Dead Island 2 Max Level [Explained]

Learn about the Maximum Level in Dead Island 2 and how to get there in no time.

Dead Island 2 max level cover
Dead Island 2: Max Level

Dead Island 2 involves much grinding when aiming for the max level, set at level 30. Although the number seems low, it is a very challenging task to touch the level cap if you are trying.

This guide will discuss how players can reach the maximum level in Dead Island 2. Note that numerous factors affect your game style when grinding. Therefore, you should be aware. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • The maximum level you can achieve in Dead Island 2 is 30.
  • It will be challenging to get here as the zombies get very strong in the end game.
  • You must prioritize completing story missions and side quests rather than grinding, as they will provide you relatively more XP points.
  • Players should upgrade their weapons to the highest level whenever they can.
  • Participate in the Lost and Found missions and visit the Hotspots to get additional XP points for leveling up.
  • Slayer Cards are essential to unlock as they allow you to customize your character according to your needs.
  • It is preferred to keep your character’s combat strong along with defense, as these attributes are necessary during the quests.
  • After getting to Level 30, you will unlock the Max Headroom Trophy as a reward.

What Is The Level Cap

As highlighted, players can go as high as level 30 in Dead Island 2. After this point, killing zombies or participating in side activities will not give you XP points. We suggest you complete all the main story missions and side quests to reach this point. 

Also, ensure you don’t skip any fight with zombies, as that is the easiest way to farm XP. As game is not open-world, only a few hotspots are available in Dead Island 2, where you can grind for XP.

DI2 gameplay during a story side quest
Dead Island 2 Gameplay | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

When exploring the map, please don’t leave any area unchecked, as it can contain potential items for your inventory, like any rare loot or weapons that are not casually found. 

The number 30 feels very low for gamers that plan to grind for maximum level. However, getting there is a tough job because as you level up, the zombies against you are also getting more potent, making it hard to fight them. 

Benefits Of Leveling Up

Unlocking New Skills

As you get a higher level, you unlock new skills that your characters adapt. Apart from this, you start discovering new weapons that are more effective against Walkers, Shamblers, and other type of zombies. This can be an advantage as a wider skill set is always better in intense fights against bosses.

Increased Health Bar

You also expand your health bar when leveling up. This can be beneficial during combat as you get to survive longer than before. Moreover, with increased health bar, you will be allowed to stay alive when taking more damage from the zombies if you are being attacked by large group. This can buy you ample time to plan an escape. 

Weapon Upgrades

Besides from unlocking new weapons, you can also upgrade the previously owned weapons to a higher level which will boost their stats. A weapon of same rarity as before can be much more powerful if you upgrade it at a nearby workbench. This makes your guns more effective against tough zombies giving you a slight edge over them. 

upgrading weapons
Find similar workbench locations to get your weapons upgraded

Getting More Money

Players are aware that they collect enemies from all over the map, specifically from the bodies of eliminated zombies. The amount will increase if you level up, giving you more money to get those weapons upgraded or spend them at something you require at that moment. Additionally, you can also use the money to upgrade your gear

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Ingredients To Reach Level 30

Unlocking Slayer Cards

A handy feature in Dead Island 2 is that you are allowed to unlock Slayer cards. These can be used to customize your character’s abilities and the skillset they are assigned. Due to this, the combat becomes more effective as you decide what your character should fight like.

selecting character to play with
Choosing character at the start of the story mode | Picture By; VeryAliGaming

Getting these Slayer Cards is essential to level up as your character becomes more combat-oriented, and defeating the zombies in a fight becomes more effortless.

Unlocking Higher Rarity Weapons 

As your level increases, players can keep weapons of higher rarity. Due to this, getting to a higher level quickly should be a priority so you can use powerful weapons to defeat more brutal zombies that would give you a hard time otherwise. 

Initially, you will have access to white and green weapons representing common and uncommon weapons. As you progress further, weapon rarity changes to blue and purple, representing rare and epic weapons.

unlocking high rarity weapons is a must to reach max level
A purple rarity hunting rifle | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Focusing On Main Story Missions

Main story quests are compulsory to hit the max level. Therefore, you should take all of them if you intend to reach the end level of Dead Island 2. By doing this, you get the XP points and understand the storyline.

must complete main story quests to get to max level
A main story quest: Saddle up for santa monica | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Focusing On Side Quests

You should also focus on the side quests to complete your objective. If you speed-run by only completing the story quests, your game will be complete before level 25, which is not enough to reach our goal.

taking part in a side quest
A Side quest: The Death of the party | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Participating in the Lost and Found missions is a bonus. Moreover, visit the XP hotspots like the Venice Beach Police Station, where zombies constantly spawn from a point. Hence, you can keep killing them to get higher amounts of XP for leveling up.

Also, don’t leave any wandering zombies alive if you encounter them. We specifically target the Apex Variants, which grant you more XP than the others. 

Keeping Weapons Upgraded

Always upgrade your weapons to the highest level because the zombies keep getting more vital as your level increases. Hence, the guns should also get powerful if you want to fight those zombies. 

You must be at a workbench if your wish is to upgrade the weapons. Moreover, you can hold Square on PS, X on Xbox, and F1 on PC to increase weapon stats. Ensure you have enough cash and materials that are required. 

Unlocking Max Headroom Trophy

Reaching level 30 takes work, so you will be rewarded for hitting the level cap. As you get to level 30, you will unlock Max Headroom Trophy. You can keep track of your achievement progress by knowing what level you are currently on and how much XP you need to grind to get to the next one.

Knowing how much XP you require to level up will help you decide whether you have to grind a lot by completing a story mission or any side quest that will get the job done.

Final Remarks

That is all the information you will need about the Max level in Dead Island 2. It may be challenging, but the trophy you get after hitting level 30 is worth it. Ensure you are completing all the quests and upgrading your gear. 

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