Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Dark Souls 3 Luck Build: Extensive Hollow Build Guide

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build: Extensive Hollow Build Guide (2022)

Unbeknownst to most players, the luck build is extremely fun to try out. This detailed guide will explain everything you need to know about the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build.

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Dark Souls 3 has the highest value of replayability out of any other game in the Souls series. This is mainly due to the game allowing players complete freedom to choose whatever build they want to try out. Some players prefer going for the magic route and try the Faith Build, while others prefer a hard-hitting Quality Build. Much like those builds, today’s guide will look at another fun build, commonly known as the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build.

The luck – or the hollow, build had been popular amongst players since the game’s release back in 2016. Players – including myself – have sunk in countless hours trying out various hollow weapons in PvE and PvP.

Since most players are misinformed regarding the proper utilization of the luck build, this guide will clear that. This guide is for newer players that are just picking up the game, and veterans that want to experiment in uncharted waters.

Let’s get started with this extensive guide on the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build, source of information via an amazing post on Reddit.

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build

The build mentioned in this guide is extremely viable regardless of the meta and is better than non-luck builds in most cases. Every aspect described here applies to any starting class that you choose, so do not worry about that.

Before starting, I would like to state that the Anri’s Straight Sword is not mentioned – despite having luck scaling. The weapon is quite overpowered and does not require a guide on how to use it.

Another major benefit of putting points into the luck stat is that you can conveniently go soul farming and ember farming. Most people do not talk about this, but it dramatically increases the chances of item drop rates.

Introduction – The Basics

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Player character after it has been “Hollowfied.”

A new path called “Hollow” was introduced with the release of Dark Souls 3. To infuse a weapon with Hollow, players need the Profaned Coal and the Hollow Gem. The gem can be obtained early at the Farron’s Keep area, while the coal is in Irithyll Dungeon.

Along with Hollowing your weapon, the player character can also become hollow to maximize this build’s potential. It can be done quite early, and all you need to do is follow the Yuria and Yoel questline. This is mentioned here because it will enhance the build’s effectiveness, but your character will look like an undead zombie.

There is a lot of misinformation spread about weapon hollowing. While it does reduce the damage of your weapon, it isn’t a significant reduction. Plus, it doesn’t change the natural scaling of the weapon; it only adds luck scaling to increase damage. The luck scaling damage is quite decent as it can be categorized in the high B or low A range. While you won’t be killing most enemies in one hit, it still deals tons of damage to keep opponents on their toes.

Hollow infusion also puts extra points in Luck, given that you hollow your character enough. Every 2 levels of weapon reinforcement grant you 1 point of luck. This passive is not obvious at first since it is not mentioned anywhere. Over time, it stacks up enough that you gain tons of extra points. If we put this into perspective, it means that you gain 5 additional points of luck with every +10 Hollow infused weapon you equip. This is a massive benefit and goes a long way into making the luck build viable. It reduces the overall levels required to get the weapon to reach its maximum effectiveness.

Stat Distribution

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
All stats in Dark Souls 3

As mentioned earlier, you gain additional 5 points of luck if you are using a hollow weapon. What this means is that you gain free 10 soul levels by equipping two weapons that are hollowed. This makes the hollow build extremely viable to deal tons of damage early on as well as move past weapons with bad scaling.

If you plan to go for the pure Luck build, you only have to put 20 points for weapon damage, and the remaining 100 levels can be used for other stats. This gives you tons of freedom to either have a lot of health, FP, or stamina. Not only will you have a good amount of damage, but you’ll also be able to put points into stats that suit your playstyle.

A good tip would be to infuse weapons that have a naturally bad scaling to increase their damage. This would give you the option to use other points in stats beneficial for PvP as you won’t have to invest in Dex or Strength.

I usually go for 44 Vigor, 40 Endurance, 28 Strength, 28 Dexterity, and 35 Luck. The hollow passive gives +5 or +10 luck depending on the weapons you use. But in any case, I gain over 40 Luck despite only putting 35 points in it. This is a good build for PvP as it can equip almost any weapon, deal tons of damage, have high stamina, and HP. You can equip some of the best rings and relevant shields to further increase stats. The stats should be tweaked according to your playstyle, but these usually come in handy in almost all situations.

Relevant Weapons/Builds

Relevant weapons can make a huge difference

Before we start this section, I would like to clear a common misconception regarding luck builds and bleed damage weapons. Most players state that only bleed weapons reap the benefits from having increased luck stat as their damage scales from it. While this is true, the damage is almost unnoticeable, and this shouldn’t factor in what weapon you decide to use. The Luck/Bleed builds definitely work well together – I’ll mention one build later on – it shouldn’t sway you away from other weapons.

