All Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Builds Guide [2023]

Pyromancy is a big part of Dark Souls 3. Here we cover some of the best Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Builds 2023.

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build
Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Builds 2021.

Much like the previous entries in the Dark Souls series, pyromancy is a big part of Dark Souls 3. Pyromancy allows you to deal fire damage through spells. For many, Pyromancy can help ease the game a little for smart use of Pyromantic spells can help you in tough situations. Today we will go over what pyromancy is and some Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer builds that we believe will help you optimize pyromancy in the game. We hope this guide is of use to you. While you are here, consider checking out and Dark Souls 3 Katana Build.

Pyromancy In Dark Souls 3

Pyromancy is the use of spells that cause fire damage. Pyromancies are cast using Flames. Pyromancy levels with intelligence and faith weapons, and you need to have both levelled up to at least 25 to use all of the base game’s pyromancy spells. You can acquire/learn Pyromancies from Cornyx or Karla, both of whom can be found in fireline shrine once you discover them in the world. In order to learn Pyromancy spells, you have to discover Pyromancy tomes throughout the game and then bring them to Cornyx or Karla. Karla specializes in Dark Pyromancy whereas Cornyx is experienced in basic Pyromancy.

Here are some of our favourite Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3. These builds help maximize damage and range from Pure Pyromancy builds to Pyromancy/Swordplay hybrid builds.

Pure Pyromancy Build In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build
Cornyx, Master Pyromancer

Following in the footsteps of master Cornyx, this build focuses on Pyromancy spells with little to no emphasis on combat. For this build, we recommend starting with the Pyromancer class. This is a caster build where the distance between you and your opponent is essential. We recommend Intelligence/faith levels of 40, but they need to at least be level 35 each. Attunement should also be anywhere between levels 30-40. Having the great swamp ring and the witch’s ring is another bonus for they increase pyromancy damage by 12% and 20% respectively. While the armour doesn’t matter here for no armour offers pyromancy boosts, we still recommend having a robe on that helps you feel like a pyromancer. My favourites are the Robe of Prayer and the Scholar’s Robe.

Recommended Spells

Spells are the most important part of this builds. The spells we recommend for a Pure Pyromancy build are Chaos Bed Vestiges, Great Chaos fire Orb, Warmth, and the Black Fre Orb.

Chaos Bed Vestiges

You can use the Old Demon King’s soul to acquire Chaos Bed Vestiges. This spell looks similar to Naruto’s Rasengan, except that it is made up of fire, and causes insane amounts of damage. I once did an entire playthrough of the game only using this spell and the fire orb spell.

Great Chaos Fire Orb

The Great Chaos Fire Orb is just a much bigger version of the Fire Orb that deals massive amounts of damage. It leaves behind some lava for a while, creating a minor area of effect and damaging all enemies within. You can get this spell after giving Cornyx the Izalith Pyromancy Tome which you can find in the Smouldering Lake.


Warmth is one of the more basic pyromancy spells. It lets you heal yourself in exchange for some sp. This spell is especially important for a pure Pyromancy build for the lack of armour means you’ll be losing health pretty quickly. You receive this spell as a reward for reaching level 2 of the Mound Makers Covenant.

Black Fire Orb

The Black Fire Orb is the dark Pyromancy counterpart of the basic fire orb, which is the starting spell of the Pyromancer class. With a high enough Faith and Intelligence level, this spell will easily one-shot most ads while consuming very little amounts of sp. This is the spell you will be using the most, your light attack, so to speak.


With all this in mind, you are all set for making your very own Pure Pyromancy build. We hope you make Cornyx proud!


Pyromancy Melee Hybrid Build In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build
Pyromancy Melee build

For this build, we recommend Faith and intelligence levels of at least 30. Attunement should also be at least level 30 to increase the number of spells and the total SP. Strength and/or Dexterity should also be at least 20 so you can choose from a number of weapons which we will get to in a bit.

Recommended spells

For the spells, we recommend Chaos Bed Vestiges, Warmth, Carthus Flame Arc and Fire Orb. Chaos Bed Vestiges will be your primary spell for this build, it will be the main source of damage along with your weapon.


This build does not require any specific armour, anything that has less weight and looks apt will suffice. Warmth will make up for the lack of strong armour, it might also save you in times where you have run out of estus flasks and need to heal.

Carthus Flame Arc

Carthus Flame arc will apply a fire buff to your weapon which will scale with Intelligence and faith, helping maximize damage. You can purchase Carthus Flame Arc from Cornyx for 10,000 souls

Fire Orb

Fire orb is here mainly for creating distance and helping get out of tough situations.

No particular armour is required, just go with one that helps your character look their best. Again, the Great Swamp ring and Karla’s ring are recommended for they help maximize Pyromancy damage.

For weapons, we recommend starting out with Raw infused weapons for they do not scale with Dex/Str and only scale with weapon upgrades. You can later infuse your weapons with Chaos or Dark gems. While the fire gem may seem tempting for such a build, we recommend skipping it entirely for it does not scale with Intelligence or Faith, just adds fire damage to the weapon. Some weapon recommendations are Zweihander, Claymore, Broadsword and the Falchion.

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Melee Focused Pyromancy Build In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build
Melee focused Pyromancer

Out of all my Dark Souls 3 playthroughs, I had the most fun with this build. This build emphasis close-range melee combat with a little Pyromancy on the side for weapon/damage buffs. We recommend a strength level of 40 and intelligence and faith of anywhere between 20 and thirty. You will also need at least at least 5 attunement slots.

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Recommended spells

This build leans more towards weapon damage rather than damage caused through Pyromancy spells. It does, however, require pyromancy spells to significantly buff weapon damage. The spells required for this build are Iron Flesh, Power Within, Carthus Flame arc and Warmth.

Iron Flesh

Iron Flesh significantly reduces damage absorbed in exchange for weight carried. This build will be sporting a weak armour set so Iron Flesh will help make up for that. You can also use it to become a tank and clear ads. You can pick it up from the Farron Keep swamp.

Power Within

This spell increases attack but gradually decreases health. This spell will compliment your high strength level. With this, you will be dealing insane amounts of damage. the loss in health will be negated through warmth. You can pick it up from a corpse behind a hidden wall in the Grand Archives.


Warmth is also a crucial part of this build for it will take care of the strength you lose from using Power Within. This build also emphasizes close-range melee combat so you will probably be running out of estus flasks frequently, warmth will also be covering that up.

Carthus Flame Arc

This spell will add fire damage to your weapon for a limited time, and it is scaled with intelligence and Faith. This, coupled with power within and your high strength level will make you feel almost overpowered in the offence department.

For weapons, you can go with any weapon that scales with strength but we recommend the Greatsword. The Greatsword goes well with this build and deals very high damage due to your strength level and Pyromancy buffs. No one armor set is required but we recommend going with anything that looks good and weight less for the Greatsword already weighs a lot.

We hope you have fun playing as a Pyromancer in Dark Souls 3! also check out Best Talisman In Dark Souls 3, while you are here.

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