souls 3 best rings guide.

Calling Dark Souls 3, a difficult game is an understatement. Fans of From Software’s and Sekiro franchises know what to expect from their games. Finding and equipping rings in Dark Souls 3 can help you out a great deal by making life a little easier for you. Today’s guide will take a look at the Dark Souls 3 best rings.

Key Takeaways

Rings are items you get along the journey in Dark Souls 3 that provide effects and make things easier for you. They are 107 in total. Here are the best ones:

  1. Chloranthy Ring: Boosts Stamina regen.
  2. Silvercat Ring: Negates fall damage.
  3. Sun Princess Ring: Recovers HP over time.
  4. Hornet Ring: Enhances critical damage.
  5. Prisoner Chain: Provides extra stats but takes more damage.
  6. Blue Tearstone Ring: Activates at low health for defense.
  7. Aldrich Ruby: Recovers HP on critical hits.
  8. Obscuring Ring: Makes you less visible at a distance.
  9. Untrue Dark Ring: Changes appearance to confuse opponents.
  10. Ring of Favor: Buffs various character qualities.
  11. Havel’s Ring: Increases equipment carrying capacity.
  12. Life Ring: Boosts max HP.
  13. Lloyd’s Sword Ring: Increases attack when at full health.
  14. Chloranthy Ring: Boosts stamina recovery.
  15. Hunter’s Ring: Grants extra dexterity.
  16. Witch’s Ring: Enhances Pyromancy damage.
  17. Sage’s Ring: Increases casting speed.
  18. Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring: Boosts casting damage.
  19. Saint’s Ring: Adds an attunement slot for more spells.
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Best DS3 Rings Comparison

Here is a comparison table for the Best Rings in Dark Souls 3. You can sort the stats for the highest or lowest values:

No.RingsSoul ValueWeight
1Chloranthy Ring1000.7
2The Silvercat Ring500.6
3Sun Princess Ring6000.6
4Hornet Ring10001.1
5Prisoner Chain1500.8
6Blue Tearstone Ring3001.1
7Aldrich Ruby6000.8
8Obscuring Ring?0.9
9Untrue Dark/White Rings5000.7
10Ring Of Favour1001.5
11Havel’s Ring1001.5
12Life Ring1500.3
13Llyod’s Sword Ring5000.9
14Chloranthy Ring1000.7
15Hunters Ring3000.8
16Witch’s Ring1501
17Sage’s Ring1000.7
18Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring1501
19Saint’s Ring1000.5

You can find dozens of rings – 107, to be exact. Finding them all will grant you a trophy; so, if you are an achievement hunter, make sure to get them all. Furthermore, you can equip up to four rings at a time.

Hold on tight because we’re diving straight into what rings are the best and which ones you should equip to enhance your power.

Dark Souls 3 best rings
Fighting against an invader in Dark Souls 3

Rings provide a series of passive effects. You can think of them as a way to shore up weaknesses and highlight the strengths of your build. Some rings will boost the build’s effectiveness, where others your keystones required for a builder’s success.

I will not be noting down all the rings; instead, I’ll list down some of the best ones viable on most invasions, even if they are situational. The smaller scope leaves a scant few rings to discuss; so, let’s get started.

Chloranthy Ring

An upgraded version of the Chloranthy Rung

Soul Value100
AvailabilityUndead Settlement
EffectRaises Stamina Recovery Speed by 7 points per second

It is great for keeping active during invasions. While it does take up a ring slot, it also provides you with extra stamina regeneration. The best part is that you won’t need to stop using it. The ring stacks with Green Blossoms as well, making you much harder to catch and makes it difficult for enemies to flee from you.

The Silvercat Ring

Soul Value50
AvailabilityFirelink Shrine (gift from Sirris)
EffectPrevents damage from falling

This might be the most incredible tool in an invader’s arsenal. The ring completely negates fall damage so long the fall wouldn’t be fatal at full HP. This dramatically increases your freedom of movement. If you are running from a gank squad, you can roll down a mountain or stairs without taking any damage.

