Dead Island 2 Numen Cards: Unlock, List & Guide

There are five Numen cards in Dead Island 2. In this guide, we go over their abilities, effects, and how to acquire all of them.

Dead Island 2 Numen cards.
Here are all five of the Numen cards in Dead Island 2 and their abilities explained.

Dead Island 2 introduces Skill Cards as a new gameplay mechanic. The rarest of these cards are the Numen cards, a set of five highly powerful abilities. This guide explains the Dead Island 2 Numen cards, their abilities, and how to find them.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 features a Skill Cards mechanic, with Numen cards being the strongest of them.
  • You unlock Numen cards after completing Main Quest #21, “The Search for Truth”.
  • The first Numen card you acquire is Anger Mismanagement, which lets your Fury Mode last longer at the expense of Health.
  • Other Numen cards include Corpse Blossom, Born Survivor, Glass Cannon, and Seismic Stomp.
  • Some Numen cards add to your Autophage card count.

All Numen Cards Summary

Here is a summary table for all Numen Cards in Dead Island 2:

NoNameAutophage Skill
1Born SurvivorYes
2Glass CannonYes
3Corpse BlossomNo
4Seismic StompNo

Numen Cards Explained

Numen cards screen in Dead Island 2.
Numen cards are among the strongest Skill Cards in Dead Island 2. (Image captured by us)

Numen cards are a category of Skill Cards, offering powerful abilities to players. They are among the rarest and strongest cards available.

Dead Island 2 features Skill Cards that function like playing cards, granting players exclusive perks and abilities.

There are four types of Skill Cards: Innate, Abilities, Survivor, Slayer, and Numen.

  • Innate skills are unique to specific Slayers.
  • Abilities cards provide unique attack options and Agility and can be used by any Slayer.
  • Survivor skills focus on healing and prolonging survival.
  • Slayer cards enhance offense with damage and dismembering bonuses.

Numen cards stand out as the rarest and most potent Skill Cards, granting Slayers abilities typically reserved for zombies.

To unlock Numen cards, players must complete Main Quest #21, “The Search for Truth,” defeating the boss to acquire the Anger Mismanagement card. Subsequently, Numen cards can be obtained through specific means such as completing Main and Side Quests or encountering them during exploration under the Metro.

Autophage Explained

When you acquire certain Skill Cards, you’ll notice that some have the words “Autophage” written in the description. This is also true for some Numen cards. But what does this mean?

Autophage abilities are special abilities that you will unlock later. These grant you several boosts and perks depending on the number of Autophage cards you have equipped. You can have a maximum of 3 Autophage cards equipped and a minimum of one.

Here are the different Autophage tiers and the effects they give you:

Autophage Tier #1

  • Increases the duration of Fury Mode.
  • Killing zombies in Fury Mode generates a small amount of Fury.
  • Killing zombies also grants a little Force bonus.
  • However, this tier reduces your Toughness.
  • Requires: 1 Autophage card.

Autophage Tier #2

  • Hitting an enemy after killing another grants you some Stamina.
  • Killing zombies during Fury Mode will regenerate some of your Fury.
  • Increases the duration of Fury Mode by a significant amount.
  • Hampers Stamina replenishment as a consequence.
  • Requires: 2 Autophage cards.

Autophage Tier #3

  • Killing zombies grants a massive Damage and Health bonus.
  • It grants high Fury regeneration if a zombie is killed during Fury Mode.
  • It dramatically increases the duration of Fury Mode.
  • Limits Health regeneration acquired from Energy Drinks, Med Kits, and Protein Bars.
  • Removes Health regeneration entirely.
  • Requires: 3 Autophage cards.

Numen Cards And Effects

Here’s a list of all 5 Numen cards, their effects, and how to acquire them.

  1. Anger Mismanagement

    • Effect: When Fury Mode ends, the player remains in it but gradually loses health until critical health is reached.
    • Autophage Skill: Yes
    • How to Acquire: Defeat the boss in Main Quest #21, “The Search for Truth”.
  2. Born Survivor

    • Effect: Triggers an explosion at critical health, activating Fury Mode and providing health regeneration upon melee hits during Fury Mode.
    • Autophage Skill: Yes
    • How to Acquire: Complete Main Quest #21, “The Search for Truth”, then complete Main Quest #23, “The End Of The Line”.Born Survivor Dead Island 2 Numen card.Born Survivor lets you regain Health and deal AoE damage. (Image captured by us)
  3. Glass Cannon

    • Effect: Increases critical hit damage, with additional bonus damage at critical health, but significantly decreases Toughness.
    • Autophage Skill: Yes
    • How to Acquire: Unlock Numen cards by completing Main Quest #21, then complete the Side Quest “The Art of War”.
  4. Corpse Blossom

    • Effect: Zombies killed with elemental damage explode upon death, spreading the same elemental status effect to nearby zombies.
    • Autophage Skill: No
    • How to Acquire: Unlock Numen cards, then complete the end-game Main Quest “The End of the Line”.Corpse Blossom Dead Island 2 Numen card.Corpse Blossom spreads your elemental damage to other enemies. (Image captured by us)
  5. Seismic Stomp

    • Effect: Skull Stomps create explosions damaging nearby enemies, depleting their Stability, and inducing a Bleeding state.
    • Autophage Skill: No
    • How to Acquire: Unlock Numen cards, then enter the Metro after completing Main Quest #21. Find the Seismic Stomp card in a small alcove.
Corpse Blossom Dead Island 2 Numen card.
Corpse Blossom spreads your elemental damage to other enemies. (Image captured by us)

    Final Thoughts

    Dead Island 2’s card system changes how you activate your skills and interact with the environment. Of these, the Dead Island 2 Numen cards are the strongest, consisting of five cards that grant you insanely powerful abilities.

    To summarize, there are five Numen cards: Anger Mismanagement, Born Survivor, Corpse Blossom, Glass Cannon, and Seismic Stomp. These can be unlocked after you complete Main Quest #21 through several quests and tasks.

    For more information on Skill Cards in Dead Island 2, check out our Dead Island 2 Skill Cards guide.

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