Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key [Quick Guide]

Get the Cable Guy's Van key in Dead Island 2 and unlock the black cable van to get a rare weapon.

Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key
Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key

Once you have progressed through the Halperin Hotel stage of Dead Island 2, you can return and find several items scattered across the map. While exploring, you may come across a black cable van. You will see that it needs a key to unlock, so in this guide, we will explain how you can get the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy key to unlock the van.

Key Takeaways 

  • To get the key to the Cable Guy van and open its trunk, you must kill a zombie called The Cable Guy.
  • The Cable Guy zombie will not spawn unless you complete the main story until you reach the Halperin Hotel area.
  • The Cable Guy Zombie is located on Alpine Drive Road.
  • You can defeat the zombie by baiting it into discharging all its electricity, then going in for a melee attack.
  • Once defeated, you can grab the loot from the zombie, where you will find the key to the Cable Guy van.
  • The black cable van is located outside the main entrance of the Goat Pen Villa.
  • Upon opening the trunk of the black van, you will receive a rare weapon called the Electrocutor Tire Iron, which has an inflated damage stat for early-game enemies.

Black Cable Van Key Requirements 

To get the key to unlocking the black van in Dead Island 2, you must progress through the main story and complete the part where you go to the Halperin Hotel. After visiting this area, you can return to the Bel-Air region at night and find the zombie carrying the cable guy van key. 

Unless you do that, the zombie carrying the key to the black cable van will not spawn, which means you will not be able to get the key by killing it.  

It has also been reported that the zombie carrying the Cable Guy van key can spawn in the daytime, but this is not guaranteed.  

How To Get Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key?

Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key
Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van Key – (Image captured by us)

Learn about the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy van key location, rewards, and tips on how to kill The Cable Guy zombie. 

Cable Guy Van Key Location 

The Cable Guy Van key can be found by heading to Alpine Drive. Go south from the street until you see a Shocking Walker-type zombie called The Cable Guy. You should tread carefully because it is an aggressive zombie type that repeatedly tries to shock you.

Once defeated, the zombie drops the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Van key. With this key, you can open the black van trunk found further south of the street. It is also marked on the map once the key is obtained. The van is situated just outside Goat Pen Villa’s main entrance.  

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Tips To Kill Cable Guy Zombie 

As the zombie you will be against is the Shocking Walker, you should know some tips on defeating it. 

Shocking Walkers are immune to shock damage, but you can throw water at them to make them discharge their reserved electricity. This will take away their immunity.  

As the Cable Guy zombie is surrounded by electrical appliances, make sure to lure it away so it is not able to take advantage of its environment.  

With that done, you can go in for a melee attack, and landing a few good hits should do the job. Now you can loot it and get the Cable Guy van key.  

Black Cable Van Rewards 

After unlocking the Cable Van trunk, you will get the rare Electrocutor Tire Iron weapon and 100 coins. The Electrocutor Tire Iron has high damage stats, and its speed and agility are also quite good. Also, paired with the Rare Melee Electrocutor mod, its damage increases exponentially, and you also get damage over time when your attacks land successfully on targets.  

To wrap up this guide, we discussed everything you should know about getting Dead Island 2 Cable Guy key. By opening the black van trunk, you can get your hands on the Electroctuor Tire Iron weapon, which is an excellent weapon to have early on in the game. 

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