I hope that breaks the association between Luck/Bleed build. Now you have a wide range of superb weapons at your disposal to try out.

Dexterity/Strength Weapons

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Frayed Blade in all its glory

You can use almost all Dex or Str scaling weapons while benefiting due to the hollow infusion. Using top-tier Dex weapons like the Farron Greatsword is extremely fun with this build. The major downside is that you’ll have to put 20 additional points into the scaling stats.

After trying out various builds, the Hollow infusion is more effective with the dex build. After testing various weapons, the sharp weapons deal 40-50 extra damage per swing when going for 40 luck/40 dex. The heavy weapons deal 30-40 additional damage with the same stats mentioned before. This means that your dex weapons will deal more damage with this build as compared to when you use them normally.

In the early game, you will have reduced damage due to being Hollow; as you level up, the overall damage is increased significantly. Other players will not expect that much extra damage in PvP when you hit them. Catching enemies off-guard can lead to you gaining a massive advantage in the fight.

Quality Build

Quality build armor and weapon set

While the Quality Build is quite strong on its own, I would not recommend it with the Hollow infusion. Using the refined gem is more useful than a hollow gem. Presumably, you will deal massive damage – enough to potentially one-hit enemies, if you go for the Luck/Quality build.

But that would only leave about 40 levels to spread across all other stats like stamina, HP, or FP. Realistically, this would perform horribly in PvP. You would be like a glass cannon that deals a lot of damage but dies within one hit or so. Plus, most people have tons of points in HP, so you won’t be able to take them down easily no matter what.

On paper this sounds ideal but trying it out did not yield good results in PvP no matter how many times I tried it. Going for the Quality Build with the refined gem is more beneficial, and I suggest you try it out.

Pure Luck

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Anri straight sword is the best luck scaling weapon

The pure luck build brings the best out of weapons that do not scale well normally. Let’s take the example of Brigand Twindaggers. Usually, they are dismissed by most players as they do not have good damage or stat scaling. But, if you infuse it with hollow, you will deal about 200 damage per swing.

The best part is that you will only have spent around 20 levels which is not a lot at all. This leaves you 100 levels to invest in other stats to boost your character all the while dealing good chunks of damage. In short, any weapon that has good base damage but bad scaling is ideal for the pure luck build. They will almost always benefit more with the hollow infusion than any other build.

Going for this build allows you to use any low-tier weapons to deal a good amount of damage while maintaining good stats across the board. Enemies in PvP will mostly underestimate you after seeing you use a bad weapon. Little do they know; your weapon probably deals more damage than theirs.

Bleed Build

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Brigand Twindaggers are the best bleed weapons

As mentioned before, Bleed/Luck builds go hand in hand together. Using a fast weapon will prove to be most useful for this. Take the Brigand Twindaggers for example; the hollow infusion with the Carthus Rogue will make it perform better.

For those who don’t know, the Carthus Rogue gives bleed damage to weapons that would otherwise not have any. There isn’t much else to say about this other than the fact that you’ll be extremely tanky, fast, and deal more damage than expected.

This is the go-to build for players trying out the Luck/Hollow build, and it is the most common. While I believe that the Dex/Luck build is better, but try this out as well.

Magic Build

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
The Man-Grub Staff

Players that prefer the magic/luck build will be disappointed to learn that there are no viable options. The “Man-Grub Staff” is the only magic weapon that scales with luck in Dark Souls 3. However, the luck scaling of this staff is superior to the intelligence scaling of any other staff in the game.

While that sounds like it’s a good thing, it doesn’t really matter in the end. You would still need to meet the intelligence stats to use any of the spells. Plus, obtaining this staff is a pain in itself. You have to reach maximum devotion to Rosaria’s Covenant.

Unfortunately, magic builds do not go well with luck builds, so do not try this. To satisfy your curiosity, you can attempt to make it work but certainly do not expect positive results.

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Using the hollow infusion on weapons that have naturally bad scaling gave extremely good results as compared to any other weapon. Investing only 20 points in luck proved more useful for these weapons than using them normally. Plus, the dexterity, strength, and bleed weapons performed the best.

As a fan of using the Luck/Hollow builds, this guide was a treat for me to write. If more players are introduced to this build, the game will be diverse, and enemies will be on their toes.

If you have any questions regarding the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build or want to critique this build, leave a comment below. It’s always fun knowing what other players of Dark Souls 3 think of various builds.

With that said, we have reached the end of our guide about the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build. I hope it assisted you in finding a new build to try out in your next playthrough.

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