Darktide Best Blessings [Top 10]

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide introduces Blessings for weapons to vamp up their power and abilities. Thus, we went out of our way to rank the top 10 best Blessings in Darktide.

A definitive guide to the top 10 best Darktide Blessings.
If you want to know more about Darktide Blessings, then read on.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has several Blessings that you can apply to your weapons. But what are the best Darktide Blessings? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Generally speaking, which Blessing is the best depends on what weapon you’re using. However, some Blessings like Shattering Impact and Slaughterer are just so overpowered. Other strong Blessings that you can apply to some of your weapons include Lacerate, Infernus, and Momentum.

Hence, without any further ado, here are the top 10 Blessings in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide ranked.

Key Takeaways

  • Shattering Impact is one of the most powerful weapons Blessings in Darktide that lets you penetrate armor.
  • Slaughterer is another impactful Blessing that boosts your Power with each kill.
  • Lacerate is a great Blessing that grants you Bleed Stacks on non-Weak Spot Hits.
  • Infernus gives you Burn Stacks upon Critical Hits, perfect for taking down stronger enemies.
  • Momentum grants you Toughness upon Multiple Melee Hits.

Here is a summary table for the Best Darktide Blessings. Each column represents Attributes and their description, all organized under one table for your convenience:

No.BlessingsAttribute 1Attribute 2Primary AttackSecondary AttackSpecial AttackRate of FireSprint CostStaminaClip SizeAmmo ReserveReload (s)
1DeflectorFlurryForce Weapon0.00.0Warp Charged0.
2Inspiring BarrageHigh CapacityTorrentHip Fire - AutoBraced - AutoBash10.75/s0.0+
3Confident StrikeFlurryCrowd Control0.00.0Punch0.
4Power CyclerCleaving StrikePower Weapon0.00.0Activate0.
5Savage SweepUnstoppableRavage0.00.0Activate0.
6MomentumFlurryCrowd Control0.00.0Punch0.
7InfernusMobileHigh CapacityHip Fire - Semi-AutoADS - Semi-AutoPush4.44/s0.0+40.00.03
8LacerateSwift strikeAttribute 2Assassin0.0Punch0.
9SlaughtererFlurry/Crowd ControlCrowd Contro/Obliterating0.00.0Punch/Activate0.
10Shattering ImpactHigh DamagePiercing ShotsHip Fire-AutoADS - Semi-AutoBash6.67/s1.75/s+215800.0


The Force Sword weapon showcase.
The Force Sword and Deflector Blessing make a dynamic duo.

Attribute 1Flurry
Attribute 2Force Weapon
Special AttackWarp Charged

Effect: Blocks all Ranged and Melee hits. The Block cost also gets decreased by a minimum of 3% and up to 12%.

The Deflector is among some of the strongest Darktide Blessings that you can apply on your weapon. However, this Blessing is only open to the Psyker Psykinetic class. In case you don’t already know, the Psyker Psykinetic class is Warhammer 4000: Darktide’s version of a powerful mage.

This Blessing is an extremely powerful defensive weapon trait. It blocks all of the Ranged and Melee hits, perfect for the weakest character class in the game: the Psykers.

One of the best weapons to use this Blessing on includes the Obscurus MK II Blaze Force Sword. The Force Sword is a melee weapon that can be unlocked after you’ve achieved the second level of trust as a Psyker.

While melee attacks can easily be dodged, it’s the ranged attack that you’ll want to use the Deflector Blessing the most on. However, the Deflector has one major caveat: the Peril.

If you don’t already know, Peril is a new game mechanic that only the Psyker Psykinetic character class has. This mechanic appears as a small skull with a percentage written next to it. The more you use your abilities as a Psyker, the more your Peril charges.

At 100% Peril, you will lose all control and explode, either entering the Captured or Downed state. So no, you cannot just spam Deflector forever.

Additionally, Deflector depletes your stamina rapidly if the attack you’re trying to block has a higher power. Hence, powerful ranged attacks such as sniper shots are still going to be a problem. If you want to know about complete Psyker builds, then check out our Warhammer 40,000 Darktide Psyker Build guide.

Inspiring Barrage

Attribute 1High Capacity
Attribute 2Torrent
Primary AttackHip Fire - Auto
Secondary AttackBraced - Auto

Effect: During a state of Continuous Fire, your Toughness regenerates 10% over a period. Stackable for five times in a row.

