Dead Island 2 Character Customization Guide

Unfortunately, players cannot customize their characters in Dead Island 2. However, they can purchase the Gold and Deluxe Editions to unlock Packs 1 & 2 for changing a Slayer's outfit!

Dead Island 2 Character Customization

Dead Island 2 Character Customization is impossible; players can only choose between the six available playable characters: Dani, Ryan, Amy, Jacob, Bruno, and Carla. On the bright side, you can change character outfits and make changes to your weapons with exciting mods and perks. You can also gain experience, maximize your Peak Health or other Attributes and unlock extremely useful Skill cards. On the other hand, changes to your outfit are only possible if you buy the Gold and Deluxe editions.

Key Takeaways

  • You cannot customize your characters In Dead Island 2.
  • Players can change outfits with Packs 1 and 2 from the Gold and Deluxe Editions.
  • You can customize your weapons and give them terrifying mods and elemental buffs like shock and fire.
  • Skill cards can also be modified and tweaked once you unlock them.
  • You can unlock Skill cards after gaining experience and raising your character‘s level.
  • Weapon mods can be found at various locations, such as Venice Beach, Emma’s Place, and more!

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Dead Island 2 Character Customization

No character customization? You can unlock more curveballs to get an edge over your enemies! – Image Captured By Us

The moment you all were waiting for was not what everyone expected. Yes, I know how disappointing it is not to be able to change the appearance of your characters or their outfits, at least with the standard pack instead of the Gold and Deluxe Editions that must be purchased.

Character Customization would have been a dope element in the game, especially in Co-op multiplayer mode. Players could show off their Slayer’s personality and stand out from the rest. However, we weren’t satisfied with the answer (No Character customization!). I mean, come on?! It would’ve been cool to tweak your characters, though.

Weapon Mods
Weapon Mods make your weapons stronger and more lethal! – Image Captured By Us

Aside from all that mumbo jumbo, there are other ways that can satisfy our much-awaited experience in the game. Those are weapon mods, upgrades, curveballs, and other exciting elements in Dead Island 2. How could I forget? You can also go through multiple Skill cards for each character.

Following are the Skill Cards I have unlocked for Ryan. – Image Captured By Us

I’ve been playing with Ryan, and honestly, I love his skills! From Invigorating to Blood Rush and Overhead Smash, Ryan has some of the best Skills that overlap with one another. It is sad to say you can’t make changes to your character. However, future updates may be made, and they might even add Character Customization! Don’t lose hope, guys.

At the start of the game, players can only choose between six Slayers to continue. There is no option to create your characters, and there will never be a possibility to do that in Dead Island 2. The best option is to stick with the classic characters.

Final Thoughts

Weapon Perks
There are exciting new weapon perks you can add to your melee or ranged weapons! Stack up some elemental damage to gain the advantage against tanky zombies! – Image Captured By Us

While there are a few negative aspects, consider enjoying the natural moments of Dead Island 2. It is better to avoid comparing it with games that offer character customization and more, such as Resident Evil 4. However, one can find joy in the available features that Dead Island 2 has to offer. From weapon customization to elemental stat boosts, you can do much more than wanting to customize your characters.

Furthermore, there wouldn’t be any use for changing appearance in story mode because it’s a first-person game, and you can’t view your character or see how he looks from any angle!

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