Dead Island 2 Classes: Characters & Skills

A complete guide about the Dead Island 2 classes that explain each class in detail, along with the characters' innate and survival skills.

Classes in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, there are three classes, including different characters. In this article, we will discuss all of them. So let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dead Island 2 has three classes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight.
  • Each class has two players out of 6.
  • Amy and Bruno got the best agility in the game.
  • Dani and Jacob are known for their peak health and stamina.
  • In the last, Carla and Ryan are praised for their toughness and Resilience.
  • Each player has innate skills and survival skills.

Here is a comparison table for the best Classes in Dead Island 2:

No.NameHealth RecoveryToughnessStaminaCritical Damage AgilityResiliencePeak Health

There are 6 slayers in Dead Island 2, and they are divided into three classes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. These slayers fall into these classes according to their stats and the skills they possess. Now let’s get into it.

Lightweight Class

In the Lightweight class, we have Amy and Bruno; they both are known for their excellent critical damage and agility. Picking up any of them demands you play more strategically and without getting noticed by the zombies to make the most significant strikes.


Amy Lightweight class Slayer
Amy (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

She stands out because of her amazing agility attribute, as she has better agility than the rest of the slayers. However, Amy lacks toughness, so using this slayer in the distanced fights against the zombies is preferred.

She is extremely good at running, and this helps her in surviving the apocalypse.

Innate Skills

  • Relief Pitcher: Striking a zombie by throwing a weapon makes her regain stamina.
  • Divide and Conquer: Attacking the isolated zombie enhances minor damage.

Survivor Skills

  • Bob and Weave: This skill allows Amy to increase her agility and attack speed by quickly avoiding the attacks.
  • Safe Space: An explosion gets triggered when she uses the med kit that blows zombies away.
  • Shin Shrapnel: The slide attack gets a boost and collapses the zombies.
  • Vivisuction: Amy’s health is restored by hitting a zombie with a Dash strike.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 3/5
Toughness 1/5
Stamina 3/5
Critical Damage 4/5
Agility 5/5
Resilience 3/5
Peak Health 2/5
Amy’s Stats Table


Bruno Lightweight slayer class
Bruno (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

This slayer in Dead Island 2 also has a satisfactory Agility rating, but apart from this, he is mainly praised for the highest critical damage. He has amazing knife skills and knows how to make lethal attacks on enemies using his signature weapon.

Although he has impressive attributes like agility and critical damage, he has the lowest peak health, and in this case, you will have to adopt the dodging playing style. Along with this, you should attack zombies from the back so in this way you can deal them more damage.

Innate Skills

  • Backstab: Attacking zombies from the back will boost the damage to a moderate level.
  • Rapid Reprisal: When Bruno block or dodges an attack, this skill will increase the agility and heavy attack charges.

Survival Skills

  • Bob and Weave: This ability boosts the attack speed and agility and provides the stackable effect when you dodge the attacks in quick succession.
  • Second Wind: When Bruno hits the zombie while sprinting, this ability enhances the damage.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 3/5
Toughness 2/5
Stamina 3/5
Critical Damage 5/5
Agility 4/5
Resilience 3/5
Peak Health 1/5
Bruno’s Stats Table

Middleweight Class

In this class, we get to see Jacob and Dani, and their highlighted attributes are peak health and stamina. Having a high rating in these two enables you to have close-range combats as you will not have to worry about health declination.

But still, you will need to be concerned about health recovery, so keep all the stuff that may help you recover your health.


Dani Middleweight class slayer
Dani (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

She is good at dominating the ground with her stamina and heavy strikes, and overall she is a tough slayer who is a master at giving hard times to enemies. Her Health recovery is not so good, so you will always have to keep an eye while playing,

But somehow the Blood dust ability fills up this gap as killing the zombies in succession will make her regain her health.

Innate Skills

  • Thunderstruck: Dani’s heavy strikes activate an extremely potent explosion on impact.
  • Bloodlust: Slaying multiple zombies in quick succession results in health regain.

