Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons & How To Get Them

There are 7 Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, each with powerful stats and perks. Here's a rundown of each Dead Island 2 Legendary weapon and its abilities.

Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons.
A summary of all Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons.

Dead Island 2 features a weapon ranking system, with Legendary being the highest tier of weapons. There are 7 Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons, all of which are late-game items that are more powerful than other weapons. These include Big Shot, Emma’s Wrath, The One, Blood Rage, and Brutalizer.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 has 7 Legendary weapons, being the strongest weapons in the game.
  • These include Big Shot, Emma’s Wrath, The One, Blood Rage, Brutalizer, Bodycount, and Party Starter.
  • Big Shot and Bodycount are the only ranged weapons in this category, with Big Shot being a short-range pistol and Bodycount a mid-range rapid-fire gun.
  • Emma’s Wrath is a powerful blunt weapon that combines the force of a sledgehammer with the power of a shotgun.
  • The One and Blood Rage are both sharp Legendary weapons, both ideal for chopping off limbs.
  • Moreover, the Brutalizer is a jagged weapon with splinters that cut off enemy limbs and heads with ease.
  • Finally, there’s the Party Starter, a set of brass knuckles that deal Fire damage and Ignite enemies.

Big Shot

  • Damage Type: Projectile
  • Category: Demolition
  • Affiliated Quest: It’s Not Your Fault
  • Quest Location: Bel Air
  • Initial Value: 13,725 Cash

Big Shot is a Legendary Pistol that comes under the Demolition category. It’s a powerful weapon ideal for close-range combat. Demolition weapons automatically deal critical hits to enemies that have become Vulnerable.

Additionally, these weapons provide you with better Toughness when reloading, protecting you when you’re vulnerable.

Big Shot shoots out three bullets at a time that not only deal a lot of damage but also explode on impact. Big Shot can eliminate large hordes of zombies with the default Mod and Perks.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Fire Rate120
Magazine Size3
Critical Multiplier1.6

Default Mod

  • Superior Ranged Impactor Mod: Boosts Force and Physical Damage. Consecutive hits Traumatize zombies and make them fly a distance, hitting other zombies in their path. This also applies to Vulnerable zombies.

Big Shot’s default Mod grants you a Force and Physical Damage bonus. Additionally, hitting a zombie multiple times will Traumatize it.

If you hit a Traumatized or Vulnerable zombie, it will fly a distance and deal damage to other zombies in its path. It’s the perfect Mod for such a short-range weapon, as it quickly eliminates enemies in a line.

Default Perks

  • Russian Roulette: Damage increases as your Magazine loses bullets.
  • Broomstick: Bullets that hit enemies will explode and may leave zombies Traumatized.
  • Speedloader: Higher Reload Speed.

When you first find Big Shot, it has three Perks pre-attached to the weapon. The first of these is Russian Roulette, which adds damage to bullets as your Magazine runs out.

Next is Broomstick, which is best for quickly Traumatizing enemies and dealing damage in an area. Paired with the Mod, it’s perfect for taking down large enemy hordes.

Finally, there’s Speedloader, which makes it easier to reload. For enemies that move fast and do not stay in one place for long, this Perk is ideal. Additionally, there’s one empty slot for any Perk of your choice.

How To Acquire

To get the Big Shot Legendary weapon in Dead Island 2, you’ll need to finish the “It’s Not Your Fault” Side Quest. This Side Quest starts in Bel-Air and requires you to complete the 24th Main Quest in Dead Island 2, “Hollywood Ending.”

The Side Quest requires you to examine four devices beneath the sewers that Luciana has placed. Luciana is a Seismologist who is sceptical of the tremors plaguing LA and thinks there might be more to them. This quest sees you going underground to observe readings from four seismometers placed intricately through the sewer system.

The Side Quest can be initiated by heading to Bel-Air and entering Emma’s mansion. Go to the very top floor and try to locate Luciana. Speak to her to officially begin the Side Quest.

