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Dark Souls 3 is a well-known third perspective action game that people play worldwide.

Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List: All Weapons Ranked [2022]

Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic game introduced in March 2016. The game gained popularity in a very brief period and became one of the top picks of well-known video game players worldwide. Even though Dark Souls 3 is a famous game, not all weapons are created equal. Here is the Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list that will give you a detailed overview regarding all the swords in this game. This DS3 Weapon tier list will help you choose better weapons and win every time you play this game.

With all the new people playing and over 170 weapons, it is hard to pick which ones to use and ignore. Thus, we have categorized the weapons into four different categories. Starting with the S tier, it includes the best weapons in Dark Souls 3. The weapons included in this Dark Souls 3 Weapon list are top class and are the strongest of all the other weapons that players can come across in the game. After the S tier, the A tier includes slightly worse weapons than those included in the S tier. These weapons are better than the B, C, and D tier weapons.

After the A tier, we have the B tier, which includes better weapons than those in the C and D tiers.

The next one is the C tier which contains pretty average weapons. These swords are neither good nor bad.

After the C-tier, we have the D-tier. It has all those weapons that are useless and are those that players should avoid. It is now time to take a deep dive and explore all the weapons players can find in Dark Souls 3.

If you are a video game freak and love to play video games all the time, this article is for you. Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic third-person perspective action game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime. However, you must know about all the weapons you encounter in the game. To help you make better decisions, we have developed the Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list. Without any further ado, let’s start ranking all the different types of weapons.

Best PVP Weapons
There are over 170 great weapons in Dark Souls 3.

The S Tier

Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list is all about ranking the different types of weapons that players can find in the game. The first category is the S tier. As mentioned above, it includes the best weapons that players can get In Dark Souls 3. These are weapons in pretty much every matchup in the game you can use without swapping off. In other words, this category includes the Dark souls three boss weapons. Let’s find out and know more about those weapons.

best strength weapons
S Tier

The Moonlight Great Sword

The moonlight greatsword is an S-tier weapon. It gives pure magic damage on a two-handed greatsword. The hefty blows of the Moonlight Great Sword hurl magical blades at the enemy, which burst on impact. However, you can’t utilize this valuable feature too often because each swing diminishes the weapon’s durability by 20 or 40 points, depending on whether you’re wielding it one-handed or two-handed. From the first King’s Field game to the most recent, players can find the moonlight sword in practically every From Software game. Read our article on Best Greatswords in Dark Souls 3.

The Demon’s Spear

The demon spear is an S-tier weapon. This weapon provides the most extended range of any melee weapon in the game. Furthermore, when the enemy is not lightning-resistant, it is also a superb alternative to the similarly lengthy Silver Knight Spear. This weapon can do chip damage through most of the popular shields.

The Moonlight Butterfly Horn

The moonlight butterfly horn is also an S-tier weapon. The pairing of Rapier, moonlight greatsword and moonlight butterfly horn is super good. Even though this weapon is a spear with Thrust as its damage type, it deals 100% Magic damage, and players cannot counter moonlight butterfly weapon. Moreover, this spear is exceptionally long and quick and light compared to its size. Even in PvP, Intelligence will find this to be an effective melee weapon. Read our article on Best Spears in Dark Souls 3.

The Chaos Blade

The chaos blade is in the S tier. With each successful attack, the Chaos Blade drains 20 HP from its wielder, making it one of the few weapons capable of killing its wielder. The Chaos mechanism scales well with Dexterity and Humanity, allowing it to inflict significant damage to compensate for this weakness. The Chaos Blade also has the most crucial physical damage potential of the Katanas, with the most effective physical damage per second by far. Besides, it brings about more bleeding than other katanas and is the most durable of all Katanas. Click here if you want to know about the top Katanas in dark souls 3.

