Dark Souls 3 BEST Ultra Greatswords [600+ Hours Experience]

I have played Dark Souls 3 for more than 600 hours and here are the best ultra greatswords that you should be using!

Dark Souls 3 Best Ultra Greatsword
Dark Souls 3 Best Ultra Greatsword

Ultra Greatswords are the most prominent and mightiest class of weapons you can come across. Ultra Greatswords are meant to be two-handed as they are cumbersome and require considerable Strength to wield properly. They also cannot be parried while two-handed, with the exception of the rolling and running attacks.

Key Takeaways

Below are my picks of 4 Best Ultra Greatswords and what they offer:

  • Lothric Knight Greatsword: High damage, high requirements, Blessed Gem infusion, dropped by Lothric Knights.
  • Fume Ultra Greatsword: Very heavy, 50 strength requirement, Twinkling Titanite upgrades, “Stomp” weapon art, obtained from Knight Slayer Tsorig.
  • Astora Greatsword: Light and versatile, good range, Leo Ring compatible, various upgrades, found near the Cleansing Chapel.
  • Greatsword: Well-rounded, looted from a corpse in Farron Keep.
About The Author

Waleed has played Dark Souls 3 for more than 600 hours. Along with that, he has decent experience in previous titles and other soulslike games like Elden Ring, making him an expert. He explores all the features and details these games have to offer in-depth, making sure to produce content that delivers quality and value to his fellow gamers.

Best Ultra Greatswords And Comparison

No.NameAwarded ForStabilityDurabilityFP CostSkill
1Lothric Knight GreatswordBest Ultra Greatsword for Devastating Lightning Damage.4510010(-/15)Stomp
2Fume Ultra GreatswordBest Ultra Greatsword for Incredible Weight & a Unique Stomp Weapon Art.5517010(-/18)Stomp
3Astora GreatswordBest Ultra Greatsword for Versatility, Lightness, & Compatibility.7510013(-/13)Charge
4GreatswordBest Ultra Greatsword for Crowd-Control.4510010(-/20)Stomp

Comparison Table for Ultra Greatswords.

Dark Souls 3 Best Ultra Greatswords
Ultra Greatswords represent unbending fortitude and sheer might in the world.

Lothric Knight Greatsword

Best Ultra Greatsword for Devastating Lightning Damage.

Why did I Choose Lothric Knight Greatsword?

I chose the Lothric Knight Greatsword as the best Ultra Greatsword for its outstanding lightning damage potential and the ability to reach high AR with specific builds. The combination of solid range, hyper armor, and infusion versatility makes it a formidable choice for players who prioritize devastating damage.

Dark Souls 3 Lothric Knight Greatsword
Very few have demonstrated the extreme strength and dexterity required for this weapon, even in the long history of the Lothric Knights.
Weapon CategoryUltra Great Sword
Wgt. 16.5
Attack typeStandard/Thrust
FP Cost10(-/15)
Purchasing Value7000
Soul Value350

Lothric Knight Greatsword Table. 

The Lothric Knight Greatsword is the first entry on my list of the Best Ultra Greatswords. It is the Ultra Greatsword of the venerable knight of Lothric and is imbued with the strength of lightning, a trademark of dragon hunting in the Dark Souls trilogy.

If you’re looking for massive damage with little concern for attack speed and stat requirements, the Lothric Knight Greatsword is an excellent choice and can achieve some of the highest AR/damage numbers in the game on specific builds.

Here are some key points about the Lothric Knight Greatsword:

  • It has base stats of 131 physical damage and 86 lightning damage, making it capable of significant lightning damage.
  • The weapon has solid range and hyper armor on certain attacks, making it formidable even at lower Soul Levels.
  • It weighs 16.5 units, so it’s relatively heavy, limiting your armor options when wielding it.
  • The required stats are 24 strength and 16 dexterity, with D scaling in both attributes that can be buffed to A-tier with the appropriate infusions.
  • For optimal performance, you can use a Heavy infusion with a Heavy gem or a Sharp infusion with a Sharp gem, coupled with a lightning buff for over 900 AR.

Another unconventional but effective build for this weapon is a Faith/Regen build. You can use a Blessed Infusion with a Blessed Gem, granting it an A-tier scaling in Faith, 113 lightning damage, and passive HP regen (3 HP per tick), which becomes more potent with upgrades.

Location: You can obtain the Lothric Knight Greatsword by defeating Lothric Knights wielding this weapon, commonly found south of the Twin Princes Boss bonfire. It can also be purchased from Greirat of the Undead Settlement or Shrine Handmaid if you give her Greirat’s Ashes.