After completing the Side Quest, you will be rewarded with the Big Shot Legendary weapon and 3,500 XP.

Emma’s Wrath

Emma's Wrath Dead Island 2 Legendary weapon.
Emma’s Wrath is a powerful Blunt weapon. (Image captured by us)
  • Damage Type: Blunt
  • Category: Bulldozer
  • Affiliated Quest: Hollywood Ending
  • Quest Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Emma’s Wrath is a Forceful sledgehammer merged with the power and bang of a shotgun. It’s one of the most powerful Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons that take down multiple enemies with a single hit.

This weapon has the Bulldozer category, meaning it will constantly drain Stability. In exchange, all Heavy Attacks land Critical Hits. Heavy Attacks are attacks that deal more damage but reduce your Stability and are harder to control.

And that’s not all. Bulldozer weapons like Emma’s Wrath also cause thrown weapons to explode, dealing Forceful damage. This means enemies will become easier to Knock Down, and you can quickly kill them with a finishing Skull Stomp.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Max Durability94

Default Mod

  • Superior Melee Impactor Mod: Hitting a zombie multiple times in a row Traumatizes it, and hitting it again will send it hurling into enemies behind it. This Mod also grants you a Force and Physical Damage bonus.

Emma’s Wrath comes with a default Mod that cannot be changed. This Mod resembles Big Shot’s and Traumatizes zombies that receive multiple hits. When hitting the enemy again, the enemy will damage other enemies behind it.

The Mod converts this short-range combat weapon into a mighty sledgehammer that eliminates enemies in a range. Additionally, it boosts your Physical Damage and Force.

Default Perks

  • Overkill: Hitting a zombie after Countering or Skull Stomping it will create a wide-area shotgun blast.
  • Shockwave: An explosive attack will occur whenever a zombie is Knocked Down. This will deal incredible amounts of Force.
  • Guardian: Increases Toughness when wielding the sledgehammer.

Emma’s Wrath comes with three default Perks. Of these, Overkill is the most powerful. It sends your weapon into prime mode whenever you Counter or Skull Stomp a zombie. The next hit from the primed sledgehammer will create a shotgun blast.

This lets you deal damage in an area to multiple zombies. You don’t even need to hit the same zombie that you Counter or Skull Stomp. Against singular enemies, it will take them down in 1-2 hits.

The Shockwave Perk also creates a Forceful detonation when Knocking down a zombie. This is great for taking down multiple enemies, perfect for a short-range weapon like this.

Finally, the Guardian Perk boosts your Toughness and gives you some level of defence when fighting with Emma’s Wrath.

How To Acquire

Emma’s Wrath is an end-game weapon you will acquire after completing the 24th Main Quest “Hollywood Ending.” This quest starts right after Main Quest 23, “The End of the Line,” and sees you tracking down Dr Reed to get answers.

Since this is the last main storyline quest, we won’t give any significant spoilers. But you do find out the truth behind a lot of mysteries. And in the end, you must save your friends before time runs out.

Once you finish the quest, you get Emma’s Wrath Legendary weapon.

The One

  • Damage Type: Sharp
  • Category: Maiming
  • Affiliated Quest: Beacon of Hope
  • Quest Location: Hollywood Boulevard
  • Initial Value: 10,238 Cash

The One is a Kyrgyz Sword mimic with the Maiming trait. It’s one of the best Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons for chopping off extremities. When cutting off enemies’ limbs, your player will regenerate some Stamina, letting you last longer in battle. Additionally, hits that you land on zombie limbs have a higher chance of being critical.

As evident, this sword is the perfect choice for slaying enemies and cutting off their limbs. It’s a terrifying weapon that feels satisfying to wield and will let you quickly incapacitate enemy groups in seconds.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Max Durability91
Critical Multiplier1.5
Limb Damage1.3

Default Mod

  • Superior Melee Mutilator Mod: Hitting a zombie several times consecutively will Weaken the target. Hitting any Weakened target will regenerate some Stamina. This Mod also grants a significant Physical Damage bonus.