The Inspiring Barrage is one of the best Darktide Blessings for squishier characters. It’s ideal for players who have a hard time dodging attacks. Inspiring Barrage gradually replenishes your Toughness over time, totaling a 10% regeneration.

For newer players, Toughness works pretty much like an HP shield in other games. Simply put, your Toughness gets depleted first before your HP. Hence, the more your Toughness regenerates, the more you can take down enemies without worrying about dodging attacks.

This Blessing is best used on strong LMGs such as the Heavy Stubber. Heavy Stubber is a Gatling gun that gets uncooked near Level 20. It’s a powerful weapon that can easily take down enemies within the blink of an eye.

Hence, when you pair Inspiring Barrage with Heavy Stubber, you get an unstoppable weapon with an unbreakable shield. To be fair, the shield isn’t “unbreakable”. But it does grant you quick Toughness regeneration to keep you alive for longer.

Confident Strike

The Bull Butcher in battle.
Confident Strike paired with the Bull Butcher make an unstoppable combo.

Attribute 1Flurry
Attribute 2Crowd Control
Special AttackPunch

Effect: Boosts Toughness by +5% to +8% for Chained Hits.

Confident Strike is one of the best defensive Darktide Blessings that grants a small boost in Toughness for Chained Hits. In case you don’t know, Chained Hits occur when the second or third attacks of a combo hit.

Hence, you should pair this Blessing with weapons like the Bull Butcher MK III Cleaver. The Cleaver is an Ogryn weapon that you can unlock at Level 10. It’s a powerful cleaver that’s the evolved version of the Kourk MK IV Cleaver you get a Level 5. This Blessing works best for both of them.

The Bull Butcher MK III can take down multiple enemies with just Cleaving Strike and has better attack speed when in close range with the enemies. Considering this melee weapon works best the closer you get to the enemy, a defensive Blessing like Confident Strike seems fit.

The Blessing works best when performing Chianed Hits with the Cleaver. However, it doesn’t grant you any extra Toughness if you hit multiple enemies with just one swipe. Hence, you’ll need to keep barraging through enemies to gain more Toughness, which will virtually make you unstoppable.

Power Cycler

Attribute 1Cleaving Strike
Attribute 2Power Weapon
Special AttackActivate

Effect: Grants you a longer Energised Duration when performing Chained Energised Hits. Only works with the Munitorum MK III Power Sword.

The Power Cycler is one of those Darktide Blessings that are exclusive to only one weapon. And that’s the Munitorum MK III Power Sword.

To make it clearer, let’s first look at the Power Sword. The Power Sword is a Veteran weapon that’s considered the most powerful, right next to the Bolter Gun. This sword has the Cleaving Strike and Power Weapon specialization.

What this means is that it can slice through multiple enemies like butter with a single blow. Moreover, it has the Special Action “Activate” which engulfs the sword in a cloud of energy. This buffs it and makes it much more powerful than before. It’s also called the Energized State.

Granted how much damage the Power Sword delivers, a Blessing that makes it retain the Energized State longer is more than fitting. Hence, Power Cycler works best with this weapon. It extends the duration of the Energized State when an Energized Chain Hit is delivered.

Chained Hits require you to hit multiple enemies in a row during a combo. Thus, performing a Chained Energized Hit is not going to be difficult. The more you hit, the longer the Energized State will last.

Savage Sweep

The Heavy Eviscerator paired with one of the best Darktide Blessings: Savage Sweep.
You should apply Savage Sweep on the Heavy Eviscerator.

Attribute 1Unstoppable
Attribute 2Ravage
Special AttackActivate

Effect: Grants a +100% to +200% Cleave bonus on Multiple Melee Hits for 3 seconds.

Savage Sweep is the first offensive Blessing on this list. It’s one of the Darktide Blessings that best suit forceful melee weapons like the Bull Butcher. Savage Sweep grants a +100% to +200% Cleave bonus to your weapon for 3 seconds.

Cleave Damage refers to how many enemies you can hit with just one swing. Needless to say, all Cleavers feature Cleave Damage. With the Savage Sweep Blessing, your Cleave gets a boost of 100% and a maximum boost of 200%.

Hence, if you can currently hit 3 enemies with a Cleave attack, you will be able to hit 6 or even 12 enemies with Savage Sweep. Considering that it doubles and even quadruples the number of targets you hit, it’s quite the overpowered Blessing.

