Dark Souls 3 Luck Build Guide (2024)

In my experience of playing Dark Souls 3 for 600+ hours, the luck build is extremely fun to try out. My detailed guide will explain everything you need to know about the Dark Souls 3 Luck Build.

Dark Souls 3 Luck Build
Dark Souls 3 Luck Build: Extensive Hollow Build Guide

Dark Souls 3 has the highest replayability value of any other game in the Souls series. This is mainly because the game allows players to choose whatever build they want to try. Some players prefer going for the magic route and trying the Faith Build, while others prefer a hard-hitting Quality Build. Much like those builds, today’s guide will look at another fun build known as the Dark Souls III Luck Build.

Since most players are misinformed regarding the proper utilization of the luck build, this guide will clear that. This guide is for newer players just picking up the game and veterans who want to experiment in uncharted waters.

About The Author

Waleed is a Dark Souls fan having spent 800+ hours in the game. Knowing every secret to the game, you can trust his insights on any Dark Souls-related guides!

Key Takeaways

  • Luck increases Bleed and Poison applying speed on enemies.
  • It increases resistance to curses.
  • Bleed Build is good for dealing with enemies with large health pools and resistance to other forms of attack, including poison.
  • Poison Build is good for dealing with enemies with a moderate health pool and is immune to bleeding.
Dark Souls III Gameplay
Dark Souls III Gameplay

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Luck Stat Explained

There has always been a stat for Luck among multiple stats in the Dark Souls games. Most players assume the nature of these stats at face value and never bother looking deeper. But little do they know that it can hide the best builds among Dark Souls III.

The stat of luck influences both bleed and poison build-up upon damaging enemies with certain weapons while increasing your resistance to curses. That is why I will divide the Dark Souls III Luck Build into two builds that can be picked according to whatever you find more appealing.

One thing to keep in mind for each build is that in most Dark Souls games, I prefer to view armor as a fashion statement rather than a necessity. Hence the armor recommendations that will be provided are more so for their aesthetic purpose.

Bleed Build Version

To kick things off, I will focus on a bleed build that will surely get you far in terms of damage to enemies and bosses that are considered humanoid. This is an excellent build for two simple reasons; the enemy pool affected by bleed is considerable, and the damage dealt at all levels is quite a game-changer.

Great Corvian Scythe

Great Corvian Scythe Dark Souls III Luck Build
Great Corvian Scythe | Courtesy: Fextralife

A twisted amalgamation of a scythe, barely holding onto the name in appearance but living up to it in performance. The Great Corvian Scythe is an exceptional weapon when discussing a Dark Souls III Luck Build.

The scythe has some of the highest bleed build-ups in the game, making it quite suitable for fighting enemies that are weak to bleed. The scythe also has innate armor penetration with a flat 40%. When discussing armor penetration, I can’t forget the weapon art for this scythe.

The weapon art is known as Neck Swipe. This takes the scythe and does a heavy slash towards the enemy at their neck. If the swipe connects with their neck, the bleed build build-up is increased, and the damage taken is increased with the armor penetration going upto 80%. The best part; the weapon art has Hyperarmor, not something all weapons can boast about.

You can find this weapon in the Road of Sacrifices early on, but I recommend trying to farm it in the Untended Graves since it seems to have a higher drop rate within that area.

The Great Corvian Scythe is my pick for the Dark Souls III Luck Build since it offers an excellent variety in terms of different gameplay, assuming most people don’t play with a scythe in their playthroughs.

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Onikiri and Ubadachi

Onikiri and Ubadachi Image Dark Souls III
Onikiri and Ubadachi | Courtesy: Fextralife

For a different yet the same style, I have dual katanas. Their skill floor is so low that your average Joe could pick them up and start clearing out enemy hordes with these things. However, the true fun is reaching the skill ceiling since a master of spacing will never get hit and always land a hit.

These are pretty reminiscent if you have ever played with the Twin Sellswords. They play almost exactly like them but differ just enough in multiple aspects that allow for them to have their play style that allows you to feel both overpowered and skilled at the same time.

The weapon art is known as Onislayer. The player launches toward the enemy while slashing the swords in an X-shape. This deals considerable damage while also allowing you to reposition during a fight without the fear of being interrupted since this move is relatively fast and challenging to react to on activation.

You can get a hold of this weapon from the Grand Archives by defeating their wielder, Black Hand Kamui, who you have to fight alongside his companions.

Armor Set

I chose this set in particular since it fits the aesthetic of a lone warrior, with the gauntlets being those of a black knight, giving the player a sense of power when they are revealed during weapon swings and finishing moves.

From a purely statistical point of view, the set itself is pretty good and versatile enough to cover a decent range of resistances while being lightweight so as not to result in fat-rolling.

Poison Build Version

The overshadowed little brother of the bleed builds when it comes to Dark Souls 3 Luck Build. Poison isn’t looked down upon but somewhat forgotten by most players simply because it isn’t as prevalent and easily attainable as bleed builds and has a smaller range of enemies affected by it, unlike bleed builds.

When it comes to the weapons I can include in the build, there are only three that indeed come to mind and are deserving of honor. The Rotten Ghru collection.

Poison builds are the same as standard bleed builds, wherein they accomplish the same goal through a different in-game system. That is why I only present you with the weapons that make up the build-up change. These three weapons are the ones that are great for setting up poison damage.

They are the conventional curved sword, dagger, and spear with no unique weapon arts to their name. You can easily farm this full gear at the Farron Keep bonfire, where the death knights are roaming.

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