The One has a default Mod that lets you Weaken enemies you hit multiple times. When you hit these Weakened enemies, your Stamina will replenish.

This Mod paves the way for fast combos and, combined with the Maiming trait, will let you melt enemies instantly. You can strike multiple hits against zombies, Weakening them. Then, strike again to retain Stamina and keep moving about the arena.

On top of that, the Mod boosts Physical Damage, making it easier to maim limbs and severe heads.

Default Perks

  • Headhunter: When you Decapitate a zombie, an explosion occurs, dealing Forceful damage. This explosion will also replenish your Stamina and Health.
  • Swift Blow: Reduces the charging time and animation of Heavy Attacks.
  • Guardian: Increases Toughness when wielding The One.

The One features three Perks, two of which will be locked when you first get it. Of the locked ones, there’s Headhunter, a Perk that awards your opponent a horrible death. Whenever you Decapitate an enemy, a Forceful explosion regenerates Health and Stamina. It’s essential for landing uninterrupted combos, especially with the Mod.

The second Perk is Swift Blow, making it easier and faster to cast Heavy Attacks. Hence, you can finish off enemies before they can retaliate.

Lastly, there’s Guardian, which grants a modest Toughness bonus, making you practically unstoppable when combined with the other Perks. You can swap this one out for any Perk of your choice.

How To Acquire

The One can be acquired as a reward for completing the “Beacon of Hope” Side Quest. This Side Quest can be started when you enter Hollywood Boulevard. It begins after the success of Captain Vixen’s mission.

The quest has you meeting with Sarah in the Old Dynasty Chinese Theater. Throughout your quest, you’ll run into hordes of zombies that must be removed to progress. The quest sees you finding Sarah and bringing her a Space Fox spotlight filter.

At the end of the Side Quest, you will receive a Numen card for The One and 6,000 XP. Additionally, completing this Side Quest grants you the “Make it So” Bronze achievement. For more information on Dead Island 2 achievements, check out our Dead Island 2 trophy guide.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage Dead Island 2 Legendary weapon.
Blood Rage is a sharp weapon best for making zombies Bleed. (Image captured by us)
  • Damage Type: Sharp
  • Category: Headhunter
  • Affiliated Quest: Lost & Found: Fool’s Gold
  • Quest Location: The Pier
  • Initial Value: 8,348 Cash

Blood Rage is a sharp stiletto with a twisted blade that Xian Mei once used on Banoi. This blade comes under the Headhunter category, meaning every hit on the head will be a Critical Hit. For dismembering enemies quickly and decapitating zombies, this trait is ideal.

Additionally, any Heavy Attacks will increase your Agility in the field. Moreover, when charging Heavy Attacks, your player won’t get slowed, letting you move freely through the arena. Considering it’s a short-range weapon, it compensates for that through its immense Bleed Damage and Agility boost.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Max Durability84
Critical Multiplier1.8
Limb Damage1.0

Default Mod

  • Superior Melee Puncturator Mod: Increases damage slightly and inflict Bleed Damage on the enemy. Additionally, several successive hits on an enemy will inflict the Bleeding status effect.

The default Mod for the Blood Rage sharp knife is highly resourceful when wanting to damage enemies over time. It inflicts Bleed damage on the enemy and applies the Bleeding status debuff to enemies. This sucks out the zombies’ HP over time and ensures that they take damage even after you hit them.

The stiletto is a short-range weapon. However, it doesn’t compensate for its short range by granting Area of Effect (AoE) damage. Instead, it trades range for strong Bleeding effects that may spread to other enemies depending on the Perks you apply.

Default Perks

  • Puncture Wound: Multiple Critical Hits trigger higher Critical Damage and inflict Bleed Damage. Puncture Wounds can stack a few times for even more significant damage.
  • Infectious: Any hit you make on a zombie inflicts Bleed Damage and causes close zombies to Bleed.
  • Agile: Every zombie kill grants a moderate Agility boost, stackable a few times.