The Rapier

Rapier is an S-tier weapon. Even though some would, most people would not use a sword by itself. But anyone who has any of the blades we have included in the S tier will also have the Rapier. It is like a weapon that you always want on hand to switch to it. The stat requirement is low enough that you can chaos it and have it on hand at pretty much any point in time. Or if you already have the stats invested in agility to have a high damage dex build like with the chaos build or uchigatana, you can just have a plus 15 rapier. You can also stick with the chaos dagger. The choice is yours. Both of the weapons are strong.

The Long Sword

The long Sword is an S-tier weapon. It is an excellent weapon and has incredible slashing and thrusting attacks. Besides, this Sword has high base damage, and the scaling is perfect. You can use the long Sword at pretty much any level of PVP, which you know is excellent. If you want to learn more about this, go through Best Dark Souls 3 PVP Weapons.

The Balder Side Sword

The balder side sword. There are many reasons the balder side sword is an s tier weapon. It has an excellent range and perfect scaling. Besides, this Sword deals with tremendous damage and swings in an arc instead of a magnificent sweep. Lastly, it also has some ideal thrusting attacks.

The A Tier

In Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list, the A tier includes all the good weapons but not as good as those mentioned in the S tier. Below are all the weapons listed under this tier.

ranking dark souls 3 weapons
A Tier

The Sunlight Straight Sword

The straight sunlight sword is an A-tier weapon. It is perfect. It is below the long Sword because despite the fact what we believe is that with having slightly higher base damage, the scaling is a little wonky. Also, it is a little bit heavier, which kind of matters. We have an entire article dedicate to Straight Swords, make sure to check it out.

The Estoc

The Estoc is an excellent weapon. The thing that holds the Estoc back is that its range isn’t impressive despite being fast, good, and giving decent damage.

The Queelag’s Furysword

Next in the A-tier is the Queelag’s Furysword. It is important to note that the primary strength of this weapon is its range. Players who have used this Sword know how good this is. In addition, the strong attacks of the Qfs are pretty good as well. The Queelag’s Furysword is among dark souls three best PVP weapons.

The Murakumo

The Murakumo is going in the A tier. You can argue for the S tier. But the Murakumo is not an S-tier weapon considering what else goes in the S tier. This weapon loses to most things in the S tier, if not everything in the S tier. It also had a surge in popularity at one point because it is like an excellent weapon. However, we feel like its reputation is a little bit unwarranted. It is super good, but it is not that good.

The Falchion

Falchion is an A-tier weapon. It is perfect in terms of damage and range. Even though you always use the falchion two-handed, it has the second most range of any one-handed curved sword. The thing that keeps it out of S tier is that while you can buff this weapon, it still doesn’t matter. Once you put on a buff, most people are just like not going to mess with you anymore. Also, it doesn’t do exceptionally significant critical damage, which matters quite a bit.

The Claymore

The claymore is an A-tier weapon. Claymore also benefits a lot from like pretty high damage stat investment. It also has a good move set and is a great sword. But we think that the Qfs is very marginally, objectively better.

The Uchigatana

Uchigatana is an A-tier weapon. Why is the uchigatana not in the S tier? This weapon is not in the s tier because the chaos blade is. The chaos blade has a slightly better range than the uchigatana. It also builds up a lot of bleeding and does outstanding damage on critical attacks despite not being a crucial weapon. All in all, it is a powerful weapon.

The Gold Tracer

The gold tracer is an A-tier weapon. It is a really niche curve sword. You can argue for it being in the S-tier. If somebody is putting their Dark Souls 3 shield up, especially if they don’t have the option to pair or like you are unlocking and doing things properly with your gold tracer, there is not much anybody who wants to block can do. And once they have hit your shield a few times, they can’t stop hitting you back because doing so means that if you are trading hits, they are building bleeding, and you are both trading damage. So like the person building bleed is probably going to win if they got a few hits of bleed on beforehand.

