Dark Souls 3 Best Shields [800+ Hours Experience]

I have been playing Dark Souls games for more than a year now and I'm happy to share my thoughts for the best Shields in Dark Souls 3!

Dark Souls 3 Best Shield
Dark Souls 3 Best Shield: Top 5 Shields

Naturally, shields aren’t conventional weapons, but you’ll parry your way to victory if you choose the correct one. Whether it’s PvP or PvE, you will not be disappointed while using these shields. Since there are tons of shields in the game – 60 to be exact – this guide will list down the top 5.

Key Takeaways

  • Shields are defensive weapons that allow you to block or parry attacks.
  • Having the correct shield provides defensive prowess and the ability to parry enemy attacks.
  • However, shields are unconventional in DS3, as you can dodge most attacks by rolling while equipping double-handed weapons to deal more damage.
  • The Shields are suited for a more balanced loadout rather than straight aggression.
  • The best shields in DS3 are the Shield of Want, which increases your soul drop rate; the Greatshield of Glory, which is perfect for faith builds; the Lothric Knight shield, which allows you to parry, the Ethereal Oak Shield, which provides health regeneration and the Black Knight Shield which has the best stats out of all.

About The Author

Waleed is a Dark Souls fan having spent 800+ hours in the game. You can trust his insights on any Dark Souls related guides!

Best Shields Compared

Here is a comparison table of my best Shields in Dark Souls 3 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

NoShieldsBest forPhysical AttackPhysical DefenceMagical AttackMagical DefenceFire AttackFire DefenceLight AttackLight DefenceDark AttackDark DefenceCritical AttackCritical DefenceFocus CostDurability
1Shield Of WantBest Shield for Soul Farming and Early Defense.104100-61-63-43-61100--110
2Great Shield Of GloryBest Shield for Faith Builds.134100070065052063100-16190
3Ethereal Oak ShieldBest Shield for Health Regeneration.103100065035070060100--80
4Lothric Knight ShieldBest Shield for Lightning Resistance & Parrying.83100059053087051100--75

Parrying With Shield

Usually, swords and armor hog the spotlight, but some shields outshine even the best of swords. They are divided into three types: Small, Standard, and Great. No matter what type of shield you prefer, this guide has something for everyone.

1. Shield of Want

Best Shield for Soul Farming and Early Defense.

Why did I Choose Shield of Want?

I chose the Shield of Want for its dual functionality of providing excellent defensive stats and a unique 20% increase in soul drop rate. This not only enhances early-game soul farming but also ensures a balanced loadout with decent stability and weight.

Dark Souls 3 Best Shield
The description of Shield of Want
SkillWeapon Skill
Weapon TypeStandard Shields
Wgt. 5.5
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost-

Shield of Want Stats Table.

This shield links to King Vendrick from Dark Souls 2, making it a unique artifact. On top of that, it boosts soul collection by 20%, making it easier to go soul farming. This passive does not appeal to players in the later stages of the game, but this is a massive help early on.

You can conveniently collect souls by equipping this shield alongside the relevant rings to level up your character.

Its usefulness doesn’t end there, however. This shield has decent stability, great damage reduction stats, and a low weight. This allows you to stay under the weight limit and still have an excellent defensive tool in your arsenal.

The biggest downside is that this shield is not effective against fire-type attacks. If you face a boss that deals fire damage, you might want to swap this one for something else. Plus, it also requires a somewhat high amount of strength – 18 to be exact.

Overall, the upsides outweigh the negatives, and you should use this in your next playthrough. It will help you get out of the early game easily and make you stronger than usual due to the extra souls.

  • Increases soul drop rate by 20%, aiding in soul farming.
  • Decent stability and great damage reduction stats.
  • Relatively low weight, allowing for a balanced loadout.

  • Ineffective against fire-type attacks.
  • Requires a somewhat high strength (18).

2. Greatshield of Glory

Best Shield for Faith Builds.

Why did I Choose Greatshield of Glory?

I chose the Greatshield of Glory due to its unmatched stability, making it an ideal choice for Faith builds. Despite the initial stamina reduction, upgrading removes the debuff, and its tanky stats cater well to players focusing on a defensive and magic-centric playstyle.

Dark Souls 3 Best Shield
The massive Greatshield
SkillShield Bash
Weapon TypeGreat Shields
Wgt. 18.5
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost16

Greatshield of Glory Stats Table.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first. This is the only shield that has a negative effect. It reduces the player’s stamina regeneration by 20%, which is a huge deal. With that out of the way, this shield has the highest stability in the game – even including the DLCs.

There is a way to remove the debuff as well. You can upgrade it twice, increasing the stability of the shield to 100, consequently removing the stamina reduction de-buff.

If you are planning to do the Faith Build, this shield is ideal for you. It gives tank stats as well as proves worthy for players preferring the use of magic.

  • Highest stability in the game, especially when upgraded.
  • Ideal for Faith builds.
  • Suitable for players focusing on tanking and magic usage.

  • Initially reduces stamina regeneration by 20% (can be removed through upgrades).

3. Ethereal Oak Shield

Best Shield for Health Regeneration.

Why did I Choose Ethereal Oak Shield?

I chose the Ethereal Oak Shield primarily for its health regeneration auxiliary skill, offering sustainability in prolonged battles. Its overall stability against magic, lightning, and dark attacks makes it a versatile shield, even though it may lack some stability.

