Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale: Scale Farming & Location

Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale
Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale

What are Titanite Scales In Dark Souls 3?

As the lore goes in Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale – It is essential to a Titanite altered by a soul. Titanite Scales are used to upgrade special weapons, shields, and catalysts, which cannot be upgraded through traditional means.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Souls 3 has a complex upgrade system that includes unique reinforcement paths for certain weapons, shields, and catalysts using Titanite Scales, titanite Scales are required to upgrade soul-transposed weapons and certain unique weapons.
  • Blacksmith Andre located in Firelink Shrine, is the NPC who handles weapon upgrades, infusions, and maintenance.
  • Equipment needs maintenance to prevent durability loss & loss of efficiency. Infusions and upgrades require specific materials and souls. Most weapons use titanite for upgrades. Shriving Stone can reverse infusions.
  • Titanite Scales are crucial items for upgrading weapons and shields in the game.
  • The Shrine Handmaid NPC in Firelink Shrine sells Titanite Scales for 20,000 souls each after giving her Dragon Chaser’s Ashes from Archdragon Peak. She has an infinite stock of them.
  • Two enemies drop Titanite Scales: the Rock Lizards in Archdragon Peak and the Ringed Knights in The Ringed City; there are a total of 67 naturally occurring Titanite Scales in the game.
  • Some places to find Titanite Scales are Cemetery of Ash, Farron Keep, Cathedral of Deep, Smouldering Lake, Irithyll of Boreal Valley, Irithyll Dungeon, and King’s Garden.
  • The other places include Untended Graves, Lothric Castle, Grand Archives, Archdragon Peak, Dreg Heap, & Ringed City.
  • Players can trade Avelyn or Blacksmith Hammer with Pickle-Pee and Pump-A-Rum in the game to receive Titanite Scales.
  • Farming Titanite Scales is important for upgrading weapons in Dark Souls 3, Rock Lizards in Archdragon Peak are good enemies to farm for Titanite Scales, Great Belfry bonfire in Archdragon Peak is the location for Rock Lizard farming.
  • The “Sweet Spot” for farming Rock Lizards is a ledge on the right side where they can be picked off at range
  • The Crystal Sage’s Rapier and Wrath of the Gods are effective weapons for farming Rock Lizards.
  • Farming for Titanite Scales directly is more effective than farming for souls and buying them from vendors.

As this differs from the regular upgrades you do with titanite, this kind of reinforcement is called “Unique Reinforcement.” These weapons include all of the Soul-Transposed Weapons, i.e., weapons obtained from transposing the souls of bosses through Ludleth at Firelink Shrine. Certain unique weapons also have their upgradability gated behind Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scales, which are as follows:

  • Crescent Moon Sword
  • Curse Ward Greatshield
  • Dragonrider Bow
  • Dragon Tooth
  • Eleonora
  • Sage’s Crystal Staff
  • Shield of Want
  • Tailbone Short Sword
  • Tailbone Spear
  • Storm Ruler
  • Dragonhead Shield
  • Dragonhead Greatshield
  • Earth Seeker

Titanite Scales reinforce all of the above-mentioned weapons upto +4. You can carry out the final +5 reinforcement with a Titanite Slab. To make it simple for you, you need a total of 15 titanite scales to get any soul-transposed or unique weapon to +4 – 1 scale for +1, 2 scales for +2, 4 scales for +3 and lastly, 8 scales for +4.

Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale
The Titanite Scale item description. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Blacksmith Andre: The Upgrade Guy

All sorts of upgrades take place with the infamous Blacksmith Andre. He is an NPC in Dark Souls 3 who is located in the Firelink Shrine. Interacting with him allows you to tap into his several layers of functionality as an NPC.


You can carry out infusions with him, essentially infusing many different weapons and shields with certain gems that grant them properties, damage type, or scaling. To carry out a proper infusion, you need to give Andre the appropriate coal, have a particular gem that you want to infuse, and the number of souls required to proceed with the infusion. Might I add, the only exception to the coal requirement is the Refined, Raw, and Fire gem. Lastly, in order to reverse a particular infusion on your weapon, Andre can do that easily if provided with a Shriving Stone!

