Dark Souls 3 All Covenants: Rewards And How To Join

There are nine Dark Souls 3 Covenants and players can join either one or all of them to avail their rewards and benefits!

Dark Souls 3 Covenants

For players unaware of Dark Souls 3 Covenants, there are nine in total and you can join any one of them at your ease. Furthermore, it is believed that players can join more than one Covenant while preventing some of them from being locked permanently.

Other than that, players confused by the name “Covenant” shouldn’t worry because, in simpler terms, these Covenants can be understood as a “Faction”, “Group, “Clan”, or a band that provides rewards, support, and missions.

I hope some of you have understood the basic terminology. We shall now go into further depth about each of the nine Covenants in Dark Souls 3 and how you can join them!

Key Takeaways

  • You can join any of the nine Covenants in Dark Souls 3.
  • Each Covenant will provide a unique reward and/or benefit to its members.
  • Some Covenants only provide support whereas, Covenants such as Warrior of Sunlight provide cooperative play. Members/players from different worlds can unite together to complete dangerous tasks and defeat bosses.
  • The rewards obtained from completing tasks are compliment-worthy, meaning that they are not all useless. Some benefits of a Covenant can be limited to protection, such as the Way of Blue.
  • Some Covenants are simple to join, while others can take a few steps. My guide will give away details to join a Faction/Covenant.
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Way of Blue

Way of Blue
Talk to Emma, the High Priestess!

Joining this Covenant, players will be given support against invaders and phantoms that are hostile toward them. The only benefit of “Way of The Blue” is limited to friendly support, where if a player is surrounded/ or his world is invaded by other players, a member from the Blue Sentinels or Blades of Darkmoon will come to his aid.

However, if the invading players are from a Covenant; Aldrich Faithful, or Watchdogs of Farron, there will be no support for the player whatsoever. So, you’ll need to be careful of the players that invade you!

Other than that, getting an extra pair of hands to defend yourself from harm is a good way to start your day in Dark Souls! You can join the Covenant by procuring the item “Way of Blue” and equipping it 

You can take the item by talking to Emma, the High Priestess, or just incapacitate her with your sword and loot it from her corpse! (I’m joking, guys! Stay away from innocent violence)

Additionally, you cannot expect anything other than friendly support as there are no rewards or ranking systems in this Covenant.

Watchdogs of Farron

Watchdogs of Farron
Talk to the Dying Wolf!

Joining the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant in Dark Souls 3:

  1. Be near Farron’s Keep swamp.
  2. Defeat the Rotten Slugs guarding the ladder.
  3. Use the ladder to descend.
  4. Talk to the wolf near the fireplace to join.

As a member, protect the Crucifixion Woods from invaders, gain experience, and sometimes engage in challenging encounters with multiple invaders.

Rewards For Joining Watchdogs of Farron

After defeating/killing the host of the world, you will receive the following rewards;

  • Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass – Kill the Host to receive Swordgrass.
  • Old Wolf Curved Sword – Give 10 Swordgrass to the Wolf.
  • Wolf Ring – Give 30 Swordgrass.
  • Wolf Knight’s Greatshield – Offer 30 Swordgrass to receive the reward.

Aldrich Faithful

Aldrich Faithful
You will need to talk to the corpse of Archdeacon McDonnel!

Aldrich’s Territory in Dark Souls 3 is near Pontiff Sulyvahn’s courtyard. Only Aldrich Faithful Covenant members should enter. As a member, you defend the area against trespassers and engage in intense PvP, useful for Faith builds. Be prepared for formidable defense.

The rewards for joining the Aldrich Faithful Covenant include:

  1. Human Dregs: Obtained by defeating trespassers.
  2. Great Deep Soul: Received after turning in 10 Human Dregs (Rank 1).
  3. Archdeacon’s Great Staff: Acquired by turning in 30 Human Dregs to the dead priest (Rank 2).

To join the Aldrich Faithful, players must defeat two of Sulyvahn’s Beasts. First, they need to travel to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, where they’ll engage in a challenging battle against these beasts. After defeating them, the northwest room will lead to Archdeacon McDonnel’s corpse. Praying to them and getting proof of the Covenant is necessary to become a member.

Warriors of Sunlight

Warriors of Sunlight
You will have to find the emblem of the Warrior of Sunlight to join the Covenant!

The Warriors of Sunlight Covenant allows cooperative play in the Souls series. Joining lets you assist players from other worlds in defeating bosses and defending against invaders. You receive a summoning sign to signal your availability. Cooperation is rewarding, earning you Sunlight Medals to rank up in the Covenant.

The rewards for joining the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant include:

  1. Sunlight Medal: Obtained after helping the Host defeat an invader or boss.
  2. Ember: Reward for assisting the Host in defeating a boss.
  3. Sacred Oath: Received after turning in 10 Sunlight Medals.
  4. Great Lightning Spear: Requires offering 30 Sunlight Medals to receive the Lightning Spear miracle.

To join the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant in Dark Souls 3:

  1. Go to the Undead Settlement.
  2. Find a burning tree and an abandoned house near an archway.
  3. Enter the house and locate a hole in the floor near Cage Spiders and boxes.
  4. Jump through the hole and find the Covenant emblem on a table next to a pot of Estus Soup.

