Dark Souls 3 Soft Caps: All the Soft Caps [2024]

There are several soft caps in Dark Souls3, which I will elaborate upon in this guide.

Dark souls 3 soft caps
Dark souls 3 soft caps

A cap in Dark Souls 3 means the maximum limit of a specific stat like Dexterity. There are two types of caps in Dark Souls, known as Dark Souls 3: soft and hard caps. To maintain the balance, both of these limits reward the player for leveling up or stop the player from upgrading their character and getting rewards. The types of caps are discussed below.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Souls 3 features two types of caps, soft and hard, which affect stat limits and character progression.
  • Soft caps in Dark Souls 3 maintain balance, differentiate character builds, and prevent overpowered characters, each stat having its unique soft cap.
  • Critical stats like Vigor, Attunement, Endurance, Vitality, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Luck have specific soft cap levels that limit their effectiveness after reaching a certain point.
  • Achieving all soft caps for character stats results in a level 395 character in Dark Souls 3 while reaching the hard cap of level 99 significantly alters gameplay difficulty.

Soft Caps

These fulfill several vital roles. They first differentiate character builds, ensuring each player’s approach remains unique. Secondly, they prevent any game from becoming overly accessible by curbing character strength.

Lastly, they establish different benchmarks for various caps, preventing the need for balance adjustments around the hard caps.

Hard Caps

It is the maximum limit of a specific stat. When such a limit of a cap is reached, it cannot get higher anymore. Dark Souls 3 enforces these and has a maximum level of ninety-nine for every stat.

Dark souls 3 soft caps

The stat soft caps in Dark Souls 3, with their maximum limit where they start becoming less valuable than initially, have been described below.


The maximum limit of this stat is 44. Every upgrade of this stat provides HP to the player character, but at a higher level, after the soft cap limit of forty-four, it starts granting less HP to the player character.

At level 44, the player has an HP of 1260, and after increasing the level of this Dark Souls 3 stat soft cap to 99, the player’s character would have only an HP of 1400.


The maximum limit of this stat is at level 30. After reaching the maximum level, the players only get one Attunement Slot per ten levels.

This means that at level 30, five slots of Attunement will be granted to the player; at level 40, six slots of Attunement will be given, and so on.


The maximum limit of this stat is 40. The main function of this stat is to increase the stamina of the player character. However, after reaching the maximum limit, the character’s stamina, resistance, and health are halted.

At level 40 of this stat, the player’s character has a stamina of 160; at level 99, the stamina of the player’s character is increased by only 10 health points, making it one hundred and seventy.


It affects the player’s character Defense and Equip Load stats. Every level up of this stat increases the player’s character Equip Load by one, but the Defense stat stops upgrading at level 40 of this stat.

At level 40, the Equip Load will be 80, and Defense will be 135. At level 99 of Vitality, the Equip Load will be increased to 139, but Defense will only grow to 177.


This stat’s normal soft cap level is level forty, after which the players get rewards for the damage they do.

When the player wields a weapon in two hands, its Strength stat is increased up to 1.5%, which means if the player uses two hands for a single weapon, the Dark Souls 3 attributes soft cap is lowered to level 27.

The highest level of this stat is 60 for using a weapon effectively.


The maximum limit of this stat is 40-60. This stat, just like Strength, stops providing rewards after level 60. This stat also affects the spellcasting speed, but its soft cap level is at 60, which might be considered very good for building Mages.


The maximum limit of this stat is between 40-50. This stat helps in increasing your Damage, Magic, and Defense. But some sorceress characters require a soft cap level of 50 to equip some Intelligence-based spells.


The maximum limit of this stat is from level forty to 40-60. The damage of the weapons based on this stat increases until level 40. The player character’s Dark Magic, Pyromancies, and Miracles increase with this stat Dark Souls 3 soft cap.

Only the strongest Miracles in Dark Souls 3 can be cast at level 45 of this stat.


The soft cap level of this stat is 50 and 99. Some weapons with the Hollow Infusion and Anri’s Sword upgrade with this stat, but the damage bonus starts falling off at level fifty of Luck.

This stat is useful even at its hard cap level, 99, because the Item Discovery never stops upgrading for treasure hunting. Check Luck Build here.

My Opinion

A character with all these dark souls 3 soft caps will be of level 395 based on which class the character began, and at the hard cap level of 99, the level of the characters would increase to 801, which would kill the difficulty.

I think you should try to get more Vigor first and then hit the soft cap for your damage stats. Remember, you can hit hard, but the boss can always hit harder. That’s why more Vigor leads to more survivability, which leads to easier time.

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