  • High damage output, especially when infused with lightning.
  • Solid range and hyper armor on certain attacks.
  • Versatile infusion options for different build types.
  • Capable of achieving some of the highest AR/damage numbers in the game.

  • Slow swing speed, making it susceptible to faster opponents.
  • Relatively heavy, limiting armor options when wielding.
  • Requires a significant investment in strength and dexterity.

Fume Ultra Greatsword

Best Ultra Greatsword for Incredible Weight & a Unique Stomp Weapon Art.

Why did I Choose Fume Ultra Greatsword?

I chose the Fume Ultra Greatsword as the best for its incredible weight and powerful strikes, especially the right heavy attack combo. The unique Stomp weapon art adds versatility in trading blows, making it a favorite for aggressive playstyles.

Dark Souls 3 Fume Ultra Greatsword
As you can see, this ultra greatsword does not, in fact, have a tip to it!
Weapon CategoryUltra Great Sword
Wgt. 25.5
Attack typeStandard/Thrust
FP Cost10(-/18)
Purchasing Value-
Soul Value100

Fume Ultra Greatsword Stats Table.

The Fume Ultra Greatsword is another exceptional Ultra Greatsword that pays homage to Raime, the Fume Knight from Dark Souls 2. This weapon stands out due to its incredible weight, making it the heaviest Ultra Greatsword in the game. It requires a high strength requirement to wield effectively and is best two-handed to maximize its potential for aggressive playstyles.

As for upgrades, the Fume Ultra Greatsword cannot be infused, so it’s best suited for a pure Strength build. Allocate around 60-66 points to Strength to maximize its potential. You can upgrade it to +5 with Twinkling Titanite, and it can be buffed, making it even more formidable.

The Fume Ultra Greatsword has powerful attacks, such as the two-handed right heavy attack, which deals Strike damage and can be followed by a jumping right heavy attack for massive damage. Additionally, the right light attack into a right heavy attack combo is effective.

Its weapon art, Stomp, allows you to lunge forward with increased poise, shielding yourself with the sword and trading blows with opponents. The weapon also has substantial hyper armor, making it great for trading hits.

Location: You can obtain the Fume Ultra Greatsword by defeating Knight Slayer Tsorig beneath the Smoldering Lake. He can be found beyond the areas with rats and basilisks, before the exit leading up to the ballista, in front of a pool of lava.

  • Incredibly heavy, providing substantial poise and hyper armor.
  • Powerful two-handed heavy attacks, especially the right heavy attack combo.
  • Stomp weapon art allows for increased poise and effective trading.
  • Can be buffed for additional damage.

  • Very heavy, limiting mobility and armor choices.
  • High strength requirement, making it less accessible for certain builds.
  • Cannot be infused, limiting customization options.

Astora Greatsword

Best Ultra Greatsword for Versatility, Lightness, & Compatibility.

Why did I Choose Astora Greatsword?

I chose the Astora Greatsword as the best Ultra Greatsword for its versatility, lightness, and compatibility with various builds. The unique Charge weapon art and Leo Ring compatibility add depth to its moveset, making it a well-rounded choice for different playstyles.

Dark Souls 3 Astora Greatsword
Would you believe me if I told you this is an Ultra Greatsword?
Weapon CategoryUltra Great Sword
Wgt. 8.0
Attack typeStandard/Thrust
FP Cost13(-/13))
Purchasing Value-
Soul Value100

Astora Greatsword Stats Table.

The Astora Greatsword is another exceptional Ultra Greatsword and boasts versatility that makes it one of the best choices for various builds.

This Greatsword was originally wielded by elite knights and is now a relic of Astora. It stands out for being the lightest Ultra Greatsword in the game, and its lower strength requirement makes it accessible to many players.

When it comes to upgrades, the Astora Greatsword has multiple possibilities:

  • It can achieve an A scaling in strength with a Heavy infusion using a Heavy gem.
  • For a Dexterity-focused build, a Sharp infusion with a Sharp gem can maximize its damage by reaching an S-tier scaling in dexterity.
  • Elemental infusions are also viable, making them suitable for magic users with the right scaling.

The weapon’s movesets include a horizontal swing for its two-handed light attack, a thrust attack for its two-handed heavy attack, and a unique weapon art called Charge, which is exclusive to the Astora Greatsword.

The Charge attack offers hyper armor and can deal massive damage, but it is susceptible to parrying.