Blue Sentinels

Blue Sentinels
You will need to find Horace the Hushed!

The Blue Sentinels and Way of Blue Covenants work together. When a Way of Blue member is invaded by a Host, the Blue Sentinels are automatically summoned to protect them. No manual activation is needed; it happens automatically when the Covenant item is equipped.

The rewards for joining the Blue Sentinels and successfully defending or escorting a Host include:

  1. Proof of a Concord Kept: Obtained by escorting the Host or helping them defeat an invader.
  2. Darkmoon Ring: Received after offering 10 Proof of a Concord Kept.
  3. Darkmoon Blade: Acquired by turning in 30 Proof of a Concord Kept.

To join the Blue Sentinels, head to the Halfway Fortress bonfire before defeating the Deacons of the Deep. At this location, you can either speak to or defeat Horace the Hushed, and he will provide you with the Covenant Emblem to join the Blue Sentinels.

If you cannot find Horace the Hushed at the Halfway Fortress bonfire, it means you have already defeated the Deacons of the Deep. In that case, you’ll need to travel to the Firelink Shrine to find Horace and join the Covenant.

Blades of The Darkmoon

Blades of Darkmoon
Company Captain Yorshka will give you the emblem to join Blades of The Darkmoon Covenant!

The Warriors of Sunlight, Way of Blue, Blue Sentinels, and Blades of the Darkmoon Covenants all share a similar mechanic. As a member of these Covenants, you’ll be summoned to assist a Way of Blue member who’s being invaded by another player or phantom while heading to the boss.

Once you have been called to their aid, your goal will be to fight the invaders and help them defeat the boss after you successfully escort them. Similarly, you will be given a Proof of a Concord kept, which you can use to reach a higher rank/level.

Rewards For Joining the Blades of The Darkmoon

  • Proof of a Concord Kept – After defending the Host of Way of Blue members and/or defeating invaders, you will receive the Concord.
  • Darkmoon Ring – After getting 10 Concords and turning them in, you will receive the Ring.
  • Darkmoon Blade – Offering 30 Concords, you may receive the Darkmoon Blade.

To join the Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant in Dark Souls 3:

  1. Obtain the Darkmoon Loyalty gesture from Sirris of the Sunless Realms at Firelink Shrine.
  2. Ensure Sirris is not killed before getting the gesture, or the Covenant will be permanently locked.
  3. Travel to the Prison Tower in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  4. Find Company Captain Yorshka and receive the emblem to join the Covenant.

Spears of The Church

Playing as a boss in Dark Souls 3, especially as a member of the Spears of the Church Covenant, is an awesome experience. You gain significant boosts to stamina, health, and damage resistance, allowing you to fight other players as a boss.

Your responsibility is to act as a boss during the Halflight, Spear of the Church fight. You also have access to the legendary ritual Spear Fragment and Divine Spear Fragment items, adding a unique and enjoyable element to the game.

Rewards for Joining The Spears of the Church

Act as another Host’s boss – you can also use the fundamental items such as the Divine Spear Fragment and the Ritual Spear Fragment during the fight.

  • Filianore’s Spear Ornament – You will receive this reward after defeating the Host of another world while acting as the boss! Furthermore, receive enormous buffs to your Health, Stamina, and Resistance to Damage!
  • Young Grass Dew – Offer or provide 10 Spear Ornaments to receive this reward!
  • Divine Spear Fragment – You can collect and offer 30 Spear Ornaments to permanently unlock the Spear Fragment!

To join the Spears of the Church Covenant in Dark Souls 3, you need to defeat Darkeater Midir. You can find him by leaving the Shared Grave Bonfire and reaching the bridge that connects to the Church of Filianore. Midir will be waiting for you on the bridge.

To join the Spears of the Church Covenant in Dark Souls 3:

  1. Find the secret path at the Ringed Inner Wall.
  2. Defeat Darkeater Midir.
  3. Receive an emblem and an invitation to join the Covenant.
  4. As a member, you can experience the unique benefits of being a boss and fighting against other Hosts.

Rosaria’s Fingers

Rosaria's Fingers
You will need to talk to Rosaria at the Cathedral of the Deep to join Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant!

Players can customize attributes and appearances up to five times, a unique feature. Useful if you’re struggling with your character.

Joining Rosaria’s Fingers unlocks rewards, but you can’t access Sirris’s quests. Complete her quests first for useful items.

Joining Rosaria’s Fingers helps you rank up quickly. Defeat invaders with Blue Spirits nearby to earn rewards after each Blue Spirit is defeated.

