Darkness in the Light Destiny 2 Quest Guide

The Darkness in Light quest is quite a lengthy one and players can often hit roadblocks. This guide will assist you in completing this quest conveniently.

Darkness in Light Destiny 2
Darkness in Light Destiny 2

To get the Malfeasance exotic hand cannon – considered as one of the best Hand Cannon in Destiny 2, you’ll have to complete the Darkness in the Light Destiny 2 quest.

Destiny 2 has tons of quests and activities which you can participate in and get superb rewards upon completing them. The rarer the reward, the challenging the quest will be. Such is the case with the Darkness in the Light quest which rewards the player with the Malfeasance exotic hand cannon. So, what is Darkness in the Light? It is an exotic quest that can be initiated by talking to the Drifter.

Key Takeaways

The Darkness in Light quest in Destiny 2 rewards players with the exotic hand cannon, Malfeasance. To obtain this powerful weapon, follow these steps:

  1. Talk to the Drifter: Start the quest by speaking to the Drifter, who will assign a series of tasks.

  2. Defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor: In Gambit, defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor boss. Note: It requires specific conditions to spawn.

  3. City of Secrets: Defeat 25 Taken mini-bosses in the Dreaming City by participating in various activities.

  4. The Corrupted Strike: Complete “The Corrupted” strike in the Dreaming City. Collect the Depleted Weapon Core and finish the strike.

  5. Business as Usual: Win 10 Gambit matches and deposit 400 dark motes during those matches.

  6. Lights Out: Eliminate 25 guardians or kill 3 invading enemies in Gambit matches.

  7. Dark Weapon Core: Obtain the Dark Weapon Core by completing the previous steps. Return to the Drifter to receive your Malfeasance exotic hand cannon.

The quest rewards the players with an exotic hand canon known as Malfeasance that can cause tons of damage to the enemy.

PRO TIP: To make the quest easier, consider playing with friends who are skilled in Gambit, use the Blind Well to find Taken mini-bosses, and complete the Shattered Throne dungeon to obtain the Sleepless rocket launcher, which can be helpful during the quest. Malfeasance is a potent hand cannon that excels against both low-level enemies and large bosses in Destiny 2.

Darkness in the Light Destiny 2
The quest of Darkness in the Light

Completing the Darkness in the Light Quest

After getting the quest, you will be prompted with a number of steps. Much like the guide about Independent Study, the steps are listed in order, and reading them will make it easier for you to complete the quest. After explaining all the steps, I’ll discuss them in more detail to clarify any potential confusion.

  • The Seething Heart: You have to speak with the Drifter and give him the Seething Heart
  • City of Secrets: Defeat 25 mini-bosses in Dreaming City
  • The Corrupted: Complete the strike called “The Corrupted”
  • Depleted Weapon Core: Collect the Depleted Weapon Core and speak with the Drifter
  • Business as Usual: Play matches of Gambit and store 400 dark motes and win 10 matches
  • Lights Out: Kill 25 enemies or kill 3 invaders
  • Dark Weapon Core: Talk to the Drifter to get your reward

The Seething Heart

Speak to the Drifter to commence this quest

This is the first step in the quest. You have to enter the Gambit and defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor boss. Since the Gambit is randomized, you will have to play a few matches depending on your luck. Once you face the boss; defeating him will grant you with the Seething Heart. Deliver this item to the Drifter to progress to the next part of the quest.

Keep in mind that not only do you have to defeat the Servitor, you also have to win the Gambit match as well. This can be a little challenging but with enough effort and luck, you will complete it eventually.

City of Secrets

Darkness in the Light Destiny 2
City of Secrets quest

The Drifter will tell you to take down 25 enemies – called Taken mini-bosses – in the Dreaming City. To make this process a bit convenient, head on over to the Blind Well because that area spawns several Taken mini-bosses during the ending phase. Do this over and over until you eliminate 25 of these enemies.

Note: You have to deal the majority of the damage or fully kill the Taken enemies to count them as your kill. No other enemies count in your total so keep that in mind.

The Corrupted

The Corrupted Strike poster

After completing the previous step, “The Corrupted” strike will unlock automatically. To start this quest, head to the Dreaming City.

Strikes can be challenging, so gather a capable team for a smoother experience.

During the strike, you’ll find the Depleted Weapon Core at Callum’s Grave. Pick it up, complete the strike, and accomplish two steps at once.

After finishing the strike, talk to the Drifter and hand over the Weapon Core to advance.

If you’re a fan of rocket launchers, complete the Shattered Throne dungeon to obtain the Sleepless, one of Destiny 2’s best rocket launchers, fittingly themed for Dreaming City.

Business as Usual

Darkness in the Light Destiny 2
Steps to complete Business as Usual

This step can take some time depending on how you play in the Gambit matches.

  1. Enter Gambit and play multiple matches.

  2. Your goal is to win a total of 10 matches (they don’t have to be consecutive) and deposit a total of 400 dark motes. Be cautious, as losing motes deducts twice as much from your score.

  3. It’s recommended to team up with friends who are skilled in Gambit to make the process smoother. Work together to play cautiously and deposit your motes at the end of each wave. This might feel like a slow process, but it will eventually pay off.

  4. Consider using fusion rifles or scout rifles to handle incoming enemies effectively.

Lights Out

Description of the quest Lights Out

It’s time to head on over to the Gambit once again and compete in some thrilling PvP action. There are a few ways in which you can complete this step of this lengthy quest.

  1. Eliminate 25 Guardians. Winning matches isn’t necessary; focus on eliminating opponents.
  2. Kill 3 invading enemies.
  3. Let your teammates handle the task and collectively kill 4 enemies during an invasion. Repeat this process three times.

Consider teaming up with a skilled friend to expedite the process or take it at a steady pace. Eliminating 25 enemies is manageable since winning matches isn’t a requirement; completion suffices.

Dark Weapon Core

Darkness in the Light Destiny 2
The Malfeasance in all its glory

As soon as you complete the previous step – Lights Out – you will get an item in your inventory called “Dark Weapon Core”. Giving this item to the Drifter will allow you to get the Malfeasance from him. This hand cannon is an explosive weapon – pun intended – that has a unique passive. After successfully shooting an enemy 5 times, the bullets inside them will suddenly explode, causing tons of damage. This can destroy low-level enemies and deal tons of damage to large bosses.

Why Malfeasance Weapon is Exotic

For those who are wondering what Darkness in the Light quest of Destiny 2 is famous for then, that would be Malfeasance. The lengthy quest will reward the player with a top explosive cannon gun that can significantly help in higher-level missions. 

Not just that but the gun cannon can also enhance the player’s skills in the Player vs. Player modes. Despite being the most underrated weapon of the game, the Malfeance gun is a mass weapon of destruction that can obliterate low-level enemies and overthrow the bosses. 


The Malfeasance is easily one of the best hand cannons in Destiny 2. This will elevate your skills and allow you to complete other difficult quests as well. It is a good PvP weapon as well as a good PvE weapon against low-level enemies. Doing the quest can be a little time-consuming but the reward is worth the time and effort.

Well, that is about it for the Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light questline. The quest is indeed lengthy and overwhelming for some players to start. But with a huge reward waiting in the end, it is definitely worth the time. We hope you found the guide helpful and if there are any questions let us hear in the comments section down below. 

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