The thing that keeps it out of the S tier is that it just really can’t hold on its own. Players kind of need to pair some other things alongside it. It is not the be-all, and all of the weapons, meaning it will not destroy everybody. Whereas you can use the blades in the S tier without switching to any other sword in pretty much any scenario that you would find yourself in, which is kind of nice. That is not to say that you wouldn’t sometimes want to switch. But you would find yourself changing off a gold tracer a lot.

The B Tier

Up next in Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list, the B tier includes all those better weapons than those mentioned in the C and D-tier but worse than those in the S and A tier. These weapons have a counterpart. These weapons have better move sets.

PVP weapons
B Tier

The Demon Great Machete

The demon great machete is a B-tier weapon. Demon great machete is pretty good but not super good. This machete is also clearly worse than some other ultra greatswords in the game.


The Partizan is a broad spear and is a B-tier weapon. Players can also buff this weapon, and the strong attacks of this weapon are pretty impressive as well. In addition, this weapon’s blade may be used for slicing assaults and is typically adaptable to various scenarios. However, it slices ricochet off walls in tight confines.

The Flamberge

The flamberge is an excellent weapon. It is not quite as good as the claymore. It has a bleed effect which doesn’t matter because it is too slow. But, significantly, it has a bleed effect. You could potentially do something with that. It has higher deck scaling and lower strength scaling than the claymore, which is part of the reason that it is worse than the claymore. It is because you don’t get as much benefit from 27 strength two-handed as you do from the claymore. But you get the same or a slightly better deck scaling.

The Silver Knight Spear

The silver knight spear is a great weapon. It does more damage than it should and is deceptively long, even for a spear. This weapon has outstanding durability and has high base damage. Furthermore, it is lightweight, and the range is spectacular as well.

The Dragonslayer Spear

The dragonslayer spear is a B-tier weapon. It is an excellent weapon that deals significant damage to opponents. The good thing about dragonslayer spear weapon is that you can buff it, which will knock off your enemies. Besides, this weapon has a great range, and the scaling is fantastic.

The Abyss Greatsword

The Abyss is the best of the Artorias great swords. It has an excellent range. It also has a less weird stat investment than the other two Artorias great swords. However, there is still not much sense to use it. Although it is cool, it is like an excellent weapon; it doesn’t belong with the swords in the S and A tier. It is way better than the other two of Artoria’s greatswords. But it is still not very good.

The Zweihander

The Zweihander is a B-tier weapon. It could be an A-tier weapon depending on how you want to break things down. But because it is slightly weaker, it is in the B-tier. It has a good range and does a decent amount of damage. It barely pulls itself out of the C tier because it doesn’t have that much going for it. It is also significantly lighter than any other ultra greatsword.

The C tier

The C tier is the next one in Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list. This category includes all those weapons that are not too good but are not too bad either. These are pretty primary weapons and have no special abilities.

average weapons dark souls 3
C Tier

The Great Lord Greatsword

The excellent lord greatsword is a C-tier weapon. It has a better range than the other greatswords. But scaling-wise, it is pretty bad. The excellent lord greatsword is just an average weapon you would like to play within the game. However, it is not too good.

The Great Lord Greatsword has a reasonably swift swing speed and good base damage compared to other greatswords. Furthermore, while its strong attacks are mighty, they have incredibly extended windups during which the wielder is helpless. It is usable but complex in PvE; nonetheless, we would not recommend it in PvP. Unlike the version held by Gwyn, the Great Lord Greatsword available to players lacks the fiery effect and does not do fire damage. Because you cannot buff the Sword, you cannot even duplicate this attribute with the Charcoal Pine Resin.

The Bastard Sword

The next weapon in the C-tier is the bastard sword. Many people will run the bastard sword in elemental form because it has slightly higher base damage than the claymore. And for that purpose, it is the best of the greatswords. But it is not that good. This Sword is strictly worse than the claymore. Also, this weapon benefits less from stat investment.

