Dead Island 2: Brock’s Safe Key Location

Brock's Safe Key can be found at night in Goat Pen in the Bel Air region. Check out our guide to learn how to get it.

dead island 2 brock's safe key
Dead Island 2 Brock's Safe Key Location

Are you struggling in Dead Island 2 to search for Brock’s Safe Key to open up The Safe Of Broseidon? Well, worry not. In this guide, we tell you how exactly you can obtain that key to access that safe, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Key Takeaways

  • Complete the story quest, Room Service For Major Booker, then continue the next quest until you arrive at Bel Air at nighttime.
  • Go to the Goat Pen house.
  • Search and kill Goat Pen Brock in the gym or near the pool, who appears at night only.
  • He will drop the key once you finish him off.
  • Head towards The Safe Of Broseidon in the studio office and open it up with the key
  • You will get a rare weapon from the safe known as Guarding Mace.

First, ensure you have completed the main storyline quest; Room Service For Major Booker. Then another major quest called The Chosen One will be activated. You travel back to Bel Air to go to Emma Jaunt’s house. Remember that it will be nighttime while doing this quest. Now you will cross the Goat Pen house on the way back. Stay there.

Next, you must search for a giant zombie crusher, Goat Pen Brock. He only makes his debut at nighttime and not in the daytime. You will find him roaming nearby in the gym studio or outside the pool section. Now you must engage in combat and kill him off.

dead island 2 goat pen brock map location
You Will Find Goat Pen Brock Wandering At This Marked Spot Or Nearby – An image Captured By Us

Goat Pen Brock has a certain set of attack moves and skills, like in a boss fight. He has the ability where he slams the ground once or twice after normally attacking several times, sending powerful force shockwaves, knocking you off your feet. You can dodge this by jumping every time he slams the ground.

Adding on, you might struggle initially to eliminate him in the first go. However, once you become familiarized with his attack pattern, swiftly dodging his attacks will become much easier, allowing you to fight back with good timing and efficiency.

dead island 2 goat pen brock
Fight And Kill Goat Pen Brock – Image Captured By Us

Finally, when you eliminate Goat Pen Brock, he will drop the keys you are looking for; Brock’s Safe Key. Immediately collect it.

Pick Up The Keys Right Next To The Corpse – Image Captured By Us

Brock’s Safe Key Usage

the safe of broseidon map location
Go To This Marked Area To Reach The Safe Of Broseidon – Image Captured By Us
the safe of broseidon
Unlock The Safe – Image Captured By Us

Head to The Safe Of Broseidon in the computer office studio with the keys at your disposal. Open up the safe, and you will receive an extraordinarily powerful piece of arsenal called Guarding Mace, a rare type of weapon.

guarding mace
Complete Details On Guarding Mace – Image Captured By Us

Final Remarks

We now wrap up our Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key location guide. Give us feedback below, and let us know in the comments if you secured the key and opened the safe with it!

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