Blood Rage features three default Perks, the first of which is Puncture Wound. This Perk inflicts Bleed Damage and increases the Critical Damage on consecutive Critical Hits. You won’t get Critical Hits frequently, but you can be sure the next hit will have more significant damage when you do.

The next Perk is Infectious, which inflicts Bleed Damage on the zombie you hit. Moreover, the target zombie will spread the Bleed status debuff to other zombies in the area. Combined with the Mod and Puncture Wound, you’ll make zombies Bleed left and right.

The third Perk grants Agility on every zombie kill, an effect that’s stackable several times. Hence, you can quickly move about the arena and navigate enemy groups while slashing through zombies in close range.

How To Acquire

Blood Rage can only be acquired after completing the Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold Lost & Found Quest. This Lost & Found Quest can be started from the Pier in Santa Monica. But it only becomes available after finishing the main storyline.

In the quest, you’ll need to find a secret murder weapon that Randy, Dante, and their friends buried somewhere. The quest requires you to find the weapon by following the clues to their secret safe. This Lost & Found Quest mixes puzzle-solving and critical thinking elements with action-packed zombie killing.

In the end, you will receive the Blood Rage and 2,000 XP.


  • Damage Type: Sharp
  • Category: Maiming
  • Affiliated Quest: Body Art: The Unveiling
  • Quest Location: Bel Air
  • Initial Value: 10,065 Cash

Brutalizer is a Sharp sword with jagged ends that splinter the enemy. This sword has the Maiming trait, which makes it ideal for chopping off enemy limbs and heads.

As a Maiming melee weapon, it lands guaranteed Critical Hits to zombie limbs, dismembering them quickly. Additionally, maiming the enemy’s limbs and heads regenerates some of your Stamina.

Since Stamina is required for moving around and using Heavy Attacks, you can quickly and rapidly chop off enemy limbs. This makes it the perfect choice for incapacitating zombies and completing missions.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Max Durability96
Critical Multiplier1.3
Limb Damage1.2

Default Mod

  • Superior Melee Mutilator Mod: When you hit an enemy multiple times in a row, they become Weakened. Attacking a Weakened zombie will regenerate some of your Stamina. This Mod also passively increases your Physical Damage by a significant amount.

The Superior Melee Mutilator Mod is a unique Mod that Weakens enemies that receive several successive hits. Additionally, the Mod boosts your Physical Damage significantly.

Weakening the enemy is crucial in landing the final shot and ending battles. You’ll want to take care of enemy zombies as quickly as possible when surrounded by enemy zombies. Moreover, hitting any Weakened enemy with this Mod equipped means you regain some of your Stamina.

Hence, you can quickly move about the arena and chop off limb after limb with this Mod. Combined with the Maiming trait, the Brutalizer becomes an unstoppable force that severs heads left and right.

Default Perks

  • Bloodlust: Multiple Critical Hits to an enemy will land increasingly higher Limb Damage. This Perk also Weakens the enemy and can be stacked several times.
  • Contagious: If you hit an enemy afflicted with a status debuff with a Heavy Attack, the attack will also spread to zombies that are close by.
  • Reinforced: Trades Attack Speed for Force and Durability.

Brutalizer is a powerful weapon with good potential at dismembering enemies. It comes with three Perks pre-attached. The Bloodlust Perk allows you to deal higher Limb Damage whenever you land Critical Hits.

Considering Critical Hits already deal more damage, this is a massive benefit when trying to dismember enemies. Another Perk is Contagious, which spreads the damage from a Heavy Attack to other zombies near the target. This lets you land a finishing hit on multiple enemies quickly.

Lastly, there’s the Reinforced Perk, which strengthens your Durability and Force. More Force and Durability mean your weapon can land powerful hits for longer. However, this does severely hamper your Attack Speed, meaning attacks will become slower.