You’ll rarely be followed after a long fall. If the enemy decides to jump after you, you can just hit them when they land. Even some shortfalls become highly useful. You can use the damage from the fall to whittle away at enemy players.

The Silvercat Ring isn’t just a defensive tool. You can even use it aggressively. If you are chasing an enemy player, you can use shortcuts that would otherwise take away your HP. It makes catching up to a player much convenient. I think this entry deserves a spot in Dark Souls 3 best rings.

Sun Princess Ring

This is one of the most useful passives during invasions

Soul Value600
AvailabilityAnor Lando
EffectRestore two hp per second

There are times when you can’t end an invasion in the first minute. Even if you quickly kill a player, it can take some time to reach the critical moment. Sometimes the host may flee, leaving behind phantoms. This is where the Sun Princess Ring comes into play.

It lets you recover a lot of HP over these longer battles. It is especially good with high absorption and flat defense, making each point of HP that much more valuable.

Hornet Ring

Soul Value1000
AvailabilityUntented graves
EffectBoosts Critical Attacks

This ring is a staple for invaders. It is so ubiquitous and well recognized, making it almost a symbol for invasions. This is second only to the Red Eye Orb itself. It increases your damage dealt with a critical strike.

Most of the time it can assist you in finishing phantoms in one hit at full health. It is most viable at higher levels though – when your weapon AR increases sharply. The Hornet Ring easily pushes the resulting damage to the extremes. Many players use this ring to ensure they are never a moment away from victory, regardless of how many mistakes are made.

Prisoner Chain

dark souls 3 best rings
This ring is not good against heavy weapons.

Soul Value150
AvailabilityTranspose the soul of Champion Gundy
EffectGain Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality by 5, but take 4% extra damage

If you are at a lower level, this ring will be highly beneficial. It provides 5 levels of Vigor, Vitality, and Endurance for a bit less absorption. The extra health and flat defense somewhat mitigate the loss of absorption. You can also recoup some of the lost absorptions with heavier armor.

With this combination of stats and penalty, you can think of the prisoner’s chain as making your build better against light weapons. Your only concern will be against heavier weapons. Since you will have the absorption penalty, the heavy weapons will yield a bit more damage than you might like.

Blue Tearstone Ring

Soul Value300
AvailabilityHigh Wall of Lothric(gift from Greirat)
EffectBoosts damage absorption by 20% when HP is below 20%

The Blue Tearstone Ring is a great filler ring to handle emergencies. You might want to have it equipped if you are regularly scrambling to recover after being thrashed by hosts and phantoms alike.

It only becomes active when you are at low health. If you are usually successful in invasions, you might want to swap to some other rings that are active regardless of your HP.

Aldrich Ruby

dark souls 3 best rings
The description for Aldrich Ruby

Soul Value600
AvailabilityDeep Accursed - drop
EffectRecovers 85 HP from critical attacks.

If you’re good with critical attacks, Aldrich Ruby can be a great fit for you. The free health it provides is incredibly valuable when invading. Every backstab riposte recovers a good chunk of your HP and can save Estus in longer battles.

The ring also helps recover some of the health lost to establish a critical strike in the first place.

Obscuring Ring

Soul Value?
AvailabilityCathedral of the Deep - gift from Rosaria
EffectHides the presence of the wearer when far away.

Good invasions aren’t simply about the time spent engaging enemy players. A large portion of invasions is observation, posturing, or even taking time to regroup.

You have the complete freedom of retreating or engaging at will due to this ring. It’s often used to attack from afar. Arrows can hit without notice and a sudden crystal soul sphere quickly ends an unwitting phantom.

Untrue Dark/White Rings

dark souls 3 best rings
The Untrue Dark Ring is quite effective

Soul Value500
AvailabilityFirelink Shrine (sold by Yuria of Londor)
EffectTake the appearance of a phantom.

They provide a way to inject a bit of confusion into a group battle. Appearing as a host or phantom can add a slight bit of hesitation to player decisions and every lapse in judgment can provide a crucial opening.

Due to how player names are displayed, it’s easy to identify the player posing as host or phantom. You may find that these rings are best used on the other side of the encounter, rather than when invading.