There is, however, only one limitation: you must perform a Multiple Melee Hit. A Multiple Melee Hit is when you hit multiple enemies in one swing. Hence, once you do hit several enemies, Savage Sweep will automatically hit more enemies. However, the effect only lasts 3 seconds. So you should try to land as many blows as possible.

Powerful cleaving weapons like the Bull Butcher MK III and Krourk MK IV are perfect choices for this Blessing. Other weapons that this Blessing works best on include the Assault Chainsword and Heavy Eviscerator. Power Sword and Devil’s Claw Sword are also good choices for this Blessing.


Attribute 1Flurry
Attribute 2Crowd Control
Special AttackPunch

Effect: Grants a minimum +7.5% and a maximum +15% Toughness buff upon a Multiple Melee Hit

Momentum is another Melee weapon Blessing best suited to strong Cleavers and Swords. This Blessing adds a small bit of Toughness to your stats whenever you perform a Multiple Melee Hit.

Multiple Melee Hits mean hits that deal damage to several enemies in just one strike. Hence, the more you hit enemies, the stronger you get. Momentum, as the name suggests, ensures that the flow remains strong and you never have to stop to defend.

This Blessing amplifies the already impressing Toughness regeneration of the Ogryns and Zealots.

Attribute 1Flurry
Attribute 2Crowd Control
Special AttackPunch

You should use this Blessing on Cleavers like the Bull Butcher MK III and Krourk MK IV Cleaver. This Blessing also works great on other strong Cleaving weapons like the Heavy Eviscerator and Thunder Hammer.

The Eviscerator is of particular interest here. It has the Vanguard Primary Action, an action that, by default, hits multiple enemies with just one swing. Hence, Momentum will get triggered more often and make you stronger than before.


Infernus, one of the best ranged Darktide Blessings, applied to a Lasgun.
Infernus is best when paired with the Lasgun.

Attribute 1Mobile
Attribute 2High Capacity
Primary AttackHip Fire - Semi-Auto
Secondary AttackADS - Semi-Auto
Special AttackPush
Rate of Fire4.44/s
Reload (s)3

Effect: Grants a +2 to +3 Burn Stack bonus when a Critical Hit occurs. The maximum limit of Burn Stacks is 6-9. For certain Recon Lasguns, this Blessing grants +1 to +2 Burn Stack.

Infernus is a powerful Blessing that’s the first ranged Blessing on this list. It exists in three forms. Two of these provide a +2-3 Burn Stack bonus while one provides a +1-2 Burn Stack bonus.

So what is Burn Stack? Well, some weapons, including all of the ones that this Blessing applies to, cast a Burn on the opponent. This is a measure of the fire damage you do against the enemy over time.

Hence, a Burn Stack is basically how many Burns are effective against the enemy at any given time. If you deal X amount of Burn damage, a +2 Burn Stack will make you deal 3X damage.

Infernus grants +2 to +3 Burn Stack bonus, but only on Critical Hits. Critical Hits are random hits that deal about 25% more damage than regular hits. These are completely random, but when they do hit, Infernus will add more damage to your attacks.

You should use this Blessing for Lasguns like the Infantry Lasgun, Hellbore Lasgun, and Heavy Laspistol. There is also a version of this Blessing that only grants a +1-2 Burn Stack bonus on Critical Hits. You can only use this version for the Recon Lasguns.


Attribute 1Swift strike
Attribute 2Assassin
Special AttackPunch

Effect: Gives you a +1 Bleed Stack that can rise as high as +4 Bleed Stacks on any non-Weak Spot Hit.

Lacerate is one of those Darktide Blessings that rewards you for hitting the enemy in unfavorable locations. Everyone wants to hit the enemy in their Weak Spots. For most enemies, this means hitting them on the head. However, for Beasts of Nurgle, the weak spot is a glowing blob on their back.

So when you hit enemies on these weak spots, you get a Weak Spot Hit. Lacerate grants you a buff when you miss these weak spots. Specifically, it gives you a +1 to +4 Bleed Stack bonus.

Bleed works pretty much like poison in most games. It deals a small amount of damage to the enemy over time which is stackable. Every time you hit an enemy on a non-weak spot, you gain a stack of Bleed with the Lacerate Blessing. It’s a great way to slowly deplete the enemy’s health even if you’re not landing headshots.