How To Acquire

You can acquire Brutalizer by completing the Body Art: The Unveiling Side Quest. The Side Quest is the last of a series of quests that Francesca gives you. This one, in particular, only begins after completing Main Quest 24 and the Side Quest Body Art: Dread.

Throughout the Body Art Side Quests, you will have gathered several zombie body parts for Francesca to make her gruesome sculptures. In this Side Quest, you will have to do nothing but speak to Francesca after she’s done with the statue.

After completing the Body Art: Drad quest, go to the back garden of Francesca’s house, and you will find her there with her work of art. Talk to her, and you will be rewarded with 1,000 XP and the Brutalizer Legendary weapon. Additionally, you will receive the Gore Horse achievement.

Since you must complete the entire Body Art Side Quest line to get this weapon, it’s one of the hardest Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons to acquire.


Bodycount Dead Island 2 Legendary weapon.
Bodycount shoots down enemies in quick succession. (Image captured by us)
  • Damage Type: Projectile
  • Category: Rapid-Fire
  • Affiliated Quest: REDACTED
  • Quest Location: Venice Beach
  • Initial Value: 12,323 Cash

Bodycount is one of the very few Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons. It’s a Projectile Legendary weapon that has the Rapid-Fire trait. Via this trait, your weapon can shoot in quick succession and deal massive amounts of damage.

Additionally, Rapid-Fire triggers Critical Hits on rapid shots, meaning not only is your Attack Speed insane, but you also deal more significant damage with every hit. Moreover, this trait grants a slight boost in Accuracy, letting you aim from further away.

But that’s not all. The effect can be stacked, meaning your Accuracy and Critical Hit rate will increase with each rapid gunshot.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Fire Rate600
Magazine Size30
Critical Multiplier1.2

Default Mod

  • Superior Ranged Pucturator Mod: The Bodycount deals Bleed damage which causes the target to Bleed over time. Additionally, hitting an enemy multiple times in a row inflicts the Bleed status debuff on them. This Mod also provides a massive boost in damage.

The Superior Ranged Puncturator Mod is a piercing ability that makes your ranged weapon deal damage over time. It deals Bleed damage on every hit and induces the Bleed status effect upon multiple successive hits.

For a ranged weapon, Bleed damage is ideal for slow-firing guns. However, for a rapid-fire gun like the Bodycount, Bleed damage may help you kill the enemy if you miss the final shot.

Default Perks

  • Exit Wound: When you hit a zombie, there is a possibility that other zombies nearby will be inflicted with Bleed damage.
  • Bloodthirsty: Every time you kill a zombie, your Fury increases, and you receive a moderate damage bonus.
  • Tactical Reload: Your Reload Speed gains a minor boost whenever you land a kill.

Bodycount features three default perks. These Perks consist of Exit Wound, Bloodthirsty, and Tactical Reload.

Exit Wound lets you deal Bleed Damage to several enemies in an area around a target zombie. On the other hand, Bloodthirsty helps you regenerate Fury upon every zombie kill. Additionally, it boosts your damage output, making you unstoppable once you finally enter Fury Mode.

Then, there’s Tactical Reload, a Perk that’s not as powerful as the others but is unlocked by default. This Perk improves your Reload Speed upon every zombie kill. Combined with the Bleed damage from the Mod and Exit Wound Perk, you can rapidly shoot down enemies in one go.

How To Acquire

Bodycount can be acquired only after you have completed the main storyline at least once. Then, you must complete the “Cremains of the Day” Side Quest. This Side Quest starts from the Venice Beach tower. Then, you’ll need to complete the “Diaries of the Dead” quest that begins right after you finish “Cremains of the Day.”

After that, you must complete the Lost & Found Quest titled “REDACTED” in Venice Beach. In this quest, you’ll need to progress until you kill LT. Ford. Then, pick up his journal, which contains the location where you can find the Legendary weapon. Simply head on over there and destroy the boxes to find Bodycount.