The Untrue Dark Ring at least makes it harder to spot the invader at a distance. It eliminates the bright red color typically seen on an invader.

Ring Of Favour

The rin of favour in Ds3
Ring Of Favour


Soul Value100
AvailabilityIrithyll of the Boreal Valley
EffectIncreases max HP by 3%, stamina by 9%, and maximum equip load by 5%.

The ring of favor is probably the best overall ring in Dark Souls 3. It is one of the best PvE rings in Dark Souls 3 and is viable for all kinds of builds. It provides a balanced overall buff to your character.

The Rings of Faavour increases a player’s HP by 3%, their stamina by 8.5% and their max equip load by 5%. Such a buff is applicable to every kind of Dark Souls 3 class. All in all, the Ring of Favor tops the best Dark Souls 3 Rings list.

To acquire this ring, you will have to beat the first Sulyvahn Beasts you encounter in Dark Souls 3. After beating Pontiff Sulyvahn, head out and walk through the courtyard of Giants. Straight ahead you will find a building. Upon entering that building, go to the far left wall and smack it to get rid of its illusion. Climb down the stairs and beat the Beasts to acquire this ring.

Havel’s Ring

The Ring Of Havel
Havel’s Ring


Soul Value100
AvailabilityTransposed from the Soul of a Stray Demon.
EffectIncreases maximum equip load by 15%

Havels ring is an iconic ring throughout the series. This Ring greatly increases your equipment carry capacity that can help all kinds of builds. While what this ring does is very basic, the benefits can be numerous.

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Havel’s Ring increases your max carry load by 15%. This ring is known for being massive aid for tanky builds. Havels Ring is essential for creating builds with heavy armor and a heavy weapon. It is even viable for caster-type builds for it will help them carry a heavy weapon despite their minimal overall capacity. Overall, Havel’s ring is one of the best Dark Souls 3 rings and a very useful Dark Souls 3 PvE ring.

To acquire this ring, you need to transpose the soul of the stray demon. The Stray Demon is found by taking the elevator at the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.

Life Ring

Life Ring DS3
Life Ring

Soul Value150
Availability• Burial gift
• Firelink Shrine (sold by the Shrine Handmaid)
EffectRaises maximum HP by 7%.

The Life Ring is one of the most underrated Dark Souls 3 rings for it can be a very viable Dark Souls 3 PvE ring. This Ring increases a player’s max HP by 7%.

While just an increase in max HP may not sound like much, it can be extremely helpful in PvE, especially if you have a high HP, to begin with. Given how easy it is to die in Dark Souls 3 PvE, this ring can be the difference between life and death. It can be especially useful against boss fights and can be a means of saving embers.

You can purchase the life ring from the Shrine Handmaiden after giving her the dreamchasers ashes. You can acquire the dreamchasers’ ashes behind the illusory wall at the watchdogs of Farron location.

Llyod’s Sword Ring

Llyods Ring in Dark Souls 3
Llyod’s ring


Soul Value500
AvailabilityCathedral of the Deep
EffectBoosts attack power by 12.5% when HP is full.

Another extremely underrated overall ring, the Llyod sword ring boosts 10% attack in both PvE and PvP when your health is full. While a decent boost in PvE, this makes it one of the best Dark Souls 3 PvP rings.

A 10% boost can mean the difference between victory and defeat in PvP. Through the use of this ring, you will be outputting massive amounts of damage on your foes. It will also be essential for people who use weapons like the frayed blade or spam R1 for the extra 10% damage will go a long way for chained attacks.

Llyod’s sword ring can be found in the Cathedral of the deep. You can pick it up in the ground after killing the first Giant.

Chloranthy Ring

Cloranthy Ring in Dark Souls 3
Chloranthy Ring

Soul Value100
AvailabilityUndead Settlement
EffectRaises stamina recovery speed by 7 points per second.

No Dark Souls 3 PvP rings ist is complete without the Cloranthy Ring. This ring greatly boosts stamina recovery which can be a massive aid for PvP.

