Dead Island 2: Bel Air Side Quest Missions

There are 4 Bel Air side quest missions in Dead Island 2. Here is the best way to complete every one of those missions.

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All the quests in Bel Air.

Dead Island 2 has an incredible storyline supported by some equally fantastic side quest missions. There are a total of 33 side quest missions. These missions allow you to unlock more weapons, mods, and such items.

Key Takeaways

  • Bel Air has four side quests.
  • These missions can be completed in any order.
  • Completing them rewards you with weapon mods, perks, etc.
  • You must kill zombies and power up a villa in the “death of the party.”
  • #clickbait” will demand you to kill zombies in waves on a rooftop for engagement.
  • It’s not your fault” will task you to collect data from four sewer seismometers.
  • Creature Comforts” has an objective to get wine, whiskey, and cigar for Curtis from another villa in Bel Air.

Note that side quest missions can be undertaken in any order. However, some side quest missions might only be made available once the main story has progressed to a certain point.

Bel Air is the name of an area in Dead Island 2. 4 side quest missions are offered in this region: The death of the party, #clickbait, it’s not your fault and creature comforts. Here is how to complete each side quest in Bel Air.

The Death of The Party

intercom the death of the party dead island 2
Answering the Intercom | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Answer the intercom to start the quest. The intercom is a few meters south where the Alpine Driveway and Access Road 782 intersect. Use the intercom, and you will hear Curtis speaking.

Enter the house outside of which you are interacting with the intercom. You will find some zombies as you enter; take them out. Go to the left of the house and join from a door on your right. More zombies are waiting for you here.

Complete the skirmish with these zombies, and Curtis will stand on top of a column.

curtis dead island 2
Curtis standing on top of a column | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You are supposed to interact with him from a distance. As he stands a few meters above you, please step back and make an appropriate angle to talk to him.

Power Up The Residence

He will ask you to power back his residence, for which you have to go to the left of this open area and take the stairs to descend one level. Turn left to find a gray door. Open it, and an attacking zombie will barge you. Take the zombie out and enter the room.

power room death of party dead island 2
Power control room of the residence | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The room appears to be a power control room. There will be a water canister outside the room. Grab it and throw it on the wire that is buzzing electricity. This will energize the complete residence. Then, go back to Curtis to share the news.

Enter The House

After you approach Curtis, he will ask you to enter the residence. All the doors you see from this area will be locked, and you must try to enter the house from a back entrance. So, from the angle you see Curtis, turn left and right after a few meters in this direction.

Walk straight, and you should be able to see some zombies waiting for you. Kill them in whatever way you have the best chance of killing them. Making them come towards you, or taking them all at once, is up to you.

Walk right, and you will find a zombie banging on an entrance door. This door is unlocked, and to enter, take out the zombie and walk right in. Curtis will be in front of an elevated floor, but you cannot hop on it because the stairs are obliterated.

death of the party dead island 2
A zombie guarding the backdoor | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Kill The Zombies Inside

Numerous zombies will enter the place from the door you are facing, and they will attack you. The fighting here will be fierce, and you must implement the best lessons you have learned while playing Dead Island 2.

inside the house death of the party dead island 2
Killing the zombies inside the house | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

After the fighting is complete, Curtis will descend the staircase. He will be conversing with you and taking you to the room on the right. Also, he will halt his chair after getting close to the room’s right wall and start a conversation with you. He will be thanking you for your help.

The quest is completed after he completes talking. You will receive 1000 XP and a Golf Club in return.


Reach The Terrace

Start this quest from the massive villa on the alpine driveway that shows blue patches on the roof via the map. Start from the house’s porch and find a car towards the right. Walk in that direction until you face a wall. Take the stairs on your left to go upstairs.

house clickbait dead island 2
House location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Keep going in that direction until you find an opening in the glass door on the right. Take it, head up the stairs, and turn back to find a room in your direction. Enter it and take the stairs on your right after you turn left in the room you were across.

rooftop amanda dead island 2
Go to the rooftop to meet Amanda | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You will be on the terrace of the mansion. Walk straight, and you will approach a blue water cooler. Please open it and enjoy a drink. You can also consume a protein bar right along the cooler. Expect to hear Amanda’s voice at this stage and keep going.

Face the opposite direction from where you saw the cooler and have to the construct on the left. Go near it and converse with Amanda Styles. Engage in a conversation that will be time-taking. The talk concludes with Amanda looking to have some fun recording with her camera.

Zombie Rush

Therefore, turn on the speaker from the DJ equipment in front of this construct and towards the right of the terrace. As you turn on the speaker, zombies appear on the deck, and they will start attacking you. The goal is to kick them off the terrace.

speaker clickbait dead island 2
Turn on the speaker | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Hurl them with your kick towards the opening in the terrace that takes them down to where the stairs are. This task will become difficult as more zombies attack you together. You might fall a few times, but get back and complete the job.