The Super Greatsword

The super great Sword also finds itself in the C tier. It has better strength scaling than the claymore and the flamberg. But it has a poor range and is also slow, so it is not a fantastic weapon. Besides, it is also heavy, and that holds it back.

The Server Greatsword

The server is a C-tier weapon. You can make an argument for the D tier. However, the statement for D tier would just be murakumo exists. But the server is also pretty good as it has a median Hp on a successful hit effect, but it is five hp, so it doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t have any other redeeming qualities. All in all, it doesn’t do anything exceptional.

The Black Knight Halberd

The black knight halberd is a c tier weapon. This weapon is quite heavy and not very good. Like all Black Knight weapons, black knight halberd weapon damages demon opponents like the Taurus Demon and Capra Demon. In addition, if you compare this weapon to other halberds, this weapon deals more poise damage. Moreover,  if an assault does not connect with an enemy, the user will stumble and appear unable to carry the weight, like with all Halberds. If the hit connects, the stumbling animation is not activated, and the user continues to walk normally.

The Black Knight Ultra Greatsword

The next weapon in the C-tier is the black knight ultra greatsword. The black knight ultra greatsword is just an average weapon. It is not particularly good, but it’s not particularly bad as well.

The Gravelord Sword

The gravelord Sword is a C-tier weapon. It is not bad. It has pretty lousy scaling, and it has got the second most range of any of the two-handed curved swords. But it is one of those things with such a low stat requirement. Again, if you try to build around it, it will end up being like a weird gouge build because you just have so many extra points. At a lower level, it is pretty good, which is one of its strengths. But it is still not that good.

The Black Knight Greatsword

The black knight greatsword goes in the C tier. This weapon is slow and has got a lower range. The Black Knight Greatsword has the second greatest Strength scaling of all ultra greatswords, only being surpassed by the Demon Great Machete. It is one of the greatest weapons in the game for strength build.

The Barbed Straight Sword

The straight-barbed Sword is a pretty mediocre weapon, in our opinion. It also has the shortest range of any short sword, assuming you don’t count like the broken swords.

The Dark Sword

The Dark Sword is a C-tier weapon. You can argue for B tier, but it is kind of slow. It surpasses most of the straight blades in range. But it is not worth using for any reason. Also, it doesn’t have a thrusting attack and that kind of sucks.

The Pike

The pike is an average weapon. However, you can make a good pike build, and the pike itself is not that bad. The pike deals a lot of damage. This weapon is made for long-distance thrusting. Moreover, pike weapon also has the most extensive range among other non-projectile weapons.

The Ricard’s Rapier

The Ricards rapier is a c tier weapon. It keeps itself out of d tier based on the fact that it is a rapier. It has nothing extraordinary about it. The strong attack is like a flurry of cool but useless stabs. Also, it doesn’t get the same critical bonus that other rapiers do. It has a slightly longer range. But that doesn’t matter. The Sword’s special attack is quite good and exciting, although it takes a few seconds to start going for the 4x comb. That time is sufficient for a trash mob to come after you and knock you down. It is best to use Ricards rapier weapon against bosses as they take longer to recover from the damage.

The Velka’s Rapier

Velkas rapier is also c tier. It has intelligent scaling and good range, which is kind of cool. But the base damage is relatively low. Also, the split damage is what holds it back, and also you cannot buff it. The Pardoner, who serves Velka, Goddess of Sin, wields this symbolic, deadly thrusting sword. The Velka’s Rapier, like all sharp swords, substitutes your kick with a back-stepping horizontal slash attack.

Velka’s Rapier does substantial damage when performing critical strikes due to its intrinsic magic attack. This Sword has the most significant crucial damage of any sharp sword, but only with a considerable stat investment. Players can upgrade this weapon only by using Twinkling Titanite along the usual path, unlike other blades in the game.