The Chloranthy ring boosts stamina recovery by 7 points per second, this boost can go a long way in PvP, where stamina is essential. Due to the amount of dodging that goes into Dark Souls 3 PvP duels, this ring can be of massive aid.

You can acquire the Chloranthy Ring in the Undead settlement, in the area where you fight a demon with Seigward. Here is Fextralife’s Video showing the location of the Cloranthy ring.

Hunters Ring

Hunters Ring In Dark Souls 3
Hunter’s Ring


Soul Value300
AvailabilityGrand Archives
EffectIncreases dexterity by 5.

The Hunters Ring is a very basic ring but arguably the best Dark Souls 3 Dex ring. It increases dex points by 5.

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While what Hunter’s ring does is very basic, the benefits are numerous. It can help reach your goal dex level easily, letting you plot more points into other stats like vitality and endurance. I recommend using this ring at dex 40 if your goal is to reach the soft cap at 45 and then allot the extra 5 points you have somewhere else.

You can acquire the Hunter’s Ring at the top of the Grand Archive’s where you fight the 3 winged knights.

Witch’s Ring

Witchs ring with its information
Witch’s Ring

Soul Value150
AvailabilityCatacombs of Carthus
EffectBoosts pyromancies by 20%.

The Witch’s ring is easily the best Pyro Ring in Dark Souls 3. It boosts Pyro damages by 25%, which is a massive buff.

The Witch’s ring is very viable for pyros and melee pyro hybrids for the insane boost in Pyro damage goes a long way, pure pyromancers can use it to further increase their damage, and melee pyros that prioritize melee stats can use it to make their pyro spells devastating. This ring easily tops the PvP Dark Souls 3 Rings list.

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You can find this ring in the catacombs of Carthus. After destroying the bridge before the High Lord Wolnir boss fight, go down and you will find it at the end of the hall. A decent alternative to this ring is the Ring of the Great swamp.

Sage’s Ring

The Sage's Ring
Sage’s Ring

Soul Value100
AvailabilityRoad of Sacrifices
EffectShortens spell casting time by increasing virtual Dexterity by 30.

Sage’s ring is essential for Pyromancers and casters in general. It is easily one of the best Dark Souls 3 rings, and a great Dark Souls 3 Pyro ring. It greatly increases a players casting speed.

The Sage’s ring can be very viable in all kinds of encounters and is one of the best Dark Souls 3 PvP rings for the numerous benefits it provides. The boost to casting speed can be very useful when casting against an online player. This ring will certainly make your chaos bed vestiges less readable.

You can find this ring in the Crucifixion Woods before entering the Road Of Sacrifices.

Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring

The Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (credits: Bandai Namco Store)

Soul Value150
AvailabilityIrithyll Dungeon
EffectBoosts sorceries by 20%.

The Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring is another ring that makes the Dark Souls 3 Best Rings list. It is an excellent ring for Pyromancers and sorcerers. This ring increases casting damage by 20%.

This ring is amazing for builds like the Sorcerer Pyro melee and all kinds of melee caster hybrid build. It is an excellent Dark Souls 3 PvE ring and a strong Dark Souls 3 PvP list.

You can acquire this Ring from Griggs of Venheim for 20,000 souls.

Saint’s Ring

Soul Value100
AvailabilityFirelink Shrine (sold by Irina)
EffectGrants one extra attunement slot.

The Saint’s ring is one of the best Dark Souls 3 rings for Sorcerers. It increases one attunement slot. The extra attunement slot can be very useful for both Sorcerers and Pyros for you can never have too many spells. It also means you can a lot of skill points somewhere else.

The extra attunement slot can also help with better management of attunements that require 2 or more slots, making it a massive aid for Pyro, Sorcerer and Mage Builds.

You can purchase the Saint’s ring from Irina of Carim for 300 Souls.

Bottom Line

The rings discussed in this guide will go a long way to shore up your build, some even adding new abilities. As so few rings were talked about, they should only be viewed as a set of core choices. There are many other rings to try, but I found these to be generally impactful in invasions.

I hope you found this guide about Dark Souls 3 best rings helpful. Please leave a comment about your favorite rings and which ones you prefer to use in the invasion.

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