Dead Island 2 Landscapers Key [Quick Guide]

A guide to explain how you can the Landscapers Key in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Landscapers key
Dead Island 2 Landscapers key

While exploring the Bel-Air region of Dead Island 2, you may come across Eddie’s toolbox, which requires a key to open. This toolbox contains valuable loot and rewards, including the Vampiric Machine Pistol, a great early-game weapon. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to get Dead Island 2 Landscapers key so you can unlock the toolbox. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The Landscapers key is dropped in the loot after you kill a zombie called Green Thumb Eddie. 
  • Green Thumb Eddie is a butcher-type zombie and will only spawn once you’ve cleared the 20th main quest and defeated the Bucho The Clown zombie. 
  • The Landscapers key is located in the pool area of Colt Sawnson’s mansion in the Bel-Air region of Dead Island 2.  
  • To kill the Green Thumb Eddie zombie, you should stack up on health supplies and ammunition and keep your distance to avoid its melee attacks. 
  • After you kill the zombie, go to the main entrance of Emma Jaunt’s mansion, where you’ll find a white truck containing Eddie’s Toolbox.  
  • When you open this toolbox, you can access the Vampiric Machine Pistol.

Landscaper’s Key Requirements 

To get your hands on the Landscapers key, you must defeat a zombie called Green Thumb Eddie. This zombie will not spawn unless you’ve progressed through the main story up to the 20th main quest called Boardwalking Dead. 

In this quest, you will face Butcho The Clown zombie, which you must defeat. Once you beat it, all the Butcher-type zombies will be unlocked. This includes the Green Thumb Eddie zombie, a Butcher-type zombie.  

After completing the main quest, you can return to the Bel-Air region, defeat the Green Thumb Eddie zombie, and get the Landscapers key.  

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How To Get Landscapers Key?

Green Thumb Eddie
Green Thumb Eddie and Eddie’s Toolbox Location in Bel-Air – (Image captured by us)

This section explains how to get the Landscapers key to open Eddie’s toolbox and get the loot within.  

Landscaper’s Key Location 

You can find the Landscaper’s key by defeating the Green Thumb Eddie zombie, which is in the Bel-Air region. In Bel-Air, you must go to Colt Swanson’s mansion, located towards the northwest part of the map. You can find the Green Thumb Eddie zombie in the pool area of the estate. 

Once you’ve defeated it, you can return to Eddie’s toolbox just outside Emma Jaunt’s mansion. You can see a white truck at the entrance of the estate. You can find the toolbox placed on the trunk so you can open it and obtain the rewards inside.  

Tips To Kill Green Thumb Eddie  

When you reach the pool area, you’ll encounter Green Thumb Eddie, which you’ll have to defeat to get the Dead Island 2 Landscapers key.  

As the Green Thumb Eddie is a butcher-type zombie, it’ll have deadly melee damage, so you should maintain your distance from it.  

Ensure you have enough medkits, ammo, and powerful weapons before fighting with the zombie. Moreover, if you have some throwables like grenades, they can come in very handy when trying to kill butchers.

Eddie’s Toolbox Rewards 

After opening Eddie’s Toolbox, you’ll get the Vampiric Machine Pistol, a great addition to your weapons arsenal.  

Closing Remarks

Now you know all there is to know about getting Dead Island 2 Landscapers key. Completing this line of objectives will reward you with a significant Vampiric Machine Pistol weapon that’ll be very useful in defeating your enemies. Read out our guide about Dead Island 2: Nikki’s Prize Key for other rewards that you can get by unlocking safes. 

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