Survivor Skills

  • Invigorating:Dani receives extra health by making counterattacks.
  • The Limb Reaper: When you maim a zombie, you will recover the lost health.
  • Serial Killer: This ability grants Dani a mild increase in damage after turning down the zombie.
  • Vivisuction: The health restores as you hit a zombie with Dash strike.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 1/5
Toughness 3/5
Stamina 5/5
Critical Damage 3/5
Agility 3/5
Resilience 4/5
Peak Health 2/5
Dani’s Stats Table


Jacob Middleweight class slayer
Jacob (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

Here you go with the second slayer, who belongs to the middleweight class; no doubt he has low resilience but other stats, including toughness, peak health, and stamina, are quite impressive. Jacob is always up to encounter the zombies with a fearless attitude.

Innate Skills

  • Feral: This ability grants a minor damage boost and the stack effect when you attack swiftly.
  • Critical Gains: On hitting the enemies with low stamina gets you the damage boost and stamina recovery.

Survival Skills

  • Serial Killer: After taking down the zombie, you get minor enhancement in damage.
  • Group Therapy: Through this ability, stamina recovers when one quickly kills enemies.
  • Hack and Dash: Your attack speeds increase for some time right after killing a zombie.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 2/5
Toughness 3/5
Stamina 4/5
Critical Damage 3/5
Agility 3/5
Resilience 1/5
Peak Health 5/5
Jacob’s Stats Table

Heavyweight Class

Now moving to our last class: Heavyweight, which includes Carla and Ryan. The attributes that call to attention are Toughness and Resilience. These characters may not offer you the fast pace fighting, but with their toughness, they can stand against hazardous situations.


Carla Heavyweight Slayer DI 2 Classes
Carla (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

She is the one who has unbeatable Resilience in Dead Island 2. Carla can face environmental hazards efficiently along with the zombies. Other stats like toughness, recovery, and peak health are fine. She is the motorcycle stuntwoman who fears nothing and welcomes thrilling challenges.

Innate Skills

  • Mosh Pit: When Carla is close to multiple enemies, she gets a minor damage boost.
  • Dig Deep: She receives a toughness enhancement when her health reaches critical levels.

Survival Skills

  • Warhead: As Carla makes a Drop kick attack, a powerful explosion gets triggered, which impacts the stability of zombies.
  • Far From Done: She gets the stackable damage increase by taking the damage or quickly blocking the strikes.
  • Steadfast: The blocking of attacks successfully results in a moderate boost in force and toughness.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 3/5
Toughness 4/5
Stamina 3/5
Critical Damage 1/5
Agility 2/5
Resilience 5/5
Peak Health 3/5
Carla’s Stats Table


Ryan Heavyweight slayer classes
Ryan (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

This is one of the top slayers; he can do many things beyond dancing. Ryan is considered the best character for his toughness and resilience and got no match in the whole game. If you ever get stuck in a crowd of zombies, then Ryan is perfect at tackling such a situation.

Innate Skills

  • Retaliation: By using the block or dodge strategy, Ryan gets a moderate boost in force.
  • Seesaw: With this ability, his health recovers every time when he knocks an enemy.

Survival Skills

  • Warhead: It disturbs the stability of zombies through an explosion triggered by making a Drop Kick attack.
  • Far From Done: Ryan gets the stackable minor boost enhancement by blocking or taking damage from enemies in quick succession.
  • Steadfast: The force and toughness increase by blocking attacks in succession.
Statistics Rating
Health Recovery 3/5
Toughness 5/5
Stamina 3/5
Critical Damage 2/5
Agility 1/5
Resilience 4/5
Peak Health 3/5
Ryan’s Stats Table

This guide ends here, and we discussed all classes in Dead Island 2 in detail, along with the characters’ characteristics, innate skills, and survival skills. We hope this guide will help you pick the right character for yourself. See Ya!

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