Dead Island 2: Best Ways To Get Money

Money is essential in upgrading or purchasing various weapons. Here is a detailed guide on the Best way to get Money in Dead Island 2.

Best Way To Get Money In Dead Island 2
A guide on Best Way To Get Money In Dead Island 2.

It is nearly impossible to progress in Dead Island 2 efficiently without interacting with the trader. And any exchange of resources with traders is only available through money. The game offers a handful of methods by which players can obtain cash, though not all of them are quite effective.

Worry not; we have mentioned the best way to get money in Dead Island 2, which will assist players in generating a handsome amount starting from the early game.

Key Takeaways

  • Money is a valuable resource in Dead Island 2, and players can use it to perform various progressive actions.
  • Players can upgrade their weapons, purchase a new weapon, and purchase other essential items from traders through money.
  • The best way to get money in Dead Island 2 is by gathering weapons from killing zombies and selling them at the trader for a hefty amount.
  • Players can store their useful weapons in Storage Locker and sell the rest after each run.
  • There are a few other ways of gaining bucks too.
  • You can complete your Challenges and earn rewards in return. Mainly the reward contains some money.
  • Next up, the map has multiple crates and safes; loot them for cash and other resources.
  • You can save your game after looting and then reload. This will allow items in crates to respawn.
  • Lastly, you will automatically gain money from zombies’ wallets while taking them down. The wallet contains a small amount of cash.

Best Way To Get Money

Money in Dead Island 2 is such an essential item that you may obtain it from multiple sources without even trying. However, none of these ways would give you money in abundance. Continue reading to find out the best way to get money in Dead Island 2.

Gather Weapons To Sell Them

Sell Weapons To Traders Dead Island 2 Best Way To Get Money
Collect Weapons and sell them to the Trader – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Buying weapons is not the only viable option; you can also collect multiple weapons at once from Zombie loot. Sell these weapons to the trader and earn money faster than other available methods. Follow the mentioned instructions to gather and sell weapons in return for some hefty sum of cash:

  1. Gather some zombies at an area, or go to an already zombies-infested location.
  2. Take out as many zombies as you can here. This is the quickest way to gather dropped weapons and other resources.
  3. You can empty your inventory beforehand by using a Storage Locker located inside safe zones. It will unlock during the early game by following the main storyline.
  4. Once you loot a handful of weapons, return to the Trader in any safe zone and select “Sell.” Here you can sell all the weapons you gained while on a killing spree. If you find any rare ones, you’re always free to store them in your Storage Locker for later use.

Keep in mind if you sell a rare weapon, you earn more cash as compared to normal ones. The best way to get more rare and unique weapons is by simply leveling up. A weapon’s level also affects its pricing. If you are selling a weapon, ranged or melee, and invested quite some cash in it (by upgrading or repairing), the trader will pay a decent amount for it.

Other Ways To Get Money

Though we have already mentioned the best way to get money in Dead Island 2, there are other money-earning activities too that you can perform as a side hustle, all while bashing some brains open. All these methods are effortless and won’t require as much grinding or hard work as the best way we have mentioned above.

Complete Tasks To Earn Cash

Challenges with Cash as Reward – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Within half an hour of your playthrough, you will unlock challenges. These challenges contain tasks such as “Slay 100 Zombies with melee weapons” or “Slay 50 Zombies using a shotgun.” You achieve rewards once you complete the given challenge, and likely so, one of those rewards is Cash.

Most of these challenges are completed while you’re simply enjoying the gameplay by killing zombies, so there is no need to stress about them much. Once the challenge completes, you will get the reward it offers. Not all challenges come with cash rewards though, so earning money just by task completion is a slow process.

Loot The Area Fully

Loot the area Dead Island 2 Best Way To Get Money
Obtaining cash by looting the area – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Another way of generating cash is by looting every location thoroughly. More specifically, look out for crates, safes, and lock boxes. However, you’ll also obtain some money from drawers and other random places. You will find a generous amount of resources by looting every nook and cranny of an area. You can keep the cash and sell any excessive resource you’ve found.

Safes in Dead Island 2 contain a handsome amount of cash in them. You can also get your hands on rare weapons through safes. If the weapon is not your favorite, or you have better options available, we recommend selling the rare weapon to traders in return for thousands of bucks.

  • Note: There is a sort of glitch you can try. Once you have looted a safe zone, save your game and reload. This will help respawn cash and other resources in crates. You can repeat the process and enjoy nonstop respawn of cash that way.

Kill Zombies And Collect Their Wallet

 Dead Island 2 Best Way To Get Money
Collect wallets dropped by some zombies – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The most common source of money in Dead Island 2 is the zombies themselves. Most of the zombies roaming throughout Hell-A carry wallets with them, which are obviously useless to these walking corpses.

Every other corpse will drop a wallet when you take it down, and you’ll naturally gather it throughout your gameplay. Think of it as a reward for ending the dead’s misery. Keep in mind zombies do not drop large amounts of money, so making it the only cash source is overall slow progress.

Uses Of Money In Dead Island 2

The first trader you will encounter – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

If you have never played Dead Island or Dead Island Riptide, you must be really confused what’s the use of cash in a zombie-infested city, especially when your life is on the line constantly. Well, most of your playthrough consists of slashing through zombies or taking a shot at them with weapons.

You need cash to obtain stronger and rarer weapons, upgrade your current weapon, or simply repair any weapon wearing off. There are some traders located throughout the city, more specifically in safe zones. They will do the job for you in exchange for some money. This is one of the main reasons why you require money in Dead Island 2. Don’t forget most of these exchanges are pretty expensive, so you must discover the right ways of earning cash faster.

In addition, you’ll also need ammunition to fuel up your weapons. And to gather some ammo, you must get yourself consumable blueprints from the trader in exchange for some cash. That way, you can craft ammo yourself without running out of it.

There are also medkit blueprints that you may find at the traders. Upon crafting, medkits will help players heal themselves. Another essential item the Trader offers is a fuse. These fuses will allow players to unlock various locked doors.

Since money can buy you various essential items and services, collecting it any chance you get is the best strategy to beat this game. Here is a quick summary of why money in Dead Island 2 is a crucial resource:

  • Helps purchase rare weapons
  • Helps upgrade weapons with additional perks and attributes
  • Repairs damaged weapons
  • Used to purchase ammo crafting blueprints
  • Used to purchase Medkit blueprints that will help craft healing item
  • It is used to buy fuses that help unlock doors throughout the map

Final Remarks

Players are enjoying the eagerly awaited Dead Island 2 so far, whether they are veterans or new fans of the Dead Island franchise. Bashing some zombie brain with a variety of weapons is quite a captivating genre, isn’t it? You can choose your playable character, run across multiple resources to progress, and whatnot. One of those important resources is the in-game currency, Cash.

Since your weapons need loads of leveling up and upgrading throughout the game, collecting as much cash early on is a must. We have mentioned all possible methods of obtaining cash, along with the best way to get money in Dead Island 2. Now hopefully, you won’t struggle as much looking for it in abundance since the start. Good luck!

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