Dead Island 2 Fuse Locations & Tips

A fuse can be bought from a trader for $1500. You can use them to open closed doors and collect rare weapons inside the weapon crates.

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Dead Island 2: Fuse Locations

Dead Island 2 requires players to use fuses to access locked rooms filled with valuable loot. You will interact with them during the early parts of the campaign. However, finding a fuse can be a hassle if you are unaware of where to look.

This guide will discuss finding these fuses during your gameplay to open the locked doors and find worthy loot. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Fuses In Dead Island 2 can be used to open locked doors with fuse boxes.
  • Opening these doors will get you inside a room full of zombies containing valuable items like the Zomproof Slayer Hoard.
  • You can buy these fuses from traders in Dead Island 2. Carlos is a trader you will meet in the hub, which can be found during the initial missions of the campaign.
  • He will sell you the fuse for $1500. You can keep up to three fuses at a time.
  • These fuses go inside the fuse boxes installed on the walls that will open the doors for you.
  • Your aim should be to find fuse boxes by following the map. They are marked with a question mark, so it is easy for you to track them.
  • After you have inserted the fuse in them, they are replaced with a green tick on the same map indicating that the specific door has been opened.

What Is A Fuse

A fuse is just an item you require to open any locked door. They are essential to grab the valuable loot lying behind these doors. These electronic items act like keys; you can also see the fuse boxes on the map.

inspecting a fuse at the trader station
Buying a fuse for $1500 | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The main thing in the loot is a rare weapon that can be customized and upgraded. Moreover, players can carry up to three fuses at a time. This indirectly means that you can open at most three locked doors with fuses.

To use them, players must interact with an open fuse box and place it inside, unlocking nearby doors or shutters. These previously locked areas contain consumables, parts, and a Zombproof Slayer Hoard crate that contains rare or uncommon customizable weapons, such as katanas or sledgehammers.

Fuses are not required to complete any side quests or main story missions in Dead Island 2. They only create a bridge for you to get rare items to help you during your gameplay.

Fuse Locations

As mentioned, to acquire fuses in Dead Island 2, players must purchase them from traders encountered throughout Dead Island 2. These traders can be found near fast-travel spots or during specific missions. You can also collect and sell weapons and cash to obtain fuses if they need help finding a trader.

The first trader you will meet is Carlos. He will be inside Emma Jaunt’s house, the hub. You can buy a fuse from him for $1500. 

buy fuse from carlos
Carlos the Trader will give you fuse for $1500 | Image By: VeryAliGaming

Find the marked fuse boxes in various locations throughout the game. A question mark icon may indicate a fuse box that players can investigate. Once players have used a fuse to open a door, the icon will gray out with a green tick.

After opening the door using the fuse, you can collect consumables and parts to increase their supplies. However, you should be careful, as zombies and traps are usually in these rooms.

There are three methods to tackle the traps; you can disarm the tripwires connected to shotguns by luring zombies into them, shooting them, or carefully approaching and disarming them. Moreover, players should acquire fuses from traders and ensure they have them when exploring. 

Inside The Mansion

At the very beginning, you might be asked to complete several missions inside the mansion. After you finish, you must visit a house next to the estate, which is a hub.

As you enter, you will witness a trader at his station. His name is Carlos, and you buy the fuse from him for $1500.

Note that every room that requires a fuse to be opened will have many zombies inside, which must be killed. Therefore, when you are about to visit such areas, always keep close-range combat weapons with you.

Where To Use The Fuse

Room One

The first room where you can use the fuse is at the back of the house, the hub. To get there, go to the front of the house and take the narrow path to its right. Open the small door and continue down the stairs.

Keep following the stairs that will take you to the back of this house when you go left. Another similar small door will be there. Open it, and at the end of this path, you will see a parked car on the side of a closed gate.

It would be best if you went to the other side of the gate by getting on the trash can and making a jump. Go through the open gate and make a right to reach the desired location finally.

Door 1/2
First of many doors where you can use your fuse to get rare loot | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Insert the fuse in the fuse box and fight a horde of zombies. After eliminating them all, collect the loot and move to the following location.

Room Two

We will redirect our path to the mansion’s main entrance. From there, you must take a left and go into the alley. Walk till the end, then make a right to find the box where you will insert the fuse.

Door 2/2
Connected with the Emma Jaunt’s mansion, open this door with the fuse | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

After you get rid of all the infected inside the room, find the Zomproof Slayer Hoard loot box and open it. This is a weapon crate, and it will contain an uncommon weapon that you can collect.

reach weapon crate through fuse
This is a weapon crate that will give you an uncommon weapon

Ending Remarks

In summary, fuses are essential items in Dead Island 2 that players must acquire to access valuable loot. Traders can purchase these fuses, and you can see fuse boxes on the map. Moreover, players should be cautious when exploring these locked rooms, as zombies and traps exist.

Fuse boxes may be challenging to unlock, but they contain rare weapons players can use and customize. Ensure you keep weapons and choose the correct skill tree for fighting the zombies.

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