The Silver Knight Straight Sword

The silver knight straight sword is a C-tier weapon. It lacks an excellent thrusting attack or a reliable thrusting attack. Also, it has the range of like basically the balder side sword. But it is not very good. We think part of it is the scaling. We are not sure what causes this weapon to do minor damage than it should. But like it feels like it should do more harm than it does. It also looks fantastic. So, you might bump it up if you are making an aesthetic tier list.

Painting Guardian Sword

The painting Guardian sword is a C-tier weapon. It inflicts bleeding, and you can buff it, which are both pretty cool. But its range is terrible. There is no way to work around that. It is only the range that holds it back, and because of that, it finds itself in the C tier.

Cursed Greatsword of Artorias

The cursed greatsword of Artorias is a c tier weapon. It is not good, but it is not as bad as the other great swords of Artorias. It is pure physical damage that matters. But it suffers from the same as all the other problems of the Artorias greatsword, which is just that it is like really weird stat investment-wise. You end up having to pull points out of something else if you are going for like soul level 120 to 135, or you need just to like either be fighting at a higher level bracket or be fighting at a lower level bracket with some severe cuts in other parts of your build. It is just not good.

The D Tier

After the C tier comes the D tier. This category includes the worst weapons that you can find in Dark Souls 3. The sole purpose of making the Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list is to highlight and shed light on all the weapons in the game. This tier list is to help you make better choices while playing this fantastic game. The weapons in this tier are hard to hit people with and hard to build. It is important to note that the weapons in the D-tier are useless, and players should avoid them. These weapons don’t serve any purpose, and far better alternatives are available.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out about all the ds3 weapons in this category.

worst weapons in Dark Souls 3
D Tier

The Obsidian Greatsword

The obsidian greatsword is a D-tier weapon. This weapon is a good one, but this greatsword lags in terms of strength and range when compared with other options. The obsidian greatsword deals 24 HP in base damage every 0.6 seconds. It can deal damage to many enemies in a single swipe. There is a chance of scoring a critical hit when utilizing this weapon, which means the attack will cause 50% more damage. You can level up the Heavy Melee skill to boost the damage of this weapon, which deals heavy knockback to mobs.

The Stone Greatsword

Another weapon in the D tier is the stone greatsword. You can buff this greatsword, but the base damage is relatively low even then. This blade is not only heavy but also has terrible scaling. Lastly, this blade also has a short range.

Channeler’s Trident

Channeler’s Trident is a D-tier weapon. This weapon is in the D tier is that although you can buff this weapon, the buff lasts for 30 seconds only. Moreover, when using the special attack, the weapon’s durability degrades quickly (80 points per use), and after three services, the Sword just falls apart and turns into pieces.

The Man-Serpent Greatsword

The Man-Serpent greatsword is a d tier weapon. It scales with faith, and it has split damage. It has broken damage means that players can’t buff it. So that kind of hurts a lot because some of the excellent faith spells are just the weapon buffs. So there is no reason to use this weapon pretty much at all especially considering how good the other straight swords are. Read our article on Faith Build for more information.

Broken Straight Sword

The broken straight Sword is very clearly a D-tier weapon. If you want to practice parrying against numerous adversaries without killing them, this is a fantastic weapon to use without upgrading it. This Sword has short-range and does minor damage; it is rarely utilized in combat and is mainly used to make the Greatsword of Artorias. The thrust attack of the Broken Straight Sword is significantly shorter than any conventional bladed straight sword due to its low length.

The Jagged Ghost Blade

The jagged ghost blade is a D-tier weapon. It for sure builds bleed, and that is kind of cool. But it has meager base damage and no scaling. It is just not very good. There is no reason to use it over any other curved swords. The bleed build-up of this blade is thirty per attack, and upon infliction, the Hp of the opponent is reduced by over 30%. Read our article on Dark Souls 3 Bleed Weapons for more info related to it.

