Dark Souls 3 Covenants
Dark Souls 3 Covenants

Dark Souls 3 Covenants: All Covenants & Rewards

There are some covenants in your favorite game, the Dark Souls 3. If you are a fan of this favorite game, you must know all the shrines of covenants. These covenants are particular groups that function with different player activities. You can have the covenants through the leader of the covenant. Hence, this article will guide you regarding all the Dark Souls 3 covenants. Besides, a major idea decides the main tasks of the covenant.

Moreover, some of the covenants assist the gamers while playing intense games. Some other covenants help gamers play competitive modes of the game and attack the competitors. The covenants provide some rewards to the gamers who complete their assigned tasks. These tasks are of different types, including competing against the enemies and the boss who interfere while reaching the outside boundaries.

Dark Souls 3 covenants
Dark Souls 3 covenants

Dark Souls 3 Covenants

Gamers get the various covenants in the shape of particular rewards depicting the full activities. The suitable leader of the covenant can take such particular awards. Then the leader can enhance the ranking of the covenant with the help of these rewards. Also, these covenants give some new spells and swords to the gamers as a reward. Gamers get those covenants as a symbol of their honesty and dedication.

In addition, the gamers should get the symbol of the covenants. The gamers need to talk to the leader to get the covenant participation. Gamers can find it in the slot of the covenants as a sign of membership or participation. A specific symbol at the corner depicts the covenant of the gamer. The gamers can turn on the covenants without fulfilling any strict requirements. Hence, it gives the opportunity to the gamers to alter their gaming style while playing the games.

Furthermore, you will get the details of all the Dark Souls 3 covenants in this article. According to their functions and place in the game, these covenants are mentioned in a specific sequence. Thus this article will assist you in selecting the right covenant for you while playing the game. This is the list of all the exciting rewards and covenants in the Dark Souls 3 game:

Warrior of Sunlight-One

This is one of the most cooperative covenants in the game. It is one of the best covenants for invasion and attacks. So assistance and cooperation are the main concepts of this covenant. Gamers can get this particular covenant from the settlement. When gamers enter the building, they will encounter multiple foes surrounded by intense fire. Gamers can save themselves from fire by adopting specific techniques to reach the destination. When the gamers reach the place, they move to the room, searching for the hole. They can find this covenant closer to the table.

Moreover, this covenant indicates the symbols whose color is lush golden. It shows the full cooperative mode of the game. Gamers can identify this covenant in the game with the help of a golden symbol. The main objective of this particular covenant is to assist the gamers in completing the most difficult tasks, such as invading the boss and passing the difficult areas. When gamers get this covenant, it shows the attacker in the lush golden color. These warriors get the reward for assisting others in invading the enemies and assassinating the foes during the attack in the game.

In addition, this Dark Souls 3 covenant can take the rewards to the castle. But it happens in the later stages in the Dark Souls 3. The gamers pass all the hurdles and reach the building in the end. They move to the roof and reach their final destination. Here, they obtain the sculpture which acts like an Altar in the game. Also, gamers can present their rewards to this place for getting more advantage in the game. They can get the rewards, such as thirty medals and ten medals.

Blue Sentinels

This covenant assists in saving the gamers in the game. When some foes attack the gamers, this covenant will assist the gamers during the invasion. If the gamers want to have this covenant, they have to pass the hurdles in the way to reach the final destination. Gamers have to contact some characters to obtain this Dark Souls 3 covenant.

Moreover, the gamers completing their tasks get a reward for reaching the destination after passing all the hurdles in the game. Then this covenant conveys a message to the leader, whose name is Yorshka. The gamers can find this leader in the game on a tower. The gamers can get the rewards of thirty concords and ten concords.

Dark Souls 3 covenant
Blue Sentinels

Blade of the Darkmoon

This covenant is the real theme of the previous covenant. The participants of this covenant assist the gamers who face attacks from the red creatures. Gamers will find some difficulty while getting this covenant. The reason is that the gamers have to fulfill some extra tasks to reach the valley. Besides, the gamers have to complete the tasks if they want to become the Knight of this covenant. Without fulfilling these requirements, the gamers cannot obtain this covenant in the game.

Furthermore, the gamers can go back to the shrine after seeing Horace. When the gamers come to this place, they look for the ashes. They go back from this area after giving the ashes. They go back to the shrine to meet some characters again. Then they can get the idea about obtaining this covenant. Besides, Yorshka is leading this covenant in the game. The gamers go to the specific place for searching this leader of the covenant. They cross all pathways for reaching that place. They can find the bonfire at that place.

In addition, the gamers should have faith in themselves while getting this covenant. They should cross all the intangible pathways. So when they reach that place, they indicate the symbols to get this covenant and turn as a leader. The rewards of this covenant include thirty proof and ten proof similar to the previous covenant. But the gamers must have the right equipment and strategies while playing the game. After applying all the suitable strategies to pass the hurdles, they can get their rewards in the game.

