Dead Island 2: Goat Pen Keycard Location [3 Methods]

The Goat Pen keycard is required to ecape the goat den. Learn how you can acquire this keycard without any difficulty.

dead island 2 goat pen keycard location
Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Keycard Location

Dead Island 2 goat pen keycard location has proved to be quite challenging to pinpoint for many players, resulting in them reaching their wit’s end. In this guide, we go through how you may obtain this card easily, so let’s begin without wasting any more time!

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Key Takeaways

  • Find Goat Pen Dan in the bowling alley to kill him and collect the keycard.
  • Look for Goat Pen Marissa roaming in the house. Killing her will also give you the keycard.
  • Go to the computer office space to simply pick up the Goat Pen keycard.

How To Obtain The Goat Pen Keycard

There are 3 ways you can locate and obtain this keycard to escape the Goat Pen house. Remember that you will also need to steal this keycard as part of the objective for the primary quest; Call The Cavalry.

dead island 2 goat pen house
The Goat Pen House From Outside – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

First, you will trace back your steps and go in front of the Goat Pen house. Next, on ground level, go towards the open area of the Pen, where you will see a giant glass floor acting like a seethrough roof for the lower ground level.

dead island 2 goat pen house glass floor opening
Enter The Interior Of The House Through That Opening – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Enter the house through that point by breaking the glass or going through the open way. However, be very careful as you will encounter walkers on the way, so you must fight your way through.

dead island 2 goat pen house main area
Fight off Walkers When You Enter The Main Area Of Goat Pen – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Now that you are inside the house, you can carry out one of the following 3 methods listed below to get the keycard:

Method 1

dead island 2 goat pen dan map location
This Is Where You Will Find Goat Pen Dan – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

You need to find and kill a walker named; Goat Pen Dan. You can encounter him inside the house. He will be sighted at the bowling alley area. Finish him off, and he will drop the Goat Pen Keycard.

dead island 2 goat pen keycard
The Keycard Is Dropped Once You Kill Him – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Method 2

dead island 2 goat pen marrisa
Goat Pen Marrisa Wandering – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Inside the same house or near the swimming pool and gym region, you can encounter another walker called; Goat Pen Marrisa. Eliminating her will also give you the Goat Pen Keycard as she drops it.

goat pen marrisa map location
This Is The Area Where You Will Find Goat Pen Marrisa – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Method 3

goat pen computer office room
The Spot Where You’ll Find The Keycard – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Travel towards the computer office room in the Goat Pen house, where you will see a 3-monitor set up on a long dark table. A group of walkers will also greet you, so get rid of them first. In front of the monitors, the Goat Pen Keycard will be placed.

goat pen computer office room map location
Office Room Location On Map – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Final Remarks

To sum up, that’s how you’ll be able to locate and obtain the Goat Pen keycard to make your way out of the house. Remember that you can opt for one of the 3 mentioned methods, whichever seems more suitable and convenient.

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