Dark Souls 3 Infusion
My personal infusions (PvP) tier list. Make of it what you will 🙂


In Dark Souls 3, every piece of equipment, ranging from weapons and shields to armor pieces and staves, has some level of durability. As nothing is infinitely durable, it follows that they go through wear and tear (the more you use them) and eventually breaks. When broken, these items lose their efficiency significantly, which in the cases of weapons means 50% less attack power and 50% less damage reduction in the case of armor. They can only be repaired through Andre or casting the Repair sorcery. Do note that all other durability states can be repaired by resting at a bonfire or using Repair Powder.

Dark Souls 3 Maintenance
Blacksmith Andre, a sigma male with an infectious grin!


While infusions and maintenance are fantastic and all, Andre’s ability to upgrade your equipment is most relevant to us in the context of this guide. To upgrade, you must have the appropriate amount of pertinent upgrade material and the number of souls required to go through with the upgrade. Most weapons can be upgraded through titanite: Titanite shard from +1 to +3, Large Titanite shard from +4 to +6, and Titanite Chunk from +7 to +9. On the other hand, unique weapons are upgradable from +1 to +4 via Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scale in Dark Souls 3. Lastly, every weapon’s final reinforcement can be carried out with a Titanite Slab. In case you find this hard to keep track of, you can always refer to Fextralife’s Upgrade diagram.

Dark Souls 3 Upgrade
Fextralife’s Dark Souls 3 Upgrade diagram. Save this somewhere, really!

Titanite Scales Location Dark Souls 3

As you can probably tell by now, in Dark Souls 3, Titanite Scales are very important items if you’re looking forward to using epic soul-transposed weapons or some of the more unique weapons/shields that you come across in your playthrough. Therefore, obtaining a sufficient amount of Titanite scales can be quite a challenge, considering you need 15 of them just to fully reinforce one weapon to +4. However, fret not, for this guide has you covered!

Shrine Handmaid (NPC)

You can purchase Titanite scales from Shrine Handmaid, an NPC located in the Firelink Shrine (down the hallway, against the wall, between Andre and the Fire Keeper), who serves as your primary merchant. You can buy them for 20,000 souls each after giving her the Dragon Chaser’s Ashes obtained in Archdragon Peak. From the Great Belfy bonfire where you fight Nameless King, exit the room to the left and follow the path leading to the sparkling dragon body stone. Hug the left edge. Dragon Chaser’s Ashes are located to the left of the first archway, on a corpse guarded by a Rock Lizard. Keep in mind that the Shrine Handmaid’s stock of Titanite Scale never ends!

Dark Souls 3 Shrine Handmaid
The Shrine Handmaid is one of the nicest NPCs in the game. Visit her once in a while!


There are two enemies in Dark Souls 3 which drop Titanite Scales. The first is the Rock Lizard, a dog-sized Crystal Lizard with flaming breath found in Archdragon Peak. They come from the Dragon Lineage, making them relatively weak to Magic and Strike damage. Moreover, they have resistances to just about every debuff and are practically immune to Toxic, Poison, and Bleed. While they are a little tedious to kill, it is rewarding to drop 150 souls, Twinkling Titanite, and, yes, Titanite Scale.

The other enemy that drops Titanite Scale is the Ringed Knights, who are potent knights that guard the streets of The Ringed City. They appear in three variants: sword and shield, spear and greatshield, or paired greatswords. They are generally weak to Frost, Dark, and Strike damage but have resistances towards standard, slash, thrust, fire, lightning, bleed, poison, and toxic damage. Moreover, they are immune to Alluring Skulls, the Aural Decoy sorcery, and the Rapport pyromancy, so don’t even think about aggro’ing them!

Dark Souls 3 Ringed Knight
The dual greatsword variation of the Ringed Knights is arguably the toughest to deal with…

Natural occurrences

Apart from the sources mentioned earlier, you also come across a total of 67 naturally occurring Titanite Scales across the world of Dark Souls 3. Let’s break down where exactly you can find them in certain areas:

Cemetery of Ash (5x):

  • 1x dropped by a Ravenous Crystal Lizard in the cemetery. (Video Location)
  • Receive 1x by trading a Blacksmith Hammer with Pickle-Pee and Pump-A-Rum.
  • Receive 3x by trading Avelyn with Pickle-Pee and Pump-A-Rum.
Dark Souls 3 Cemetery of Ash
Trading Avelyn with Pickle-Pee and Pump-A-Rum = Stonks

Farron Keep (2x):

  • 2x dropped by a Ravenous Crystal Lizard, in the shortcut between the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire and Crucifixion Woods.