With the Leo Ring, this Ultra Greatsword becomes even more devastating, especially in PvP situations. Its versatility and potential for high physical damage make it a popular choice for players looking to maximize their damage output.

Location: Looted from a corpse at the graveyard near the Cleansing Chapel at Cathedral of the Deep.

  • Lightest Ultra Greatsword, allowing for better mobility.
  • Versatile infusion options for strength, dexterity, and elemental builds.
  • Unique Charge weapon art for hyper armor and massive damage potential.
  • Leo Ring compatibility for increased thrust damage.

  • Charge weapon art is susceptible to parrying.
  • Lower base damage compared to some other Ultra Greatswords.
  • Limited range compared to heavier Ultra Greatswords.


Best Ultra Greatsword for Crowd-Control.

Why did I Choose Greatsword?

I chose the Greatsword as the best Ultra Greatsword for its classic power, destructive capabilities, and extended range. Its versatility in infusion options and effectiveness in crowd-control situations make it a timeless choice for players who appreciate raw power and versatility.

Dark Souls 3 Greatsword
Ultra Greatswords can’t get more classic than this!
Weapon CategoryUltra Great Sword
Wgt. 20.0
Attack typeStandard
FP Cost10(-/20)
Purchasing Value-
Soul Value100

Greatsword Stats Table. 

The Greatsword is a classic Ultra Greatsword that has made its return in Dark Souls 3, following its appearances in the previous games of the series. It retains its reputation as one of the best Ultra Greatswords, thanks to its powerful and destructive nature.

As its lore suggests, it is highly destructive but incredibly heavy, making it suitable for players who prefer a hard-hitting weapon.

Here are some key details about the Greatsword:

  • The Greatsword is among the heaviest of Ultra Greatswords, weighing 20.0 units. Its weight reflects its powerful and destructive capabilities.
  • To wield the Greatsword effectively, you’ll need 28 strength and 10 dexterity. It has a D scaling in both strength and dexterity.
  • The Greatsword can be upgraded through various infusion options, making it versatile in terms of damage output.

Its two-handed heavy attack is a powerful vertical strike, which sets it apart from other Ultra Greatswords and adds versatility to its moveset. While the Greatsword is a formidable weapon, it does come with the challenge of handling its weight and slow swings.

Players should be cautious about their attacks to avoid being vulnerable to counterattacks. Overall, the Greatsword remains a classic choice for those who appreciate its raw power and versatility.

Location: Looted from a corpse on top of a broken bridge in Farron Keep. Go straight ahead from the first bonfire until you reach a broken bridge, look behind you, and you will see another piece of the broken bridge and a body holding an item; that item is the Greatsword.

Out of all the weapon classes in Dark Souls 3, Ultra Greatswords are my favorite– the idea of a warrior wielding a sword more than twice their size gives me literal goosebumps. If you’ve been a die-hard fan of Ultra Greatswords ever since Dark Souls 1, or even if you are a newbie looking to try it out, you should definitely start with the best of the best.

  • Classic and powerful Ultra Greatsword with a reputation for high damage.c
  • Versatile infusion options for physical or elemental builds.
  • Extended range compared to other Ultra Greatswords.
  • Effective for crowd control and roll-catching.

  • Heavy weight, impacts mobility and armor choices.
  • Requires a significant investment in strength.
  • Slow swing speed, making careful timing essential.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Cathedral Knight Greatsword: Its notable weight of 15.0 units can be a disadvantage, impacting mobility and requiring careful consideration in character builds.
  2. Farron Greatsword: Its spinning L1 attack in Dark Souls 3 can be predictable in PvP, making it susceptible to skilled opponents who can exploit its timing for parries or backstabs.
  3. Lorian’s Greatsword: Limited versatility in terms of scaling, as it mainly relies on Intelligence and Faith, may not suit builds that prioritize other attributes, limiting its effectiveness for certain character builds.
  4. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords: Its heavy weight and high stat requirements, coupled with limited elemental damage options, may hinder accessibility and adaptability for certain character builds.
  5. Black Knight Greatsword: While powerful, has a high stat requirement and limited elemental options, making it less versatile for certain character builds.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced player with over 600 hours of gameplay, I would highly recommend the Lothric Knight Greatsword as the best Ultra Greatsword among the options discussed. Its outstanding lightning damage potential, solid range, and hyper armor on specific attacks make it a formidable choice for players seeking devastating damage output.

The infusion versatility allows for customization based on different builds, making it suitable for a variety of playstyles. While it does come with a slower swing speed and relatively heavy weight, the benefits in terms of damage and versatility outweigh these drawbacks, especially when used strategically.

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