Oak Shield looks stunning
SkillWeapon Skill
Weapon TypeStandard Shields
Wgt. 5.0
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost-

Ethereal Oak Shield Stats Table.

This shield has one of the most useful auxiliary skills – health regeneration. Included in the DLC, the Oak Shield stands out from the rest of the bunch due to its remarkable qualities. Keep in mind that there are some amazing shields in the DLC, but this one is the absolute best out of them.

It comes in handy in the majority of the scenarios you can find yourself in. Having the stability of 50 – which could be better – provides phenomenal resistance against magic, lightning, and dark attacks.

In short, it is useful against most enemies in the game as the majority of them deal the aforementioned types of damage.

However, much like the Shield of Want, you will want to swap it out for something else when dealing with fire-type attacks. Especially if you are facing the Old Demon King – notoriously a difficult fire-type boss – you will want to remove this shield since it would only cause problems.

Still, the health regeneration passive and other stats more than make up for its lack of resistance against fire.

  • Health regeneration auxiliary skill.
  • Good stability against magic, lightning, and dark attacks.
  • Useful in various scenarios.

  • Moderately low stability (50).
  • Ineffective against fire-type attacks.

4. Lothric Knight Shield

Best Shield for Lightning Resistance & Parrying.

Why did I Choose Lothric Knight Shield?

I chose the Lothric Knight Shield for its high stability, significant resistance against lightning attacks, and the added advantage of easy parrying. Obtaining it early in the game makes it a reliable choice against lightning-based foes and enemies vulnerable to parrying.

Dark Souls 3 Best Shield
This shield has a phenomenal design
Weapon TypeShield
Wgt. 6.0
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost-

Lothric Knight Shield Stats Table.

Moving on to the second-best pick in Dark Souls 3, the Lothric Knight Shield is nearly flawless. It almost made it to number one, but you’ll see why it settled for the second spot.

You can obtain this early on in the game when you visit the High Wall of Lothric. It has a high drop rate from the, you guessed it, Lothric Knights.

Fully upgraded, this shield has a stability rating of 66 and has massive resistance against lightning attacks. If you are going up against the Nameless King or the Dragonslayer Armour, this shield is your best friend.

Plus, you can easily parry attacks with this as it gives the player a decent window of error making difficult fights convenient.

On top of all of that, you can also infuse this shield. While this isn’t a huge help, you can still get that additional FP or HP regeneration by infusing the Simple or Blessed Gem.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the selling point, but the extra stats are never bad to have, especially when going against late-game bosses.

  • High stability rating (66).
  • Massive resistance against lightning attacks.
  • Allows for easy parrying.

  • Limited resistance against fire-type attacks.
  • Requires specific farming to obtain.

5. Black Knight Shield

Best Shield for Overall Defense.

Why did I Choose Black Knight Shield?

I chose the Black Knight Shield as the top pick for its exceptional stability, outstanding resistance against fire damage, and the convenience of not hindering the use of the main hand weapon’s skill. While it doesn’t allow for parrying, its well-rounded defensive stats make it the ultimate choice for overall defense.

Dark Souls 3 Best Shield
The intimidating Black Knight set
SkillWeapon Skill
Weapon TypeStandard Shields
Wgt. 18.5
Attack typeStrike
Focus Cost-

Black Knight Shield Stats Table. 

Finally, the number one pick for the Best Shield is the Black Knight Shield. Most players would have already guessed this as the entire Black Knight set is superb. Not only does it look cool, but it also delivers by having some of the best stats.

The only major downside I can see is that it does not allow the player to perform a parry. While that makes most people turn away from it, the rest of the stats justify its number-one spot. This is the only shield on this list that is sublime against fire damage. Not only that, but it also has great damage resistance across the board.

You do not want to miss out on this shield because you are guaranteed to have a fun time using this. Another big plus point is that you do not have to un-equip it to use the main hand weapon’s skill. Usually, you will have to remove the shield to use the weapon skill but not in this case. Due to this, you have an advantage over your opponent, especially in PvP.

  • Highest stability rating (69) after full upgrades.
  • Exceptional resistance against fire damage.
  • Doesn’t hinder the use of main hand weapon’s skill.

  • Doesn’t allow for parrying.
  • Requires a relatively high strength (18).

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Blue Wooden Shield: Offers minimal protection compared to Shield of Want, making it unsuitable for players prioritizing solid defense in various situations.
  2. Wooden Shield: Despite being lightweight, lacks the defensive capabilities needed for later-game challenges, making it less worthy of consideration compared to Shield of Want.
  3. Silver Knight Shield: Higher cost, both in terms of weight and strength requirements, may make it less appealing for players seeking a more balanced loadout.
  4. Sunlight Shield: Focus on parrying and its lower overall defense compared to Shield of Want may not be suitable for players prioritizing a robust defensive strategy.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Dark Soul Player, I recommend the Shield of Want for players seeking a dual-purpose shield that enhances both defensive capabilities and early-game soul farming. With a unique 20% increase in soul drop rate, this shield proves invaluable for efficient leveling and resource gathering.

For those prioritizing overall defense and resilience, the Black Knight Shield stands out as the top recommendation. With the highest stability rating of 69 after full upgrades and exceptional resistance against fire damage, it offers unmatched protection in various scenarios. 

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