Dead Island 2: Nikki Prize Key [Quick Guide]

A brief guide to explain how to get Nikki Prize key in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize Key Guide
Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize Key Guide

In the zombie-infested world of Dead Island 2, you can find several safes which you can unlock with their specific keys to gain big rewards. Among these safes, there’s one called Nikki’s Bounty Safe, located in the Beverly Hills region of Dead Island 2. In this short guide, we’ll explain how you can get Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize key so you can unlock the safe.  

Key Takeaways 

  • All the safes in Dead Island 2 are unlocked by keys from zombie drops. 
  • These zombies will only spawn if you progress through the main story.   
  • Nikki’s Bounty Safe is unlocked after progressing through the main story until you defeat the 4th Clown Boss and complete the 20th main quest. 
  • The zombie carrying the Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize key is called Target Practice and is found in the Beverly Hills region on the northwest side of the map. 
  • It’s a Butcher-type zombie, so you should maintain your distance and use ranged weapons and throwables to kill it. 
  • Once you kill it, the Nikki Prize key will drop, and Nikki’s Bounty Safe will be marked on the map. 
  • Once you unlock Nikki’s Bounty Safe, you’ll receive $1095 Cash, Superior Ranged Liquidator Mod, and Toxic Liquidator Extinction Event. 

Nikki’s Bounty Safe Requirements 

In Dead Island 2, you must progress through the main story to unlock new side content. In the same vein, you have to complete various main quests up to a certain level to unlock the numerous safes scattered across the map.  

For Nikki’s Bounty safe, you must complete the main story up to the 20th main quest, Board Walking Dead. In this quest, you’ll have to defeat the 4th Clown Boss. After completing the quest, you can find the zombie carrying the Nikki Prize key. 

Without progressing this much into the story, the zombie that carries the key to unlocking the safe will not spawn even if you visit the desired location. 

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How To Get Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize Key

Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize Key
Dead Island 2 Nikki Prize Key – (Image captured by us)

This section will explain how you can get the key to Nikki’s Bounty Safe and the rewards that come with unlocking it. 

Nikki Prize Key Location 

You will find a Burster Hot Spot marked on the map in the same Beverly Hills region. If you go a little to the west of it, you’ll find a zombie named Target Practice. It’s a Butcher-type zombie, so you should avoid killing it with melee attacks and use some ranged weapons or projectiles.  

Once you kill it, you’ll get the Nikki Prize key in one of the drops. You can now use this to open the safe in Nikki’s House and get the rewards.  

Nikki’s Bounty Safe will be marked on the map once you obtain Nikki’s Prize key. It is located in the northwestern part of the map inside Nikki’s house on the first floor inside a closet. This is the nearest house to the Burster Hot Spot which can be seen on the map. 

The house will have some zombies, so you should be on your guard, but they’re common types, so you can easily get past them. 

Tips To Kill Target Practice Zombie 

In this section, we’ll give you some general tips to help you kill the Target Practice zombie.  

The Target Practice zombie being a Butcher type which is an Apex variant zombie type means it’ll be swift, so maintaining your distance will be vital in avoiding as much damage as possible. 

Once you’re out of its range, you can use any ranged weapon to damage it. Using a grenade or deo-bomb is an excellent idea in this scenario, as they can quickly kill it.  

If it comes in close, you can kick it, which will give you an opening to follow through with a melee attack that can potentially kill or at least harm it critically.  

Nikki’s Bounty Safe Rewards 

Once you defeat the Butcher and return to Nikki’s house, you can collect your rewards by unlocking the safe. Here’s what you get after opening it: 

  • $1095 Cash 
  • Superior Ranged Liquidator Mod 
  • Toxic Liquidator Extinction Event 

In this guide, we discussed everything you need to know about the Nikki Prize key in Dead Island 2. It would be best if you progressed through the main story a bit before you could get it, but the rewards are worth the effort.  


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