Cathedral of the Deep (1x):

  • 1x dropped by a Ravenous Crystal Lizard outside the cathedral down by the moat. At the base of the hall with the giants, there’s a door that leads outside. Jump off the ledge and go through the gap to get out and it will be to the right.
Dark souls 3 Cathedral of the Deep
This is the Crystal Lizard you need to kill – you’re a professional at that, right?

Smouldering Lake (1x):

  • 1x found in the catacomb maze under the lake, in the room with the Basilisks.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (1x):

  • 1x found on a corpse before the Silver Knight archers, after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. It’s on top of the building that hides the entrance to the Water Reserve bonfire.
Dark Souls 3 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
The only Titanite Scale in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley – a lonely one indeed 🙁

Irithyll Dungeon (3x):

  • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard in a hallway near the first exit.
  • 2x dropped by a Mimic chest in a side passage on the lower level with many Jailers.
  • Dropped by Wretch (rare drop)

Consumed King’s Garden (3x):

  • 1x found on a corpse under the staircase, in the shortcut area that leads back to the start of the level.
  • 2x found in two chests in the same room, after the Oceiros bonfire.
Dark Souls 3 Consumed King's Garden
One of the chests you’ll come across after the Oceiros Bonfire

Untended Graves (3x):

  • 2x dropped by each of 2 Ravenous Crystal Lizards in Untended Graves (in the same location as the Lizards in Cemetery of Ash).

Lothric Castle (10x):

  • 1x found in a chest near the Dragons, guarded by an Outrider Knight.
  • 1x found on a corpse under the right-hand Dragon (seen from Dragon Barracks), the dragon has to be killed to reach it.
  • 3x dropped by a Mimic chest, at the back of the dark room at the top of the stairs, after the dragons.
  • 1x found on the balcony outside the dark room with the Mimic. (Temp Video timestamp 1h 11m)
  • 1x found in a chest, in the chapel with a shortcut lift, right next to the Dragonslayer Armour boss.
  • 3x found in a chest in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant room.
Dark Souls 3 Lothric Castle
One down, nine more to go!

Grand Archives (13x):

  • 1x found on a body at the top of a bookcase, in the corner of the room with the giant wax basin.
  • 1x to the left at the top of the staircase, in the dark room past the large wax basin.
  • 1x on top of a bookcase beside the shortcut ladder on the second floor, drop down to it from the balcony above.
  • 1x in a corner of the room with the illusory wall hiding the Outrider Knight, past the Crystal Sage’s second location.
  • 1x behind a bookcase next to the ladder leading down to the bridge, in the room with the illusory wall.
  • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard on a bookcase near the large wax basin, drop down from the bridge to reach it.
  • 3x in a chest in the room with several Scholars above the first shortcut lift, the area where Orbeck’s body can be found.
  • 3x on a roof outside the Crystal Sage’s second location, next to where Greirat’s Ashes may appear, jump down to it from the area with the Corvians.

Archdragon Peak (9x):

  • 2x on 2 separate corpses, up the left stairs after the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire, on the outside near a Rock Lizard.
  • 1x from a corpse up the stairs from the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire, outside of where two Serpent Men ambush the player.
  • 3x in a chest near a Crystal Lizard right before the second Wyvern, before the Great Belfry bonfire.
  • 3x dropped by the Wyvern past the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum.
Dark Souls 3 Archdragon Peak
Hope you’re not afraid of heights…

The Dreg Heap (2x):

  • 1x on a pile of books behind where you drop down from the first crumbling floor.
  • 1x after Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire, around the roots of the giant tree, drop down into a broken tower to grab it.

