Dead Island 2: My Mailman Was A Zombie

Learn how to complete this Lost & Found mission where you are required to find Wayne, a Mailman that has been infected.

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Dead Island 2: My Mailman was a Zombie

My Mailman was a Zombie is one of the nine Lost & Found quests added to Dead Island 2. These quests require you to search for hints related to a missing person. In our case, it is Wayne, a mailman.

This article will detail steps to get through this mission by searching for clues and finding Wayne. Ensure you carry powerful weaponry, as you might face some scary zombies. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • My “Mailman was a Zombie” is a Lost & Found quest in Bel-Air.
  • You need to unlock Fast Travels before planning to play this mission.
  • To start the mission, find a Delivery truck south of the Glitterati corner on Alpine Drive.
  • Collect a journal from there that will initiate the quest for you.
  • The objective is to find Wayne, the Mailman who was infected and became a zombie.
  • You must inspect two packages before getting to the Mailman. You can get to them in any order. It won’t affect the mission.
  • First package will be at the front door of the Goat Pen mansion
  • The second one will be at the gate of a big house at the Glitterati corner.
  • After inspecting both, go to the Driveway of Colt Swanson’s, where you will fight Wayne.
  • Defeating him will grant you the Mailman’s keys.
  • After collecting them, return to the starting delivery truck to open a crate that provides you with a blue rarity weapon named Raven.

Initiating The Quest

Before activating the mission, you need to unlock Fast Travels first. This is compulsory as opening fast travel welcomes a new type of zombie to Bel-Air, called Slobbers. Without Fast Travel, the mission won’t start as the final boss is a Slobber.

Fast Travels will unlock for you once you complete the 14th primary story mission, The Red Mist. There is no further requirement; you will be guided to fast travel points once you finish the quest.

get here to start mailman lost & found quest
You can start the quest by getting to this point | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

To start the lost & found quest, you must be on Alpine Drive south of the Glitterati corner. A delivery truck will be standing at that point. Pick up the “Signature Required” journal lying on the ground by that truck to activate the quest. Picking it up will give you the necessary objectives to complete the mission.

my mailman was a zombie mission activated
Quest successfully added to active quests

Follow The Mailman’s Paper Trail To A Kick-ass New Weapon

Finding the mailman requires you to find clues first. In this mission, the indications are parcels or packages that spawn at two locations. You must visit the locations and inspect the boxes to understand the exact location of the mailman.

After that, you will relocate to another area facing Wayne, the mailman.

Goat Pen Package

map location of goat pen package
Location of Package at Goat Pen mansion | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Visit the Goat Pen mansion on Alpine Drive. The mansion’s name is displayed on the map, so it won’t give you a hard time finding this mission. Locate the front door that is to the North of the Goat Pen.

The package will be placed outside the front door to the right. Approach and inspect it so you know if the mailman was here or not.

you must inspect this package
Inspect the package at the front door

Glitterati Corner

2/2 package location
Location of second package | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

There will be a large house to the left of the Delivery truck we saw at the start. Visit the house and, once again, find the front gate. Two vehicles, including a van, will be parked in front of it.

Find the package right at the gate’s entrance and inspect it. You can also collect a fabric spawned to the left of the boxes.

2/2 package inspection
Inspect the second package as well to get to Wayne, the Mailman

Slay The Zombified Mailman

Colt Swanson’s Driveway

location of wayne
You can find Wayne by getting to this location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You have to travel towards the Northwest of Bel-air for the final location. The house over there belongs to Colt Swanson, who has been infected. In his driveway, you will meet Wayne, the mailman. He has turned into a zombie now and will try to hurt you.

your character vs Wayne the mailman
You must defeat the Mailman to get through

Your goal is to defeat him by any means possible. His companions will also spawn with him, so you must kill them. Wayne has his unique ability where he spits poison on you. Ensure that you dodge it to avoid getting poisoned.

Keeping long-range weapons like snipers or semi-auto rifles is the best way to fight the mailman. Always maintain a safe distance from him and other zombies to survive.

Swipe The Mailman’s Keys

By following all the instructions, you will successfully defeat Wayne. Collect the mailman’s keys from his dead body to proceed further in the mission. A med kit will also be there in case you need healing.

bonus at the end of the fight vs Wayne
Collect mailman’s keys after getting rid of him | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Pick Up Your Package

my mailman was a zombie quest completed
Opening the weapon crate by the delivery truck to complete the mission

The keys will lead you to open the final package. Your last objective requires you to backtrack your path to the Delivery Truck at the start. A Special Delivery awaits you, a blue rarity weapon, Raven. Picking it up will complete the Lost & Found quest; My Mailman was a Zombie.

weapon given to you as a reward of defeating wayne
The weapon rewarded at the end of Lost & Found mission | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

That is all about the side quest. It is very straightforward and does not include any challenging objectives to complete. Remember to unlock fast travel, as the mission won’t be there without it.

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