The Scimitar

Scimitar is a D-tier weapon. Why is it not a C-tier weapon? Because the falchion exists. It would be a c tier weapon because it almost defines a C-tier weapon. But the sole reason it doesn’t belong in the C tier is that the falchion exists. The falchion is undoubtedly better than the scimitar in every way except for a very slight discrepancy, stat requirement, and weight. But at such low stat requirements, those things are not factors. They don’t matter. The scimitar would probably be in the C tier if the falchion didn’t exist. However, because we have the falchion, the scimitar gets relegated to below the tier that it probably should be in, the C tier.

Dragon Greatsword

The dragon greatsword is a d tier weapon. Despite being not that bad, it is below C tier because of the stat investment. First of all, it is cumbersome, which is annoying. It is cumbersome. The biggest problem with this weapon is the amount of stat investment you have to put into it. In addition to the fact that it doesn’t scale with any of that stat investment, it means that there are just better options. It is like it’s not bad, but it’s also not good, and there is not any reason to use it over anything else.

The Straight Crystal Sword

The straight crystal sword is a D-tier weapon. You can make an argument for C tier, but it is like a not very good weapon to play your game with it. It isn’t more potent than any other straight sword, really in any particular way. You can argue that it is either C or D tier, but it is a D tier weapon. It is only perfect if you are cheating, which is not the same weapon at that point. So that is kind of a moot argument, but it is not very good. There is no reason to use it.

The Shuttle

The shuttle lies in the d tier. This weapon is not good even though you think it shouldn’t because it has a pretty lousy range. Also, the design is not excellent as well. The intense attacks look okay, but it also doesn’t damage. The base damage is not that great. Its range is not that good. Its strong attack goes through shields which is like its biggest strength. But despite being what sounds like a pretty significant strength, it doesn’t manifest itself in the way you would think it would. And also there are better options. When trying to cut through someone’s shield with a shuttle, you put yourself at risk because of how close you have to get. And you will see through other weapons why that is non-existent. There are better options, but they are so good that this weapon is a terrible choice.

The Washing Pole

The washing pole is a d tier weapon. It has an insane range, but it is not as insane as it should be. It is also heavy and has worse scaling. It is slower as well and not as good as it should be. It’s the game’s longest katana, but that comes at the cost of more stamina used per stroke. It is based on the dachi, a ceremonial sword. This could explain why it is usually so frail in the Souls series.

The Drake Sword

The drake sword is a d tier weapon. This weapon is at the bottom tier even though it has meager stat requirements and high base damage because, first of all, it doesn’t scale off of anything. Also, with how quiet the stat requirements are to wield it, there is no real place to put those points. It is not a good weapon by pretty much any stretch of the imagination. It is very much an early game weapon, and even then, some things surpass it very quickly.

Great Sword of Artorias

The Normal great Sword of Artorias is a D-tier weapon. It looks fantastic and also it has its place. But its location is not above the D tier. You can make an argument for the C tier. The higher the soul level you go, the better the great swords of Artorias are. But at pretty much every point, this is the worst of them. All in all, we think that they all have the exact stat requirement or very similar stat requirements, which pushes this one down from the C tier into the D tier. It has split damage, really high stat requirements, and weird scaling.

Astora’s Straight Sword

Astora’s Straight Sword is a D-tier weapon. It doesn’t belong anywhere but D tier. Here is no reason to use it whatsoever. It is just a terrible weapon. This Sword is an excellent early game weapon because you can obtain it earlier than the Drake Sword; it deals equivalent damage and is considerably cheaper to upgrade.

Final Words

The Dark Souls 3 weapons tier list must have benefited you several ways. The purpose of making this list was to give readers a comprehensive overview regarding the weapons that players come across and use in Dark Souls 3. Some people might disagree with our way of ranking the blades. But that is completely fine. Everyone has their own choices, and they view things differently. This article can also be regarded as dark souls 3 PVP weapons tier list. We hope you like reading this guide. Now that you know about the best and worst weapons in Dark Souls 3, it is time to grab your controller and start playing this fantastic game.

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