Party Starter

Party Starter Dead Island 2 Legendary weapon.
Party Starter is a set of fiery brass knuckles. (Image captured by us)
  • Damage Type: Blunt
  • Category: Frenzy
  • Affiliated Quest: Drunk and Disorderly
  • Quest Location: Ocean Avenue
  • Initial Value: 6,780 Cash

Party Starter is a melee weapon that is exceptionally close-range but damages enemies in an area. It has the Frenzy trait that consistently triggers Critical Hit on successive hits and also improves Attack Speed.

With this Legendary weapon, you’ll throw powerful punches that deal Critical damage on impact. The effect stacks, meaning you will get a boost in damage and speed if you land perfect combos.

Moreover, this weapon’s Perks and Mods all make it deal Fire damage. Additionally, it can Ignite enemies in an area, which is excellent for completing achievements and taking down multiple enemies in a row.

Base Stats

AttributeBase Value
Max Durability77
Critical Multiplier1.4
Limb Damage1.0

Default Mod

  • Superior Melee Cremator Mod: The Party Starter will inflict Fire Damage on enemies, with successive hits also applying the Ignited status debuff. Additionally, this Mod increases your Damage by a large margin.

Party Starter is a fiery knuckle-duster designed to land flaming shots on zombies. This weapon comes with a Mod that converts all of its damage into Fire damage. It’s one of the three basic elemental damage types in Dead Island 2.

On top of that, the Superior Melee Cremator Mod applies the Ignited effect on enemies if you hit them several times consecutively. This will deplete their health, allowing you to land the finishing blow or escape in time.

What’s more, this Mod also grants a massive boost in damage output. It’s an all-rounder Mod perfect for dealing Fire damage to zombies.

Default Perks

  • Spitting Fire: If you kill or knock down a zombie via a Heavy Attack, you receive some Fire Resilience. Additionally, enemies near you will get Ignited.
  • Skilled: When you kill a zombie, your Heavy Attacks become stronger and take up lesser time for charging.
  • Weighted: Boosts Force at the cost of Attack Speed.

Party Starter has three default Perks to increase Force and Heavy Attack damage. The first is Spitting Fire, a Perk designed to counter and inflict Fire damage.

It grants you moderate Fire Resilience upon an enemy kill via a Heavy Attack. The effect also works if the enemy is only knocked down. The Perk also applies the Ignited effect on nearby enemies, which, combined with the Mod, helps you burn zombies to a crisp.

Furthermore, the Skilled Perk boosts the damage of your Heavy Attacks on every successful zombie kill. It also makes your Heavy Attacks charge faster, letting you land blow after blow to zombies.

Finally, you have the Weighted Perk that trades Attack Speed for Force. Combined with the other two Perks, it boosts the damage of your Heavy Attacks.

How To Acquire

Party Starter is one of the most difficult Legendary weapons to acquire. It requires you first to complete the main storyline. Then, post-game, you must complete the “Drunk and Disorderly” Lost & Found Quest.

To start the quest, you’ll need to navigate to Ocean Avenue and get inside the Lotusville Mall. Then, head to the restrooms and find the “Dudes Who Chug” journal. This will initiate the Lost & Found Quest.

We won’t spoil too much for you. But in the end, you’ll need to fight a familiar friend and acquire the Party Starter from the trunk of a white SUV.

Final Thoughts

Dead Island 2 has seven Legendary weapons that are stronger than any other weapon and grant special perks and Mods. These late-game weapons require completing some quest to acquire the weapons as rewards.

Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2 include Big Shot, a highly powerful pistol whose bullets explode on impact. Then there’s Emma’s Wrath, a sledgehammer-shotgun hybrid that deals Forceful Damage.

The One is another Legendary weapon, along with Blood Rage, ideal for dismembering zombie limbs. Then there’s the Brutalizer, a Sharp sword that’s highly jagged and splintered. You also have the Bodycount, a rapid-fire gun with strong Bleed capability.

Finally, Party Starter is a set of brass knuckles that deal Fire damage and Ignite enemies.

If you want to know about Skill Cards, check out our Dead Island 2 Skill Cards guide.

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