Aldrich Faithful

This covenant does not impact Aldrich in the game. The gamers cross the path of the valley. Then the participants of this covenant appear and defend the attackers. This covenant looks like a creature with red and blue colors. All the gamers who complete their assigned tasks get the rewards for their hard work. Gamers can bring this covenant to show off their faithfulness and obtain rewards in the game.

In addition, if gamers want to obtain this covenant, they will have to perform certain tasks in the valley. They cross all the hurdles and reach the final destination. Besides, they have to cross paths full of giants and enemies. They reach the wall after passing the obstacles on the way. Finally, when the gamers show some faithfulness, they can get this covenant in the game. They can get the rewards, such as thirty human dregs and ten human dregs.

Dark Souls 3 covenant
Aldrich Faithful

Fingers of Rosaria

-One of the best Dark Souls 3 Covenants for PvP Mode

The players can get this covenant in the PvP mode of the game. Rosaria is the leader in this covenant. The participants gather the items and give them to the leader of this covenant. Gamers collect these items in attacks. The participants of this covenant attack their foes. They get some items after winning in the attacks with enemies. Gamers and participants of this covenant get specific items when they win against the spirits. The leader of this covenant provides some rewards to the faithful participants. These faithful participants can alter their looks like a reward of faithfulness. Gamers can have this opportunity more than three times. They have to spend one item if they want to change their looks in the game.

Furthermore, if gamers want to have this Dark Souls 3 covenant, they will have to find this covenant on the top floor. They can reach the roof after crossing all the hurdles. They can find the leader of this covenant next to the giant’s location. When gamers offer their faithfulness to the covenant leader, they can get this covenant as a reward of faithfulness. They can give some items to get new rewards in the game.

But gamers should remember that they cannot reach Sirris after getting this covenant. So this covenant restricts the gamers from getting the other rewards. Hence, the gamers should go for this particular covenant after finishing all the other activities. They can get the rewards of thirty tongues and ten tongues in the game.

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Farron Watchdogs

This covenant protects the surroundings from foes in the game. When the gamers enter the area, this covenant will appear as a shield to protect the surrounding area. The participants of this covenant get a sword against the attacking members. The gamers need to reach the area for obtaining this covenant. They will have to surpass all the difficult hurdles. They reach the room where the wolves reside. Then gamers request them to get this covenant for you. They will have to give the items they have collected to make their association better for obtaining this covenant and other items in the game. They can get the rewards of thirty swords and ten swords through this strong association.

Mound Makers

Gamers can benefit from this covenant to fight against the enemies in the game. The participants of this Dark Souls 3 covenant show as purple-colored creatures. Gamers will see a symbol of the same color. The symbol color would be red in the case of red stones. The participants will use this symbol to protect themselves against attacks made by the foes.

In addition, the participants of this covenant can potentially attack the enemies regardless of the color or symbol. Gamers can benefit from this covenant in multiple attacks. When the covenant participants fight back against the enemies, they get some items. The enemies who fight back successfully against the participants of this covenant get a shackle. Gamers can give this item to the shrine to make the association strong.

Furthermore, gamers can obtain this Dark Souls 3 covenant in multiple ways. But gamers must proceed well in the game to get this covenant. When gamers fight back the sword, they can get it as a reward. Gamers go to the place and strive to reach the final destination. They look for the best location to pass all the hurdles. They fight back against their foes. Besides, they follow specific techniques and reach the right place from where they can attack their enemies. They will find Knight after passing all the obstacles. Hence, they will get this covenant in the game. The criteria are different when gamers already have the sword in the game.

Way of Blue

This is the initial reward that gamers can avail themselves of. Gamers will have to reach the wall to get this covenant. They need to talk to some participants to get this covenant. It saves the gamers from the other attackers and foes. When gamers have this covenant, the other covenant participants will also arrive to assist the gamers during attacks.

Furthermore, gamers get no rewards in this option because it is for the purpose of defending. Also, it does not need membership in particular tasks. This covenant is probably the most suitable option for reaching novel areas in the game. The gamers can protect themselves from enemies after fighting against them. It assists the participants of the other covenants in getting rewards.

Dark Souls 3 covenants
Way of Blue

Wrapping it up: Dark Souls 3 Covenants

Every gamer wants to have full knowledge regarding exciting rewards and covenants in the Dark Souls 3 game. You can read this thorough article because it contains information regarding all the Dark Souls 3 covenants. The number of rewards varies in different covenants. The requirements to get each covenant are various. Difficult hurdles need to be passed while reaching the final destination. Gamers should try to obtain such a covenant, which the participants of other covenants support. Hence, choose the most valuable covenants and win exciting rewards in the Dark Souls 3 game.

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