The Ringed City (13x):

  • 1x from a corpse behind the starting point of The Ringed City.
  • 1x from a Crystal Lizard after dropping down to avoid the Ruin Knight Phantoms.
  • 2x from 2 separate corpses near Iron Dragonslayer.
  • 1x after the shortcut at the Ringed City Streets Bonfire, where you drop down to the Dragonhead Greatshield.
  • 2x in the first cave after the Bridge where you first encounter Darkeater Midir.
  • 2x after dropping down to avoid Darkeater Midir’s spray of fire.
  • 1x from a Crystal Lizard on a crumbling floor before Shared Graves bonfire.
  • 1x on bridge after the second encounter with Darkeater Midir.
  • 2x from a Crystal Lizard on the stairs after the second encounter with Darkeater Midir.

Farming: Where, What, How?


If you need more Titanite Scales than what’s naturally obtainable in Dark Souls 3, then you should consider Dark Souls 3 Titanite Scale farming them – Rock Lizards in Archdragon Peak are the perfect enemy to farm! You could also farm Ringed Knights, but they require you to have The Ringed City DLC, plus they only have a 9.1% chance of dropping from the sword/spear knights.

Dark Souls 3 Rock Lizard
Rock Lizards are very cute. Would be a shame if someone killed them for a valuable upgrade material…. oh wait….


So, to start farming Rock Lizards, make your way to the Great Belfry Bonfire in Archdragon Peak. Go across to kill the Man-Serpent Summoner in the other room, and then continue to the other side until you find an archway that leads outside. You will find a group of 4 Rock Lizards down the small set of stairs. You could either kill them all the way you want to, but if you’re going to maximize time efficiency, then keep reading!

Dark Souls 3 Location
The Great Belfry bonfire at Archdragon Peak. Feels familiar?

The Sweet Spot:

You can bait the rock lizards to go near the ledge on the right (the one with broken handrails). This will gather them in one spot, and you will only be vulnerable against their Flamethrower attack, which can go through walls but is easily telegraphed and has a short range. After that, it’s just a question of picking them off at range, which you can do so by going to the right, onto higher ground where the flamethrower attack can’t reach you.

Dark Souls 3 Sweet Spot
Behold – The Sweet Spot!


Now that you’re in the sweet spot where you can quickly kill all four Rock Lizards, your gear choice is critical. Before making the weapon choice, you should maximize your Item Discovery, a derived stat that measures how likely you are to receive items from foes. An easy way to increase it is rocking the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, obtained on the quest path of Siegward of Catarina in the Irithyll Dungeon. Moreover, you should use whatever Rusted Coins you have at your disposal since players usually end up hoarding on them without realizing it! Lastly, as you may have guessed, leveling up the Luck stat permanently increases Item Discovery, 1 point of Discovery per point of Luck.

Dark Souls 3 Gear
The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring


While you can utilize a wide array of weapons to take out the four Rock Lizards, this is what I recommend: the Crystal Sage’s Rapier along with Wrath of the Gods. In my personal experience, this golden duo has made my life easy whenever I wanted to farm for Titanite Scale in Dark Souls 3. Stock up on some Ashen Estus Flask and spam Wrath of the Gods from your sweet spot after aggro’ing all four Rock Lizards. Then, once they are all shallow in HP, finish them off with the Crystal Sage’s Rapier because it increases Item Discovery by 50. Although it doesn’t exactly need to be held – you could very well equip it in your left-hand, while two-handing your right-hand weapon!

Dark Souls 3 Weapon
Look at that AOE damage and tell me it’s not effective 🙂


Titanite Scales are crucial when wielding some of the most iconic weapons in the game, notably soul-transposed weapons such as the Moonlight Greatsword, Frayed Blade, Gael’s Greatsword, etc. You can obtain 67 of them naturally across the world of Dark Souls 3 in areas like the Cemetery of Ash, where the story begins, and The Ringed City, where technically the game is supposed to end. On top of that, specific vendors, such as the Shrine Handmaid, sell an infinite stock of Titanite Scale in Dark Souls 3, but they cost 20,000 souls.

So rather than farming for souls, you are better off directly farming for the Titanite Scale themselves. One of the most effective ways is heading for Archdragon Peak with the Crystal Sage’s Rapier and Wrath of the Gods. With boosted Item Discovery, you can quickly get 2-3 Titanite Scales per refresh which pretty much takes less than a minute – just stay stocked on some Ashen Estus Flasks!

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