Rewards For Joining Rosaria’s Fingers

  • Change the Physical Appearance and Attributes of your character five times in a playthrough – Players will need to pay one Pale Tongue for every change they make to their appearance and attributes!
  • Players can summon Yellowfinger Heysel at Keep Ruins Bonfire – You will have to defeat Yellowfinger and pay with a price of one Pale Tongue for this to work!
  • Bow Gesture – Furthermore, you can avail this reward by performing the above method, which is to defeat Yellowfinger and pay one Pale Tongue!
  • Pale Tongue – You must wonder what this is, right? You can get these items by defeating/killing the Host of Embers!
  • Forked Pale Tongue – Another variant of Pale Tongue can be unlocked every time a player kills Blue Spirits that defend the Host of Embers!
  • Obscuring Ring – After gathering 10 Pale Tongues, you can turn them in to receive the Obscuring Ring!
  • Man-grub’s Staff – The Staff can be acquired after a player turns in 30 Pale tongues!

To join Rosaria’s Fingers, all you need to do is find Rosaria at the Cathedral of the Deep. After you locate her, she will be near Rosaria’s Bed Chamber, simply talk to her and join the Covenant! By far this Covenant is the easiest to join, considering all the rewards and benefits you can gather.


You will need to find Holy Knight Hodrick in one of two ways! I have mentioned them down below for your ease.

Mound-Makers is the best Covenant in terms of benefits, rewards, and ranks. Members can invade and defeat hosts and their phantoms. Rewards are given for each kill. It’s a unique and fun PvP experience in Dark Souls 3.

Rewards for Joining the Mound-Makers Covenant

  • Vertebra Shackle – You will receive the Shackles once you defeat/kill the Host of Embers or any phantoms that defend them.
  • Warmth – After collecting 10 Vertebra Shackles, players can turn them in/offer them to receive Warmth.
  • Bloodlust – Similarly, after collecting 30 Shackles and offering them will award the players with Bloodlust!

Joining the Mound-Makers Covenant in Dark Souls 3 requires not defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood. If you’ve already defeated it, you’ll need to defeat two Lords of Cinder. To start, head to the Undead Settlement Bonfire, then go to the bridge and destroy barrels on the right side.

Second Method To Join The Mound-Makers

Cage Person
You will need to Interact with the cage, to be teleported to the Holy Knight Hodrick!

To join Mound-Makers in Dark Souls 3:

  1. Find a person with a cage on their back.
  2. Interact with the cage to be transported to Holy Knight Hodrick.
  3. Speak to him to join Mound-Makers.

Alternatively, if you’ve defeated the Curse-Rotted Greatwood:

  1. Progress in Sirris of the Sunless Realms’ questline.
  2. Get a summon sign at the Greatwood’s location.
  3. Enter through the sign and defeat the host to receive the Mound-Makers token and join the Covenant.

The Best Covenant To Join In Dark Souls 3

Best Dark Souls 3 Covenants
Here are the best Covenants you can join in Dark Souls 3!

Mound-Makers and Rosaria’s Fingers offer the best Dark Souls 3 PvP experience and rewards. They’re ideal for fans of the series seeking an exciting challenge. However, the choice is yours, as Dark Souls 3 offers various roles to suit every player’s preference.

Other Covenants are better for beginners to enjoy the game’s benefits before pursuing higher ranks as experienced players.

With that said, the latter can join Blue Sentinels, Way of Blue, and Warriors of Sunlight and be better at the game. Moreover, weapons such as the Wolf Knight Greatshield and Bloodlust are perfect for beginners to use the weapon’s art instead of parrying attacks.

I know parrying in Dark Souls 3 for beginners can be a hassle but with the Greatshield, it can be as simple as cutting a piece of cake. They can also complete the set for Wolf Kight combined with the Wolf Knight Greatsword, which is a great addition to the arsenal!


Bloodlust Katana
You can use this Katana to use the Bleed effect in your attacks!

I mentioned Bloodlust and knew fresh players would instantly question its worth. To clear your doubts, Bloodlust is a Katana you can receive as a reward by joining the Mound-Makers Covenant.

It allows the players to create a Dexterity build that focuses on high Dexterity. The Katana paired well with Dexterity can buff the “Bleed” effect when they use it to attack.

Similar to the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring, this weapon also decreases a small portion of a player’s health when used for the Bleed effect. Hence, it is a weapon far better suited for experienced players as they will have to stay cautious during any fight they engage in while the buff is activated.

Related: If you want to learn more about the best weapons to use in Dark Souls 3, check out our guide on Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List!

Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath
Beginners can use this item to conceal themselves against other players at long distances!

It is another Miracle beginners can use to increase their damage resistance alongside other bonuses. While the Miracle is active, players can get up to a 10% increase in their Damage Resistance in a PvE fight and 5% in PvP. It is a perfect item to have in your arsenal in terms of attack and defense.

Furthermore, you can get this item as a reward for joining the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant!

To end my Dark Souls 3 Covenants guide, I will mention one more item players can benefit from, which is the Obscuring Ring. You can obtain this item by joining Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant. The effects of the item allow the players to become invisible to other players and can be used to their advantage during PvP.

It also comes with a downside, which is you cannot use it in PvE fights, so ensure you use it against other players by combining it with your ranged spells and bow! Unlike Miracles, players can choose the Best Rings in Dark Souls 3 to their full advantage!

Hopefully, you had a lot to learn from my guide and you can pursue your goals to join the best Covenants and increase your ranks at a significant rate. Let me know in the comments below if I missed a crucial information!

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