Kill The Zombies

Amanda will show her disappointment for not getting the hype on the video, so you must kill every zombie you encounter afterwards. This will be easier since one or two attacks are enough to obliterate the zombies. Use any weapon you like but make sure it has significant damage.

With the increase in Amanda’s demand, the number of zombies that approach and their strength also increases. Therefore, you have to move your hands faster and kill all zombies. Keep pressing the button until you get up.

killing zombies dead island 2
Killing zombies on rooftop | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Amanda will be dissatisfied with her content. You will be tasked to burn the zombies instead of killing them to get more social media attention. For this task, observe various fires ignited on the terrace. You will have to use these for the task.

Burn The Zombies

Be cautious, as stronger zombies will show up this time. Get yourself ready for Chonkers. This zombie is the most powerful and jumps close to the player, which makes him lose his ground. Jump off the ground when he readies for the slam. His attack damage is also more than other zombies.

Stay close to where these fires are. As more zombies approach you, kick or hurl them with any other attack into these fires. As they get close to the flame, they are set on fire, and the fire stays on them for long durations.

burning zombies dead isladn 2
Burn the zombies | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The best way is to hurl some zombies into the fire and run away from them while they follow you. The fire will persistently decrease the zombies’ health and eventually remove them. The player wastes this way, not much health and energy.

Note that it is not necessary to burn all the zombies. So, burn some zombies and observe if you receive any further instructions from Amanda; if not, continue to push zombies into the fire, and if you receive instructions, then the task is complete.

After the skirmish with the zombies has been completed, visit where the fighting took place and collect whatever items the zombies left behind. Interact with Amanda, and she will communicate her final remarks.

clickbait completed dead island 2
Clickbait quest completed | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

With that interaction, the side quest will be complete, and you will receive 1500 XP.

It’s Not Your Fault

Fast travel to the first house on the right of Alpine Road in Bel Air. Your next view will be of the lounge in the house, and players must go to Luciana and interact with her. This should be the formal start of this side quest.

 Your scripted task would be to “Search for signs of the seismologists outside the sewers.”

Take the path towards the left of the lounge area and open the next doors that come your way. You will then be standing outside the house on the road. Enter the next villa, take the small stairs going down, take a sharp left turn, and complete your path.

sewer its not your fault dead island 2
Main sewer entrance | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You will then be facing the entrance of another villa, go through it and cover the complete driveway of that residence. Turn left as the driveway ends. You will see a white truck and two zombies with it. Take both zombies down and collect the seismometer placement they drop.

First Seismometer

Take the sewers from this place. Following the sewer, you will encounter zombie traps with a danger symbol. Walking through them will surely damage you; there will be four traps. Shoot them with any weapon, and they blast before you walk across them.

Continue treading down the sewer and turn right and walk in that direction. Expect some zombies in the way and take them down if they are in your path or appear offensive.

Take the door on the right, and after you enter the room, enter the door on the right again, and you will be in a decorated room. Take some equipment from the slabs and continue going through the room next door.

As you exit this colorful, take the path on the right and stand close to the room. A fast travel option appears that will take you to Brentwood Sewer. Utilize it.

 Your following will be of a corridor with dead zombies in the path. Go down this corridor and find a steel bars door at the end. Please open it and take the right direction. You have some zombies on this path which you must kill as they appear.

seismometer 1 its not your fault dead island 2
Collecting the first seismometer data | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

After killing the second zombie, take a left and collect the seismometer data from the red device resting on the table. Then, continue going down the sewer from here. You will enter an open area that will have many opening sewers.

Second Seismometer

A crusher will appear from the Venice Storm Tank. Take the crusher down and walk down the sewer where he came from. Traverse this sewer completely and kill all the zombies that come your way. Also, complete whatever essential items the zombies drop or otherwise come your way.

seismometer 2 dead island 2
Collecting the second seismometer data | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Towards the right of this sewer, you will find a seismometer key that you must collect. Then, look out for a prison bar closing on the left, across which you can see a seismometer. Since you have the key, you can access and collect the data from it.

Third Seismometer

The Venice Storm Tank sewer allowed you limited access as the door in the sewer at the end was locked. The door will be opened after you collect the data. Walk past it, turn right to kill a zombie, and head up the stairs. Collect everything you can from the table at the end.

Also, do collect Niran’s notes from the table. The seismometer gamma would not be unlocking because you will not have the key. To assemble the key, go down the stairs and take a right. Walk a few meters on the path and take the door on the right.

Continue going down the corridor that comes after the door. Use the gas levers that come up to stop the fire that is burning from the pipes. Please take all the zombies that rush towards you and collect any valuables they drop.