Unfortunately, you can only use Lacerate on the Catachan MK III Combat Blade. The Combat Blade is a melee weapon usable by Zealots, Psykers, and Veterans. It’s an agile blade that rapidly slashes through enemies with incredible speed.

Considering that Lacerate grants you a Bleed Stack, it’s the best when used with Combat Blade. The faster you hit the enemy on a non-Weak Spot with the Combat Blade, the higher the Bleed Stack will be.


Attribute 1Flurry
Attribute 2Crowd Control
Special AttackPunch

Effect: Boosts Power by +7.5% to +15% upon a kill for 2 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

Slaughterer is a Darktide Blessing that works best when you’re already winning in the game. If you get a single kill, Slaughterer will grant you a Power boost. The Power boost can range from +7.5% to up to +15%, an impressive percentage. This means that, once you get a kill, the next attacks will have increased Power.

Hence, you can secure even more kills and not lose your momentum. Slaughterer’s effect only lasts for 2 seconds. But that’s enough if you pair it with Multiple Melee Hit weapons like the Bull Butcher and Thunder Hammer.

What’s even better is that the effect can be stacked up to 5 times. This means that you can get anywhere from +37.5% up to + 75% Power. This is insane damage that will melt down enemies with just one swipe.

And it’s not even hard to stack. As you kill more enemies, your Power will increase. Thus, once you do get a kill, you’ll go on a non-stop rampage that will last a maximum of 10 seconds.

Attribute 1Crowd Control
Attribute 2Obliterating
Special AttackActivate

The Bull Butcher MK III Cleaver is one of the best to use this Blessing on. Each strike of this weapon hits multiple enemies at the same time. Other weapons include the Crucis MK II Thunder Hammer. This Hammer has great Crowd Control abilities and can obliterate several enemies at once.

Shattering Impact

Shattering Impact melting through Carapace Armoured Enemies.
Shattering Impact lets you deal more damage and penetrate armor.

Attribute 1High Damage
Attribute 2Piercing Shots
Primary AttackHip Fire-Auto
Secondary AttackADS - Semi-Auto
Special AttackBash
Rate of Fire6.67/s
Sprint Cost1.75/s
Clip Size15
Ammo Reserve80

Effect: Gives you +1 to +4 Rending on Armoured Enemies.

Finally, the best Blessing on this list is the Shattering Impact Blessing. This Blessing adds a +1 to +4 Rending boost to your attacks against Armoured Enemies. Now, what is Rending?

Rending is an in-game weapon stat that works like armor penetration. It defines how much your attacks will slide right through an enemy’s armor. The more Rending you have, the more damage you do against Armoured Enemies.

This makes it the perfect Blessing to use against opponents like Crushers and Maulers. These enemies are well-known for having a lot of armor and being tough to defeat without any Rending-based Blessing or Perk.

The best weapon to pair the Shattering Impact Blessing is the Locke MK IIB Spearhead Boltgun. This is a weapon used by Veterans and Zealots alike, unlocked at Levels 14 and 12 respectively.

The Boltgun features very basic but powerful actions such as Bash and Aim Down Sights. By default, the Boltgun has the “Piercing Shots” Specialization, which means it is especially great against Armor.

Hence, when you pair it with Shattering Impact, you will get a permanent increase in armor penetration. With this combo, you’ll easily take down strong Carapace Armored Enemies.

Attribute 1Explosive
Attribute 2Multi-Purpose
Special AttackExplosive Puch
Rate of Fire0.8/s
Clip Size4

For Ogryn players, you’ll want to use this Blessing on the Blastoom MK III Grenadier Gauntlet. It’s a dual-purpose long-range and melee weapon. It gets an additional layer of penetration with the Shattering Impact Blessing.

For Veteran Sharpshooters, you’re better off using this Blessing on the M35 Magnacore MK II Plasma Gun. The Plasma Gun gets unlocked at Level 16 and features high damage and charged attacks.

Final Thoughts

Darktide Blessings make weapons much more powerful than they already are. Fortunately, if you know which Blessings to use on the right weapons, you can become overpowered in minutes.

To conclude, there is no single best Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Blessing. Instead, which Blessing you should use depends on the weapon as well as the situation. But you can trust a few to always win you the game, such as Shattering Impact and Slaughterer.

If you want to know all about the best Veteran builds, then check out our best Sharpshooter Veteran builds guide.

For information regarding Zealot weapons, head on over to our Zealot weapons guide.

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