Move left and find some metal slurry in the ground. Search all of them, and you will find a key in one of them. Be careful, as a zombie can also pop out of the slurry. Now that you have the key go to where you found the locked seismometer gamma and unlock it.

seismometer 3 dead island 2
Collecting the third seismometer data | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You will get the seismometer data and also collect Eli’s notes along with it.

Fourth Seismometer

From where you collected the third seismometer data, a path leads to a door. Take it, and you will find yourself on some metal ledges. Reach safely to the ground by jumping to the lower shelf and eventually to the ground. Take the entrance on the right and travel the path completely.

Get on the bridge that appears toward the right. Expect a skirmish with numerous zombies here of every kind. So, you will have to keep your weapons hot. As you will be constantly barged by zombies from everywhere, use the best weapon you have.

When you are done, go through the main entrance and take a left to enter the slurry. Expect some zombies here also, so brace yourself. Your goal is to find a seismologist disguised zombie. Kill him, and he will drop the key to the last seismometer of this quest.

seismometer 4 dead island 2
Collecting the fourth seismometer | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The seismometer will be close to the seismologist. Get the key and then use it to get the data. After you get hold of the data, your goal is to save your life. Many brutal zombies to be fired with your best rifles will appear. Also, use the med kits that you collected along the way.

After you have taken down the zombies immediately after getting the data, fast-travel and head back to Luciana; give her the data you collected by interacting with her, and the quest will be completed. You will get a Big Shot and 3500 XP in return.

Creature Comforts

Start the game from the villa where Curtis and Chris are residing. You will be in the lounge on the ground floor. Go downstairs and into the main lounge area, where Curtis sits comfortably in his sleeping suit. Interact with Curtis to begin the quest.

curtis creature comforts dead island 2
Talk to Curtis to begin the quest | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

After Curtis completes the conversation, you will start pursuing the whiskey and wine that Curtis desires. For that, you have to visit Swanson’s home a few blocks away from your house.


Take the back entrance and jump above the door where a garbage truck holds the gate. After jumping the gate, enter the villa in front. The door will be open, take the few stairs and take where the path is going. Then, you will find a person communicating with you. Enter the house.

Keep walking straight and enter the kitchen through the door on the right. From the table, collect the Arokillin Delivery. Then, take the next exit and turn left and right to pass another door. The room will have a round table and collect Last Call from its top.

Go outside and take the stairs up. Please enter the last room on the right; it will be the only one with an open door. There will be zombies outside it that virtually guard the room’s entrance. So, take them out and be watchful of a fiery zombie when entering the room.

keys creature comforts dead island 2
Comfort Keys | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The fiery zombie will also put the entire place on fire and off balance. After finishing it, go to the right side of the room, and under the clothes on the hangers, there will be a Hell or High Water. Collect it. Look for a locked safe along it.

The whiskey is inside the locker, and you must find the key. Go outside the room and head downstairs. As you reach the ground, turn right and follow the path. You will be surprised by a dozen zombies that will start attacking you.

whiskey in creature cmforts dead island 2
Whiskey | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Please take all of them out. Kill the zombies, and they will drop the key. Get hold of the head key and back up to unlock the safe. Collect the whiskey.


Go to the house where the blue diamond icon appears. Before getting whiskey, there would be two of these symbols. The place this icon leads to would have supercars standing in the driveway.

Enter the house and turn left and walk some meters. A staircase will go down; take it and enter the house’s lounge. Take the next stairs going down and turn behind. Walk straight, and you will face a door. This door will be locked when you first encounter it.

So go straight out and turn left to take some steps downwards and turn right. Keep treading, and you will find an opening towards the right. Enter this room and move towards the right of the room.

You will have zombies coming from both room openings. Keep your weapons hot and ready so you quickly take out all the zombies. The skirmish will take some time and much ammo, so brace yourself.

After you are done, the previously locked door will now be unlocked. There is a shorter path to get there from here. Go to the front area of the room, and you will find an open door. Enter through it and take the ascending staircase. Turn left and then left again to face the door.

As you enter the room, some alarms will buzz; fire at them and take them out. The front wall of this room will have wooden pockets to store wines.

wine dead island 2
Maison-Sang Vivant Wine | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Collect the Maison Sang-Vivant wine. It will be the only wine in the pockets that you would be able to collect. Next, go outside the room and take the staircase upwards. Then, take a sharp right and enter the room with a white door.

Cuban Cigar

There will be zombies in that room waiting for you. Kill them all and go to the next room connected to this one.  Under the shoe gallery, you will find a Cuban Cigar Box. Collect it.

cigar creature comforts dead island 2
Cuban Cigar Box | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Now that you have collected all the items you need to deliver to Curtis, the next task is to go to Curtis. Fast travel to where Curtis is an approach and interact with him. He will chat with you, and the quest will conclude. You will receive a Peggy and 3000 XP in return.

Ending Notes

This is all you need to know to complete the four side quest missions in Bel Air. Here are all the cheats and trainers in Dead Island 2.

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